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Starmer abolishes front bench peace and disarmanent role

Pro-imperialism, pro-war Labour regime has no room for dreams of peace and a world where we don’t annihilate each other

War-hungry Keir Starmer has abolished the front-bench ‘shadow’ position of Minister for Peace and Disarmament, currently occupied by MP Fabian Hamilton.

The Labour ‘leader’, known as a ‘long-time servant of the British security state’ and a demonstrable poodle for the US security apparatus – with a fetish for appearing in military camouflage gear apart from his blue suit trousers and for ushering through every repressive measure – is clearly only interested in appealing to the ‘nuke-’em’ brigade and the ‘military industrial complex’ that wants ever more spending on destruction and oppression, and doesn’t want the public thinking peace and not blowing each other up is an option.

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  1. Made a Freudian slip a while back, declaring his/labour’s support for the war in Ukraine.

    One horrible, slimy gobshite, trying to come across as some sort of hardcase.

    The Audrey White video shows exactly what he’s about. Just front him with a few words; he’ll shit himself and become dumbstruck with fear.

    1. Yes ‘Toffee’ that short video really did show the depth of his cowardice, lack of any discernable empathy and told us everything we need to know about Starmer. I’d love to meet Audrey White and shake her hand!

  2. SteveH

    Another useless piece of information.

    If those being asked the question were told NATO was set up to confront the Soviety Union, which doesn’t exist or that its forces invaded Afghanistan and provided support in Iraq and has acted to instigate wars the world over then maybe the results would have been vastly different.

    Best to keep people in ignorance, eh?

  3. Tony – “Another useless piece of information.”

    That you couldn’t resist responding to.🤔

    1. Because you’re the one in desperate need of education, with your wilful pig-ignorance.

      And what’s this non existent ministerial post guff? If something’s created, then by definition, it exists.

      And then there’s the totally irrelevant and unnecessary (but obligatory, as it’s a wee stevie post) opinion poll.

      I mean….WHY? Are you on drugs? If so, I’ll say now that I will NOT be asking if I can have some of them.

      1. Toffee – “WHY”

        To illustrate what a waste of space this mythical Shadow ‘Ministerial Department’ that hardly anybody even knew existed was.

      2. Peace & disarmament, and the aspirations towards them , are: “A waste of space”

        I see. The war(s) MUST go on. Proper (shite)hawk, you.

    2. Herr Flick
      Would you support British Armed forces being killed defending a bunch of Nazis in the 2nd most corrupt country in the world
      NATO won’t survive Donald Trump winning again next year

      1. Doug – I simply don’t accept the premise of your question.

        According to Transparency International Ukraine is getting better and better and currently stands at 116 in their corruption index whilst the country led by Putin the corrupt wannabe imperialist who has maintained himself in power through fear, brutality, imprisonment, torture and murder so that he can continue to enrich himself and his cronies by stealing from the Russian people is getting more and more corrupt and is currently at position 137

      2. 116?

        Get the bunting out. Russia’s a full 21 places behind, the gangsters. Ukraine is squeaky-‘kin-clean; huzzah for Ukraine, with ONLY 115 (of 193) countries LESS corrupt, ffs

        But what else can we expect when you’ve constantly made cases for nonces and their enablers, while shrieking about the so-called victims of verbal abuse?

      3. Toffee – Did you have difficulty understanding the comment that I posted above at 9:57pm

      4. I’ll see your “transparency international” and raise you…..

        …..along with all the links contained within it to reports from the UN, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Jerusalem Post and many others.*

        * All of which were provided to you last year on this site – though, like the Oligarchy you shill for, you don’t do evidence based inquiry.

      5. Herr Flick
        Ah bless
        Put it in your next letter to Santa
        Ukraine and Nordstream and Trump spell the end for NATO in Europe
        Then there is the utter uselessness of Nuclear weapons, they are simply not a deterrent
        The Kleptocracy lost it in Ukraine

    3. NATO…..North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. North Atlantic? An offensve military Alliance designed to intimidate and subjugate USSR and now the Russian Federation, using the war in Ukraine to weaken the Russian economy. How many military bases does USA have world-wide and what is their purpose? How much does USA spend per anum on armaments in comparison to Russia? Who is the aggressor?

    4. Chicken Hawk would be more accurate toffee.

      Sitting there thousands of miles (allegedly) behind the lines demonstrating his ignorance and cowardice on an hourly basis.

  4. Peace and disarmament aspirations in a Starmer-led Labour are futile.

    Loyal Labour members will noting that their leader is intent on a bleak and hopeless world.

  5. Somewhere, in an alternate reality…

    4. Promote peace and human rights

    No more illegal wars. Introduce a Prevention of Military Intervention Act and put human rights at the heart of foreign policy. Review all UK arms sales and make us a force for international peace and justice.

    Based on the moral case for socialism, here is where I stand.

    Affectionately yours fellow socialists

    Keir Starmer

  6. A Minister of Peace and Disarmament……….. as opposed to a Minister for Perpetual War or Genocide or supporting the Military Industrial Complex.I do believe that some Universities have such courses.

  7. Stammer should appoint a minister for the free market, after all the free market is at the core of his beliefs.

    1. Chris Mooney
      The Free market died in 2008 when someone decided the banks were to big to fail
      What we have now is a Mafia market place, lots of dodgy fuckers deciding who controls what

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