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23 more nations want to join BRICS group

Lula da Silva, president of BRICS founder member Brazil

Twenty-three further nations have expressed an interest in joining the BRICS group founded by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, according to Naledi Pandor, International Relations Minister of South Africa, the current BRICS chair.

The group, set up in 2010 and named after the initials of its founding states, represents forty percent of the world’s population and, despite the membership of India, Russia and China north of the equator, is regarded as representing the interests of the people of the ‘global south’ developing nations who are routinely ignored or de-prioritised by the G7 group of developed countries.

The nations hoping to join BRICS are:

  • Algeria
  • Argentina
  • Bangladesh
  • Bahrain
  • Belarus
  • Bolivia
  • Cuba
  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • Honduras
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kuwait
  • Morocco
  • Nigeria
  • Palestine
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Senegal
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Venezuela
  • Vietnam

The growing influence and attractiveness of BRICS is seen as a threat – and a reaction – to the imperialism and increasing sabre-rattling of ‘western’, US-dominated states. BRICS holds its annual summit in Johannesburg later this month.

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  1. The country that really needs to join BRICS is the UK. But for that it would need a government that was not run by the CIA/MI6- there isn’t one of those in sight.

    1. There is actually solid logic in such an approach. Though don’t expect Labour or the Tories to ever understand it.

      The US would never militarily attack the UK, so why do we need to suck up to them? the US needs the UK more than the UK needs to US, in many ways eg. for diplomatric cover. If we had good relations with the US’s main rivals; namely, China,Russia, we’d be in a most advatageous position to leverage our influence fully. And face no military threats. Keep your friends close; your enemies closer.

      The UK elite rather sacrifice that enormous potential ‘pivotal player’ power to be ‘”Yo Blair” poodles acting as lackeys of the US.

      1. Alex – Are you honestly really that naive, given their respective human rights record why on earth would anyone in their right mind volunteer to be Xi or Putin’s poodle.

      2. Reply to SteveH, you’re right but I just didn’t want to bring up Libya, Iraq, G,bay, Afghanistan, Syria, torture, Assange, you know, it gets messy.

  2. I hope to be wrong but, I can see India objecting to the inclusion in the group of countries such as: Cuba, Iran, Palestine, Venezuela and Vietnan in order no to anger the US.
    However, it is great that countries in the Global South see the potential of joining the BRICS. Fingers crossed, it will work.

    1. Maria, it looks like your idea about the position of India may be misplaced.
      From what I have seen, including read-outs from the BRICS meetings, India is keen on expanding the group, and was at the forefront of telling the US and Ukraine to get on their bikes when they tried to slide the situation in Ukraine into what is essentially an economic forum.
      It seems to me that the stand-out names in the list of “applicants” are:
      Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria and UAE. They are either oil producers or, in the cases of Indonesia and Egypt, large and significant players in their regions.
      I omit Iran and Saudi Arabia because they had already sought membership, and it looks like it will be approved at the next meeting.
      I can’t see India allowing itself to be bullied. Seek out Subrahmanyam Jaishankar. He is a tough cookie.

    2. Maria, as ‘goldbach’ said above, but I think you’re on the right track.

      The age-old tactic of ‘divide and rule’ could quite easily come into play here.

      Let’s hope they maintain solidarity with each other. It doesn’t take much.

      We’ve already seen what’s happened in Pakistan with the imprisonment of Imran Khan. Now, Pakistan is no longer a democracy. It’s all too easy for the US/UK.

      1. George, 6 and their yank counterparts have reached a new low. It’s not as if they are trying to hide it. God save Imran, a fine athlete. Quite well liked by the non cricket lovers amongst the working class population apparently.

    3. Given that Palestine has its own embassy in New Delhi it would be interesting to see what objections India would have?

  3. The EU used to be a counterweight to the US approach, but the current EU Commission (unelected) couldn’t be more pro-US if each Commissioner had been individually handpicked and put in place by Washington. Literally, on every issue, Ursula Von Der Leyen(president) Sepp Borrell (foreign policy chief) and Christine Lagarde(President of the ECB) seem to be hand-in-glove, coordinating with Washington.

    Sweden, Denmark and Germany, three countries each with a proud tradition of strong adherence to transparency and constitutional based democratic accountability, seem to have thrown all that away to drag out the Nord Stream pipeline investigations playing a sketchy geopolitical game.

    All Western states seem terrified of provoking the ire of Washington, not just the ever subservient UK. They know the US will selfishly impose secondary sanctions on friend and foe alike. The US elite expect every country to obey without question and those they deem an ‘enemy of the US to instantly be an enemy of the EU. They are basically cruel masters.

    No wonder then countries want other trading options with less obligations.

    1. As Kissinger once said “To be an enemy of the US is dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal”.

  4. Just to add to my earlier comment. According to Michael Roberts, the blogger/economist: statistics show that
    “…. without London in the equation for real output per person, the UK average would be below that of the poorest state in the US – Mississippi!..”
    He adds
    “indeed, people in north-east of England have an average standard of living less than half that of the average Londoner. There is no greater regional disparity anywhere else in Europe or the US. So much for ‘levelling up’.”
    Neo-liberalism, from Thatcher, to Blair, to the current shower to the Trilateral Commission agent who’s next, is all about breaking and impoverishing the working class. They are on a mission to get back to 1844 when Engels described the conditions that capitalism and enclosures had reduced the working people to.
    Chinese provinces have higher living standards than some parts of Britain and the trend is unwavering.

    1. It’s true , that’s what overcentralisation in the UK has achieved – the City of London is everything. All the financial metrics mean very little with one very rich city dominating the UK’s economy and poverty everywhere else. Quality of life is so much better in Scandinavia and even the Netherlands and in Germany. No country has concentrated power as foolishly as the UK has.

      And if the ever bellicose UK were at war with Russia or China in the future, they’d only need concentrate efforts on destroying London to destroy the whole UK. Such is the way things are so centrally run here.

      What we need is federalism, a new written constitution and PR for Westminster. And even with all these it would take decades to reinvigorate the regions of the UK and bring confident change. But Starmer seems set on managing continued decline… so it will be.

      Most of all we need rid of Starmer tbh, who is, and if he wins will be a complete waste of time in office. I wish Andy Burnham – he seems to get all this – would launch a serious challenge. Macron challenged the status quo – Burnham could do a Macron. I don’t like Macron but the example is what I’m illustrating. Starmer wouldn’t dare kick Burnham out.

      1. Don’t need to sell anything steveH given peoples daily experience here in the UK The reality described sells itself. The only thing those of us living in the Reality Based Community who are actually living here need to do is sit down and scoff the popcorn.

        Here’s a glimpse not of the future but of the present of your “viable” TINA model:

        Have you actually got anything approaching evidenced based answers or counter arguments? What’s your evidence refuting the IMF/WB figures on China pulling 700 million out poverty; or the data on GDP comparisons between UK regions and the rest of the EU?

        Have you got alternative data which contradicts the available evidence of widespread de-industrialisation and the unproductive finacialisation of the Western economies – experienced every waking minute by those of us actually living here in the dysfunctional collapsing UK/Europe/USA from your alleged safe haven in the Caribbean?

        Come on don’t be shy. Stop hiding behind puerile one liners. Show us for once that you’ve got more than less than the square root of bugger all.

    2. To put a little meat on that bone:

      At the turn of the millennium areas such as the West Midlands, Wales, and South Yorkshire received substantial sums of regeneration funding from the EU’s Objective One Regeneration Funds. South Yorkshire, for example, received around £1 billion.

      Yet despite this, from the turn of the century up until the onset of the initial economic crisis in Greece – around 2010 – the GDP of at least the West Midlands and South Yorkshire remained below that of Greece and only rose above Greece as a result of the GDP of Greece falling faster as a result of the EU induced crisis.

      Having been involved in the process at community level at the time one of the key problems was that the NL Government, in conjunction with the EU bureaucracy were only playing lip service to the criteria in order to satisfy the needs of its business and finance controllers rather than the real needs of those communities.

      Which brings us to the key issue here. The viable and competent model driving the BRICS, Belt & Road, EAEU, Shanghai-Co-operation et al is one in which capital is put at the service of the State for the common good. Whereas, the non-viable and incompetent rent seeking financialisation model of the West – still stuck in a medieval mindset based on Feudalism, its the opposite way round with the State in the service of the Oligarchy for the benefit of the Oligarchy. A model which was responsible, as Micheal Hudson details in ‘The Collapse of Antiquity’, for the collapse of the Roman Empire.

      The encore of which we are presently living through.

      Which is why, for example, the Chinese pulled over 700 million of its citizens out of poverty (WB/IMF) in the space of a generation and the Russian Federation and its economy, despite unprecedented sanctions just moved ahead of Germany even by the dubious criteria of the not fit for purpose of the Western model. Whilst an increasing number of Americans are living in tent cities and shitting in the streets of its major conurbations and Europeans are pauperised with collapsing economies and no industry.

      So tell us again steveH about this “viable” model you keep prattling on about. We could do with a good laugh.

      1. Dave – You’re spending far too much time down your 🐰🕳️.
        Good luck with selling that one on the doorstep.

    3. Most of the pictures shown of China are years old. It would be embarrassing for us to be shown the truth. CPC have worked wonders. The West are the ones that are surprised.

  5. These countries seem to want to improve living conditions for the world’s poor not the worlds rich. I don’t think Sir Keir Starmer, Labours own Trilateral Commission member, multi millionaire, former DPP and all round establishment man could ever be able to support such a revolutionary idea – he’ll probably denounce them all as a bunch of “antisemites” soon.

    1. Starmer is a starry eyed Atlanticist – a true believer in American exceptionalism and Israel’s god-given right to land and expansion, a la Zionism.

      A Dickens’ Uriah Heep, a twerp of a man, promoted far beyond his merit because he’s willing to kiss the arse of power. In power himself he won’t have a clue what to do.

  6. “BRICS holds its annual summit in Johannesburg later this month.”

    Will Putin (one of the founding members) be attending in person?

    1. What does it matter if he does or doesn’t?

      South Africa has been placed in an invidious position by the US and ICC, demanding his arrest.

      The US is quick to demand the ICC’s demands be followed in Russia’s case, yet won’t submit itself to their judgements. Blair , Bush and Israel’s leaders seem to have immunity, why is that?

      And what credibility does the ICC have when ignoring Western abuses?

      1. Do you condone Putin kidnapping and trafficking children.

      2. Nothing emerging during war time can be taken at face value.

        Not when both sides have a huge incentive to exaggerate and outright lie for reasons of propaganda.

        Russia have evacuated people from a warzone where buildings have been levelled. If they’d left them where they were (Ophanages ) they’d now be buried under rubble.

        I didn’t think you werre so gullible as to believe everything you read in Western MSM. Try to get independent news media or bloggers.

      3. “Do you condone Putin kidnapping and trafficking children.”
        …….. and the “evidence” to support this claim is?

      4. Dave – Isn’t that what the courts are there for?

        You’re the one desperately trying to defend the corrupt wannabe imperialist hero Putin who has kept himself in power through fear, brutality, imprisonment, torture and murder whilst enriching himself and his cronies by steeling from the Russian people
        Why would you support such a disgusting person, surely Putin and his regime are the antipathy of the socialist ideals that you profess to hold. 😕
        Oh and lets not forget he’s also been indited for war crimes

      5. Herr Flick
        For why would they do that
        Equally where’s the Shock and Awe

      6. “Dave – Isn’t that what the courts are there for?”
        Most emphatically “No”. Anyone who has the remotest knowledge of the law knows that it is the job of the courts to examine the evidence that is presented to them and make a judgement. Those who are required to provide evidence are the ones who are making accusations (in this case, you).
        Now either put up or shut up.

      7. It would be useful if you were to be less opaque in your meaning of the statement “is that not what the courts are there for” steveH.

        What exactly, in your little fantasy world, are they there for in a context of a “rules based order” which usurps the already existing one of the UN by operating on the basis of exceptionalism, double standards and hypocrisy in which a minority oligarchy within a minority of the Global commons make the “rules” to suit their particular subjective convenience at any one time and every one else has to “obey” the orders.

        Where at every level, from the LP to Geo-politics, an allegation is treated as automatic guilt – as you are doing here steveH – without the need for objective evidence to prove the claims and whatever body exists within what passes for due process is merely there to rubber stamp the pre-determined outcome.

        As we have seen in example after example – from the Kangaroo process of internal discipline within the LP which kicks out the wrong kind of Jew on trumped up charges of “anti-Semitism” to protecting the real war criminals, as detailed here for example….

        ….by projecting their crimes onto others.

        All of which, as we consistently witness on this site, can be guaranteed to be supported by the morally and ethically bankrupt sycophant steveH.

        So save the bullshit about a due process that has a proven track record of zero efficacy in terms of its standards and principles. steveH. No one except yourself is convinced of your puerile Official Narrative bluster. Best bugger off of back to the NAFFI or the Squadron Bar with the rest of the barrack room lawyers.

      8. Dave – You’re the one who is proselytising Putin’s propaganda in a desperate attempt to defend your corrupt wannabe imperialist hero Putin who has kept himself in power through fear, brutality, imprisonment, torture and murder whilst enriching himself and his cronies by steeling from the Russian people.
        Why are you supporting such a disgusting person, surely Putin and his regime are the very antipathy of the socialist ideals that you profess to hold. 😕

      9. You are projecting again steveH.

        I’m merely asking the reasonable questions to provide the evidence. To do what it says on the tin. Because that’s how the much trumpeted “Western Values” of due process are supposed to operate.

        You are the one selling evidence free propaganda because, like your counterparts in the Starmer Junta, you operate under the delusion that just because you believe something it must be so and that you don’t need evidence to prove any old wild allegation.

        Which is why you ended up, as you always do, having your arse handed to you the other day because you attempted to use a six year old article on Russiagate based entirely on the ‘I think this is so therefore it must be so’ method to smear Caitline Johnstone which the court process has proven to be baseless due to the non-existence of any substantive and objective evidence to back up the faith based allegations which were noting more than baseless propaganda.

        I’ll ask again. Have you any actual evidence to substantiate your bullshit?

      10. Dave – Like the rest of us you’ll just have to wait for the UN and other international bodies to either publish their comprehensive and detailed evidence against Putin or present their evidence in court.

        Haven’t you read what the UN’s General Assembly has said about Russia’s illegal invasion of their sovereign neighbour

      11. steveH, have you not yet punched the numbers and sussed out that the majority of the world’s populations and their representatives – particularly across the Global South – are not going along with this narrative and are giving the nazis you are a stooge for the two finger salute?

        And once again, to suit your convenience, you have left out the one feature of this which you normally insist other people take into account.

        The context you are desperately running away from can be found here, for instance:

        “White House National Security Advisor John Bolton called the Hague-based rights body “unaccountable” and “outright dangerous” to the United States, Israel and other allies, and said any probe of US service members would be “an utterly unfounded, unjustifiable investigation.”

        “If the court comes after us, Israel or other US allies, we will not sit quietly,” Bolton said.

        He said the US was prepared to slap financial sanctions and criminal charges on officials of the court if they proceed against any Americans.”

        A classic example of the way the “rules based international order” is simply a euphemism for double standards in the application of due process at every level designed to enforce the hegemony of an unaccountable and undemocratic Western based oligarchy based on the do as we say not as we do principle.

        If you want to run with the parasites, that’s your look out. It won’t end well for the parasites and it won’t up well for you.

    2. SteveH

      Yesterday, you claimed Russia wouldn’t have invaded if Ukraine had retained Soviet era nuclear weapons.

      The Argentinians invaded the Falklands(Islas Malvinas) knowing full well the UK had nuclear weapon capability. What would have Ukraine have gained in a nuclear exchange with Russia? Apart from total annihilation?

      The nuclear weapons would have been a liability. There is a very high probability Russia would have intercepted Ukraine’s missiles, that is if these poorly maintained, ancient Soviet relics had gotten airborne(big if).

      Nuclear weapons have to be maintained to retain their effectiveness or yield. This requires a full cycle, in which Tritium is replenished due to the relatively short half life. Think of it as an accelerant. The solid fuel for missiles is hard to obtain too. Read about Tehran seeking large quantities of ammonium perchlorate — used as an oxidizer in solid-rocket fuel. With Russia providing in a quid pro quo for military equipment. Nukesb would’ve been a liability for poverty stricken, corrupt Ukraine.

      1. You make some very good points.

        However, as I pointed out when the rodent first raised this question, they were effectively Russian missiles that were based in the Ukraine.

        Hope this clarifies and that it finally sinks in with the rodent. .

      2. When used by the right hands some of these, antiquated, obsolete, Soviets era weapons, have bee quietly effective until the a few modern sci-fi type agents of death and destruction became the norm.

    3. “Will Putin (one of the founding members) be attending in person?”
      If you’ve been keeping up with the news you’ll know that the answer is “No”.

      1. No need for him to attend. I’m sure that everyone would find the attendance by Lavrov and Maria to be good enough. Cmon lads, non chest feeders, Maria or Liz or Van de lie on yer back?

    4. The ICC is essentially a child of the EU. Its purpose is to “get” people whom the EU has taken a dislike to (see Yugoslavia – a fair number of Serbs and Bosniaks targeted but the despicable Franjo Tuđman goes scot free). Many countries refuse to recognise the ICC, including the US – the US has said that, if a US citizen is detained by the ICC, they reserve the right to free them by any means including military).

      1. The exceptionalist US legislation you are referring to, goldbach, is commonly known in America as “The Hague Invasion Act”.

    5. I hope so…….it is the almighty dollar that is the problem and the determination of Neo-liberal capitalists such as Der Sturmer, Fishi Rishi or Sleepy Joe to render populations beholding to the system as debtors; everybody has to pay and pay and pay international conglomerates and financiars aka legalised theft. Deliberately creating inflation to ensure continued profit margins as prices will never fall is the recipe endorsed by both major political parties in GB & USA.

  7. Guardian headline today:

    Zelenskiy sacks military recruitment heads over frontline bribes scandal

    Ukrainian president describes taking of cash from people who want to avoid conscription as form of treachery

    How many have been fired for corruption, losing count. Looks like you’ll need to find some new heroes, SteveH.

    Wouldn’t even be shocked if Russia can’t get handed an unused Challenger 2… for the right price.

    1. If the Grauniad says it there must be absolutely no way that it can be covered up.
      By the way, “Zelenskiy sacks military recruitment heads over frontline bribes scandal.”
      Pots and kettles?

      1. goldbach

        Staggering how much corruption there has been considering the country is supposely figfhting for its survival?
        Numerous cases, not just this, to date. Everyone seems to be looking out for number one. Is Zelensky really in charge at all?

        Though I have sympathy with those reluctant to be conscripted to the front line, like cannon fodder and near certain death or serious injury awaiting, against a well dug in enemy who have had time to mine everywhere and have air superiority. What a tragic waste.

        Those shouting for more war from the UK, like Paul Mason, should volunteer themselves first.

      2. Andy – “Is Zelensky really in charge at all?”
        Of course not. He does what his sponsors (the Biden administration) tell him.
        If he breaks ranks, the Azov crowd or one of the other delightful “nationalist” organisations will ensure that he is soon waiting for the end days. You could almost feel sorry for him if it wasn’t for the fact that he is sending tens/hundreds of thousands of his compatriots to their deaths.

      3. goldbach

        Think you’re right : reported that 116 are currently facing prosecution for corruption.

        Houston, we have a problem!

        Corruption is clearly endemic in Ukraine. And yeah, yeah, SteveH, I know Russia has lots of corruption too. But Russia isn’t in quite the dire situation Ukraine is in.

      4. Surely that’s a good thing.
        I’m pleased to see that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy is taking decisive action towards sorting out their problems with corruption.

      5. The systemic process of corruption in the nazi run Zelensky regime – where the cannon fodder of untrained youngsters and sixty year olds fed into the meat grinder are openly complaining of Unit commanders not reporting under resourced KIA casualties in order to pocket not only their pay but also the black market profits from not fit for purpose Western produced arms – is merely a side show compared to the real corruption problem from within the Western Oligarchy.

        Which, like its Roman counterparts of two millennium ago, has not changed since General Smedley-butler called them out in “War is a Racket.”

        “Typically, the [Western manufactured] weapons are vastly overpriced, overhyped and designed for perpetual consumption. Take the U.S.-made Patriot air-defense system, or the Abrams tank, or the F-35 fighter jets. Independent military analysts will tell you these systems are overpriced junk that don’t really do the job they are supposed to do. Russian forces have been wiping out the Patriot and Western tanks with relative ease using superior hypersonic weapons.”

        “U.S. and NATO weapons “are for buying, and they’re for giving to the Ukrainians, to let Russia blow them up. But they’re not for fighting. They are not for winning a war. They’re for being used up, so you have to replace them now, with yet new buying….

        ….the utter scam and scandal of the U.S.-led proxy war in Ukraine against Russia…[is] on a level of Catch-22-style farce. It’s a racket for profiteering by U.S. and Western military industries. All paid for by taxpayers in the West and with the blood of Ukrainians blown to smithereens or maimed for life.

        Fundamentally, this is what U.S. and Western capitalism is all about. The economic system for elite private profit is driven by militarism and global exports of arms. Western capitalism has long abandoned civilian industrial production and over the last few decades has become dominated by the military-industrial complex that owns politicians, media and lawmakers to do its bidding.”

        Only when the swamp has been thoroughly cleared out and dismantled across the West and genuine war criminals like Nuland and the Kagans, Bolton, Blinkin, the Biden’s, the Clinton’s,, Kissinger, Stonlenburg, Von-der-crazy, Blair, Johnson, and the rest – not forgetting their pathetic and delusional cheerleaders – have been given the Nuremburg treatment will it be possible to say that the corruption which is negatively impacting on the majority and dragging us all down has been properly dealt with.

    2. Just imagine the scene: Zelensky and Steve H living together on a desert island, where they had been marooned ( not too difficult to imagine).
      Who, of the two, would have the role of Man Friday?
      I must admit that I personally could not answer that one.
      I would never believe either if they told me what day of the week it was!

      1. Before the war, Zelensky was in serious political trouble. Even the guardian were reporting this stuff:

        ‘Pandora’s box may ruin Zelenskyy’s chances for a second term’
        Network of offshore companies revealed by document leak threaten the Ukrainian president’s political future, analysts say.

        The West may have recast him as a ‘purer than pure’ hero, but he’s seemingly as corrupt as those he’s now removing. He appointed many whose only qualification was their shared offshore holdings.

  8. “I need dollar, dollar, dollar’s what I need.”
    (US pop song by a Black artist.)
    Great BRICs expanding and some countries are exploring trading in alternative currencies (China – today in FT re titanium).
    De Gaule of France originally vetoed the UK entering the EC because he felt it would act as a Trojan Horse for the USA (which eventually happened) and the dollar was soon to dominate which is why some suggest the EC came up with the Euro).
    Read that the USA has interfered in other countries (organised coups etc) including some wars 157 times since the 2WW so for the Global South it’s once bitten twice shy.
    But Big mass political movements can be economically powerful for example when the Black Community in the USA got solidly behind the BDS of South Africa re Apartheid it was soon crushed.
    Multipolarity I think is the key word why instead of Pro-Capitalist Govts & their media building up ‘enemies’ (to aid arms profits) perhaps we need to scrap NATO (has 37 full members out of 190 countries) and perhaps via UN have a World Peace Council with ALL in.
    Need Govts that promote international peace & co-operation as per Jeremy Corbyn.

    1. Bazza, it wasnt just the Yanquis. Uncle Joe and the boys made em hop a bit in the bush and the students and unions were a handful. Don’t forget that. Another unbeatable entitled war machine in Africa got exposed.

    2. Yup, the creation of the euro by an earlier US-counter-balancing EU must have encouraged the aforementioned state-terrorist to undertake stealth destructive action on the floor of the Baltic Sea.

  9. Why is China classed as an enemy?

    This illustrates how ludicrous Britain’s foreign policy making is, and how utterly beholden to the United States we are:

    In late 2015 China’s Xi jinping made an official visit to the United Kingdom, Cameron’s govt laid on all the State trappings, Xi even visiting Cameron’s local pub for a friendly pint. Cameron and Osborne heralded the great opportunities for the UK in working closely with China, to build on the existing Sino- British relations.

    Fast-forward 12 months, (Nov 2016) and Trump was elected in the US. Suddenly the US viewed China as this grave threat, the British approach taken by Cameron was quickly binned to fall directly into line with the US position. And it’s been the same ever since, as Biden continued where the China hostile Trump administration left things. With the British mouthing the US positions on sanctions.

    1. Andy The answer to your question “why is China classed as an enemy” is easy- It’s because Rupert Murdock says so.

      1. Smartboy, you’re not kidding. Sky aus is unbelievable. It’s hatred. You wouldn’t believe it, Australians being disrespectfual to people of a different race. What has happened to our world?

    2. The easiest posts in parliament are those of foreign secretary and his/her shadow. When they get to the office in the morning, all they need to ask is “What do the Yanks want us to do today?” , and then get on with the job os being subservient to American interests even when, as history shows, it is against our own.
      And then we wonder why our foreign policy positions are often ludicrous.
      We are a declining second-rate power, with major power pretensions
      . Just look at our unusable nuclear deterrent. Even that is totally reliant on American systems, such that the admiral in charge of the US Navy nuclear ballistic missile subs includes them in his annual report to Congress.

  10. True Andy and the working class of no country are our enemy.
    The Real Dependency Culture in the world is that of the rich and powerful, every night they must pray that billions of us will turn up for work on Monday.
    Diverse working class of the world know thy power!

    1. One year though, 2015 to 2016, from Xi’s best friends to hostile, without China doing anything wrong to us.

      The UK might as well just admit our foreign policy is decided in Washington.

      And some of the biggest flag-wavers in politics are the most aggressive defenders of this so-called ‘special relationship’. The Yanks probably think they’re a bit ‘special’ alright.

      1. Who was it who said that the “special relationship” that the UK has with the US is like the special relationship between the toilet paper and the backside?

      2. goldbach

        For all the criticism of Trump by centrists, notice how Biden hasn’t reversed Trump’s illegitimate, unilateral recognition of the war captured Golan Heights as Israel’s. Or reversed the moves to recognise Jerusalem as solely Israel’s capital by controversially moving the US embassy.

        Blinken says of Ukraine, “The United States does not, and will never , recognize any of the Kremlin’s claims to sovereignty over parts of Ukraine that it’s seized by force and now purports to incorporate into Russia”

        Does not ,and will never? So why a different rule regarding Israel’s annexation of Golan and the West Bank?
        It makes you wonder why so many leading pro-Israel Tories are switching to Starmer? What has he secretly promised?

        Serious possibility Starmer ends up being remembered as the man who privatised the NHS and gifted Israel everything they asked for on a plate. And maybe even for joining the US in some hellish military adventure, either against Iran over its nuclear programme or with China over Taiwan.

  11. Twenty-three further nations have expressed an interest in joining the BRICS group founded by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

    From a recent DJ set my daughter and I did — seems quite appropriate here:

    People Hold OnLisa Stansfield/Coldcut

  12. As well as a clear desire to ape the Tories on fiscal policy and ruinous austerity. Don’t sense Starmer or Reeves see the world in any differently from the Tories in terms of foreign policy either. Literally, every world leader(however right-wing) the Tories say is an ally, is also seen as an ally by Starmer, Reeves. Every country and leadership the Tories claim is an enemy, Starmer and Reeves parrot is Labour’s enemy too.

    Often backing those the Tories back, makes no sense whatsoever, ideologically, from a supposed ‘party of the left’ perspective. Take Juan Guaidó, for example. Or the ongoing perecution of Assange.

    We really do need a REAL opposition and not a fake one, led by a lying establishment stooge. One of the most appealling, refreshing things about Corbyn, was that sense he would likely reshape the UK’s insular, Washington dictatated view of the world, by recognising Palestine and not being afraid to question the ‘one-way traffic’ special relationship.

    1. Andy – Starmer has made the UK a poor man’s US.
      Some months ago I watched an interview with a young Chinese (i.e. Taiwanese)-American entrepreneur who had businesses both in the US and in mainland China. He was asked about the “difficulties” of operating in a “communist” country. His view was that China isn’t a communist country; it is a capitalist country run by the Chinese Communist Party. He said that there are two big difference between China and the US:
      1. In China you can’t change the government but you can change the policies.
      2. In the US you can change the government but you can’t change the policies.

      1. goldbach

        Starmer had to use deceit to get there though. New Labour, as in third wayism’ is a spent force politically. Look at Macron’s unpopularity, and centrism is typically defeated everywhere.

        I really believe a new Corbyn-led party based on his Peace and Justice Project (P&JP), could punch a hole through the hollowness of Starmer’s New New Labour. The rapid gain of hundreds of thousands of members would cause then tabloid press and MSM incl. BBC to panic – this would just generate more publicity… and more members. Get to 500,000 members and all the establishment would have an ‘Oh shit!’ moment.

        Why does Corbyn think as Starmer govt will be better than Sunak one? Sunak is restrained by his own unpopularity among party members, and a rebellious parliamentary party, half of whom wanted Johnson to stay. The PLP is typically more obedient and that would make Starmer , Reeves and Streeting dangerous if they have free rein.

      2. It’s wonderful. We westerners can live in blood and shit but we can still tell others how badly they are living. Glad that the Chinese communists don’t understand politics and where they are heading because then we would be really knackered

    2. Andy – You are deluding yourself, the UK’s electorate passed their judgement on Corbyn in 2019. Have you not seen the latest MRP polling results (published 9/8/23)?

      Predicted Number of Seats
      Conservative – 90
      Labour – 258
      SNP – 38
      LibDem – 26
      Plaid – 4
      Green – 1
      Reform – 0
      Other – 1

      Scroll down to see a complete list of all the constituencies that the Tories are predicted to lose (it looks like Rishi will be applying for a new Green Card)

      1. SteveH

        However many seats Starmer gains (and it won’t be trhat many due to voter apathy), it’s not worth it without a viable programme for office.

        What do they want to do differently?

        A majority of just 20 seats on a truly progressive, reformative, left-wing agenda. Won against a furiousTory press, is better than winning 500 seats by stating you won’t change anything.

      2. Andy – “What do they want to do differently?”

        Lots and lots

        Here are some examples with more to follow.
        We can look forward to discussing Labour’s manifesto when it is published and comparing and contrasting it with what you and your fellow self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ are offering the electorate. 😉

      3. Alex – I too have my doubts about the Greens holding on in Brighton and Hove. In this years council elections Labour gained control of the council after the Greens lost 12 seats and Labour gained 18 seats

  13. “Twenty-three further nations have expressed an interest in joining the BRICS group”

    Perhaps this movement is a consequence of the “super-sanctions” that NATO and the rest of the world is supposed to be applying to the Russian Federation.
    Super sanctions that are bankrupting EU nations and making the RF stronger, both economically and militarily
    The are also many other reasons – Like the fact that U$A has shit over so many countries during my life time.

    There is much moral hand-wringing about the reference of V.V. Putin to the International Criminal Court (ICC).
    Tokenistic bullshit.
    Ukraine is one of the countries like the USA which is not a member of the ICC.
    So – Who referred VVP to the ICC ?
    Why is Ukraine not a member of the ICC or EU ?
    Could it be that Ukraine is so famous for its spectacular level of institutional corruption that it couldn’t possibly qualify for membership of either body ?
    Who knows !

      1. goldbach – “Who referred VVP to the ICC ?”

        On 1 March 2022, the Office [ICC] received a State Party referral from the Republic of Lithuania. On 2 March 2022, the following coordinated group of States Parties submitted a joint referral: Republic of Albania, Commonwealth of Australia, Republic of Austria, Kingdom of Belgium, Republic of Bulgaria, Canada, Republic of Colombia, Republic of Costa Rica, Republic of Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Kingdom of Denmark, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Finland, Republic of France, Georgia, Federal Republic of Germany, Hellenic Republic, Hungary, Republic of Iceland, Ireland, Republic of Italy, Republic of Latvia, Principality of Liechtenstein, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Republic of Malta, New Zealand, Kingdom of Norway, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Republic of Poland, Republic of Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Republic of Slovenia, Kingdom of Spain, Kingdom of Sweden, Swiss Confederation, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

      2. So, the UK, the EU and a few others who are under the sway of the US.
        Thanks for the list.

      3. So what you are telling us steveH is that the oligarchies of 19.17% of the 193 sovereign states of the world representing an even smaller minority of the people on this planet have filed these charges.

        Sounds like something out of the vivid imagination of Lewis Carroll. Tell us steveH, are you auditioning for the part of the Queen or the Knave of Hearts?

      4. Dave – On the contrary

        Unlike you, what I have done is provide nothing more than a clear accurate and verifiable answer to goldbach’s question.

      5. Dave – Really, what does this map add to information posted on the ICC’s own website?

      6. steveh:

        a) You mean this ICC which faces the aptly named “Hague Invasion Act” is it does not do what the Western based oligarchs tell it to:

        b) That “The International Community” you are talking about is in reality an isolated and collapsing minority of the planet with zero credibility.

        Context can be a bugger can’t it.

  14. On another matter
    India refused to give Pfizer indemnity for the Vaccine, they never supplied a single shot to that country
    For why, if it was safe

    1. Check out the Senate Committee investigating the whole vaccine process in the US, and also the whistleblower leaks from the Pfizer trials.
      The Moderna CEO gave answers to questions that were, a la Starmer, not answers at all, and the Pfizer CEO refused to appear in front of the committee.
      The whistleblower leak showed documentation that indicated that results from a number of the Pfizer trails hadn’t been included in the data that Pfizer had reported. Had they been included, the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine would have been similar to that of the AZ vaccine.
      Doesn’t mean that the whole thing was a scam, but it does mean that it is not wise to let companies that stand to make a fortune out of something have control of any system of validation.

  15. BRICS are becoming more powerful, both politically and economically. US world domination could be greatly diminished, if not ended.

  16. The BRICS are on the road to establishing an alternative reserve currency to that established by the Bretton-woods agreement after WWII.
    This is not an easy process given the diversity of the countries involved,
    No doubt the U$A will do everything in its power to stand in the way of the coming de-dollarisation process.
    The usual bribes and bullying techniques will doubtless be to the fore.
    The NATO / USA proxy-way against the Russian Federation and the so-called “super-sanctions” are certainly accelerating the process.
    The world is watching in horror as Ukraine is being sacrificed by U$A’s proxy war.
    The humiliation of EU countries being impoverished morally and financially on U$A’s coat-tails is a sad spectacle.

  17. I am certain that those who harbour a pathological hatred of Russia will not be inclined to activate the odd brain cell and think a little, but will continue to churn out their comfort blanket mantra and keep the blinkers firmly on. However, given that one such person may choose to read this, it is worth 2 minutes of my time to provide the link. Here we find all the data we need.

    1. Once again, for the benefit of the Starmer Stooge from the Caribbean (allegedly), here is the evidence from that May 2 2014 actual war crime in Odessa by the nazi’s steveH is acting as a propaganda shill for:

  18. BRILLIANT LINK Goldbach.
    It ought to be compulsory reading for those who have any wish to know the truth about the Ukraine war from independent journalists of repute.

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