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Labour shoves Ribeiro-Addy out so white MPs can have pick of safe reconfigured seats

Reed and Jones announce they are abandoning members to move to safe new seats, while Ribeiro-Addy makes clear to Streatham members that the regime has decided to move her out to make way

Keir Starmer’s racism-ridden Labour party is ‘shunting’ a popular Black MP away from her constituents and local members to make room for two white front-benchers, according to the reliable Inside Croydon site.

In ‘carefully choreographed’ messages, Starmer ally Steve Reed and shadow police and fire minister Sarah Jones have announced to their local members that they will be moving to the new Streatham and Norbury constituency and Croydon West and South Norwood seats respectively. Both seats are projected to be extremely safe for Labour, while seats more akin to their old patch will be more marginal, particularly given the financial incompetence and alleged cronyism and corruption of the Labour-run Croydon council.

Current Streatham MP Bell Ribeiro-Addy, meanwhile, has had to tell her local members that she would love to stay, but made it clear that she is being moved to the new Lambeth Central constituency – and that this decision has come straight from the leadership, via the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC):

Our current Streatham constituency will no longer exist at the next election. It has effectively been split in two and divided between the new Lambeth Central and Streatham and Norbury constituencies…

I’ve been made aware that papers have been sent out to the NEC to indicate which MPs will represent the new seats… I wanted you to hear from me first, that whilst in an ideal world I would love to continue representing our area in its entirety, it has been decided that I will stand as Labour’s candidate for the new ‘Lambeth Central’ seat…

Standing in this particular seat also helps to avoid the time-consuming, distracting and occasionally unpleasant contests that can occur amongst Labour colleagues in these situations.

Inside Croydon

Starmer’s regime and its machine have been mired in racism against Black people, Muslims and Gypsy Roma people and the ‘leader’ has ignored the Forde Report that he himself commissioned, to the outrage of Black MPs – many of whom reportedly now feel afraid to speak out because of the reprisals they know will follow.

Now a popular Black MP is being shunted aside to make room in safe seats for a white, right-wing Starmer ally with a record of blatant antisemitism – and another white MP. Arrogance, racism, or both – either way it’s yet another appalling episode in the hollow, rotten shell that Starmer has so rapidly made of a recently-great party.

Update: some locals have said it makes sense for Ms Ribeiro-Addy to take the Lambeth candidacy as that was her area before Streatham and that her ‘it has been decided’ may be an attempt to soften the blow for Streatham members. Regardless, Labour is still ‘dibsing’ safe seats for right-wing front-benchers.

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  1. I am sorry but Ribeiro-Addy hasn’t been “shunted aside” but rather her present Constituency has been divided and she can only stand in one Constituency.
    I don’t know London very well but, unless Lambeth Central is deemed to be a Labour marginal seat, Ribero-Addy is still the Labour candidate in a safe Labour seat.
    I maybe wrong but, my understanding of London political map is that south of the river the most inner city a seat is, the safer it is for Labour.

    1. Maria, we just don’t know. You might be right that no great injustice has been intentionally done to Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP by Starmer’s firm. However, Skwawkbox’s proposition – that she was marginalised to favour right wing MPs – is equally possible. We’ll never know. The available evidence favours neither hypothesis.

      Me, I distrust the current ‘leadership’ so much, I incline towards Skwawky’s PoV. And even if there isn’t evidence (yet) to support this, I’ll just recollect last November’s accusation that Keir Starmer & Clique intentionally marginalise black leftwing Labour MPs, and examine every pertinent event, like this. (Thanks, Diane Abbott)

      1. Qwertboi, I don’t trust Starmer at all, I consider him a fascist.
        However, it doesn’t do the left any favour to spin this news as evidence of Labour HQ marginalising black Labour MPs.
        If anything it could back fire against Ribeiro-Add and used against her. Because, Labour HQ could used as “evidence” against her. Of course their isn’t any evidence but since when lack of evidence has bother Starmer’s Labour Party.
        It makes me wonder who sold this “Trojan horse” to Skwawkbox.
        The facts are:
        1- The boundary review of all CLPs in Great Britain has been undertaken by the Electoral Commission. Hence nothing to do with Starmer or Labour HQ.
        2- The Electoral Commission has decided to divide Ribeiro-Addy’s seat and giving some wards to other newly formed CLPs.
        3- The other two white MPs are the incumbent of others seats in the area. Under the new boundaries some of the wards in their old seat would have gone to the newly formed Streatham and Norbury Constituencies.Therefore, having the right to opt for them.
        What we need to know and we don’t, is if the seat allocated to Ribeiro-Addy, Lambeth Central is now a marginal seat. Then we will have evidence of Ribeiro-Addy been marginalised.
        It doesn’t pay us to spin this as “news worthy” when simply we don’t know. Using emotional language such as “shunted aside” doesn’t help.

    2. I think you are almost certainly correct about this.

      Lambeth Central is hardly going to be a marginal seat.

  2. Apologies for this aside.
    It is significant though.
    Reports that huge NATO “exercises” are to take place from 12th June to 24th June with “our partners in Eastern Europe”.
    I hope that this is simply posturing and that they are not going to start WW3.

    1. No need to apologise. Do you have a link?

      Anyway, I came across this excellent and comprehensive article a couple of days ago (originally published in October last year) which lays out the reality of the Ukraine conflict, as the headline indicates:

      ‘The War in Ukraine: Made in Washington Not Moscow’

      Please share far and wide. The only way this proxy war is gonna be brought to an end sooner, rather than later, is if the vast majority of the tens of millions of people who have been duped and deceived and manipulated by the political gangsters and their MSM propaganda machine are enlightened and learn the truth about the reality of the situation – ie that on the one hand they are being lied to and mislead and disinformed on a gargantuan scale, and on the other hand hundreds of thousands of mostly young men are being killed and crippled and maimed in a totally unnecessary war solely because the US gangster elite (and their fascist European buddies et al) are going for complete global domination….. a unipolar world in which they are the masters.

      1. Just got home and found this.
        I think that it was on John Helmer’s website, Dances with Bears.
        I’ll check.

      2. PS And needless to say this has all been years – over two decades – in the making/planning, and the ‘Salisbury poisonings’ were all a part of it, and staged, as such, for the purpose of demonising Putin prior to – and in preparation for – the day their provocations finally have the desired effect and leave him with no other choice.

      3. “Are you really that credulous?”

        You are confused, steveH, as to who it is who is being credulous in regard to the Salisbury incident.

        Spoiler: Its not Alan.

      4. Dave – I’m not the one proselytising Putin’s propaganda

      5. Well I was just about to post a link to something related that I hadn’t heard about before, and when I came back to this page to post it, what do I see??? Yep, our resident full-time paid fascist shill has – yet AGAIN, as he has EVERY single time I post about the Mass Deception that the Salisbury poisonings were – SteveH turns up shortly afterwards to try and discredit me, usually within a matter of a few minutes, but this time he left it for just over 45 minutes because he’s trying to convince readers that he doesn’t monitor the comments section sixteen hours a day or more seven days a week (as he’s been doing for seven years now that *I* know of!).

        Anyway, I was just looking for the Radio times interview that Nick Bailey did about a year after he was allegedly poisoned when he, and two colleagues, went to Skripal’s house on the Sunday evening, but it didn’t come up in the results. But I came across the following Guardian article from April 3 in the list of results:

        ‘Inquiry into novichok death of Dawn Sturgess to begin in autumn 2024’

        Sturgess’s father, Stan Sturgess, expressed relief that a date had been set and said he hoped it would mean that those responsible for the attack would be held to account.

        He said: “It’s been a long and trying time but finally with a brilliant legal team we can move forward, hopefully finding out who is accountable.”

        The inquiry is due to begin on 14 October 2024, which will be more than six years after Sturgess died.

        Sturgess’s family have battled to try to find out the truth of what happened to their daughter, and pushed for her inquest to be converted into an inquiry, which would have more power to examine issues such as the role of the Russian state and to consider sensitive information in secret.

        In November 2021, the then home secretary, Priti Patel, announced that this would happen, but since then Sturgess’s family has been disappointed by the pace of the process, pointing out it involves pressing matters of national security.

        They are also keen that the inquiry gets to the bottom of the still unexplained gap between the attack on the Skripals and the poisoning of Sturgess and Rowley.

        Rowley has several times expressed his frustration about the lack of clarity of what happened to him and Sturgess.

        Six years! Hmm. And why would her family have to ‘battle’ to find out the truth???

      6. Dave.
        He is one of those blinkered people who dismiss any evidence contrary to their narrative as “propaganda” rather than engage with the argument. This is the classic denial response of the neocons to anything inconvenient. It could, of course, be that he is staggeringly gullible but my guess is it’s the former.

      7. So lets get this straight steveH:

        What you are claiming is that the following facts…..

        1. Standard VX and similar nerve agents attack the nervous system through contact with any part of the body or ingestion leading to incapacitation and death within 7 seconds.*

        *Source: (a) Standard British military NCB (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) warfare training circa early-mid 1970’s; (b) UK Porton Down NCB facility instruction to those of us who were volunteer test subjects from serving British military units circa 1974.

        2. An alleged nerve agent officially claimed to be many orders of magnitude more toxic than nerve agents the UK Military and NBC Research Facility at Porton Down Officially designated as lethal within 7 seconds failed to kill all those exposed to it at the time of the alleged incident in Salisbury involving the Skripal’s*

        * A fact noted in a letter to the Daily Telegraph on 14 March 2018, by Stephen Davies, a consultant in emergency medicine at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust. Who stated categorically that “None had symptoms of poisoning and none has needed treatment. Any blood tests performed have shown no abnormality. No member of the public has been contaminated by the agent involved.”

        3. All chemical and biological agents become contaminated and decrease in purity levels on exposure to environmental conditions – rain, snow, atmosphere and other impurities present. Over time this reduces the efficacy levels of the agent. Yet over a week after the date of the alleged incident officials from the relevant international Agencies were able to take samples from site which mysteriously retained their original purity levels despite, allegedly, being in situ for some time and subject to environmental contamination.

        …..are all “Putin Propaganda.”

        Which means that according to the delusions in your head…

        – Putin, born in 1952 according to Wikipedia, presumably infiltrated the UK military whilst still a teenager to implant false information about the toxicity of the nerve agents at the time into British NBC Military Training Manuals and programs and even within Porton Down.

        – That despite being, allegedly, many times more toxic than traditional nerve agents, the alleged nerve agent in this alleged incident failed to kill a single individual on the day – despite being introduced into multiple indoor and outdoor locations whilst at the same time being able to maintain its purity levels for days on end.

        Tell us steveH, just what are they splicing the Ganja with these days in the Caribbean? (allegedly)

      8. Allan.
        You may recall that, when interviewed on the Beeb shortly after he was released from hospital, Charlie Rowley said that he had found some “perfume”, taken off the cellophane wrapper and given it to Dawn Sturgess. Much later the Beeb did a dramatisation of the Salisbury events in which they showed it exactly as Rowley had described.
        Yet we still hear of it as the “discarded bottle of Novichok that had been used to poison the Skripals”.
        As the former Mossad agent, who was interviewed by Craig Murray, said “I can’t tell you who poisoned the Skripals, but I can tell you that it wasn’t the GRU”.
        Let’s hope that the inquiry sheds some light on things enev if it can’t get to the bottom of them.

      9. Correction…. SEVENTEEN minutes after I posted my PS in which I mention the Salisbury poisonings facade, in fact (the 45 mins or so was after my initial post).

        But what I wanted to say – and forgot to say in the end – is given that SH ALWAYS responds – AND within a matter of minutes – every time I post about ‘Salisbury’, trying to discredit and ridicule me, then his paymasters MUST be very concerned and worried about the truth – and all the numerous inconsistencies of the official narrative – being exposed. hey left

        For starters, the possibility of two people becoming incapacitated in exactly the same moment several hours after coming into contact with a nerve agent are absolute zero. And needless to say, it is inconceivable that DS Nick Bailey and his two colleagues wouldn’t have taken the guinea pigs and the cat with them when they left Skripal’s house and arrange for them to be checked over and looked after. Oh, right, and the Chief Nurse of the whole of the British army just happened to be passing by seconds after the Skripals – sitting on the bench – became (allegedly) incapacitated.

  3. It’s not only the Tories who can get away with gerrymandering.
    Call Starmer out wherever possible. He’s trashed the party.

      1. ‘Sadly the entire planet probably would be destroyedbefore the US allowed NATO independence.’ i was responding to Brian’s 11.30 post, but didn’t position it right 🤪

  4. Ukraine had the biggest army in Europe NATO and America have been building this army for 20 years to stand up to Russia now the latest is its been destroyed thats why Zelensky in on a world tour scared to go back home in case he gets assassinated fucking coward.FREE GONZALO LIRA

    1. It would be good if everyone who has advocated for the release of Julian Assange joined in to advocate the release of Gonzalo Lira.

      1. Why are you attempting to conflate a f’wit pedaller of Putin’s propaganda with Julian Assange.

      2. Have you any actual facts to substantiate your claim steveH.

        The floors yours. Go for it. We are all ears.

      3. SH – Journalists sometimes say things that we, or others, disagree with. Sometimes they are very rude about people. Sometimes they get things wrong. Sometimes they say things that we find objectionable. They all have the right to make whatever points they wish. If they offend a government, that government has the right to deport him/her. Evan Gershkovich did something very silly in going to report from a city that houses two important production plants for military equipment. Even so, my view is that he should have been deported. Lira, by contrast, has stayed in Kharkov and simply written/said things which the Ukrainian government doesn’t like. The worst they should have done ought to have been to deport him.
        I have advanced an argument. You are free to advance a contrary argument if you have one.
        Calling someone a rude name is not an argument.
        It is a sign of someone with limited powers of reasoning.
        Surely that can’t be you? So advance your argument, or go and play with your goats.

      4. goldbach – I’m quite happy to stand by what I actually said above.
        You are more than welcome to address what I actually said.

      5. It would seem that the primary agricultural export of the Caribbean (allegedly) is Salsola tragus.

      6. SH – I would be happy to address what you said.
        Unfortunately, you said nothing …………………. other than calling Lira a rude name.
        If that passes for reasoned argument in your mind then you are sadly lacking in intellect.
        Your inability to provide a reasoned argument as to why Lira should have been arrested, and your inability to make any comment on the Gershkovich (fairly similar) case implies that it is you to whom the term you bandied about should be applied.

      7. goldbach – Are you claiming that Lira hasn’t been peddling the disgusting Putin’s propaganda?😲

      8. steveH – so that’s another big fat zilch on your part in terms of presenting any factual based challenge to any of the output from that source.

        Foucault would have been proud of you.

      9. Dave – What source would that be. I’ve made my position quite clear, if you want to argue about something else then please be my guest but you’ll be arguing with yourself.

      10. The source you named steveH. Which was Lira.

        And the issue which you are well aware of because you are desperately trying to avoid it is not your stated opinion it is what substantiating empirical evidence you can present to back up that position.

        Once again, whenever challenged to present such evidence you slink away. Offering nothing but empty rhetoric.

        It won’t be long before you’ll be stuttering like a good little eurocrat.

      11. Dave – As I said elsewhere. Have you not read his output or watched his stuff on RT?

    2. goldbach – I’m simply pointing out that it is wrong to conflate Julian Assange’s predicament with that of a couple of Putin’s useless idiots who are the antipathy of everything that Julian Assange stands for.

      1. SH – “a couple of Putin’s useless idiots”.
        If you are referring to Lira and Gershkovich, then I am very puzzled.
        Lira was arrested in Ukraine for, it appears, being rude about the Ukrainian government.
        Gershkovich is an American journalist who was arrested in Russia for going to report from a city which houses two of Russia’s most advanced manufacturers of military equipment.
        Just shows how ill-informed you are.
        I suggest you stick to the goats.

      2. goldbach – Big deal, I made an error. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

        My original position was and remains quite clear.

        Here’s the correction
        I’m simply pointing out that it is wrong to conflate Julian Assange’s predicament with that of one of Putin’s useless idiots who is the antipathy of everything that Julian Assange stands for.

      3. In the absence, yet again, of any substantiating empirical evidence to support your increasingly desperate and ridiculous claims all you are succeeding in doing steveH is to make yourself appear to be nothing more than a blow-hard.

        All fur coat and no knickers.

        Put up or shut up.

      4. Dave – …..and yet you’re the one desperately looking for an argument, are you bored and lonely. As I’ve said above – ” I’ve made my position quite clear, if you want to argue about something else then please be my guest but you’ll be arguing with yourself.”
        Have Fun 😏

      5. “My original position was and remains quite clear.” – Indeed it does. It is the position of what you refer to as a fwit, or what i would call a twit.

      6. goldbach – Don’t be silly, what do you think you’ve won?

      7. No steveH. What is being reasonably requested is some beef. Some actual evidence to substantiate your wild claims.

        A basic component of The Enlightenment. Of civilised discourse.

        Have you actually got anything worth listening to or are you just metaphorically standing on the street corner incoherently gibbering at everyone?

        You never stop demanding evidence from others but do not practice what you preach when others make the same reasonable request.

        Meanwhile here’s some actual evidence of manufactured propaganda discovered and presented back in April 2022 by Lira.

        Refute it with substantive counter evidence or shut the fuck up.

      8. Dave – So what, that’s an hour of my life that I will never get back.

      1. Dave – I’m sorry but I have no idea what you are prattling on about.
        Could you could detail precisely what it is that you think I am trying to fool people about?

      2. You’ve no idea Period, steveH.

        All mouth and no trousers.

  5. I can’t remember when or how I came across this Chris Hedges article (from March 11) entitled ‘Ukraine’s Death by Proxy’, but I obviously saved it to read at some point, which I just did, and it’s very interesting. Here’s a clip from it:

    The arming of Ukraine is not missionary work. It has nothing to do with liberty or freedom. It is about weakening Russia. Take Russia out of the equation and there would be little tangible support for Ukraine. There are other occupied peoples, including the Palestinians, who have suffered as brutally and far longer than Ukranians. But NATO is not arming Palestinians to fight against their Israeli occupiers or holding them up as heroic freedom fighters. Our love of freedom does not extend to Palestinians or the people of Yemen currently being bombed with British and American weapons, or the Kurds, Yazidis and Arabs resisting Turkey, a longtime NATO member, in its occupation and drone war throughout the north and east of Syria. Our love of freedom only extends to people who serve our “national interest.”

    NB Funny, isn’t it, how we’ve got most of the best journalists on the planet on our side – the side of truth exposing the lies and falsehoods and deceit of the fascist elite and their propaganda machine – just about all of whom have been marginalised, and for the obvious reason that they enlighten and illuminate.

    1. Is that the same Chris Hodges who wrote
      “Preemptive war, whether in Iraq or Ukraine, is a war crime.”

  6. Russia will not negotiate, tried that, got the T shirt
    They don’t have to, overwhelming superioty, nothing NATO can do
    WW3 is the end of life on earth, so it’s not going to happen
    The Kleptocracy only believe in exploitation and extraction
    Won’t destroy this planet until there’s another one to go to

      1. goldbach
        Traditionally every revolution starts the moment the General orders his troops to fire on their own
        Then the order is ignored and the General is shot
        The NeoCons are ideologues and a front for Global Kleptocracy, spivs and thieves robbing the planet blind
        The Money will move on, AI is the next excuse to screw the world

    1. The dead cats slammed on the table are starting to come thick and fast now.

      1. Dave – I wonder why hardly anyone on this page, including you, has referenced the original article

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