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‘Stop Starmer’ initiative launches at London’s Conway Hall

Campaign group warning of the dangers of red Tory government and to inform the public about Starmer’s authoritarianism and ‘murky’ past holds launch event featuring leading left speakers

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A campaign to inform the public about the dangers of a red Tory ‘Labour’ government launched in London today, with a range of leading left speakers. Crispin Flintoff, the former Labour fundraiser expelled by the party in Starmer’s cowardly purge of the left after sharing, as constituency party secretary, the resignation letter of the group’s chair, told Skwawkbox that the campaign’s aims are:

to educate people about how dangerous a Starmer government would be. The media are unwilling to probe into Starmer’s murky past, expose his dishonesty or report on his alarming authoritarianism.

A healthy democracy requires an enlightened population and Trilateral Starmer is firmly opposed to that.

Ours is a grassroots campaign to get the word out via street stalls, leaflets, tailored social media posts and publicity stunts that emulate Just Stop Oil and Palestine Action. We see this as the only way to get our message out there. If the media pick up on it that would be a bonus.

A Starmer government would be just as bad – or worse – than a Tory government.

The event, which saw London’s Conway Hall full of activists outraged by Keir Starmer’s eager betrayal of the false promises he made to con Labour members into selecting him as party leader, featured:

  • former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein
  • homelessness campaigner Andrea Gilbert
  • tax and economics expert Richard Murphy
  • Sheila Day
  • DPAC’s Ellen Clifford
  • Liverpool’ Audrey White, who famously gave Starmer a dose of uncomfortable truth during his sneak visit to the city
  • former Labour and Respect MP George Galloway
  • ‘free Assange’ campaigner Deepa Driver
  • Palestine Action leader Huda Ammori
  • purged Labour member and star of ‘The Labour Files’ Becky Massey
  • NHS campaigner Dr Bob Gill
  • Jewish former party member Frances Rifkin
  • investigator Ben Timberley
  • Eric Jarvis and Phil Davison of OCISA, the group aiming to fight Starmer in his London seat at the next election
  • Colin Hendrie

Video messages were sent by former miner John Dunn, former union leader Tosh McDonald, ex-Labour MP Chris Williamson, forensic author and journalist Asa Winstanley and Carel Buxton that time did not allow to be shown, but these will be published in due course.

The event has already been targeted by apparent pal of the security services Paul Mason, so it’s doing something right.

There is, of course, no functional difference – at least for the better – between ‘long-time servant of the security state’ and compulsive promise-breaker Starmer’s red-Toryism and the blue version.

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