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Labour announces Progress right-winger Lewisham mayor as Bristol NE candidate

From London borough to Bristol – ambition trumps commitment to local community for another Starmeroid backed by antisemitism scammers

Damien Egan, the right-wing mayor of the London borough of Lewisham – and a former member of Blairite pressure group Progress – has been announced by Labour as its candidate for the Bristol North East parliamentary seat, a constituency some 120 miles from Lewisham town hall:

Yet another right-winger levered into a seat despite having promised in an election only last year to serve electors in a different role.

When first running for selection for the Lewisham mayoral contest, Egan claimed that he was ‘not a member’ of Progress – however, his councillors’ register of interests revealed that he had been a member. He was backed for the mayoral selection by prominent advocates of the ‘Labour antisemitism’ scam and is a member of the right-wing ‘Jewish Labour Movement’ group that anchored much of the smear.

Egan will be a perfect fit in Starmer’s Labour if he wins the seat – and his election promises to serve the people of Lewisham as their mayor are clearly no bar to his ambition.

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  1. Wasn’t Esther Giles once upon a time the elected Secretary of Bristol North West’s CLP?
    Esther was expelled from the Labour Party for admitting a motion in support of Corbyn to be debated at a GC.
    I would like for Esther to consider following the path of Jamie Driscoll and Emma Dent Coad start a crowdfunder and to run against Damien Egan as an independent.
    I don’t hold much hope that either Emma or Esther will win the Kensington or Bristol North West seats, but if anyone can win these seats from both Tories and Labour they are the ones to do it
    People are tired of the Tories and Starmer’s Labour isn’t convincing them either. It is time to give the people a genuine choice, rather than vote Labour without much enthusiasm.
    With a well financed campaign started months before a General Election these seats can be won by principle independents and in the worse case scenario prevent Labour from gaining them.

  2. It is worth remembering that Howard Hunt ‘retired’ from the CIA several times. Perhaps ‘Progress’ now operates in a similar way.
    As for Emma Dent-Coad, her former constituency will, due to boundary changes, take in two Cities of London and Westminster wards which have 5 Labour councillors and 1 Conservative.
    If she can get her £30,000 she could have a very effective campaign. She might get a lot of campaign volunteers. Whilst winning is not everything, I do think she is in with a chance.
    She might not need a very high share of the vote to win.

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