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Brighton demo this Thursday against Starmer’s appearance at Unite conference

Unite members urged to protest against Starmer’s betrayal and Unite’s shocking decision to invite union enemy to speak

Outraged Unite union members are holding a demonstration this Thursday against Keir Starmer’s betrayal of the union movement after Unite general secretary Sharon Graham’s appalling decision to give him a platform to spout his corporate-friendly nonsense at the union’s policy conference this week, which was first revealed by Skwawkbox.

Starmer has ordered front-bench MPs not to support striking workers and he and the TUC have been accused of leaning on union leaders to press their members to accept appalling, insulting pay offers and abandon disputes, while Starmer, amid an endless string of betrayals of ordinary people and the working class, has broken a promise to renationalise the NHS key industries and said he will increase NHS privatisation, while enabling Tory anti-protest legislation and supporting impunity for ‘spycops’ and other state servants for their criminal actions.

The invitation is a stark contrast to union general secretary’s supposed distancing from Westminster politics, but in line with other signs of the Unite regime’s accommodation with the right-wing Labour ‘leader’ that have drawn criticism from members and activists – including, most notoriously, Unite’s recent ban on the use of its premises to show the ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn/The Big Lie’ documentary exposing the misdeeds, racism and rigging of the Labour right.

But angry members say they’re not falling for the sleight of hand of claiming to oppose Starmer while cosying up to him despite his disgraceful conduct and are asking others to join them this Thursday in Brighton from 2pm.

A still of the demo flyer from Not the Andrew Marr Show

Sharon Graham’s tenure as general secretary has been marred by allegations – which neither she nor the union have denied – that she attempted to have evidence destroyed in bullying and misogyny complaints about her husband, whom she now employs in her office despite a final warning from the union for his behaviour.

The union’s appalling treatment of Irish union legend Brendan Ogle has led to Ogle taking legal action over Unite’s ‘disgusting’ abuse and bullying following his return from cancer treatment. Ogle did not support Sharon Graham in the union’s general secretary election and the union’s conduct toward him led to protests during Graham’s recent Dublin visitoutrage among Irish politicians and even threats from a whole sector to disaffiliate entirely.

In addition, after her supporters failed in their bid to take control of the Unite executive despite ‘dark money’ spending on advertisingineglible and racist members being allowed to stand and the alleged use of paid organisers in and following the exec election campaign, her faction has resorted to Starmerite tactics to try to discredit the executive members’ election of a new left-wing union chair and both vice-chairs, as well as the vital Finance and General Purpose Committee.

In addition to his betrayal of the labour movement, Starmer’s own personal conduct, particularly in choosing not to protect women and children, makes him unfit to appear on a Unite platform. He has:

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      1. Unite’s delegates have overwhelmingly voted to stay affiliated to the Labour Party

      2. Does anyone have a link to a report on the protest ‘that took place today’?

  1. We all know the right wing NLP and UTU Starmer and Graham are Vomit inducing arseholes, Throw in Streeting, Murray, Philips,Copper Balls, (some may notice the Freudian slip) Hodge, and the rest of the NL Blair’s Front Bench with the Creep in charge. All we the Left of the Party have done since Blair began the Privatisation of the NHS is wish for someone decent to take charge well we got that wish and J Corbyn came in the Greatest most caring policymaker for the Working Poor and Poor Elderly Unemployed Homeless and Disabled, And what did the masses do when the insidious backstabbers from NL and Momentum launched their hate filled Lies and scandalous rumours well we went and hid in dark rooms with backlit keyboards writing about this hellish attack on the character of a Truthful Honest Man a complete rarity for the Political Class, We did not defend JC the way he deserved we allowed the Rich Right The Political Right of NL Media Barons and Lying Israelis in both the 2 Countries and that hatchet faced cow Hodge and Your Fired Sugar Labour People My ARSE. We the alleged Left Deserted Jeremy when He needed us most He was Betrayed by the People and His alleged friends in the Party The Working Class and Poor do not and did not deserve Someone like The Chief WE BLEW IT BIG TIME and the Piper is calling in all his Cards serves us Fuc**** Right

  2. Starmer is a disaster but he’s a Trilateral Commission disaster and a “Zionist without qualification” so he is cheered on by the Establishment and the pro Israel Lobbyists. Given this I don’t understand is why anybody would expect such a man to have anything to offer the Trade Union movement.
    Sharon Graham is unlikely to win the next Unite Gen Sec election which is due to take place in a few years time so I think she is keeping on the right side of Starmer in anticipation of a peerage in the future. Of course I may be wrong and it just could be as simple as birds of a feather flocking together for they are clearly two of a kind- entitled ,self interested careerists

    1. The irony is that Turner would in all likelihood have won the election for GenSec but for McCluskey and Becket sticking their collective oar in. (albeit without being beholden to LM & HB)

      1. The irony is that Corbyn in all likelihood would’ve won in 2019 had shithouses like you, keef and fatwat not stuck your oars in and shat on democracy.

      2. Toffee – Did you vote for Corbyn in the 2019 General Election❓😏

      3. No.

        But I didn’t vote for starmer in the following leadership election neither.


      4. Toffee – Well there’s a surprise 😲
        You didn’t have a vote to cast, you left the Labour Party more than 2 decades ago.

      5. What a prick…thinkingI should vote for a self serving gobshite that defied it’s party leader, pretended to challenge him, got its own constituents suspended to avoid deselection and save its own miserable worthless skin making up all sorts of bollocks in the process to appear the victim.

        I didn’t vote Corbyn because that would’ve meant voting illeagle.

        YOU, however, crow about voting Corbyn TWICE, and then pleaded you ONLY voted keef as he was best of a bad bunch.

        Can’t stop thrashing yourself silly over the muculent one, though, can you?

        We’re all all too familiar with your methods, you miserable deviant.

    2. Toffee – So you proffered to see Eagle lose her seat to Corbyn being PM. 😕

  3. Perhaps, I am being naive but in a way having Starmer speaking at Unite Conference is going to make easier for delegates to vote in favour of disaffiliating from the Labour Party.
    Then, Graham can claim innocence saying what else could I do? I gave Labour a chance, invited Keir to speak at Conference, and still a majority of delegates voted to dissafiliate, I have to implement it. You know I don’t have a majority in Unite EC. I tried my best.
    Looking at past behaviour from Graham, she has all the time campaign robustly for what she want. This time she is keeping quiet about wanting Unite to retain its affiliation to the Labour Party. But, she isn’t campaigning in favour of disaffiliating either.
    My impression is that she doesn’t care one way or the other, but as always she is looking at protecting herself. What going frontal with Starmer would have achieved for her? Better to be seing as under attack by her own membership and then “forced” to implement Unite’s Conference decision to dissaffiliate from Labour.
    What I have not doubts about is that she would implement the decision, should the motion pass.

  4. When Sir Keir becomes PM next year, through ‘default’ (contempt for Tories), what exactly will he do different from the Tories?

    1. Reply to Steve Richards
      Starmer is a “Zionist without qualification” and if he is ever PM with a decent majority we can expect him to introduce pro Zionist/pro Israel policies in relation to arms deals,joint training of armed forces , formal iIntelligence gathering and monitoring of “antisemetic” Palestinian advocates along with the criminalisation of protests against Israel’s Human Rights abuses , BDS etc
      An “antisemitism” conviction will probably attract a minimum term of 5 years imprisonment and no ” antisemite” will be able to get / retain employment in the Civil or Public Service or the Armed forces.
      Israel will become our closest ally and we will back them to the hilt in the UN so that along with the USA we will be able to prevent the UN security council sanctioning them when they breach international law.
      This Zionist without quallification will totally support Israel’s Apartheid policies and the total subjudication of the Arab population.
      You might think this is far fetched Steve but look at what Starmer has done to AntiZionist in the Labour party. In order to silence opposition to the Apartheid State he has destroyed reputations and ruined lives There is no reason to believe that if he had the power he wouldn’t do the same to the General population.
      In addition he will pursue Tory policies on the NHS , Education, Welfare etc because he is a member of the Trilateral Commission and a Tory at heart.

      1. Smartboy, Starmer is worse than a Tory: he is a fascist.
        Somehow, I believe the next General Election will result in a hung Parliament and in order for him to become PM he will have to introduce PR or go down the road of a government of “national unity” with the Tories.
        I believe both Tory and Labour Party would try to prevent the introduction of PR as otherwise it is game over electorally speaking for the Labour Party at least.

      2. Reply to Maria V
        Starmer has said he is a Zionist without qualification. Given that Zionists are engaged in Apartheid in Israel and given that he gives them unqualified support I think calling him a fascist is understating the case. A person who approves of Apartheid is a Racist plain and simple There can be no possible justification for Israel denying Arabs basic human rights and equal theatment with Jewish citizens- its a clear manifestation of racism by a racist Apartheid state ( that to their shame most MPs are “friends” of)
        The fact that Starmer openly embraces Zionism and Apartheid along with his membership of the Trilateral Commission tells you all you need to know about the man.
        Regarding PR – I don’t know. I think in a hung parliament we’d be looking at a coalition with the Lib Dems maybe playing a crucial role- another disaster.

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