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International Criminal Court to investigate Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity

EU Parliament supports investigation

An IDF soldier in Jenin (image: Creative Commons Licence)

The European Union Parliament has voted through a statement supporting the investigation by the International Criminal Court in The Hague (ICC) into Israeli ‘war crimes and crimes against humanity in the occupied Palestinian territories’.

The EU has traditionally taken a stance supporting the so-called ‘two-state solution’ – the same as the Labour right’s position, widely regarded as unworkable because of Israel’s continued annexation of Palestinian homes and land and the resulting fragmentation of Palestinian territory.

But the latest statement is reportedly the first to address Israeli war crimes directly, with Israel’s latest horrific attack on the Jenin refugee camp – where soldiers not only killed children but went as far as destroying the camp’s children’s centre – no doubt playing a role in EU lawmakers’ readiness to vote for the statement despite pressure from pro-Israeli lobbyists.

As well as offering support and assistance to the ICC for its investigation, the statement also expressed the Parliament’s:

concern about the Israeli Government’s decision to impose punitive measures against the Palestinian people, leadership and civil society, such as withholding funds and implementing a moratorium on construction plans in Area C, in response to the request by the General Assembly for an advisory opinion from the ICJ; support the efforts to end impunity for crimes committed in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Pro-Israel groups described the investigation and the EU’s support as a ‘scandal’.

Last week, the BBC apologised for one of its presenters pointing out that Israeli forces had killed children in the Jenin attack.

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  1. Not before time! I hope they’re serious.

    The behaviour of the Zionist IOF, and of the feral Zionist settlers, has been, thoroughly, disgusting over the years and months of occupation.

    It seems to be increasing in savagery, recently. No doubt, with the full support of the fascists, now, in government, in the Knesset

  2. What took the EU and the International Criminal Court so long to recognise one of the longest-running crimes in recent history ?
    I guess we shall soon be informed that the EU and ICC are tools of anti-Semitism.

  3. Better late than never.
    Also I see the investigation is being called a “scandal” by pro Israel groups. I wonder how long it will it be before these groups say it is “antisemetic” to investigate Israel for war crimes and crimes against humanity and denounce the international Criminal Court judges as “antisemites”.
    Regarding the BBC’s apology for a presenter referring to the deaths of children in the attack, this just shows the power the pro Israel lobby weilds. The BBC apologised because they were scared not to – they knew at a failure to apologise would result in “antisemitism” allegations against the organisation along with demands that the “antisemites” in the news team- reporters, the editors, producers etc -be sacked.
    Also I understand that the presenter concerned has faced a torrent of on line abuse and has had to withdraw from social media as a result.
    Therefore its “job done” for the pro Israel lobby as I doubt very much than anyone in the BBC news team will find the courage to mention Israel’s slaughter of little Palestinian children ever again .

    1. It is of paramount importance to keep secret the identity of whom are going to be the members of the ICC’s panel in charge of investigating the actions of the State of Israel.
      The cynic in me beliefs that Israel’s government will try its best to find anything no matter how small and inconsequential in their past that would justify its cries of antisemitism against any members of the ICC’s panel, in its attempt to force members of the panel to stand down and for the investigation never to be completed or even started better still.
      I believe too that no many law makers would be volunteering to seat in this ICC’s investigating panel. They know that any criticism of Israel’s actions would be met with an effective smears that would impact severerly in their professional standing.

      1. Reply to Maria
        You know Maria if they start attacking the judges and calling them antisemites it might just be a step too far and the whole antisemitism con could come crashing down around them.

  4. It’s about fucking time UK/America should stop funding these zionists rats and stop suppling arms to them baby killing bastards Did you no that Lisa Nandy used to be a Labour friend of Palestine I wonder why she became a LFI

    1. Reply to Brian61
      Lisa Nandy became a Friend of Israel for the same reason she does everything – it was to her advantage to do so.

      1. Reply to Steve H
        If it suits her and she can get any advantage out of it Lisa Nandy will be a friend of both Palestine and Israel.
        How can any reasonable person be a friend of an apartheid state and a friend of the people subjugated by that state? This is a totally absurd position to be in but its typical of Lisa Nandy and, as she is not the only one, typical of the kind of crassness, hypocrisy and stupidity which defines Starmers Labour

  5. Dame Louise Ellman was my Riverside MP for many years. I was a constituency member and regularly attended meetings and many events with her. I failed to notice any anti-Semitism in any shape or form.

    1. Louise Ellman attended a discussion/meeting in Westminister Hall hosted by Jeremy Corbyn in approx 2013 about historic racism e.g. the slave trade, the colonisation of America and the subjugation of Native Americans and the Holocaust .There may have been other incidents of historic racism discussed but I wasn’t there and these are the only ones I remember reading about .
      Anyway when attempts were made to discuss issues other than the Holocaust the speakers were shouted down, mocked and belittled. The late Hajo Meyer an elderly Holocaust survivor and peace advocate recounted his experience in Nazi Germany and compared it to what he had witnessed in Israel. He too was shouted down. The meeting then became so hostile that the police had to be called and the pro Israel activists were ejected from the hall.
      Louise Ellman wrote an article about it in Tribune and expressed her digust at the disgraceful behaviour of the pro Israel participants who she referred to as “yobs”
      Roll on a few years. Hajo had died and because he couldn’t defend himself he was denounced as an antisemite by the Zionist/Israel Lobby. Ellman jumped on the Hate Corbyn bandwagon and recorded her disgust and dismay that Jeremy hosted an event at which an antisemite was given a platform. She didn’t mention the fact that she had been in attendance, that Hajo was a Jewish Holocaust survivor or that she had previously deplored the way Hajo and other speakers had been disrespected by the pro Israel “yobs”.
      Luckily somebody unearthed her Tribune article and that shut Ellman up but this whole disgusting episode exposed, in my opinion, her lack of honesty and integrity.

    1. Slightly off topic but relevant to cost of living crisis and electricity prices;. why are costs so high and therefore a direct and the primary cause of inflation? Nothing to do with years of Quantative Easing nor paying for NATO’s war in Ukraine; no it’s caused by wage inflation, but then which product do public sector wages affect and tax rises are deflationary? Need to increase interest rates (as suggested by privatised Bank of England) to take money out of the system? Really? Taking money out of poor people’s pockets will not ‘kick start’ the economy but lead to stagflation (who profits?) High interest rates should benefit savers, but………! ‘Everybody has to pay and pay’.
      Why is British gas and oil sold on international spot market and not directly to Britain (who profits?); why is electricity and not gas subject to an environment tax;; why doesn’t aviation pay VAT on fuel (fish swim and the rich fly) and what possible reason can there be for the astronomical rise in standing charges (so much for competition lowering prices). Everything good for business as the stock market remains stable (at times reaching record levels) during our ‘cost of living crisis’.
      I would consider myself as a green socialist and five years ago purchased a solar panel system, since then I have added a voltage regulator and solar battery; a good investment for the climate (hopefully), the economy (possibly) and my finances (definitely but…). I export over 50% of what I generate to the national grid (aka private energy companies) however the tariff paid for export has remained static. Energy companies make profit only by selling energy. It seems that not all boats rise with the tide, however, solar panels are still one of the best purchases I have ever made (lucky me). So what will be the magic formula used to massively reduce inflation in time for the next general election (see above?)………..not peace in Ukraine, Yemen and Palestine (unfortunately).

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