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Lab r-winger who defended Labour starving canvassers joked about eating dessert to make chavs jealous

‘Hannoir’ also joked about Jews, Muslims and ‘Hitler offspring’, and tweeted about Gypsies attacking her

When a young Labour supporter dared to complain that party staff had stuffed themselves on a pizza delivery while leaving volunteer by-election canvassers without food or drink, a right-wing Labourite who styles herself ‘Hannoir’ and works for the right-dominated Local Government Association defended the staff’s greed and told activists ‘You’re not there to sit about and eat’:

Of course, the fact that paid staff are even more not there to sit about and eat any more than the volunteers – misguided though they be in supporting Starmer and his malignant drones – was not mentioned. She was soon put right by hundreds of disgusted responses along the lines of:

But Twitter users angered by the arrogance of her response soon began to find other issues with Hannoir’s social media output, too – and particularly appropriately, that this was not her first foray into food-based mockery, derision and arrogance:

She had also made comments about Jews, Gypsies and Muslims that were considered troubling:

And on at least one occasion, she joked about having ‘Hitler offspring’:

Any of these comments, even in jest, would be more than enough ammunition for Starmer’s regime to expel a left-winger – but, as this site has often noted, the party applies an entirely different set of rules to right-wingers, even in much more serious cases such as charges of paedophilia and alleged sexual assault.

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  1. AND THEY FUCKING LOST Starver won Selby with a low turn out LD won Somerton and Frome Starver was expecting to win all three prick should keep his distance from the mass fucking murderer TB and stop starving children

    1. Re. Skwawky’s next story ( here), even Thangam Debbonaire admits that her r-wing party is on course for a hung parliament at best.

      The reality of Starmer’s Labour is clear. Voters are not convinced by Labour’s ‘new management’ . Corbyn levels of support shrink by over 80%. The Greens and Lib Dems dwarf Labour’s vote count in two of three seats contested yesterday.

      Even the billionaire-owned corporate MSM (and BBC) are going to find it difficult to ‘correct’ this perception.

      1. Qwertboi, a hung Parliament is a poison chalice. Starmer is intellingent enough to understand that the price is PR.
        As soon as PR is approved his government will be on borrow time and once a General Election under PR takes place the Labour Party will sustain masive loses as the left of the Labour Party will not longer need the Labour Party and will form a coalition to the left very much like old Podemos or he newly formation of Sumar in Spain.

      2. No Maria. A hung parliament under FPTP would make Keir Starmer, i.e. centrists, LESS likely to promote/support/initiate any PR in my opinion. They know that FPTP and corporatist MSM are their facilitators – and will weaken neither!

      3. qwertboi
        This goes back to that fucker who looks and acts like Oswald Mosely
        Fatal mistake was ‘They have no where else to go’
        A Hung Parliament is no different to PR, balalance of power will be held by the minority interests
        Look at the Republic of Ireland, both main parties in their death throes

  2. “as this site has often noted, the party applies an entirely different set of rules to right-wingers….”

    Welcome to “The Rules Based Order.” Where the rich and self-identifying privileged make and change the rules to suit their convenience and everyone else obeys their orders on pain of Cancellation and other retribution.

    Meet the new boss, worse than the old boss.

  3. She’ll go far in smarmerite labour, that one….😒

    Going all antoinette on the (volunteer) canvassers? Needs to be brought up across all CLPs that, because it’s a metaphor for what’ll happen if the lying parasites do manage to win the general election.

    Exemplifies the attitude of the ersatz-thatcherites to a tee; “f**k you jack, my parachute’s open, and I’ll make sure I land on your corpse”.


  4. This individual is typical of the type of person employed by Labour. She is of the Emily Oldknow school of politics – an arrogant brainless prat.
    However I feel little sympathy for the activists who didn’t get anything to eat – they were out canvassing for a party led by a millionaire who is prepared to see children raised in poverty, children who will know real hunger every day.
    Regarding “hannoir”‘s racist comments, there is no need for her to curtail her bigotry – she is not a Socialist and therefore in Starmer’s Labour she can say and do as she likes without consequence.

    1. RE: The point about having little sympathy with the canvassers who knew what they were canvassing for…


      A certain someone on here who hopes and prays for some sort of reward from the oleaginous one’s slime trail ought to take note.

      I remember back in about 2014-15 Moribund & weirdo balls at least offered workfare plus a sandwich.

      You won’t even get the wrapper off keef & reeves if they get in.

      1. Spot-on Toffee.
        “I remember back in about 2014-15 Moribund & weirdo balls at least offered workfare plus a sandwich.”

        And Miliband n Balls at least arranged for their soundbites to be performed in Greggs queues. (remember?)
        Sir Keir tends to prefer Royal Boxes ( “Sir Keir Starmer is in the royal box at Wimbledon amid tumultuous scenes back in Westminster after the resignation of Boris Johnson”.) and altogether-more “exclusive” settings – like being the only British-born politician to be a
        by-invitation member of the Trilateral Commission.

        As many of the tory MSM-sheets are saying today, “The (Conservative) win in Uxbridge and South Ruislip is a major blow to Sir Keir Starmer”.

    2. Smartboy, my guess is that some of the young activist out there canvassing in Uxbridge yesterday were there trying to congratiate themselves with the likes of her and see if any “crumbles were falling from the high table” in the form of jobs with lobbyish firms with links to the Party.

      1. Reply to Maria V
        You could be right Maria- they may well be careerists for I don’t think there would be many Socialists( or Anti Zionists, Muslim, BAME, Kashmiri, Irish, Scottish or Trade Union activists )among them as Starmer has managed in a fairly short time to alienate huge numbers of members and supporters.
        It is also very telling that the only by-election won by Starmers Labour was in a true blue Tory consitiituency where the electorate know little and care less about Starmer’s vindictive purges and broken promises. In my opinion it is clear that they wanted to send Rishi Sunak a message, safe in the knowledge that the outcome of the by-election would not affect the Westminister status quo.

  5. When will the remaining members realise that they are taken for a ride and treated rather disrespectfully by a sociopathic outfit who at best see members canvassing for them as free labour and totally irrelevant. Hannover is also proof that in Sir kid starver’s party and PLP racism of all kinds is rife and doing well. The Kid starver’s outfit is not fit to be anywhere near parliament. I wonder what people need to happen before they wake up to the sad reality of the party once known as Labour.

  6. When Hannah @hannoir says “my Hitler offspring will be better than your libertarian offspring. FACT!”. she’s disclosing r-wing Labour’s ideological leanings towards Mosleyite Fascism – Of course they will

    – NOT change or even oppose the tories’ 2-child cap,
    — NOT support trade unions fighting for their members , and
    — NOT oppose anti-BDS legislation.

    A rose by any other name….

  7. I think Labour’s slogan for Uxbridge was “Vote for Change”

    “Vote for No Change” would have been more honest.

  8. Red Tory Boy may have won in Selby, but turnout was low 40s (30% down on GE) Apparently the Tories didn’t campaign much.

    The fact Keir Mather was handpicked and parachuted in, over more experienced local council candidates, gives the lie to Starmer’s claim he wants a Britain based on equality where everyone can get on.

    Starmer wants a HoC full of nodding donkeys.

    1. Quote: Mather, Jewish News can reveal, has in the past been a staunch campaigner against antisemitism in Labour under Corbyn.

      In a 2017 article, written for Oxford University’s student newspaper Cherwell, Mather condemned former London mayor Ken Livingtone over anti-Jewish racism claims, writing that the fact he had “survived in the party for so long can only point to an institutionalised acceptance of antisemitism over the years.”

  9. ‘In a huff the likes of Hannah packed up the Right Wing Lightweight Labour stuff.
    Then they pushed the starving working class kids from the door?
    Perhaps Lumpen when you stand for NOTHING, the diverse working class have had enough!’

    1. This is what’s so ridiculous about Starmer’s nonsense.

      We’re fighting for every vote!

      Vote for the party with no policies… the blank slate party?

      Under FPTP, in a two-party system, they know they literally don’t have to do anything, or offer anything. Power is cyclical coming around and it’s just their turn.

  10. When Labour don’t put in an extensive ground campaign, their vote absolutely tanks, as with Somerton and Frome, and countless local council by-elections throughout the year. This lack of enthusiasm bodes ill for a general election, where resources are spread thin across 600 seats.

    And when Starmer claims he’s ‘turned the party around,’ what he really means he’s turned the media coverage around. For in Mandelson centrist world, the tabloid proprietors are king makers, and that’s rightfully how it should be for them. It allows them to use potential hostile media as an excuse for not having any radical policies.

    1. The Guardian claimed that there was tactical voting. Only partly true as the Green Party doubled its vote share in Somerton and Frome.

      Labour reportedly pulled resources from Uxbridge which suggests that they do not have too many campaign volunteers. .

    1. Give us a (major) policy alternative that keef’s offering why dontcha, prick?

      *Not renationalising the NHS – rather he’s all for further private enterprise

      *Same for rail, mail & utilities

      *Will NOT tax the rich or the corporates

      *Increasing state interference by restricting civil liberties

      Not a exhaustive list

      So …where’s the alternative, dickhead?

      1. Writing an exhaustive list would be a huge task.

        But at least Labour will save money on not having to print a manifesto at the next election.

      2. Make your mind up steveH.

        First you ask a question and when it is answered you start bellyaching that you don’t like the answer.

        What I think does not come into it. The objective evidence exists, over an extended period of time, that regular opinion polls on policies which are the opposite of what Starmer is offering find majority public support. Deal with it like a grown up rather than a mardy arsed five year old.

        Clearly, such matters do not merit the application of the systemic context which produces such skewed results come election time. Context only being applied when it is convenient for you because you don’t do questions which give you answers you don’t want to hear.

        And the only questions which matter are does it work or not? Does it do what it says on the tin?

        In context however hard you shout it matters not. The narratives you are pushing are not fit for purpose and have no practical efficacy. They are failing rapidly and there is nothing you or those who share your delusions can do about it.

    2. Give us your root definition of the term “Credible” if you dare.

      But you won’t will you steveH. Because as is clear to everyone with a working brain cell the definition of the term you and the Starmer Junta are operating to is a narrow one based on the interests of the 1% rather than one which meets the interests of the majority – which you should understand includes sycophants such as yourself suffering from Stockholm Syndrome who will, like the Uxbridge canvassers example, be discarded like a used condom once you have served your purpose.

      If you are serious, which on your track record so far is doubtful, all you need to do to find out the answer to your question is peruse the reams of public opinion poll data over decades showing majority support for policies you wrongly and knowingly deem “not credible” which are the opposite of the unworkable failed and collapsing bullshit Official Narrative you are prostituting yourself to push.

      1. Dave – What makes you think that I care much, one way or t’other what you think.
        Unfortunately the electorate (rightly or wrongly) gave their verdict on how credible they thought these policies were in 2019.

      1. This in response to
        SteveH22/07/2023 AT 2:31 AM
        If only any of you had a credible alternative to offer the electorate.😩

      2. goldbach – If only you and your comrades had something, anything to offer the electorate. 🙄

      3. A novel comment??????
        I have no need to offer anything at my age.
        The degeneration of our “economy” and of those of the EU, and soon of the US, which were the product of neoliberalism and the offshoring of real jobs, set the scene for political change.
        The absence of capable leaders in any of the parties is creating a vacuum.
        It is to be hoped that it can be filled by the left.
        I fear that it will be filled by the right.
        If this does transpire it will, in significant part, be due to the fact that people of your ilk are so obsessed with defeating the left that they can’t see the monster hanging over their shoulder.
        Still, your lack of self-awareness will enable you to blame it all on Corbyn.

      4. goldbach – Thanks for confirming that you and your comrades have SFA to offer the electorate apart from yet more empty rhetoric 😞 and another another term in government for the Conservatives so that they can finish off destroying our treasured institutions.
        Are you a really closet ToryBoy?

      5. Fool. You talk as if you have something to offer.
        Never give any indication of what it is though.
        All we get is sneering.
        Try this.
        What is your solution for the parlous state in which we find ourselves?

      6. Oh, and some people are trying to find a way forward.
        See: The Cost of Living Crisis (and How to Get Out of It) – a little book with a lot to say.
        As I say, at my age it is better to leave it to young people like these to offer alternatives.

      7. oh, and I’m not sure what the Scottish Football Association has to do with it.

  11. SteveH22/07/2023 AT 8:46 PM
    Toffee – Here’s a list that I prepared a while ago, take your pick.😉

    Two words, prick.



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