Reeves, Ashworth, Powell join in condemnation of tuition fees u-turn

Image from a video by caustic genius The Agitator, merging Starmer with his predecessor in betrayal, Nick Clegg

Last night, Skwawkbox highlighted Keir Starmer’s shameful U-turn on tuition fees and his deputy Angela Rayner’s condemnation of the ‘betrayal’ of students – when the LibDems did it.

And at least three other members of Starmer’s front-bench team also made similar condemnations that would speak loudly to their boss if any of them had any morals or integrity:

Starmer promised repeatedly that he would scrap tuition fees altogether, as part of his shameless con to fool Labour members into voting for him as leader. Like every other promise, that has been just as shamelessly shredded.

English voters are without an opposition, a situation that suits the wealthy but means poverty, misery, debt and death for the many.

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  1. Hopefully this will show the whole of the electorate what we already know – that Starmer and his MPs are a bunch of charlatans without honour or integrity whose word means absolutely nothing.

  2. Why anyone wants to believe what these parasites say is beyond me and they want us to trust them. Starmers fucking RATS

  3. Lucy Powell did a U-turn on Trident replacement.

    She claimed to oppose it when seeking election as the candidate for Manchester Withington in 2010 when she tried to unseat Liberal Democrat John Leech. But she voted for replacement after she became MP for Manchester Central.

  4. The PLP is toxic. Its a party within a party. The term “entryist” comes to mind

    1. Even if one accepts your ridiculous premise then realistically, who do you think would replace Keir Starmer and how would that serve your cause? (if you have one)

      1. No harm in swapping one ridiculous premise, for another ridiculous premise.

        Any other ridiculous premise would be slightly less ridiculous than Starmer as PM, let alone leader of a Democratic Socialist Labour Party. We could not get any more ridiculous than that prospect.

        The sooner he resigns – taking his ridiculous Shadow Cabinet, with him – the better.

        Oh, yes, and never forgetting the ridiculous gang of rats he’s installed at Labour HQ. That includes the ridiculous Blair and the ridiculous Mandelson. I’d like to see him expel them both from this ridiculous Labour Party, as his last act, but I suspect he’d be too ridiculously cowardly to do that.

        The whole of the UK would all be so ridiculously better off, without them all.

      2. George – …..and the credible alternative that you and your comrades are offering the electorate is❓

      3. George – Don’t be silly.
        You really do need to make more of an effort to keep abreast of current affairs. Barry Sheerman announced some time ago that he would be standing down at the next election and Harpreet Uppal has already been selected to replace him as Labour’s PPC for Huddersfield.
        Have another try

      4. So Starmer keeps ditching all his ‘left-wing’ polices, which he undoubtedly knew at the time he adopted them he would do some time later – ie he lied to deceive – and SteveH says it’s a ridculous premise to describe Starmer as a traitor.

        As for SteveH himself, well during the time Jeremy was leader he – SteveH – posed as a left-winger on skwawkbox, but he was really an im-poster, as we now all know. And up until around six or seven or so months ago – after I kept drawing it to readers attention – he was Replying to comments – NUMEROUS comments every day in practically every thread – in a matter of a few minutes and, as such, was obviously monitoring the comments section continuously. But now, generally speaking, he tends to leave it for between 30 to 60 minutes before he posts a Reply, but he’s not fooling anyone, and you can be 150% certain that he is still monitoring the comments all the time. And the reason he does so of course is because he’s a paid full-time establishment shill, and a fascist piece of unowat, as such.

        Set your stop watches!!

      5. 246
        Sunak ahead of Starmer, that tells you anyone would be better
        Now tell us what you have replaced the Corbyn manifesto with

      6. Doug – Would that be the same 2019 manifesto that the electorate rejected en-mass?

      7. SteveH 03/05/2023 at 6:41 pm :

        A bit rich, you, telling people not to be silly. Get a sense of humour – not something Tories are known for.

  5. Let’s see what the electorate think of Starmer
    He betrays one demographic days before, which makes him more Theresa May than Harold Wilson
    What’s the headline offer in these elections
    What’s his USP
    Anyone ?

    1. In today’s Guardian it says that the latest betrayal was not meant to come out yet. Meant to come out after the local elections.

  6. Doug – Please feel free to come back and tell me all about it on Friday evening when all the results are in.

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