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Breaking: Corbyn film WILL be shown at Glastonbury. Here’s where

Film will also show alongside, but not at, the Tolpuddle Martyrs festival

Tonight at 9pm and through the weekend,the film ‘Oh, Jeremy Corbyn/The Big Lie’ will be shown at the Glastonbury festival, despite the best efforts of the friends of saboteurs and apartheid to stop it.

While the main festival organisers shamefully caved in to pressure from those who don’t want the misdeeds of the Labour right and the propagators of the ‘Labour antisemitism’ smear scam exposed, the film will run at:

The Reel News film tent, Green Futures Field.

And despite similar cowardice from the organisers of the Tolpuddle Martyrs festival in July, the film will still be shown at the nearby village hall.

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  1. Hopefully, things won’t change at the last moment. Not quite the same seeing the film at a village hall instead of the big screen.

    1. Reply to Cindy
      I’m sure the Tolpuddle Martyrs are turning in their graves at the failure of their memorial committee to allow this film to be shown at the Martyrs Festival.

    1. Yes, it also confirms how ruthless and complete the billionaires’ ideological control of the MSM and entire fourth estate is when only the Streisand effect can be relied on to counter their TOTAL repression of free thought and critical thinking.

    2. If Glastonbury was a horse it would have been put down years ago. What a bunch of frauds. Corporate greed, matchstick hiders wriggling in front of teens. The Stones destroyed Knebworth and money destroyed the earth mothers and fathers. Buttheads reign is coming to an end. Can you smoke fags at this rebel fest? Does one have to have taken the can’t catch, can’t spread miracle to be allowed to put a mortgage down for a ticket? Getting like the PFL season tickets.

  2. It gives hope, to learn of these successes. Congratulations to all those fighting to expose this shameful dishonesty.
    Thank you

  3. Hopefully one or more of the bands performing on the Pyramid Stage over the next few days will get the crowds singing a certain mantra!!

      1. 246
        You do know that by defending this, that makes you our Resident Nazi
        Welcome Herr Flick

  4. Still vitally important we do not settle for these crumbs from the table, and continue to demand this film be shown on the main Pyramid Stage.

      1. Don’t choke on those splinters, wee gobshite, it’d break my heart. 😏

      2. qwertboi – Oh for goodness sake get a grip of yourself, nobody is afraid of yesterday’s man. 😏

      3. Ever heard the crowds chanting in appreciation of keef, wee gobshite?

        No. Me neither. Drawing crowds isn’t something keef can even dream about. A crowd chanting keef’s name is as likely as you getting your end away with a human…with or without a pulse.

      4. Toffee – Lots of people were quite happy to have a bit of fun at a Corbyn rally but when it came to voting they either couldn’t be bothered or couldn’t bring themselves to vote for someone they didn’t trust.

      5. nobody is afraid of yesterday’s man. 😏

        Hence him residing rent-free in the minds of the right-wing gobshites, eh wee beaut? 🤔

    1. Nicola: It won’t be shown on the Pyramid stage. There’s no chance of that happening. For one thing there’s a timetable they have to keep to for all the bands and artists who are performing on the stage. Apart from which – as far as I can tell – the film is being shown clandestinely without the knowledge of the organisers of the festival.


      Please fuck off SH you malevolent piece of fascist shite.

  5. Good news.
    It’s important to face down the evil bastards who wish to perpetuate “The Big Lie”.
    Well said Allan Howard.
    You have a way with words.
    I couldn’t have put it better.

  6. Credit, Morning Star:

    “GLASTONBURY Festival’s decision to block a screening of Oh, Jeremy Corbyn: the Big Lie must be seen in a context of increased political censorship.

    “Bombarding event organisers and sponsors with demands that they cancel contentious events is becoming commonplace, and too often — as at Glastonbury, or Tolpuddle, or indeed London’s Conway Hall cancellation of a No to Nato rally back in February — this pressure is successful.

    “The effect on democratic debate is poisonous, and no-platforming the Platform Films production on the forces that brought down the Corbyn movement is doubly significant.

    “Because Labour, whose anti-democratic attacks on members are detailed in the film’s last section, is at the forefront of efforts to shrink our political horizons.

    “It was Labour’s “new management” that abused the notion of safe spaces back in 2020 to impose a dystopian ban on constituency parties even discussing the suspension of the man who had been party leader at the start of that year, claiming — absurdly — that such discussion might make Jewish members feel unsafe.

    “The sweeping prohibitions on debate have continued since.

    “We’re no longer surprised by reports that at a North West Durham party meeting discussing candidates for the role of North East mayor, members were warned that if they even mentioned current North of Tyne Mayor Jamie Driscoll — blocked from a shortlist for the enlarged role — they would face disciplinary action.

    “Labour also cracks down on political dissent. Keir Starmer has tried to excommunicate the Stop the War Coalition, intimidating MPs into removing their names from one of its statements when Russia invaded Ukraine (though the statement condemned the invasion) and scaring them away from anti-war platforms.

    “The only speaker at last autumn’s Labour conference to oppose a motion backing arms to Ukraine was subjected to disciplinary action within 24 hours.

    “These, it could be argued, are internal party questions. But they have wider ramifications for several reasons.

    “First, Labour — contradictory beast that it is — has through its trade union link been the main vehicle for working-class representation in Parliament for a century.

    “But the determination to fix every selection for the Starmer faction is driving the working class out of politics. Ordinary workers rooted in their communities, like Birkenhead’s Mick Whitley, Cynon Valley’s Beth Winter or Kensington’s Emma Dent Coad, are giving way to career politicians who went to the right schools and know the right people.

    “Second, Labour’s internal attacks on democracy affect the national debate. A few years ago, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti-semitism was a little known document, whose own author, Kenneth Stern, had distanced himself from it after acknowledging it was being abused to shut down criticism of Israel.

    “Picked up by the Labour right as a stick to beat Corbyn with, it has now become almost obligatory for British institutions, despite widespread criticism of it including from Jewish groups. This has facilitated Tory legislation seeking to outlaw the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement in solidarity with Palestine.

    “And third, the Labour leadership’s contempt for democracy and due process suggests it will continue the extraordinary authoritarian drive of the current government — one that is trying to ban effective strikes and empowers police to shut down protests before they even begin.

    “Democratic rights and free speech are at risk, as the outrageous ongoing detention of journalist Julian Assange shows.

    “The Oh, Jeremy Corbyn film is attracting large audiences around the country. That is why it spooks those determined to consign Britain’s socialist revival to the history books.

    “Allowing it to reach beyond the ranks of political activists and address a large, general audience like that at Glastonbury was intolerable to them.

    “But in giving in, civil society organisations become complicit in a censorship drive directed by the ruling class, one which has already gone too far.”

      1. So the MS posts an excellent article that sums it all up, and you say nothing whatsoever about THAT, and just come up with something to try and discredit the morning star. Funny thing is, I remember you doing that to me on one occasion when I totally dismantled a particular section of the Panorama hit-job, and whilst everyone else was saying what an excellent post it was, you turned up and came out with the shite about my user-name – ie Allan Howard – not being the same as the name that was registered to my account – ie Malcolm Colemann (which anyone can see any time if they hold their cursor over my avatar!). I mean my post spoke for itself, but you attempted to undermine what I’d said in my post by bringing up such a totally absurd thing, as if to say ‘He’s not who you think he is’, and doing it THEN so as to try and discredit me AND what I’d said. Funny thing is that the SteveH shill did much the same thing on another occasion!

        Oh, right, and how many times did you suddely turn up when the shills were piling in and attacking me for calling out signpost’s lies and falsehoods! Practically every time!! Along with the SteveH shill and Jokeefe! And one or two other shitheads! Yeah, defending a scumbag who spent most of his time falsely discrediting JC and the SCG and left-wing members. And doing so on a daily basis, just saying the same things over and over and over again, as in Repetition, the propagandists favourite propaganda technique. I expect he or she has now gone back to their job writing for the Daily Mail or the Sun!


        Just for the record – as I explained to timfrom at the time, and as most regular posters will know – when I set up the account many, many years ago, I used a joke name that an old girlfriend used to call me, and then just started using my actual name when I began posting on here about six years ago (and JVL and Craig Murray’s blog and Caitlin Johnstones site, when you were able to post comments on her blog). I mean if I was, for some strange reason, pretending to be someone I’m not, and using another name, I would hardly leave my initial name for anyone and everyone to see by just holding their cursor over my avatar!!!

        It’s just too stupid for words, and yet timfrom tried to make a big deal of it ffs! Fraudulently of course, as did the SteveH shill a year or two back

  7. It’s probably too late now to get it all together, and I only wish I’d thought of the idea a couple of days ago. The idea suddenly came to me about an hour-and-a-half ago now whilst I was having something to eat, and since it came to me I’ve been thinking over the logistics of the whole idea, and a hellava lot of things would have to come together in ultra quick time to make it happen. And the idea?

    To put a leaflet together that can be dished out to people at the festival about the A/S smear campaign against Jeremy during the past seven years or so, as of about six months after he became leader. I’m thinking in terms of a single sheet of A4 size paper both sides. And in terms of layout, I would suggest a large-ish heading right across the page (about size 18), and then a sort of introduction under that right across the page (about size 14), and then two columns ot text on the rest of the page and most of the way down the back page (size 12). The heading – and this is purely a suggestion and can be discussed and agreed upon by interested parties – could be something like:


    The heading would be centered and ‘justified’, as with everything else, although that might be tricky if it’s two columns unless it’s someone who knows how to do it’

    And the intro, as I’ve described it, could elaborate on what was said in the heading, using statistics that MediaLens posted about the number of newspaper articles that were published when they did a search re >jeremy corbyn and antisemitism whilst he was leader, and in the three months before the GE in 2019, and add of course that THAT number could be doubled, or even trebled, if one included all the TV and radio news items on the topic – ie around 25.000 altogether over a four year period.

    I have given quite a lot of thought to the different aspects of it all that could be included, and they would include this present episode with the film, quoting whatvan der Zyl said in her letter to Michael and Emily Eavis (and what the CST and the CAA said about the film etc, etc, and possibly some passages from Paul Masons article in LabourList on June 19th), and having related all of that, what *I* would do, is then relate the story – posted on JVLs website – about the massive, nasty malicious lie that van der Zyl repeatedly claimed on an Israeli news station about Jeremy in August 2018 – ie that he had been “spending more and more time with terrorists and extremists” and “with people who threaten the security of Britain”. (if you’re not familiar with it, do a search on JVLs website for: Exposé: Who are the Board of Deputies of British Jews?).

    I would also do a section about the Ken Livingstone episode, which is when the A/S black op really first kicked off, with a brief lead in with what happened in the preceeding ten weeks or so, starting with the Oxford University Labour Club affair. And another relatively brief section would be quickly dismantling all the ‘direct’ attacks on Jeremy – ie the Mural episode, the English Irony episode, the Wreath-laying episode and the book foreword episode etc, and not forgetting the totally absurd Jeffrey Epshtein episode. And then also point out that out of all the hundreds and hundreds of members who were accused by the CAA and JLM and the likes of Margaret Hodge and Co of antisemitism, how only two people were ever prosecuted. And talking of Hodge, I would also include the ‘more than 200 cases of antisemitism’ that she reported to the LP involving 111 people, only 20 of whom turned out to be LP members. And also THIS (which I can’t copy and paste – ie what Hodge said about Jeremy just five years or so before he became leader):

    I would also include the episode with whatshername from countdown doctoring the picture of Jeremy if there’s room (which shouldn’t take up much room anyway), and I would definitely like to finish off with the recent Roger Waters episode/smear campaign, which epitomises the malevolence of the Israel Lobby and the MSM, and finish by saying how Jeremy is a gentleman and a man of high principles and integrity etc, and how he has been vilified and demonised, and thrown out of the party he served for fourty years etc based on lies and falsehoods……. Oh, right, I was forgetting about the three Jewish newspapers accusing him of being an existential threat to British Jews and the Jewish way of life, and would include this if there was room, pointing out that out all the people who made such claims or similar, not one of them ever elobarated about what this threat would amount to, and what it is they thought he would do, and for the obvious reason that there was nothing they could think of that wouldn’t have sounded totally absurd to just about everyone in the country, and that of course is why they always alluded to something, but never-ever spelt out what it was they were alluding to. And also quickly remind/mention how in 2019 the US-based Simon Wiesenthal Centre had him as the number one global threat to Jews in their Top Ten.

    And I would finish the leaflet by saying how many in the Jewish population were caused concern and consternation in their quest to destroy Jeremy etc, and how millions of people were duped and deceived by the saboteurs, and how they subverted democracy etc, etc, and to please help undo the damage and expose these people and groups for what they did – including Starmer of course! – and to PLEASE copy and/or scan the leaflet and distribute copies to friends and family and relatives and work/college colleagues etc, or if you feel so inclined, print off two or three hundred and put them through doors in the area where you live.

    Anyway, I have ten boxes of A4 paper that I can donate – ie fifty reams – which would amount to 25,000 leaflets, and ideally this would all have to be put together by Saturday, get them down there, get them in there, and have ten/twelve people minimum handing them out (at the rate of about ten a minute) for three or four hours on both Saturday and Sunday….. and there would need to be a central location where the leaflets can be kept, and each of the leafletters would need a large-ish shoulder bag ( a reams worth is all you’d want to carry around initially, and then go back to base and fill up again), etc, etc, etc, etc etc’
    I’m in Margate at the moment, so if there’s folks out there that want to get it together and think we can make it happen, please leave a Reply and we’ll take it from there. But it’s gonna take a whole network of people to get it together, and someone with a good fast printer and a lot of imk!

    There’s obviously lots of things that need to be sorted and arranged, bit one other thing that occurred to me – but god knows how with such little time – that it would be great if the leafletters – who could probably just stand still most of the time and hand the leaflets out to people passing by – is if they all had brightcoloured T-shirts with something like ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn, the Most Smeared Politician EVER’ written on the back and the front.

    Gotta go now, some men in white coats have just arrived.

    1. Oh gawd, what I meant to say and then forgot, is that most people are down there with a group of friends, and so the leafletters don’t have to hand out a leaflet to everyone that’s obviously in a group, and they can just share and read the one leaflet. And the point I’m making is that doing it that way, we could quite possibly reach about half of the 200,000 people down there.

      1. Handing them out at the rate of FIVE a minute! Not ten!!

        My inner calculator malfunctioned there.

  8. Re Allan Howard’s creative eruption. I wish I was nearer Margate or Glastonbury to offer physical help to your (impressively achievable) plan/project. Your plan is of a calibre that a capita-type leech org could not match and yet be subjected t o a hefty charge.
    Also, FWIW, your transparency and openness (about identity) is impressive and probably the most honest/ principled/ moral of any poster (including my own 🤪) I encounter here or on most sites. Respect comrade…

  9. Why is Sir Starmer & chums (aka MSM) so terrified of any intellectual debate, no matter what the topic, albeit Ukraine & NATO; Anti-Semitism & Socialism; Cost of Living crisis, Strikes and Inflation etc. everything reduced to torried, opinionated comment devoid of facts? Complex issues reduced to emotional ‘human interest’ stories whenever possible, with every Media Organisation following precisely the same agenda, using the same sources, the same vocabulary and eliminating questions. Every News and Current Affairs Programmes/Debates ‘loaded’ with extreme reactionaries given a platform to voice the same opinion to ensure the same outcome, to manufacture consent for dominant fascistic ideologies. The 4th Estate actively working against democracy.

    1. *Nato and Ukraine,
      *anti-Semitism and anti-apartheidism (i.e. Occupation by Isra*l),
      *cost of living crisis,
      *civil unrest and industrial action,

      are all indeed fact-free opinion coverage by the MSM, but you forgot (or failed to include) the BIGGEST REPRESSION issue that the American empire is imposing on the modern world = The c*vid lie.

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