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Breaking: Copeland Labour exec resigns en masse over Starmer’s Stalinism and selection-rigging

Damning statement from departing executive group condemns decision to use claims of jailed, racist paedophile against Muslim councillor to block parliamentary candidacy

The entire elected executive of Copeland constituency Labour party (CLP) has resigned in disgust at the Stalinism, rigging and racism of the Starmer regime after Starmer’s party blocked a popular local Muslim councillor from standing for selection to represent Labour in the Cumbrian seat at the next general election.

The group released a withering statement condemning the party’s behaviour – and noting that the regime has even stooped so low as to use the claims of a racist convicted paedophile to shore up its decision to exclude Cllr Joe Ghayouba from the CLP’s longlist of potential candidates, denying them the chance to select the person they want to represent them, despite Starmer’s long-broken leadership election promise that the party under him would allow members to decide:

Please read our below statement from the EC

Resignation statement on behalf of Copeland Labour Party Executive Committee & Copeland Parliamentary Selection Committee

In 2020, after he became Labour Party Leader, Sir Keir Starmer said that local Labour members should be able to select their candidates, and that “the party should be at the forefront of championing diversity.”

What we’ve seen, in reality, is the opposite. Local members in Copeland have been denied a vote and a voice by the National Executive Committee. Members in Copeland have been denied a fair selection process, and will not get to choose their own candidate.

The national party has blocked our long-serving Copeland Constituency Labour Party secretary, Cllr Joe Ghayouba, from the long-list of candidates.

Joe is not only a popular local councillor. As secretary he led us to a landslide Cumberland election victory in the 2022 local elections. Joe is a Muslim of Egyptian descent. He fits firmly into the “BAME” group as defined by the Labour Party, for whom rules state there must be at least one representative on any Prospective Parliamentary Candidate long-list. Considering that just a few days ago it was reported by Channel 4 News that Black Labour MPs fear speaking out on issues of race within the party, we should be doing all we can to support members and candidates from ethnic minority backgrounds, rather than blocking them when they stand.

We are particularly disturbed as a CLP Executive Committee to learn that “evidence” brought up at Joe’s due diligence interview centred on a photograph taken by a criminal former Labour councillor. This former councillor, who is currently in prison for child sex offences, waged a racist campaign against Joe and his young family, which was subject to a police investigation. It is beyond comprehension that Labour’s national executive gave credence to such “evidence” in an internal Labour Party selection.

As a result, and in the face of this shameless disregard for democracy and the rights oflocal members, we feel we cannot give legitimacy to an illegitimate process by continuing to serve on the Copeland Labour Party Parliamentary Selection Committee, and are also resigning with immediate effect from our roles as members of the Executive Committee of Copeland Labour Party.

In Solidarity,

Cllr Jean Murray, Executive Committee Chair, Selection Panel member,
Cllr Linda Jones-Bulman, Executive Committee Vice Chair, Selection Panel member and Former Copeland Mayoral Candidate,
Cllr Nicholas Graham, Membership Secretary, Executive Committee and Selection Panel member
Margaret Lamb, Executive Committee Treasurer, Selection Panel member,
Cllr Mike Hawkins, Executive Committee Member and Selection Panel Procedures Secretary,
Flo Hanlon, Woman’s Officer, Executive Committee member,
Karl Connor, Executive Committee and Selection Panel member,
Cllr Graham Minshaw, Executive Committee and Selection Panel member,
Cllr Tony Lywood, Executive Committee member and 2019 Copeland Parliamentary Candidate, Cllr Robert White, Communications Officer, Executive Committee and Selection Panel member, Stan Sanczuk, Executive Committee member.

Locals have observed that Ghayouba’s support for Palestinian human rights will make him unpalatable to the apartheid-supporting Starmer.

The Copeland resignation is the latest in a string of mass resignations by elected CLP officers over the Starmeroids’ contempt for democracy, along with seemingly-continuous interference in selections across the country – even to ensure the selection of right-wing candidates with serious and deeply troubling accusations against them.

Starmer himself has been accused of covering up abuse of domestic violence victims by a right-wing party staffer and only last week an MP’s senior staffer resigned rather than being pushed, after separate investigations found he had sexually assaulted a party intern; a Labour MP’s report of sexual assault by a front-bench MP was ignored by the party and Starmer is known to be sheltering at least two alleged sex pests in his Shadow Cabinet.

Starmer’s shredding of his promise to empower local members to select their own candidates is just one example of him breaking every promise he made to con the membership into voting him in as leader – a level of dishonesty that many are saying makes even Boris Johnson look trustworthy by comparison. He and his regime have also stooped to sewer-like depths in their selection and local election campaigning.

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  1. What was in the photograph(s) that are claimed to have been pivotal in the decision to exclude this candidate from the long-list?

    1. What does it matter?

      Evidently Keef once again has gone out his way to bend to the will/whims of convicted nonces.

      Convicted nonces.who, the local CLP claim, has conducted a racist campaign against a party member and councillor who it seems was instrumental in bringing about a landslide victory for the smarmerist labour party at local elections only last year.

      …In a constituency that Corbyn was blamed for losing, no less.

      Yes, a convicted NONCE’s word is worth more to keef than any sort of useful asset.

      I have a very strong suspicion that it’ll be something to do with Palestinian support. I doubt it’ll be anything to do with harming children, but then again we probably wouldn’t have been aware of it had, because keef would’ve had it hushed up.

      So before you ask about what the photo(s) contained ask yerself why the convicted pederast has remained.anonymous, and why it’s claims have led to the blocking of an evidently (locally) popular potential candidate…😙🎵

      1. For once, I clicked on the nonce-excuser’s provided link…And now my blood pressure’s skyrocketed.

        It only took a quick read of that article to see the similarities in traits that YOU – steve h – share with the convicted child molester


        The letter written by the vile creature says: “The list of people who have expressed an interest in my welfare is rather sweet but not unexpected.

        Far from it being an expression of interest in his welfare be in NO doubt the tone of the ‘interest’ was the same as in the comments section below the article.

        What the nonce has done there is NO different to you, when you do your ‘blows kiss’ emoji after people express their disgust at your antics – especially your nonce-excusing ones, you despicable piece of shit.

        And the Cumbrian mail ought to be fucking well shut down for giving the degenerate any sort of platform.

        That the filthy fuckin’ animal’s allowed to draw breath; nevermind have his complaints upheld by any person or organisation is beyond the boundaries of unacceptability.

        But hey-ho! Keef believes and accepts it, so it must be ok. How long until he’s reinstated for not only being as pederast, but a racist snide?

        Where’s your consideration to the nonce’s VICTIMS in this instance, nonce-excuser?

        There AREN’T any. And there AREN’T any because he’s got rid of someone you have suspicions of not being in complete and total agreement with your fellow nonce-protecting idol.

        You’re not remotely arsed what it is that Mr Ghayouba’s supposed to have done; you’re just looking for the most spurious of reasons to justify his disqualification from standing – even if it IS on the word of a convicted pederast.

        You fucking sicken me to my core.

    2. Replyto Steve H
      The excluded candidate who had worked his socks of for Labour is of Egyptian heritage and is a Muslim. Therefore I think we can assume that he is not a Friend of Israel as its treatment of his fellow Arabs and co- religionists probably upsets and disgusts him.
      If you are a Friend of Israel you can publish racist cartoons ( Stella Creasy ) claim you were naive when you failed to protect vulnerable children from sexual exploitation ( Margaret Hodge) rub shoulders with the scum of the earth at a Murdock’s drinks party (Jess Phillips) and get away with it. If you make a show of yourself accosting a fellow Labour MP in the House of Commons entrance ( John Mann) or try to shout down the leader of the party who is apologising to the families of the British soldiers who died as a result of Tony Blairs Iraq disaster ( Ian Austin) you will get a seat in the House of Lords but say one word in defence of Palestinian Human Rights and you will be hounded out of the party.
      Solidarity with Copeland and Joe Ghayouba.

      1. Ah yes, smeller greasy….

        Who took just 58 days from complaining about a casually racist tweet regarding Diane Abbot to posting a tweet with racial overtones herself – and then claiming she didn’t understand how it could be constituted as racist.

        And john ‘defender of the semites’ mann…

        Who asked for instances of racism from labour members to be reported to him by people, so’s he could stamp it out and see that the perp(s) was expelled.

        …Except when I emailed him, detailing the greasy example, I was duly ignored.

        Wasn’t antisemitic racism (which is in itself an oxymoron), so I guess it doesn’t count.😕

    3. That’s a desperate and despicable attempt to deflect from the main point even for you steveH.

      1. Dave – Given that the contents of this photo appears to be central to Joe’s exclusion and that the article has studiously avoided revealing its contents then how is it a distraction to enquire what the photo revealed.
        If Joe Ghayouba feels that he has been treated unfairly then there is nothing to stop him from either publishing the photograph himself or if he doesn’t have access to it then honestly describing the contents so that we can all reach our own informed conclusions.
        I wonder if the signatories to the above letter are aware of what this photo depicts.🤔

      2. steveH,

        You fail to ask the very obvious question as to why it is the article in question – in your very loaded words – “studiously avoided revealing” this photograph’s contents.

        Instead you have made an assumption – without a shred of evidence to substantiate that assumption (again) – that;

        a) The Skwawkbox has access to this alleged photograph or has seen it.
        b) Joe Ghayouba has access to this alleged photograph or has seen it.
        c) Anyone outside of those in the Labour Party who have made this decision have access to this alleged photograph or has seen it.

        This Skwawkbox site, along with that of others, has highlighted and detailed on numerous occasions the total absence of any recognisable due process within the discipline and compliance structures and procedures of the Labour Party. With case after case of members and Party Units subjected to the most blatant gerrymandering involving allegations being treated as sufficient for a guilty verdict without the need to prove the allegation and similar Kangaroo court processes and behaviour.

        Having actually been through and experienced first hand this system of selective to suit partisan and sectarian convenience and knowing others who have been through the same wringer your assumption that this alleged photograph even exists or, if it does, has been made available to anyone but the decision makers in this case does not hold water.

        Or are you going to claim from your (alleged) safe haven thousands of miles behind the lines that your ignorant and arrogant opinion trumps the very real experiences of others with more first hand knowledge of this process?

        Come on. We are waiting. Give us some substantive evidence for once rather than this piss poor diet of deflection, denial, and dead cats on the table. Time to put up or shut up.

      3. Dave – Well thanks for confirming that you don’t know any more about this case than I do, maybe even less. The fact remains that this photo is acknowledged to have come from Kirkbride and whatever its contents they are obviously embarrassing to someone. Are you seriously trying to claim that Joe is not aware of what this photo depicts.
        When this was brought to their attention it was only prudent of the selection process to examine the likely impact of it getting into the public domain during an election campaign.
        Surely you agree that it would have been a dereliction of their duties for them not to carry out this basic due diligence especially when Kirkbride is due for release in just a few weeks.

      4. steveH

        You clearly don’t want to understand and comprehend both the concept of gerrymandering or the evidence of the way in which that gerrymandering is practiced by the clique running the Labour Party. Despite all the examples provided to you.

        All we have is an alleged photograph purported to come from a source which at best can be reasonably described as an unreliable source. A claim made by people with a record of gerrymandering due process which would make a Klu klux Klan vigilante posse blush.

        So yes I am saying that on the basis of actual experience along with other evidence in the public domain that on the balance of probabilities all that the defendant in this case has is the word of people who have proven they cannot be trusted that such a photograph exists.

        People with zero credibility. Much like yourself.

      5. Dave – Whilst you are clearly making stuff up again. 🙄

        You said above
        “So yes I am saying that on the basis of actual experience along with other evidence in the public domain that on the balance of probabilities all that the defendant in this case has is the word of people who have proven they cannot be trusted that such a photograph exists.”

        Unless you are also accusing Joe of lying then there doesn’t appear to be any doubt whatsoever about this photograph’s existence. Below is an extract from Joe’s own statement on facebook where he clearly acknowledges the existence of this photo and its source. (its a shame that he has chose to keep schtum about what it depicts and any other reasons that he failed the sniff test).

        The “evidence” put forward to me at a recent “Due Diligence” interview included a photograph from a convicted criminal councillor who is now sitting in prison for child sex offences.

        Yet again you are bullshitting. Unfortunately that’s nothing new, is it?😞

        So much for the value of your fabled personal experience. What was it that you were saying about credibility? 🤔

      6. steveH,

        What is not confirmed in any of what you have offered up is whether the alleged photograph is genuine in the contextual legal sense necessary to satisfy due process standards.

        Which is what we are talking about and all that matters here.

        There are all sorts of alleged “photographs” available purporting to show people in compromising positions. In fact if I had a digital image of you it would take very little time to produce an alleged “photograph” of you being rogered by a donkey. However, it would not pass due process muster and therefore remains “alleged” until proven genuine.

        Given the dubious sources – a convicted felon and a clique with a record longer than the Kray’s for dodgy activities – your sorry excuses for a coherent argument don’t hold water.

        But don’t just take my word for it. Ask someone else with some legal background and competence.

    4. Toffee – Oh for goodness sake get a grip of yourself and grow up, you were the one who wanted to know who supplied the photo.
      If Joe Ghayouba feels that he has been treated unfairly then there is nothing to stop him from either publishing the photograph himself or if he doesn’t have access to it then honestly describing the contents so that we can all reach our own informed conclusions as to whether it was legitimate or not to exclude him.
      I wonder if the signatories to the above letter are aware of what this photo depicts.🤔

  2. Starmer the protector of child molesters, His advisor is peter mandleson who was a regular visitor to epstein Island with the prince pedo he refused to charge JS one of the worst pedos at the time when he was head of DPP he is controled by a mass murderer TB he supports the murder of palestinians so this man will be classed as the wrong Muslim just like the Wrong JEWS THET HE EXPELLED HE’s A FUCKING RACIST

  3. If Joe Ghayouba feels that he has been treated unfairly then there is nothing to stop him from either publishing the photograph himself or if he doesn’t have access to it then honestly describing the contents so that we can all reach our own informed conclusions

    INFORMED conclusions? You’ve already made your mind up, along with the rest of the nonce-excusers that blocked his candidacy. Don’t bother suggesting otherwise and risibly pleading that you’re MERELY/SIMPLY calling for evidence, because your M.O. is all too obvious to everyone on this site.

    I believe the members that quit, over the cabal that is the NEC.

    You however, seem to think the word of a would-be child-raping racist is worthy of consideration.

  4. Toffee – Given that Kirkbride is due for release in July this year don’t you think that it was both prudent and justified for the selections committee to consider the likely impact of this compromising photographic evidence being released during the general election campaign.
    As for me passing judgement, like you I won’t be in a position to do that until we know what the now infamous photo has revealed (which was my original comment right at the very start of this discussion)

    1. Whatever.

      The philosophy of keef & co – including you.

      “The enemy of my enemy is my friend….even if he is a degenerate danger to children”

      1. Medici cura ti ipsum

        That was a case of the pot calling the kettle steveH.

      2. Dave – Come back and tell me all about it when and if it emerges why Joe failed his due diligence test.

        ps – Did you actually intend to say Medice cura te ipsum

      3. We already know why the due diligence test was failed steveH.

        Because, as case after case of publicly available evidence of gerrymandering has clearly demonstrated, the clique running the process wanted it to be that way.

        You know, the clique that applies decisions retrospectively; that reverses standard due process from having to prove an allegation to treating that allegation as automatically equal to guilty and requiring the accused to prove their innocence; that expels Jewish members under the dubious charge of antisemitism.

        If that’s all you’ve got its little wonder you are struggling.

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