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Starmer banned from Society of Socialist Lawyers – because “demonstrably not a socialist”

Starmer condemned in ‘strongest possible terms’ by Haldane Society for his actions and inaction – and will not be allowed to rejoin unless a future AGM overturns resolution

Labour leader Keir Starmer has been dramatically kicked out of the venerable Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers. The society, which was established more than ninety years ago, held its Annual General Meeting last night and decided that Starmer is unfit for membership.

The AGM condemned:

  • Starmer’s ‘appalling policy positions’
  • his manoeuvres to force Labour MPs to support a bill to allow ‘intelligence sources’ – including civilians – to commit crimes
  • his disregard for migrants’ rights
  • his assault on free speech
  • his behaviour over schools during the pandemic
  • his lack of support for unions
  • his inaction on anti-Black and anti-Muslim racism
  • his inaction over abuse of transgender people

Demonstrably not a socialist

The Society also concluded that Starmer is unfit for membership because he is ‘demonstrably not a socialist’ and is at odds with its principles – and condemned his behaviour ‘in the strongest terms’:

Starmer had resigned from the society when he became Director of Public Prosecutions, so the society was unable to expel him – but he will not be allowed to rejoin in future unless he is able to persuade a future society AGM to overturn the resolution and let him back in.

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  1. It’s hardly a surprise but welcome all the same. Starmer is a disaster for ALL members, supporters and voters for Labour mainly because he hasn’t a real political nerve in his body. When you compare the last anti Left purge is was conducted by somebody with years of experience in Labour politics. Starmer is so out of his depth I think he should think up some problem health issue – and disappear. The longer he stays the more damage he does.

    1. Society of Socialist Lawyers – ” Starmer is unfit for membership because he is ‘demonstrably not a socialist and is at odds with its principles”.

      Starmer is unfit “because he is ‘demonstrably not a socialist and is at odds” with “socialist principles”.

      Starmer is unfit because he is “not a socialist”. Starmer is unfit. UNFIT.


      1. noelstevenson12 – “Not only that but he’s unfit. . .” Yes, I totally agree with you.
        SIR Keith Starmer is unfit. Starmer Unfit for the elderly, unfit for the middle aged, unfit for forty, thirty and twenty somethings. And horrifically, SH’s Sir Keith is unfit for teens, children and babies. Starmer is unfit for any organisation aiming to make society fair and just … ask Julian Assange. Starmer is however competent at collaborating with other deplorable enemies of positive change eg the War Criminal Blair and LORD CHARLIE FALCONER who unmoved by the then near fifty thousand deaths due to Covid-19, OPENLY ENCOURAGED his bunch of lawyers to plunder. Falconer said Covid-19 was a gift that keeps giving. That lot are competent at serving their priorities. They are able as BLOCKS piled up in the way of progress. Starmer is the type of tool used to screw the Labour party, Assange and any other entity that “risks” ridding us of Conservative greed and exploitation. Therefore, Starmer is the definition of unfit. A definition of unfit is SIR Starmer… soon to be LORD Sir Starmer of Deceit & The One Percent Cesspit🛑

      2. noelstevenson12, i’m thinking SIR Starmer is unfit. Dangerously unfit. What do u think ? Shouldn’t everyone especially the socialist MPs unseat him, unfit him and put him out with the trash?

        ps Ummuna has gone through the revolving door like the Lib Dem leader b4 the brilliant Prime Minister Jo Swinson … ah! Nick Clegg of student fees shame & Tory aid. Clegg to Facebook, Ummuma to Morgan Stanley. Bliar to every despot until even they realised he nothing but a filthy money craving noise George Bush munching whore.

        BUT, when Starmer is unfitted in the next FEW months by the Red Tories, NOT the “Left” … where will the revolving door take him? Goldmann Sachs ? Morgan Stanley ? ? Deutsche Bank ? ? ? Methinks any of the above PLUS Johnson will make him LORD SIR Keith Starmer of Torydom for distinguished service to the Tory Party 📘📘📘

      3. Starmer has no place in Labour. No place in decent society. No place in changing the status quo. Starmer is one of the most repugnant protectors of the status quo. That’s why his priority has been and remains agreeing with EVERY DEADLY ACT of Johnson. Labour winning is not his priority. His gang made that clear on election results night. He will be made a lord for CRUSHING Jeremy and Labour. Many still fail to realise that. This very minute many decent members are sitting at their tables thinking of how to help Starmer. They accept the abuse of Labour by creatures believe that Covid-19 is an opportunity… “a gift that keeps giving” according to Bliar’s ex flatmate LORD Charlie Faulkner. Ed Miliband rushed to defend that abhorrent attitude. Milliband said he spoke to “Charlie and Charlie is very very sorry for his comments”. QUESTION – Did Miliband rush to defend Chris Williamson, Jackie Walker, Mark Wordsworth, Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, Jeremy and THOUSANDS of members❓❓❓ What sort of mindset allows anyone to defend Charlie Falconer and his disgusting remarks❓❓❓

        We have a big problem when even a large minority in Labour believe that Starmer, Falconer & vile gang “can be worked around.” I believe we must work with all our might to make every single one who collaborated with Starmer and Bliar et al lose their seats. Then we can build with NEW BLOOD. Develop the skills needed to IMPLEMENT our policies OURSELVES. Develop self confidence to rid ourselves of parasitic establishment tools. Tools like Starmer will do anything to please the established exploitation of the many. Starmer has no conscience. Ask many. Ask Julian Assange

    2. Partly disagree Paul. Yes he’s a disaster, but yes also he’s nothing if not political. It’s all about politicking and nothing to do with policy. All he wants is power at any price, and willing to do anything to achieve it. Trouble for him is, he’s not even very good at that!

      1. noelstevenson12 – “All he wants is power at any price, and willing to do anything to achieve it.”

        SPOT ON 🧿🧿🧿

    3. Starmer is neither Socialist nor a democrat, so why the hell is he in the Labour Party? Look no further than Tel Aviv.

    4. The “years of experience” are coming from the ones who are pulling his strings. We know who you are. So this will continue with or without Starmer as leader.

  2. In some of the big animal testing laboratories they are thinking of substituting lawyers for the rats they test chemicals on, because eventually the lab assistants and technicians tend to grow fond of the rats.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ……. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,

  4. They forgot to mention the primary reason he is banned – ie because he is a fascist!

    1. And a zionist. He made that so very apparent from the beginning of his tenancy as leader, by holding private meetings in London with zionists, as was reported in the Jewish Chronicle.

      1. (Allan and Barrie) absolutely . He’s both of those things today. But tomorrow who knows? He can be anything you want him to be . . . (and without a condom for a bit extra).

      2. Didn’t Starmer and Raynor meet with the BOD on Palestinian solidarity day?

  5. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’d never heard of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers until now.
    Surprising really, given that interventions on the antisemitism scam from a whole bunch of well-known lawyers might well have been instrumental in changing the media narrative at the time – might even have stopped the accusations dead.
    The website says it was founded in 1930 to provide legal support to the then Labour government.
    When was there a greater need of legal support than during Corbyn’s leadership? And when was the Labour Party more socialist than then?

    1. There is a man Starmer might admire – Ramsay McDonald! He knifed the LP when he was actually a Labour PM! It’s something Starmer is unlikely to achieve – so he doesn’t even do well in the Traitor Stakes! Again a Failure!

      1. It took 15 years and a World War to reunite the Party which shows why these turn-coats are seen as so valuable to the Tories and a reactionary press. They are worth their weight in gold.

  6. Can’t fault the Haldane Society’s list of failings until they get to (f), which as usual is tacked on at the end for good measure. It could equally well have been written as: “Failure to take any action whatsoever against Labour MPs and ordinary members who have persistently resisted the fad imported from the USA that insists that men born with a penis should be allowed to share changing rooms and toilets with teenage girls.”

    I’m old enough to remember how the NCCL and the left was successfully infiltrated by paedophiles in the shape of PIE in the 1970s (Harman was amongst those taken in). Now the same process is opening up all again but this time the perverts are at the gates of Rome.

    Fair enough we, can expect Biden and co, hooked as they are on identity politics and lacking any real analysis of the world around them to be swept along by this bullshit but I’ve seen no particular evidence that Starmer even regards this as an issue on which he is prepared to venture an opinion (like most other things apart from de facto the primacy of zionism as a Labour Party value).

    The Haldane Society may regard itself as demonstrably socialist but it is clearly not demonstrably feminist – nor has it any interest in the rights and views of Marxists, women, lesbians, gays and others who have a serious critique of the transgender roller-coaster. It’s funny how the usual suspects who were happy to sign up to the IHRA definition of antisemitism are often the same ones who signed up to the preposterous charter of trans demands – the same ones in fact who left their critical faculties in the cloakroom.

    There are plenty of reasons to condemn Starmer – this isn’t one of them.

  7. The logic is impeccable, Starmer is a socialist like Justin Bieber is a gangster rapper

  8. At least someone somewhere has taken the reality of Haredim Kier’s capabilities as the leader of a socialist party; that our esteemed leader is trying hard to dismantle, and taking a stand. Now we need ALL of the left leaning MP’s to take a stand and for God’s sake maybe, just maybe, 20% of them (that is needed by our Constitution) will contest his leadership. Please…

  9. As a party member I commend the Society of Socialist Lawyers for its decision to disallow Sir Keir’s re-entry. Starmer is no-more a socialist than the Pope’s a cauliflower or Jeremy Coryn’s a racist.

    Starmer and his ‘new management’ are beyond rediculous

  10. We already knew all of this, but it’s good to know that his dishonesty is becoming ever more evident to the wider world. Cheered me, in these dark times.

  11. Here I am thinking I am the only one in my neck of the woods who thinks Starmer is a mixed up “Socialight!
    I was losing the will t live.
    Finally, a breath of fresh air.
    There are folk like me who believe he’s in the wrong job and that ain’t being the leader of our Socialist Labour party!
    How long before he gets the hint a Fcks off?

  12. Well done to the Haldane Society! I wonder how long before the College of Masters Advocates & Barristers suspends his membership or barres him from it?
    I will argue that it is a disgrace for a Barrister specialising in Human Rights to whip the PLP to abstain rather than whip it to vote against The Overseas Service Bill and the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill. Personally, I found these two Bills fascistic.
    Medical Doctors get disbarred from the Royal College of Physicians when medics breach their professional code. I will argue that for Starmer to instruct the PLP to abstain on these two Bills amount to a disregard for the Estate of Law as it gives powers to the Executive without any recourse to the Judiciary.

    1. Or
      We pursue him and Evan’s for the Panorama Drama settlement
      Bankrupt him and get him struck off
      That’s my nice thought for the day

  13. Logical conclusion, dealt with consistently and principled by the organisation.

  14. Sir keir Starmer did very well inside the legal profession and in my humble opinion it says more about the Law and the INNS that they belong to than these parasites that trade on human misery.Where would we be without them?.We would be much further advanced on the human evolutionary scale if they were extinct.Lawyers I sh..t em.

  15. Dunno what took them so long.

    And he should be punted from society as a whole, not just some solicitor’s society.

    One proper wrong’un, that.

  16. So Keir Starmer has been banned from being a member of a Society that he resigned from over 12 years ago,
    Wow, I bet he’s absolutely gutted.

    1. So the witchunt has moved onto Ken loach.Not sure that they will be allowed to walk all over him,like Corbyn,Chris Williamson and all the rest who despite being hi profile the AS scam targeted.Now the Labour party have their own Black Opps Israeli strategists,I wonder if hes involved with the smears? Talking about smearers what do you think Steve H,davidh ,sh.?Maybe you should read the article in the Canary steve,its one of those socialist publications you’ve probably not looked at before.Read it and understand what your cowardly knight and his misfits are up to….maybe though you’re out the loop since youve been flagging on here!

    2. SteveH or No Shit Sherlock do you think there was a clue in him resigning from a Socialist society
      Which begs the question what are Red Tories doing in the Lanour party

    3. “So Keir Starmer has been banned from being a member of a Society that he resigned from over 12 years ago,
      Wow, I bet he’s absolutely gutted.”

      Well, he made NO EFFORT torejoin after his stint as DPP – but then, he’d already shown his instinct to do the billionaire overlords’ bidding to what:

      ** ASANGE
      *** SAVILLE
      ****No redress of the neo-con/billionaires’ survveillance capitalsim and its disgusting commodifcation of personal data with the core purpose of profit-making and oligarchic contr by the billionaires.,


      1. Two S-es in Assange and one L in Savile!

        Sorry to nit-pick, but name-spelling is important. Unless it’s Keith Stalin! 😂

  17. Well, this is interesting. We’ve moved a couple of steps forward, in the search for Starmer’s political philosophy.

    A couple of days ago, he said Ruth Smeeth was his kind of gal – politically. Ugh!

    Now, we have him kicked out of a lawyers club because he’s ‘demonstrably not a Socialist’.

    Will he, finally, break cover, or will he keep us all dangling a little longer, just, to add to the tension?

    This is getting exciting(no it’s not).

    What is Keir Starmer’s political philosophy?

  18. Just what is Starmer’s history with regard to his membership of the Labour Party? His parents were LP supporters but not members and it seems that the claim that he was active in East Surrey Young Socialists or any part of the LP as a teenager has been brought in to question.
    Between 1986 to 1987 he edited the Trotskyist magazine Socialist Alternatives which suggests that he certainly would have not been welcome in the LP especially during the 1980s. He clearly wasn’t a member of the LP while he was at the CPS for 5 years. Yet by Dec 2014 little more than 12 months after he left the CPS he was selected as the Labour Party’s prospective parliamentary candidate for the safe seat of Holborn and St Pancras,
    All this seems to point to his membership of the LP as being unusually short especially for someone who has risen to become its leader. Can anyone fill in the gaps?

    1. Albert Swift, you list the trajectory of a parachutist. How many more like him are in the LP?

      1. Seems likely, all those recently kicked up to the Lords: Woodcock, Austin, Hoey, Mann… All with a very specific job to do!

    2. Albert I spent many years in Labour politics,council vice chair of Reigate CLP, Political education.I chaired the NHS defence campaign for East Surrey,we socialised with members from Oxted and never met him or his family..I did here of him from lawyer friends who new him …same private schools,,Same “INNS” ..but from what I am told he was only obsessed with climbing the ladder.A boy 👦with a serious inferiority complex at school I am told,but going to one of the snootyist schools in Surrey its maybe understandable..Until he became Corbyns right hand negotiator I hadnt known anthing about him and in the early days nobody else had in East Surrey and I wish we never had..PS this guy is a plant and I truly believe that.

      1. I agree Joseph. When i first heard of Starmer, he immediately struck me as ONE of the types who are planted. Some are bullies and try to shut down expression of new ideas. They pretend to be environmentalist eg to win confidence of well meaning people… even to the extent of making gullible women pregnant. But the Starmer type are also PLIABLE. They will do anything… and i mean anything to please the controllers.

        The controllers take advantage of any weakness eg Keith growing up in Surrey where as you know there is spectacular wealth juxtaposed with surprising numbers on modest means. At school he would have been surrounded by those he secretly longed to have as friends. You can tell from PMQ’s that he lacks the confidence of Blo Johnson. That’s why i feel he is always unbearably torturous TRYING to be what he is not. The spin is that Keith is forensic. Everyone of course can see he’s nothing of the sort. Slow and dull even against the lazy Johnson. But naturally slow and dull makes an ideal “plant”. ie Keith will always feel his inadequacies and be pathologically dependent on his controllers. Desperate to please.

        Don’t be surprised that as soon as he is instructed, he will suddenly start to speak very quickly over the next few days. Remember you read it hear first. Starmer has no mind of his own. Pity him but drive him out all the same. Anyone who needs instructions on how quickly to speak is a PERFECT tool for the establishment. So i share your suspicions.

        The problem is the gullible tend not to scrutinise for incoherence. Eg some one being aggressive and abusive but falsely accusing others of same. Eg claiming to be anti bullying but being just that Criticising long posts and repetition but doing just that. Claiming to be a socialist, yet witnessing an old man on the floor having been beaten up by thugs in a pub toilet, returning to finish drink with a friend, getting out of there etc without reporting the thugs to staff, THEN making up a different slush of excuses afterwards. Whom the cap fits, ket them wear it! You were the only other person i think who spotted the un socialist behaviour.

        Others try to avoid confrontation so a passive culture is maintained. The result is those who mean well, never develop the basic ability and confidence to deal with a hostile media etc. I am positive that you survived in East Surrey because you were prepared to speak up for what you believe in.

        Starmer’s pretence of being a socialist is more than hollow. Everyone can see that his acts are INCONSISTENT with his pretences… EXACTLY like you know who🌹🌹🌹

  19. Shite! That’s not the link k coped… Please delete Skwawky and I’ll try to get the right one up..


    The ‘moral socialist’…

    Oh and wee stevie, for someone who claims he ‘doesn’t do hero worship’ or what have you….Just how did it come to your attention that stammer supposedly ‘quit’ the haldane society a dozen years ago? Go trawling through his entuire life to find it, did you?

    Nah, you’re not the type to go to those desperate lengths because you don’t do hero worship, do you?

    Not only are you totally infatuated with the greasy one, you’re also in complete denial . That’s not the product of a healthy mind. Seek help.

  21. 225,000 waiting more than a year for hospital treatment
    Predicted deaths from Lockdown 200,000
    What say you, snowflakes

  22. I say you’re chatting shite again.

    Less people working = Less accidents at work. Less spread of virus = Offsets Covid numbers

    Less people out in the cold = Less slips & trips. Less spread of virus = Offsets covid numbers

    More people employing a stricter personal hygiene regime = Less food poisonings. Less spread of virus. = Offsets covid numbers.

    Waiting lists…For thing like ingrowing toenails and tonsilectomies? Because that’s how they can manipulate waiting lists in the same way they manipulate the unemployment figures.

    Do not kid yourself for one microsecond there’d have been no exponential increase in waiting lists without any covid.

    And more to the point, refrain from trying to kid anyone else that everything was hunky dory before covid neither,

    We know and appreciatye there are people waiting on life-saving surgery….But anyone blaming people for taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of Covid for that delay is a prick, pure and simple.

    It’s either overrun the NHS with Covid or prevent the spread. You’re not having both.

    1. The Toffee
      Its not a binary choice, some of us have learnt to walk and chew gum at the same time

      Cause and Effect
      Critical Path Analyses
      Basic level Public Health policy

      It did not have to be like this, cheap and nasties have been shitting in your custard and your asking for a straw ffs

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