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Video: Starmer challenged over lies, unable to say why he should be trusted

ITV’s Good Morning Britain puts Starmer on the spot – and he has no meaningful answers

Keir Starmer’s inability to face even the slightest scrutiny was exposed again on ITV this morning, when a presenter asked him why anyone should trust him given the string of broken promises and u-turns – which have included breaking every campaign promise he made to con Labour members into voting for him as leader and a shameful betrayal of hungry children – that litter his trail.

The question was straightforward – why should anyone trust you? And as this video captured by Saul Staniforth shows, while anyone who could give an answer to such a challenge would surely do so, Starmer’s response was vapour, hot air and bull****:

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  1. His 5 priorities are
    1) Lie to the voters
    2) expel anyone who doesn’t agree with him
    3) protects pedos like J/S
    4)supports Israel unequivocally
    5)surround himself with knobhead MP’S who will do as he tells them, all the front bench of the L/P

  2. The words “Starmer” and “Trusted” don’t belong in the same sentence.
    The man is a fraud … A member of the Trilateral Commission … A fifth columnist in the Labour Party.
    He’s been put in the Labour Party to destroy it as an effective voice for ordinary people.
    Uncle Sam’s puppet.

    1. I wonder if a new left party would be smeared and demonised by the MSM et al. I have a sneaky feeling it would be. What d’ya think Ray?

    2. No we need to reclaim OUR party from this right wing cabal. If you walk/run away they will just follow you and do the same with your new party. There comes a point when you have to stop, stand your ground and fight back.

      1. And how exactly do we reclaim it Dave?

        As for fighting back – as I’ve said on a few occasions during the past couple of years or so – the only way to do that is to expose the smearers/saboteurs for what they’ve done during the past seven years or more – ie get the truth out there to the people that were duped and deceived and cheated.

        Unless we do that – and it has to be done at a grass-roots level – the fascist owned and/or controlled MSM will just attack and smear and lie and demonise again. But once people are enlightened about the black op smear campaign against Jeremy and the left, it’s most unlikely that any of them will be duped and deceived again.

        Here’s a link to a recent post where I suggest what could be in such a leaflet:

        PS I suggested one page/two sides for the obvious reason, but if there’s no deadline to work to, there’s no reason why it couldn’t be two pages/four sides, or even three pages/six sides if need be. And on the last page I would include the titles of various articles by the likes of Jonathan Cook and John Pilger etc.

  3. If anyone thinks they can trust this man, then I have a bridge to sell them.

  4. As bland as the hole in a ten year-old doughnut

    …And just as rancid.

    More wooden and as animated as a broken telegraph pole after a particularly vicious storm.

    …And about as useful.

    All the charisma of week-old roadkill.

    …And every bit as appealing.

    Just WHAT is the point of him?

    On another note…ITV news showing keef speech about his concern for children’s futures…didn’t show or mention the kids who fronted the bollockite…

    Of course there’s mention (from peston) of how Keef’s daddy was a toolmaker and mummy was a nurse…

    Duller than fookin ditchwater. 😒

  5. And peston just said when he pressed kef on the strikes….keef won’t intervene.

    Hey kids…Keef’s THAT concerned about YOUR education that he expects your tutors to work for a pittance while teaching class sizes of indeterminate amounts in schools that are structurally unsound and/or downright unsafe.

    Vote keef. Get fook-all.

  6. Over the last two or three weeks there have been a few articles about Starmer in the MSM which have been mildly critical of him – a first.
    The Daily Express has reported that a survey of its reader found that Jeremy Corbyn is the most popular Labour leader and third most popular leader of any party (Johnson and some other Tory were more popular)
    A Yougov poll puts Jeremy one point ahead of Starmer and now we have this – ITV challenging Starmer on his record.
    The MSM have also reported on John McDonnell’s comments about Starmer’s purge of the left without mocking or degrading him.
    There is clearly something very odd going on here – is Starmer on his way out? I don’t know but I definitely smell a rat.

      1. ….and here are the results from the latest YouGov poll that were published this morning

        The latest YouGov/Times voting intention poll shows the Conservatives on 22% of the vote (-2 from our previous survey on 27-28 June) to Labour’s 47% (+1).
        Elsewhere, the Liberal Democrats have 9% of the vote (-1), while the Greens have 7% (no change) and Reform UK have 9% of the vote (+1).

        Keir Starmer’s lead over Rishi Sunak on the best prime minister question now stands at 10pts. One in three (34%) say Starmer would make the better PM of the pair (+4 from last week’s survey), compared to 24% for Sunak (no change). Four in ten are unsure (39%).

        Follow the link and take a look at the tracker graphs.

      2. Reply to Steve H
        Highlighting the MSM shift in its response to Starmer ( including their reports of Jeremy’s prime position in the polls) was the purpose of my post. If, as you say, Jeremy is not as popular as the MSM made out and given their previous extreme hostility to him ,it it begs the questions- why did the MSM exaggerate his popularity and what has brought about this change?It seems that as far as elements of the MSM are concerned Jeremy has gone from devil incarnate to popular former labour leader. Doesn’t this make you wonder whats going on?As I said I smell a rat.
        Also given the way the MSM have been pushing Streeting and mildly criticising Starmer I think there is a very good chance that they know Starmer is on his way out and Streeting is on his way in.
        I could be completly wrong of course – but time will tell.

  7. His speech was about class barriers.

    Were he really serious about tackling these barriers keeping the Tories from having absolute dominion via a minority vote share would be priority No.1. Proportional representation could transform politics from misery to excitement & hope (and how much is higher national morale worth to GDP?). The UK is depressed and sinking like a stone.

    Conference voted for it, only one union opposes it and Starmer ignored the democratic votes and is determined to defend FPTP. He won’t even commit to abolishing the unelected HoL.

    The only conclusion is he’s one of ‘them’ pretending he isn’t, and he’s not serious about tackling class barriers at all.

  8. Starmer’s main mission is to maintain the status quo AND exorcise the left from main-stream politics.

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned it in threads prior to this one, but in the Guardian yesterday – on the 75th anniversary of the NHS – they published an article (no doubt in the hard copy newspaper as well) entitled:

    Tony Blair urges expanded role for private sector as NHS turns 75

    1. And please check out this excellent article by Tony Greenstein re the Anti-Boycott Bill, in which he makes the germane point that: ‘If the Government’s Anti-Boycott Bill Had Been Law in 1933 the Jewish Boycott of Nazi Germany Would Have Been Illegal.’

      He also makes some very revealing points about the Ha’avara Agreement and the anti-Nazi boycott, and in a letter to the Jewish Chronicle throws back in their face what they said about the agreement in 1935 (needless to say they didn’t publish it!):


    The guardian won’t explore too deeply what’s causing such feelings of hopelessness in young adults( ages18-24). Yes they can blame covid, but my guess, is it’s also the horrendously unrepresentative political system; no party offering anything on reversing Brexit and the RW liar leading the laughably titled ‘opposition’ to a possible win, then crushing disappointment and inevitable electoral failure.

    Since 2019 and Corbyn resignation, it’s as if a light of hope has gone out for younger voters. All the progress made since 2010 in moving the Labour party, first, back to the centre-left under Miliband, then back to its left-wing roots under Corbyn, ruined, by crypto Tory liars and schemers. There really is nothing to look forward to in the UK politically, until Starmer is removed.
    He looked panic-stricken when those two showed up behind him today. He knows the misery and hopelessness he’s a part of.

    1. The Toffee

      I keep asking him to predict how many votes in excess of the 12.87 million Corbyn amassed in his first election as leader in 2017, he imagines Starmer will achieve, to no avail.

      Maybe he’ll say, votes don’t matter, seats do? A truism, but a victory built on as low turnout hardly suggests widespread voter enthusiasm.

      You sense the next election is far from decided factoring in the great unknown that is apathy. if the Tories replace Sunak with Penny Mordaunt, months prior to the election – likely imho, if Sunak loses all five by-elections – anything may happen.

      Starmer spent his first two years trailing Johnson, hence Labour’s relief at his expulsion. The left finds itself in the bizarre position of needing the hated Tories to do reasonably well to force Labour into loose ‘supply and confidence’ arrangement in a hung parliament. It’d put the kibosh on Streeting’s sketchy plans for more private sector involvement in the NHS and may force PR onto the agenda. The SNP, Greens and even the Lib Dems – on social policy and democratic reform – are well to the left of Starmer’s Labour.

      1. On taxation, Starmer is to the right of Nigel Lawson. Under Chancellor Lawson, unearned income was taxed at the same rate as earned income.

        Equalisation was Labour’s policy until a few weeks ago. By betraying that pledge, Starmer has foregone an estimated £16 billion a year. Worth remembering that next time he pontificates about what he will not be able to do in government.

        Our goal should be to bring him down.

  10. We can trust Stammer to always let us down, he’s reliable in that sense.

    1. Chris Mooney

      Indeed. But why are so many wilfully ignoring this? When it should be obvious to all…

      Starmer wants to get in on the back of Tory votes, then govern in the interests of Tory voters. This is the mentality of his front bench too. It amounts to a big ‘FU!’ to ordinary Labour voters who’ve stuck with the party through thick and thin.

      1. What, do you mean the Jeremy Corbyn who is the most smeared politician EVER?

        In the wholw world!

        MediaLens, December 2019:

        Our ProQuest database search of newspaper articles for ‘Corbyn’ and ‘anti-semitism’ shows how intensively the issue has been used to attack Corbyn prior to the looming election on December 12:

        September = 337 hits

        October = 222 hits

        November = 1,620 hits

        And that’s just the newspaper articles! If TV and radio news items were included it would be at least DOUBLE that figure, and probably closer to TREBLE!!

        And SH knows all this of course!

      2. Here’s a sample of the malevolent poison they were churning out during the election campaign, this in the Sun on November 27th:

        ‘LEO MCKINSTRY Love Labour? Then vote Tory – seriously – it’s the only way to save the party’

        IN just two weeks, loyal Labour supporters will be faced with a hard decision as to whether to stay loyal to their party – led by extremist Corbyn – or switch sides for the greater good.

        As a former Labour councillor , I know that the best thing they can do for their party is to vote Tory – because the bigger the humiliation for Corbyn, the better the chances of bringing the party back from the brink.

        If Boris Johnson triumphs, then the EU referendum result will finally be honoured and Britain can move forward to a new era of independence, sustained by a moderate, pragmatic Conservative Government.

        But if Jeremy Corbyn should win, then we will be gripped by a political revolution of a kind that has never happened in our history.

        As the dream of sovereignty dies, our nation will be dragged into a new dark age of authoritarian state control, ruinous debts, brutal taxation, and mass welfare dependency.

        Prosperity will be replaced by poverty……..

      3. Allan – Were you stupid enough to be convinced by this nonsense and let it turn your head?

      4. Oh, right, so on the one hand the FOLKS at the Sun thought to produce such an article (just a couple of weeks before the GE) but didn’t think any of their readers would actually believe a single word of it, and on the other hand READERS of the Sun thought to themselves (when they read it) that this is all complete lies and fabrication and the people at the Sun are trying to dupe and deceive and manipulate us.

        Yeah, sure SH, and yet again you expose yourself for the nasty little disingenuous piece of fascist shill-shit you are!

        SH knows full well that just about ALL black propaganda is directed at the emotions – the emotional sphere/centre – and once emotions are triggered rational thought goes out the window. And the reason he ‘replied’ to my post is because he was trying to hoodwink readers of skwawkbox who he knows will of course see the Sun article for the falsehood it is, and try and have them believe that Sun readers would see through it too. And as SH knows of course, the tenor of the article isn’t something radically different to what Sun readers have been fed before, and stems from hundreds of articles denigrating JC and the LP. I doubt that anything remotely like it was being dissembled by the Sun (or the Mail and Express) in the run-up to the 2017 GE, but in view of all their endless smearing and demonisation since then, they knew they could ‘hit’ their readers with such rhetoric.

      5. And here’s another example of the malevolent poison that was being churned out by the fascist scum in the run-up to the GE in December 2019, this one from November 26th:

        ‘THE NASTY PARTY Revealed – 10 of Jeremy Corbyn’s candidates who stand accused of blatant anti-Semitism’

        LABOUR is continuing to back a number of candidates accused of anti-Semitism – despite Jeremy Corbyn’s claims to take it seriously.

        A fresh report from Mainstream highlights ten candidates who could have breached anti-Semitism guidelines – from accusing politicians of having “Zionist slave masters agendas” to saying Israel were “acting like the Nazis”.

        The article then lists what each of the ten people said, and it all just happens to be stuff that’s been trawled from the past, YES, and just happens to see the light of day a couple of weeks or so before the GE.

        You can read for yourselves what each of them said, but prior to the Sun elaborating it says the following:

        But former Labour MP Dame Louise Ellman – who quit the party last month after 55 years, said the “facts show otherwise”.

        She insisted: “A number of Labour parliamentary candidates have now been exposed for their hurtful remarks against Jewish people, or for spreading vile conspiracy theories. Jewish members like me have been driven out.

        “If the party is to regain any credibility as an anti-racist party it must immediately suspend all candidates who have breached IHRA guidelines. That is the least it can do to recognise the depths to which it has plunged.”

        It then continues:

        Mainstream Chairman Ian Austin said: “Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell repeatedly say that anti-Jewish racism inside Labour has been exaggerated, and that everything possible is being done to remove it.

        “These findings prove that this is a simple lie. Corbyn and McDonnell have let Labour become a home for racists. When the Conservatives have identified people alleged to have made anti-Jewish statements, they have swiftly blocked them from standing.

        “Labour must withdraw its support for these candidates immediately.”

        Now given what Louise Ellman and Ian Austin said about them all, one can only imagine that they reported them to the police, and yet there’s absolutely no record of any or all of them being reported to the police (and charged or prosecuted for racism/antisemitism), and not only did THEY not report them to the police, but neither did John Mann or Margaret Hodge or Smeeth or Berger or the JLM or CAA or LFI or CST or BoD or LAA…..

        Hmm, I wonder why they didn’t, as It just seems inconceivable that they wouldn’t have done if they thought and believed these people were guilty of antisemitism.

        NB And I’m not sure that the claim Austin makes that ‘Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell repeatedly say that anti-Jewish racism inside Labour has been exaggerated’ is actually true, and I only ever recall Jeremy saying such a thing the day the EHRC published it’s (alleged) report. And given the expolosive response to jeremy saying that, I can only imagine if he’d said it before (whilst leader) there would have been a similar explosion of (faux) outrage, and I certainly don’t recall THAT happening. And ditto John McDonnell.

      6. The Morning Star…..

        ‘Ian Austin’s not so Mainstream after all’

        IN AUGUST 2019 Ian Austin set up Mainstream, a campaign to “encourage a return to respectable and responsible politics and to banish extremism from British politics once and for all.” Austin recommended voting for Johnson’s Conservatives and against Corbyn’s Labour Party.

        Mainstream was a relatively low-budget affair, spending just £134,000 in the 2019 election. But it got incredible bang for its buck.

        PS I must confess that I’d never heard of it prior to coming across the Sun article a couple of days ago.

      7. Allan – Thanks for the essays but could you now answer my question?
        a simple YES or NO will suffice.

        Here is what I asked above
        Were you stupid enough to be convinced by this nonsense and let it turn your head?
        or alternatively to para-phrase your good self
        Were your emotions triggered and did this cause you to lose all your capacity for rational thought?

      8. SteveH

        Red wall folks were sold a Brexit utopia by Johnson and most of the media, who were then shilling for him. All they had to do was vote Tory, only later did the media turn on him when sat in power. Nearly all the seats Labour lost voted Leave. And rightly or wrongly they wanted the referendum result implemented. Labour’s in-fighting and Starmer’s ‘People’s Vote’ pledge, before the 2016 referendum had been implemented, drove people into the arms of Johnson, in anger.

        You’d know full well that 2019 was a single issue election if you lived here. It’s only Blair, Mandelson and others with a desire to push the party ever rightwards that have since pretended it wasn’t solely about Brexit and somehow because the people wanted to defend natural monopoly privatisations ,Thames water et al.

      9. And just getting back to SH for a moment, it was of course blatantly clear and obvious what I thought of the Sun article I posted a sample from and WHY I posted it – ie the article by Leo McKinstry – but SH thought it would be so clever of him to say ‘Allan, Were you stupid enough to be convinced by this nonsense and let it turn your head?’.

        What you’ve got to bear in mind is that many right-wingers undoubtedly visit this site from time to time to check out the Comments section to see what their shill is saying in replies to posters so as to amuse themselves. Or, to put it another way, SH thinks up something to post in a reply to someone that he knows will amuse his fascist buddies. And another reason he does it is because part of his MO is to (try to) wind people/posters up and annoy and irritate them and, as such, (try to) provoke them (into an angry response). He does it all the time, in practically every thread, practically every day. He’s been doing it on this site for years. His sole objective on here during the first few years he was posting on this site – when he was posing as a left-wing Jeremy Corbyn supporter – was to belittle and ridicule posters who were saying that we – the LP, that is – should stick to the result of the referendum and, as such, was trying to convince readers that the the LP should make it their policy to hold a second referendum if elected. And did so knowing of course that to do so would undoubtedly lead to a heavy election defeat, which it did of course (RH also played the same game, as did one or two other regular posters, who have either completely disappeared since shortly after the 2019 GE defeat, or now just post very occasionally).

        Funny, isn’t it, that out of all the regular posters who have been posting on here for years, SH is the only person who suddenly became a denigrater of Jeremy after he stood down. And the reason why of course is because he’s a paid full-time shill and an im-poster, and a complete phony as such.

        Needless to say, only fascists would be amused by his fun and games. And his disruption of the comments section!

      10. Allan – Is there a reason why you still haven’t answered my question?

        Surely you are aware that Jeremy Corbyn has on several occasions since the 19GE clearly stated he had no option but to include a CV in Labour’s 2019 manifesto because (unlike himself) the vast majority of both Labour’s members and voters were in favour of a CV and remaining in the EU.

      11. Reply To Steve H.
        Allan Howard can speak for himself but I just want to point out irrespective of how he reacted, the majority of the electorate did believe the lies and propaganda about Jeremy Corbyn’s alleged antisemitism.
        The one thing that sticks out in my mind above all others during the daily barrage of anti Corbyn hate and propaganda is the comment of the Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis in the immediate run up to the General Election.
        He said Jeremy was an “existential threat” to British Jews i.e. Jeremy threatened their very existance. I thought Mirvis’s comment was so outrageous and so absurdly dramatic that people would see it for what it was – shameless interference in the democratic process ( during Purdah) in an attempt to influence the outcome of the election. However the British electorate swallowed Mirvis’s smear, hook line and sinker and voted accordingly.
        I suppose they did so because they found it hard to believe a man of Mirvis’s standing would make such a thing up.
        Such a comment had never been made by a Jewish leader before – it was not said about Oswald Mosley, an antisemite and founder of the British Union of Fascists or any of the prominent members of the party. It was not said about Vicount Rothemere, owner of the Daily Mail who was a well known Fascist or the poisonously antisemetic Archibald Ramsey , a Scottish MP who adopted the motto ” Perish Judah” It was not even said about Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930s- the first time such a thing was said was in relation to a peace campaigner and Palestinian advocate – Jeremy Corbyn.
        Mirvis later boasted about the effectiveness of his intervention and took credit for denying us a government under Jeremy Corbyn.
        Well Jeremy is still around and so are the British Jews whose existance he allegedly threatened and we are coming up to the 4th anniversary of the election with millions of people living on the breadline and in danger of losing the roof over their heads. I’m sure most of those taken in by Mirvis and the other Israeli lobbyists deeply regret it now . Nevertheless we are all living with the consequences of their gullibility.

      12. SteveH

        Take just one example, that of labour MP Mary Creagh in Wakefield, she made it perfectly clear she disliked Corbyn.

        She happened to be very pro-EU in a heavily leave voting constituency, Wakefield.

        You believe some polling company, possibly with a hidden agenda and links to the Tories, to tell you it wasn’t obviously about Brexit, no it was Corbyn?

        There were people literally stating it was because of her stance on Brexit in TV interviews with random citizens. The correlation between leave voting seats and Labour losses is soo obvious to all but the most blinkered. The press largely invented the ‘it was all Corbyn’s fault’ or it was the left-wing manifesto’ nonsense, because that narrative suits the pro-Brexit newspaper proprietors own beliefs.

      13. PS And there are occasions of course when he DOESN’T respond to what someone said in a reply to him because there is absolutely nothing he can say, my post/reply in which I quote the MediaLens stats being a perfect example.

        I mean SH knows that just about everyone on the left – and just about everyone who follows skwawkbox – knows the scale of the black op smear campaign against Jeremy whilst he was leader (and since), and yet SH continues to repeat the falsehood that it was somehow just Jeremy that voters didn’t like and, as such, led to the heavy defeat in 2019. So WHY does he keep repeating it if he knows – which he DOES – that everyone on the left knows that it’s a falsehood, and knows that everyone on the left knows that Jeremy is/was the most smeared and demonised and vilified politician EVER?

        He obviously keeps repeating it so as to try and wind people//posters up on the one hand, and to amuse fellow right-wing fascists who visit the site on the other. There is no other explanation of course!

        Yes, there might be a few apolitical people who happen to come on the site now and then as a consequence of having done a search about this or that topic and ‘opened’ the skwawkbox article that came up in the results, but I would imagine they’re so few and far between that SH wouldn’t bother with his falsehoods about Jeremy for THAT reason. No, it’s solely to wind people/posters up AND so as to amuse his fascist audience!

        And his paymasters!!

  11. I’ll not hear a ‘single’ bad word said about ‘our ‘ Labour Party leader……………

  12. And then of course the Archbishop of Canterbury publicly backed Mirvis’ absurd claims. But as I’ve pointed out on a few occasions, isn’t it odd how not one single person – or Jewish newspapers or organisations – making such claims has EVER spelt out what it is they thought Jeremy would do if he became PM. And for the obvious reason that they couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t have sounded totally ludicrous and laughable to 99.999% of the adult population of Britain, and so that’s why they ALWAYS alluded to something, but never-ever elaborated and spelt out what it is they thought he would do (if he became PM). Even Pompeo did exactly the same and, as such, said ‘we won’t wait for him [Jeremy Corbyn] to do those things’, but needless to say, he didn’t elaborate as to what ‘those things’ WERE. From the D Mirror:

    Mr Pompeo, one of Donald Trump’s most senior allies, was talking to Jewish leaders when he was asked if Mr Corbyn is elected “would you be willing to work with us to take on actions if life becomes very difficult for Jews in the UK?”

    According to a secret recording passed to the Washington Post, Mr Pompeo replied: “It could be that Mr Corbyn manages to run the gauntlet and get elected.
    “It’s possible. You should know, we won’t wait for him to do those things to begin to push back.
    “We will do our level best. It’s too risky and too important and too hard once it’s already happened.”

    Once WHAT has already happened? Yet again he doesn’t elaborate of course! And for the obvious reason!

      1. Here’s a link to the Sun coverage of the Mirvis/archbishop episode for any younger readers who are perhaps unfamiliar with the story:

        And I’m sure most people remember it, but they might not recall when it happened precisely, but the Rachel Riley ‘T-shirt episode’ happened just prior to the 2019 GE, on November 21st. Here’s a link (see below) to the Sun coverage of the episode for any younger readers who’ve not heard about it before.

      2. Reply to Allan Howard
        I tried to post comments about Justin Welby but had a problem with the internet so forgive me if the comments appear twice.
        In 2018 Welby was accused by Jonathan Arkush the then President of the BOD of not doing enoough to combat antisemitism. This followed Welby’s visit to Christian Arabs in Bethlehem after which he spoke of his profound sorrow for them and the appalling conditions in which they lived.
        After Arkush’s criticism Welby never again spoke out on behalf of Christian Arabs in Israel. Indeed such was his moral cowardice that he jumped on Mirvis’s bandwagon of hate and helped prevent a socialist government under Jeremy Corbyn.
        So the next time you see a foodbank queue outside a CoE church Hall remember that Justin Welby to his eternal shame helped to put it there

      3. When Jeremy had a platform in the House of Commons as Leader of the Opposition I don’t recall him ever using this prominent platform to speak out about the Palestinians fate. Do you?

      4. Yes, I remember you mentioning it a year or two ago, but had forgotten about it, but I knew instinctively that – one way or another – Welby was put under pressure to back the Mirvis bollocks. I’m sure Welby is intelligent enough to have noticed that despite all the claims about Jeremy posing a threat to British Jews, no-one ever spelt out what it is they thought he would do to the Jewish population if he became PM.

        Anyway, whilst I’m on here I might as well post this fascist nonsense by Gove the morning of the day after the 2019 GE:

        ‘Michael Gove tells Britain’s Jews ‘you should never live in fear again’ after defeating Corbyn’s Labour’

        Needless to say he didn’t elaborate as to what it was he thought – and they supposedly thought – that Jeremy was gonna do that led to this alleged living in fear!


        PS I just remembered something that occurred to me earlier which I’m gonna give some more thought to, but in a nutshell, it occurred to me that the rabid right have been emboldened during the course of the past seven years since the fraudulent attacks on Jeremy and the left kicked off, and if they didn’t know it before, they certainly picked up on it after the smearing began wholesale that the ruling elite is on their side. I’m referring to the working class hard right, and how they now know that the Establishment and its propaganda machine are on the same page as them. And believe me, many of them have been recruited to play mind-fuck games with selected left-wingers and make their lives a misery.

      5. Just came across this Guardian article from December 16th, 2019, which is without any shadow of a doubt the reality – ie that the reason Jeremy was so unpopular was precisely because of all the smears and lies and demonisation. I mean are we really supposed to believe that Jeremy somehow changed during the course of two-and-a-half years between the 2017 and 2019 general elections, OR because he was relentlessly smeared, as unpatriotic, a spy, a Putin apologist, a friend of terrorists etc, etc, etc, let alone all the A/S smears. But I think one of the most damaging events/episodes as far as working class traditional Labour voters were concerned, was the squaddies using a large picture of Jeremy for shooting practice, and espeacially in the northern half of the country. And I have little doubt that the idea was dreamed up and contrived to have precisely that damaging effect. Anyway, here’s a link to the Guardian article and some passages from it:

        ‘Vilification of Corbyn in broadcast media ‘fuelled election defeat’ – shadow minister’

        Andy McDonald says democratic processes under threat as BBC joins in bias

        A leading shadow minister has blamed broadcasters such as the BBC for allowing Jeremy Corbyn to be “demonised and vilified” during the election campaign, as the party struggled to come to terms with the scale of its defeat.

        Andy McDonald, the shadow transport secretary, who was one of the most interviewed Labour frontbenchers in the media during the campaign, said the unfairness of the BBC and other broadcasters should make people “worry about our democratic processes”.

        In a sometimes angry interview on BBC Radio 5, McDonald said that in Corbyn’s treatment by the media he had “never in my lifetime known any single individual so demonised and vilified, so grotesquely and so unfairly”.

        Saying the Labour leader had been “vilified as an antisemite” and compared to Stalin, McDonald said the scale of the attacks had been broader than normal. “We know we’ve got the forces of the establishment, the elite, against us.

        “We’ve always had the print media, which is page after page after page of press barons absolutely destroying and vilifying Labour leaders from time immemorial. What’s changed in this election is the way the broadcast media have joined in with that battle.

    1. Reply to Allan Howard
      Correction – It wasn’t Ephraim Mirvis who said Jeremy Corbyn was an existential threat to British Jews. This comment was contained in a joint article by the three British Jewish newspapers. Mirvis attacked Jeremy in a similar vein – talking about the alleged fears of British Jews , Jeremy’s unfittness to lead etc he didn’t actually use thiose words.
      Sorry for the error but such was the extent of the hate campaign against Palestinian Advocate Jeremy by Israeli Lobbyists that it is easy to get mixed up and confuse the hatefilled vilification of one Lobbyist with the hatefilled vilification of another.

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