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Breaking: Gorst, Williams, see off Labour in Garston

Labour’s foul smear campaign backfires as party loses both seats to popular Liverpool Community Independents

In a day that has seen Labour stand still in voting terms across the country and suffer humiliating defeats to former Labour candidates expelled in Keir Starmer’s purge of the left, Labour suffered perhaps its most crushing blow in the working-class south Liverpool area of Garston – despite, or because of, Labour’s disgusting tactics in the campaign.

Liverpool’s three newly-elected LCI councillors, L-R Lucy Williams, Alan Gibbons and Sam Gorst

Liverpool Community Independents (LCI) candidates Sam Gorst and Lucy Williams took both seats in the newly-reconfigured ward, relegating Labour into third and fourth:

Garston and Halewood MP Maria Eagle and other Labour figures commiserating with now ex-councillor Sharon Connor well before the result announcement

Congratulations to two candidates who took the high road as their opponents swam in the sewer. LCI’s Alan Gibbons also won a resounding victory in Orrell Park in the north of the city, polling almost four times as many votes as his Labour rival.

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  1. Congratulations to Alan Gibbons, Sam Gorst and Lucy William and commiserations to the other 6 community independent candidates standing for election that felt short.
    Jo Bird managed to retain her seat under a Green banner in the Wirral, congratulations too.

  2. After the garbage Liverpool Labour threw at the Liverpool Community Independents, this has got to be the most satisfying news of these Local Elections.

    Congratulations, to Lucy and Sam! No one deserves more satisfaction than you two must be feeling at the moment.

    Well done!

  3. Now that the working class has spoken who can doubt that the comrades of the former leader of the Labour Party must not allow the traitors and agents of imperialism to decide whether or not to contest the General Election?
    Jeremy Corbyn should not delay much longer: a platform, an organisation and a campaign in Islington would be a model for all to follow.

    1. bevin – Don’t waste your time deluding yourself, if Jeremy had any intention of even standing at the next general election, let alone leading a party, then he would have already announced it by now.

      1. Still clinging on to that notion, eh, Steve? It sounds almost like a prayer!

      2. timfrom – To date my ‘notion’ has proved to be correct. I’m not the one who is clutching at straws.

      1. George – Really, your claim seems to be somewhat at odds with the facts❓😕
        Liverpool Community Independents held 6 seats prior to the election and they fielded 9 candidates. Six (66%) of them lost their elections resulting in CI losing half of their 6 existing seats whilst Labour contested all 85 seats of which 61 (71%) of them won giving them 3 more seats than they had prior the election.

        Prior to the election
        Labour held 58 seats and Liverpool Community Independents ‘held’ 6 seats.

        Following the election
        Labour now holds 61 seats and Liverpool Community Independents now hold only 3 seats.

        Please feel free to check out the figures for yourself.

      2. Usual sneering comment from our resident fraudulent troll.
        Ignore him – He’s a fraud.

      3. johnsco1 – What have I said that is fraudulent or inaccurate.? 🤔
        Could you please support your ‘assertions’ with direct quotes and links?

      4. SteveH 06/05/2023 at 4:57 pm :

        You’re an idiot. I never said the Independents took 9 seats of Labour. Labour lost 9, in total.

        6 to the LibDems, and 3 to the Independents.

        If you have a query with that, take it up with the BBC

      5. George – “You’re an idiot.
        For doing what, pointing out and evidencing that your above statement of “Liverpool Labour lost nine seats.” is inaccurate and disingenuous bollocks?
        As everyone can see Labour gained 3 seats and the LCI lost 3 seats

        I’ve detailed the before and after election results for each party making up the council in Liverpool below so that people can make their own minds up.about the veracity of your ‘assertions’ and your rather desperate and disingenuous attempts to spin it.

        Before the election the composition of the council was:
        Labour 58
        LibDems 11
        LCI 6
        Liberals 5
        Independents 5
        Greens 4.
        After the election the composition of the council was:
        Labour 61 (+3)
        LibDems 15 (+4)
        LCI 3 (-3)
        Liberals 3 (-2)
        Independents 0 (-5)
        Greens 3 (-1)

        In your joke riposte above you said “I never said the Independents took 9 seats of Labour. Labour lost 9, in total. “
        I agree that you never said this, but given that everyone can see that neither I or anyone else has claimed that you did say this I’m struggling to see what your point is. It just looks like a rather desperate attempt to build a straw man.

        Please feel free to carry on digging.😏

  4. It’s a start, well done to Sam and Lucy. Liverpool has two Labour councillors who wouldn’t violate the trade descriptions act.

  5. I hope that Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Claudia Webbe will now make a move. The earlier they announce, the earlier campaigning can begin.

    1. I very much doubt that either JC or DA will stand at the next General election.

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