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Breaking: Ellman quits Labour rather than face trigger

Liverpool Riverside MP Louise Ellman has quit the Labour Party, days before she was due to face a ‘trigger’ ballot by local members on whether to make her face a selection contest.

Members were confident of a successful trigger vote after Ms Ellman refused to answer when asked at a member meeting whether she would support a Corbyn government.

Although she refused to say so in front of members, Ellman’s letter announcing her decision says that she would not.

A recent motion of no confidence in the MP was taken off the table in order not to mar the trigger ballot meetings due to be held next week.

Ms Ellman is held responsible by many members for a regional Labour decision to put Riverside CLP (constituency Labour party) into ‘special measures‘ two years ago, forcing members to switch from all-member meetings to the more easily rigged delegate-based meeting system. Left-wing Jewish members in Riverside suffered bullying and false accusations by her supporters.

Ellman notoriously attacked Jeremy Corbyn for attending a Westminster meeting at which a holocaust survivor was the speaker. She told television viewers that she was ‘appalled’ to find out Corbyn had attended the meeting, but the SKWAWKBOX revealed that she had also attended the whole event herself.

Riverside will now join the other twenty CLPs to hold open selection processes following the defection or retirement of a Labour MP.

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      1. Allan Howard at 10:42 pm

        That was only to be expected, she’s now played her trump card and will soon be relegated to begging for attention from the sidelines.
        Better she’s out of the way before a GE.

      2. And?

        PS I expect there are many people who follow and read skwawkbox who DON’T read any of the daily newspapers and, in THIS particular instance, know just what precisely Ellman said (for the purpose of further damaging JC and the left). Why on Earth would you have any problem with someone linking to the negative and phony MSM coverage.

      3. Allan Howard @ 16/10/19 11.10pm

        I don’t follow UK press or other media much these days but am interested to know if they are reporting this from France. Police and firefighters clash, firefighters are protesting poor pay and working conditions. This of course is on top of the long running yellow vest weekend protests against austerity, Macron, EU etc..

        Btw I appreciate your reporting back from the cess pit of UK ‘news’ media. I don’t often follow the links but get the gist.

      4. Alan Howard – White flag man “Why on Earth would you have any problem with someone linking to the negative and phony MSM coverage”.

        Because we know ‘white flag man’s’ policy of refuting accusations or responses to situations is to throw in the towel and not defend against them in the hope that the bad guys will leave you alone. This is very rarely if ever the correct tactic.

      5. Oh, I see Jack’s just crawled out of the woodwork again! You’re so transparent Jack it’s a joke, and I’m sure just about everyone can see through your bunkum.

        And just in case anyone missed it, Jack recently said in a post (so as to criticise me, albeit fraudulently) that the LP responds to criticisms and allegations on a daily basis, and yet on numerous occasions in the past, he has posted comments criticising and condemning the leadership for ‘appeasing’ the saboteurs!

        Yes, he posts populist comments so as to ingratiate himself with the readers of SB, but I would hazard a guess that most people by now have figured out that he’s a shill, as are several other regular posters!

        The fact that he has just come on this thread and the very first thing he has done is to (try to) malign and smear me tells you all you need to know.

        PS No doubt timfrom will be along shortly to dissemble his ‘paranoid’ shite.

        Hmm, smearing people, I wonder where I’ve come across that before!

      6. You buy yourself a bit of cover by providing useful links to articles, but you can’t resist stirring the shite and blowing your cover, can you?

        Nobody else makes paranoid, personal accusations about people on here, then fails to back it up EACH AND EVERY TIME when asked.

        You fancy yourself as some sort of Sherlock Holmes, but without feeling the need come up with any proof. What do you use for evidence? A ouija board?

        You’re a sad attention-seeking troll whose motive is to spread division and it’s blatantly obvious to anyone but your own deluded self.

        One thing about liars is they always project and divert their own worst faults onto other people in the hope no one will notice these faults in themselves.

        That’s you, that is. Now sod off you pathetic little scrote.

      7. Change will remain elusive until we stop pandering to MSM & chums. Stop being so afraid. Nothing to lose. The MSM will always be hostile because they serve their own interests. It is their nature and purpose. Trying to get honest coverage from them would be like trying to hurry the sunrise. Impossible. Stop trying. It is foolish to continue despite the evidence.

        If we try to promote justice & truth & a need for change, they are allergic. What’s the point of diluting our ideals in order to gain the approval of the MSM & chums? Why compromise our stance on homelessness, housing, the NHS, PFI, foreign invasions like Iraq, loss of libraries, social care catastrophe, mental health provision, decimation of
        the high street, asset stripping of once celebrated British businesses: BHS, BRITISH STEEL, Thomas Cook, Thames Water, outsourcing even of army recruitment, outsourcing to Capita, Serco, G4S rescued by another parasite??? no by the British Soldiers at taxpayers expense, the banks rescued by taxpayers, ATOS exploiting the vulnerable, Carillon,… one can go on. There are many more abominations about which the MSM and their Tory and Tory lite chums are almost totally sthum. NB they are the same culprits who NEVER devote even 1% of their MSM tours to the pressing problems listed above. Have you EVER heard double hour segments on radio of any of the above? Expect blanket coverage later on AS in the Labour Party. How much have you heard of the shameful Tory racism and sexual abuse of their members? Similar coverage? NO. Concerned whining voices? NO. Personal attacks on Theresa May re those NO, Tories leaving the party because of Johnsons racist ghastly statements? NO.

        Should you try to mention any of this, be prepared for the pompous, censorious hasty retorts of “whataboutry” and “we are talking about Labour now”. Make sure you reply to the guilty presenters – YOU HAVE NOT STOPPED‼️ So you —– are complicit with the undisguised racism, misogyny and Nazi worship of the Tories.

        Questions: Which party is regularly found to have members “blacking up” and dressing up as Nazis as fun❓ Ask the presenters for the number of hours they have devoted to those incidents. Or the number of suspended Tories readmitted to vote in parliament. Why have they not devoted hours to that❓ Be assertive. Don’t be distracted or fobbed off.

        You seem afraid of the inevitable tired old MSM smears, since broken on SKWAWKBOX. I have heard the usual stench from the usual suspects. 2 skids crust together. You can hear the stench as the usual suspects were storing it up to release as they know an election may be declared. Check the news archive and you will find when ever Labour was facing the polls, be it local, General or Bi-Elections, all the same suspects come out with the coordinated attacks. I have just to night heard one in particular touring the radio stations repeating the same pathetic script to presenters asking the same unchallenging scripted questions. NB the presenters repeating and underlining the swears with faux questions as if they need verify the tired hackneyed slandering of Jeremy. HellGapeCreasyStreeTwatsons, trumping “disastrous poll 4 Lab”. Don’t they believe their fave Tory owned YouGov WEEKLY polls❓So why fear JC becoming PM❓ Surely, duds should sit back + wait 4 JC to lose GE. After all, coils been predicting J can’t win since leadership Elec. Yet their “winners” lost. Predictions? Duds! Judgment? NIL. Mandelson said he’s working “night & day to” destroy JC, by upping his shiny lubricated Umm…oh! that CUK pulled out…Lucifer should have also…BUT too late to cry over unspilt spoilt muck…BUT, they r STILL working “night & day” č MSM to undermine JC. So why quit❓Why whine❓ Wessy’s tweet just read on radio by May’s spinning patient Swarbrick: *Corbyn was asked to intervene* to save slanderer from being hounded out, but Corbyn refused. So was it being hounded out❓If JC is AS, why ask him to intervene, if “can’t risk JC as PM”❓Why remain so long❓TOXIC FRUITS of APPEASEMENT🔴🔴🔴
        REJOICE🎉🎉🎉 Good riddance to bad burdensome, belligerent bilge♏️♦️♦️♦️

    1. I don’t think she will have to do any begging Steve, and the corporate media and the BBC and the Jewish newspapers will be more than happy to run a few ‘articles’ or ‘interviews’ by Ellman in the coming weeks and months.

      1. So what? What’s new? Jeremy still won the leadership despite the smears. And survived the two coups with an INCREASED majority. Were it not for wet wipes like those gone to where all wet wipes go, touring the studios deliberately undermining Jeremy, Labour would have achieved even more than erasing the 27 point YouGov. .., yes YouGov (familiar???) poll over Labour.

        Curious how the lowlife saboteurs saboteur, then say Jeremy should be doing better. No other British political leader in modern times has endured the sustained, vitriolic and downright dishonest campaign against them. And still he rises and shines. Jeremy has seen off Cameron and May. Lets see how long BoJob lasts.

        Of course Jeremy can improve. 1️⃣ Stick clearly and firmly to his beliefs eg re the EU. ie LEAVE‼️‼️‼️ 2️⃣ Stop appeasing the ungrateful unappeasable wicked creatures. 3️⃣ Give FULL clear robust support, kindness and gentleness to his superb supporters and excellent speakers like Chris Williamson, Mark Wandsworth, Jackie Walker, Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, Ken Loach, Skinner, Kate H, etc and STOP lavishing tose gifts on some ofvtge most despicable repellant ingrates in the history of the world‼️‼️‼️. See their toxic fruits??? Their thorny brambles should be expunged from to the last tip of their sordid roots.

        Let us now transform our country for the better. Long overdue.

    2. My apologies lab for linking to an ‘article’ that includes the following:

      In a statement, the Labour MP since 1997, said: “I have this evening resigned from the Labour Party. I have been a member for 55 years and a public representative in local and central government continuously since 1970. My decision has been truly agonising, as it has been for the thousands of other party members who have already left.

      “I will not join any other party. I hope that under different leadership I will be able to return to my political home. I would like to thank the overwhelming majority of Labour MPs who have fought Labour’s antisemitism valiantly and the Co-operative Party who have taken a firm and unequivocal stance against this racism. I would also like to applaud the integrity of those local members who have continued to speak out.”

      In a scathing attack, Ms Ellman claimed under Mr Corbyn’s leadership “Jewish members have been bullied, abused and driven out”.

      The MP for Liverpool Riverside urged Britons against backing Labour at a general election and claimed “Jeremy Corbyn’s seeming tolerance of antisemitism would embolden racists, poison our public debate and damage the social cohesion of our country”.

      Better not to know the details/specifics, eh?

      1. Accusations are NOT evidence? Where is the evidence of AS! Have they reported it to the police? What are the convictions and against whom?
        Further “urged Britons against backing Labour at a General Election…” Jeremy should be decisive and have her expelled. He should have long sued all those who accuse him un justly. This ongoing slander would have ceased ages ago.

        Social media is a “wild west”. Jeremy cannot be expected to police what strangers say. Further why do the usual suspects go in search of the abuse they claim? And just where do the find the time? Quite astonishing in so many aspects.

        Let us work on our 201 positive policies and leave the accusers to take their complaints ro the police. Stop all enquiries! Go to the police with the accusations. And re: urging people bot to cote Labour, a failure to expel any member who says that will only encourage them. STOP PANDERING TO THE MSM. It has not helped. It will not help.

        Labour should contest all evidence free accusations in court.

  1. Once you stand up to them, they don’t like it. Still I’m sure that she’ll try and be on as many media outlets during the election to pass on her wisdom!

    1. It seems she played the A/S card in the letter. Why, how unlike her!

      Expect her crabby shrivelled face to repeat it ad nauseam in the MSM in the morning, too.

      1. No no no, its “Crabby, shrivelled bacon-faced, bicycle-eyed face”!!!!

    2. On a more serious note it is amazing how many of these ABC MPs seek to cause as much damage as they can to the party they profess to love and by extension to the people they claim to represent,

      They claim they have ‘given their life’ to ‘the party they love’ but they fail to appreciate being chosen to represent the Labour Party is a privilege not a god given right. It is the party that has gifted them their status and lifestyle and the quid-quo-pro of that is that they represent the members and the wider electorates interests not their own .

  2. I feel certain the membership in Liverpool Riverside will find a way to withstand the terrible loss that comrade Ellman’s resignation represents. Furthermore, they may even be able to find someone who is capable of emulating comrade Ellman’s sterling service to socialism and the people of Liverpool to fill this tragic vacuum.

    1. You can emphasise by using bold type or italics but there is no way of denoting sarcasm.

      Still, her leaving is good news. I wonder if McDonnell will try to make her change her mind.

  3. The following is an extract from Tony Greenstein’s letter/response to Richard Hutt, Complaints Director of the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit, re the Panorama hatchet job. Tony has obviously spent a lot of time and energy on all this, so please read it and share as widely as possible:

    There is another Jewish organisation in the Labour Party, Jewish Voice for Labour which unlike the JLM is a wholly Jewish group. Why did you not interview anyone from them? I am Jewish and was the first Jewish person to be expelled in the anti-Semitism witch-hunt yet I was not approached.Nor was Jackie Walker, a Black Jewish expelled member. You say that ‘the existence of Jewish voices who believe anti-Semitism is not a significant problem… does not disprove the accounts of Jewish people who say they have experienced anti-Semitism.’

    No it doesn’t disprove their accounts but it places a question mark over
    their testimonies. It provides some perspective. What possible reason
    could there have been not to interview a wide range of Jewish opinion?
    Why just extreme Zionist Jews?

    If other Jews poured cold water on the whole anti-Semitism smear
    campaign it might make people more sceptical about the JLM members
    claiming to be ‘victims’. That was the last thing you wanted which was
    why you deliberately failed to interview any Jewish person who didn’t
    sing from your songsheet.

    It is clear that the decision to only interview JLM Zionists was a deliberate one. You were determined to convey the message that Labour was a cesspit of anti-Semitism. Interviewing other Jews, who constitute the majority of Jewish Labour Party members, would have spoiled yours and John Ware’s narrative.

    1. And needless to say, any balanced and impartial investigation regarding (alleged) anti-semitism in the LP WOULD – having interviewed and heard what the Jewish LP members had to say (most of whom were executives of the JLM) – contacted the relevant CLPs the members were referring to so as to get THEIR response to the claims made in respect of them AND included them in the program. Any journalist on the planet worthy of the name would have done so, but John Ware and Co didn’t!

      I wonder why not!

    2. If only more Tony Greensteins would speak up and out. Many are under great pressure not to. This is very difficult to endure but right is right. It is wrong to have Jeremy and us to be slandered in this way.
      Be bold! Fortune favours the brave. Very little is gained by timidity. And that so gained is shameful. So ALL Tony Greensteins PLEASE redress the suspect MSM output and hatchet jobs.

      1. My Dad ….always said that the papers were just the mouthpiece of the establishment,and the Labour party was never afraid because we are the majority,and one day we would have a proper goverment and one day a proper socialist government….He’s been dead many years and I am an old man but we’ve got here now and now are day has come.Dont let a proper Labour government slip away.

  4. Well no loss at all really , there was no way she’d have voted with Labour against Johnsons latest “deal” to help bring about a GE along with those other 18 traitors who signed the letter of intent . And now in the Graun we have Jenny Chapman trashing the Partys Brexit stance and our decision on motion C14 , with “yes well vote with the Tories deal provided they give us a referendum” . ffs !
    We have an effective referendum already in C14 motion and it will be based on a Corbyn deal not a Johnson cluster fuckit deal !
    What is wrong with the pissin knuckle-head’s

  5. What an embittered nasty woman using this ladt ditch opportunity to spout forth the usual lies about JC and antisemitism. LBC are loving this vitriol against Corbyn so if anyone can pluck up the courage to tune in and present a true picture of her longstanding antipathy against Corbyn please do! I’m glad shes gone but as you can guess the media are absolutely loving this opportunity to bash Corbyn and labour.

    1. Anyone phoning up or whatever and criticising Ellman would probably be slammed as an anti-semite Cindy!

      1. Agreed. Leave it. But if you must, be prepared, get your evidence. Be clear. Don’t be bullied. Insist you answer questions without interruption as you have listened to the question. Presenter will say “this is meant to he a conversation”. You inform them a conversation works both ways and you have already heard them repeat their script ad nauseam.
        They won’t like it up em!!!

      2. This SHOULD be the main topic on the radio murkeyside phone-in from noon today.

        I’ll be emailing once I’ve finished this post, although the bbc are averse to home truths about centrist zionist labour MP’s from murkeyside so there’s no guarantee any of my emails (There’ll be more than one in order to increase the chances) will be read out.

        My guess is those from riverside constituency will in the main be justifiably critical of ellman – but provided how ‘balanced the beeb decide to be, those from outside Liverpool Riverside won’t be critical at all – especially those from the ‘more affluent’ parts of the city.

        Overall there’ll be far far more paying tribute because roger philips is a bearded right-on beaut who thinks life’s all fluffy bunnies and won’t hear or allow justifiable criticism of ANYONE who isn’t an indigenous white christian. .

  6. On Newsnight Emma Barnett set out with Stella Creasy to make it an anti woman anti semitic decision. Utter crap

    1. Yes, they always seek to do the maximum amount of damage they can do!

      I wonder who will be quitting the LP next (they no doubt have it already planned!)

  7. There was one a litle girl who cried, ‘Wolf’.

    Her loyal friend, who lived next door, said, ‘Please don’t do that, there is no wolf.’

    But she kept on crying, ‘Wolf!

    Each time she cried, ‘Wolf!, the adults rushed out to protect her from the wolf.. but there was never a wolf in sight. Eventually, the adults just ignored her and got on with their work. Her loyal friend stayed at her side.

    One day, the little girl and her friend turned the corner towards home, and there was a big wolf.

    ‘Wolf’, she cried. ‘WOOLF!’ But the adults just carried on working.

    He ate her up.. Her friend, who was with her, was also eaten up.

    Just desn’t seem fair, does it?

    Moral: Never play silly games for effect. You might harm other people as well as yourself.

  8. Utterly predictable. I’m only surprised she didn’t scuttle off to the Fib Dems (via Funny Tinge Party) like Berger.

    Jumped before she was democratically pushed imo.

    1. That will no doubt be her next move , feel sorry for her constituents who voted for a Labour MP and got a traitor

  9. There’s a disproportionately enormous number of brilliant Jewish intellectuals without whom the arts, literature, medicine and the sciences would be bereft. Shrivelled.
    The fact that Ellman embodies the least of British Jewry would be noteworthy were it not for the fact that Parliament is stuffed with the least of the rest of us.
    The exceptions that prove the rule are so shockingly few that despondency or insurrection are the only logical responses.

  10. The BBC radio news failed to mention that she’d been triggered and therefore faced a selection process that she was unlikely to win, but instead said she was leaving Labour because of its leader’s odius antsemitism.

    The BBC is becoming dangerous and desperate. I distrust it and resent being taxed to finance 24/7 anti Labour broadcasting.

    Heads should roll

    1. The corporate media and the BBC have ALREADY covered THAT particular story, and more than ONCE! The following is from September 13th:

      Jewish Labour MP is threatened with deselection by local activists after speaking out on anti-Semitism amid fears of a party purge by the hard-left

      Funny isn’t it how the LP is supposedly teeming with anti-semites, and yet only FOUR LP members have ever been charged and found guilty of A/S since JC became leader. Odd how the JLM et al don’t report the hudreds – thousands even – of cases of A/S to the police, given that racism/anti-semitism is a criminal offence. I wonder why not!

      Could it be that the vast majority of claims of A/S are totally fraudulent.

      1. It just occurred to me that given the media were reporting the above over a month ago, why on earth would Ellman’s CLP have a couple of No Confidence motions in the meantime. It doesn’t add up or make sense, unless that is you were seeking to get the maximum amount of bad press before she then quit!

        I mean tabling one of the motions of No Confidence to be voted on on the eve of Yom Kippur!

  11. I remember Louise Elleman during the miners strike in the early eighties
    she has always been anti anything that fights for the many. I find it difficult to believe she as survived in the party for the people for so long. Goodbye. you won’t be missed

  12. Duplicity is never a badge of honour, and the dishonesty of this particular MP will always serve as an example of how not to deport one’s self.

  13. So the Dame has gone, the Blair Parachutist has gone, plus Frankie in Birkenhead has spat the dummy out.


    1. Twigg’s ‘stepping down’ at the next election so that’s 4.

      Ken Wostenhome wasn’t entirely right: ‘They think it’s all over….but there’s still the (ill)eagles, mcgovern and esterson to got, yet’

  14. Ellman has used her Jewishness as a shield to accuse other Jews of anti-Semitism when they don’t support the doctrine of Zionism, which is support for the illegal occupation of Palestine.

  15. Shes made a good living out of the Labour party and her family,I persume we are also talking the Lancaster country council carreer as well.she’s another nasty bitter old lady who has only ever recieved from the Labour party and the British public.Shes done the bidding of LFI and now she can come off the payroll and retire in Palestine.Still a minor celebrity to the foul mouthed old fish wife,good riddence and take the family with you..Any more good news would be appreciated.

  16. More good news :

    Sheffield City Council (of tree felling fame) has adopted the IHRA stuff. The local rag headlines it as ‘the *universal* definition of antisemitism*

    With incompetent friends like this, who needs the Tories?

  17. Good riddance!
    Though amongst 500,000 members there will be a few idiots but from 1200 AS complaints AS against Labour it was found to be 0.1%.
    1. US academic Richard Silverstein argued what is going on from Right Wing Jewish groups is an attack on Jewish Diversity – they want one dominant narrative – total and uncritical support for the Right Wing Israeli Govt.
    2. The Right Wing Media piling in as expected probably because they see a Corbyn Labour Govt as a threat to their power and that of their tax dodging offshore owners. Bourgeois BBC and Guardian, Observer joining the bandwagon via uncritical reporting?
    3. Right Wing and Centrist Labour MPs opportunistically jumping on the band wagon because they can’t beat Corbyn and the grassroots on IDEAS (the political lightweights have none) so they in desperation revert to the dark arts, failing to recognise that history has passed them by.
    Meanwhile Far Right US billionaire barbarians put millions into Far Right Barbarian groups and individuals around the Worrld (including here) and it is this that Labour and trade unions should be continuing to confront.
    It should invite all genuine Anti-Facists to join them in this battle.
    Diverse working people of the World unite!

  18. If I want to post a letter I take it to a post box
    If I want to fight anti semitism I join JC and the Labour party

  19. I’m jumping before I’m pushed!
    I’m going to blame Jeremy Corbyn because, now let me see.
    By jove I have it!
    Accuse him of being Anti Semitic!
    I’ll get no end of TV appearances so he can never be a Labour PM ever!
    I have news for you Ellman, although you’ve been a Parliamentarian for 55 years you’ve learnt nothing, only hate that’s making your life unbearable for you along with those close to you.
    Your hatred knows no bounds, you will do anything in your weak mind to try and bring Jeremy Corbyn down!
    How does that sit with your religious beliefs?
    Your God will look very deeply into your soul only to find the rotten core within!

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