Paedophile right-wing Labour candidate admits possession of child abuse images

Labour First’s Tom Dewey, allowed by Labour to stand despite arrest, pleads guilty to making and possessing indecent images of children – including the most vile category

Right-wing former Hackney councillor Thomas Dewey has pleaded guilty at Uxbridge magistrates court to five charges of making and possessing the gravest child abuse images.

Dewey admitted a charge of making or downloading five ‘category A’ images of children, the most serious and vile category, in April last year, as well as charges of making four ‘category B’ images and of making 203 ‘category C’ images.

Dewey was arrested in April last year, yet Keir Starmer’s party – which excuses its purge of left candidates by claiming it only lets candidates to stand who will not cause Labour embarrassment – allowed him to continue his candidacy in the next month’s local elections and did not suspend him.

Local left-winger Heather Mendick pointed out Dewey’s embedded status with the Labour right

Dewey’s free pass from the party despite his arrest for paedophilia is far from an exception for the Starmer regime. Among the ‘blind eyes’ or worse turned by the party machine, Redbridge council leader Jas Athwal was allowed to become a Labour parliamentary candidate despite the party’s own lawyer saying he should be investigated over allegations of ‘serious’ sexual assault. MP Neil Coyle was welcomed back into the party by Keir Starmer despite making racist remarks and being found by Parliament to have sexually harassed at least one person.

And the party’s eagerness to get a right-winger into the safe Liverpool seat admirably filled by left-winger Ian Byrne that a local councillor with unanswered allegations of disgraceful anti-disabled ‘concentration camp’ comments was put up to stand against him.

Starmer and his sidekick David Evans also covered up a whistleblower’s allegations of ‘sadistic’ and ‘criminal’ abuse and exploitation of domestic violence victims by a front-bench MP’s staffer who was also his lover – and Starmer kept two other MPs in his Shadow Cabinet despite them being investigated for sexual harassment.

Dewey will be sentenced as Isleworth Crown Court on 15 August.

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      1. Toffee – Surely you are not attempting to minimise the Labour Party’s disgustingly egregious and inexcusable behaviour towards Hartlepool’s constituents at the 19GE.
        I’m guessing that haven’t bothered to read Employment Tribunal’s Judgement on the Mike Hill case.

      2. Asked the nonce who’s never once refrained from excusing the nonce protector and would-be child starver.

        Duly noted that your obvious reticence/refusal to condemn the latest smarmerist example of degeneracy is yet further evidence of lack of concern for the child victims of it.

        Try as desperately as you might, weirdo, but the drama of your eloquence (egregious, inexcusable) cannot disguise what I (amongst others)know you to be.

        We know what you are.

      3. Nothing with Mr. Hill is remotely comparable to this- and he was inevitably going to lose Hartlepool if he stood again there anyway.

        It’s hardly as if Mr. Hill was universally beloved in Hartlepool OR as if he was the only person who was capable of holding the seat.

  1. New New Labour clearly has a problem with the “morality” thing.
    Political philosophy is classified as a branch of the wider field of “Ethics”, and as we see daily, this is an area in which such things as honesty, integrity, reliability and social solidarity have, for the current Labour regime, no value or place.
    What a mess.
    What are we socially progressive people to do, that chimes with the fact that we, in contrast, have values?

  2. I wonder what the Tory press will do with this story. I’m sure Mandy’s already tried to issue them with a D-notice. The Labour right do seem to have an unfortunate habit of associating with nonces, though, don’t they?


    Harperson’s guilt may have been by association but, y’know, mud sticks dunnit. Just ask Jeremy Corbyn. The vile accusations of anti-Semitism he endured basically hinged on “guilt” by (often incidental) association, didn’t they?

  3. Just when you think Starmers Labour can sink no lower they select a convicted criminal to represent them at local level – it seems that in their view possessing indecent images of children is a serious offence unlike the “crime” of holding socialist views or refusing to be a “friend” of an Apartheid state and condone its killing of little Palestinian children.

    1. Correction – my post should read “in their view possessing indecent images of children is NOT a serious offence”

      1. ‘Smartboy’ – “Just when you think Starmers Labour can sink no lower they select a convicted criminal to represent them at local level”

        No they didn’t, you’ve got your time-lines mixed up.

      2. Thanks AlexanderScottish – the whole thing is really disgusting isn’t it

  4. These people should be locked up. If they had to literally follow their own rules they would have been expelled a thousand times or more. Lets hope sir Kid Starver gets his due deserts. How anybody of sane mind could vote for him and his ilk is beyond me!

  5. Smartboy’ – “Just when you think Starmers Labour can sink no lower they select a convicted criminal to represent them at local level”

    No they didn’t, you’ve got your time-lines mixed up.

    And your smarmerist nonce enabling cronies did the sum total of nothing to be rid of the animal; rather waiting until he rescinded the seat.

    Nonce case AND pedant. There are people with combinations of vile traits, but yours is amongst the very worst. 😒

    1. Toffee – The point is that rightly Tom Dewey never got the opportunity to take up his seat. If pointing out the facts is pedantry in your eyes then that says far more about you than it does about anything that I’ve said.😏

  6. Toffee, Don’t forget TheKidStarver’s long list of paedo friends he protected from prosecution. Savile, Janner, Smith etc etc.

    That’s why they gave him a Knighthood and that’s why they gave THEM a Knighthood.

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