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Labour campaign lie gets truth attached by Twitter – again

Last month saw Keir Starmer twice put out false claims on social media that saw Twitter attach ‘context’ – essentially a comment explaining to viewers that the claim was untrue. That didn’t prevent Starmer issuing the same claim a second time, but the move exposed Labour’s desperation to fool people into voting for it in this week’s local elections – and the regime’s readiness to resort to dishonesty.

Now Labour has put another tweet that Twitter has had to correct, because it promises something to voters that has no connection to local government elections:

Lies and sewer politics have characterised Labour’s campaign – the inevitable result when a party’s lack of political vision and backbone is matched only by its absence of morals and integrity.

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  1. keef thinks the age-old prosecution trick of continually referring something that he knows the judge would rule inadmissible (in order to stick in the jury’s minds – inadmissible or not) applies to politics. But he’s only doing so because he thinks there’s no judge to direct us.

    It doesn’t work that way, keef. In public – much unlike the court/jury room – people aren’t under someone’s direction about how they reach their conclusion.

    You see, keef, WE are ALL the judge and jury out here.

      1. I take it “Lemming Thursday” is, once again, being ‘predicted’?

      2. How can there be a ‘Labour’ victory when Labour does not exist?

        Cheering for Continuity conservatism is nothing more than a act of spiteful violence against one’s fellows and neigbour’s.

      3. 246
        Omnibus the Remainiac pollsters of choice
        2nd Referendum Starmer on a hiding to nothing
        500 – 800 net gains to remain on course for a small majority at GE
        Not going to happen, would put something over your Custard if I was you

      1. Dave Hansell
        When talking about Nationalisation, enjoyed comparison with Private Equity and Hedge Funds loading debt onto companies
        If its good for the Goose

      2. What is never discussed is Exploitation and Extraction
        Running the business and people into the ground whilst squeezing every penny out of it, then selling what’s left to their old school friends running our Pension Funds
        Was Rinse Spin Hang out to Dry
        Repeat cycle

    1. Also came across this on DDN on youtube:

      ‘AI Professor WARNS Artificial Intelligence could END Civilisation’

      (and there’s a link to the full interview)

      1. Since 2020 a clearly very primitive form of AI has been imposed on the Labour Party, and we can all see the damage it’s doing there !!

      2. Ludus 57, that’s not AI. At best it can be described as DI. Dumb Intelligence.

  2. This poster/literature is yet more gaslighting by yet another set of incompetent liars and frauds given the yesterday’s BBC Radio 4 interview with Justin Webb where Starmer effectively and in all practical definitions totally repudiated everything both explicit and implicit in the statement made on this piece of literature.

    Tax expert Richard Murphy takes this interview – and the contradictions apart:

    Here’s one key quote from the interview:

    “The question you put to me ‘wouldn’t it be sensible to raise taxes even higher?’ I think the high tax, low growth model doesn’t work, I think it’s busted.”

    As Murphy explains:

    “Starmer was actually asked about taxes on wealth. He rejected the idea.

    What is Starmer saying as a result? There are at least three obvious things.

    The first is that inequality does not matter, when it very clearly does.

    The second is that he does not think that redistributing from those who only save their excess income to those who might spend it into use in the economy can have an impact on the level of economic activity in the economy as a whole. This reveals a staggering level of incomprehension of the impact of multiplier effects.

    [observation: The term “incomprehension” in this last sentence barely covers the staggering level of ignorance and incompetence Starmer display’s here. A level which makes him and all those taking the same stance unfit for anything – from leading a society to participating in it].

    Third, what he is saying is that he really does not believe in the ability of government to meet need. If he thinks high tax delivers low growth then he is clearly saying low tax, which is associated with small government, does deliver growth. In other words, he is clearly suggesting that the private sector is to be preferred as a delivery mechanism to the state.

    [observation: Starmer’s stance here – and by definition that of all those who take the same stance – has reality the wrong way around. The evidence of decades of failure of the neo-liberal privatisation/piratisation model in which parasitic oligarchs who produce nothing of value, preferring instead to leech off rent, reduce the vast majority to a level of serfdom last seen in the Middle Ages has been an abject disaster. Anyone at any level wanting to continue to subject their fellows and neigbours to such conditions has no place, and deserves no place in a civilised society].

    I could dig deeper into this, but I am not sure I need to do so. This is neoliberal thinking of the most basic, dogmatic, mantra-driven and unchallenging type. The message could not be clearer. He thinks that everything that Labour once stood for will not be embraced by him, his team or any government he leads. We will instead get austerity, shrinking services, growing inequality and kow-towing to the markets, bankers, and the supposed entrepreneurs in big business whose sole objective is to gouge out their companies for their own private gain.

    I despair.

    I can say with a very clear conscience that I will not be voting Labour this week.”

    The stance and approach being taken by the Labour Party is indistinguishable from that of the Tory Establishment of which the Labour Party, among other false choices on offer, have been captured and neutered for some considerable time.

    To paraphrase the Australian journalist Caitlin Johnstone:

    “The UK doesn’t have political parties, it has narrative control ops disguised as political parties. One of them overtly promotes capitalism and imperialism by appealing to Britons worst impulses, the other covertly diverts healthy impulses back into capitalism and imperialism.

    Two muppet’s, whose only distinguishing feature is the colour of the rosette pinned to their chests, fight in a puppet show and the crowd cheers for one or the other while thieves pick their pockets. And when people start to notice their wallets are missing, they’re told they can stop the pickpocketing by cheering louder for their favorite muppet.

    People ask why nothing changes, and the answer is, because that’s not their job. Their job is not to enact the policies you elected them to enact. Their job is not even to win elections. Their job is to keep you staring at the puppet show while the empire has its way with the world.”

    Starmer’s Labour has made it very clear that they see no active role for Government in terms of what everyone except fellow thieves and parasites understand as the role of Government in a democratic system – the welfare and well being of the majority which is the prerequisite for a healthy functioning civilised society.

    Instead they are too busy catering for the needs of the already wealthy whose lobbyists they serve in a political capacity. Just like the Corporate Media scribes who pass themselves off as ‘journalists’ . So called ‘journalists’ who cannot even reach the status level of prostitutes because at least prostitutes give you what you pay for.

    One of this sites occasional contributors, bevin, sums it up neatly on the steel city scribe blog:

    “the natural political division in the UK right now is between Blairism and Socialism. The Tory ‘brand’ is no longer fit for purpose – Blairism serves the ruling class far better. And when it is opposed by Toryism it is unbeatable because the only alternative is a clumsier version of itself.”

    Only those with no interest in surviving would vote for more of this – whatever the colour of the rosette offering it up.

    1. …..and the alternative that you and your comrades are offering the electorate is?

      1. Simple. What actually works. Which is the opposite of what is on offer at present.

        Whether you like it or not is immaterial. What you are hanging your hat on is unworkable and is destined to collapse sooner rather than later. One day, in the not too distant future even you, steveH, will learn firsthand the very painful lesson that it is not possible to vote against reality.

      2. Dave – “Simple. What actually works. Which is the opposite of what is on offer at present.”

        …..and what would that be? Perhaps you could give us a clue what you are talking about and provide some examples of economies where your theories have been proven to work.

      3. SteveH03/05/2023 AT 2:24 PM
        …..and the alternative that you and your comrades are offering the electorate is?

        You’ve been told time-time-and-time-and-again, you completely fucking idiotic DOLT..

        It’s up to keef to provide the alternative.

        What alternative has he provided?

        *Won’t tax the rich.
        *Won’t bring NHS services back in-house (in fact will do the opposite)
        *Won’t renationalise.
        *Won’t support striking workers
        *Won’t do away with student fees
        *Won’t chase up the fraud committed by the rags and their mates from the pandemic
        *Won’t whip MPs to oppose the toerags

        *Supports “spycops” and the anti-protest laws
        *Supports the monarchy
        *Supports corporates over the individual

        “alternative” MY ARSE AND YOURS, YOU UTTER FUCKING CREPE (not a typo) .

      4. And- before YOU forget…

        “Make brexit work”

        That tory wet dream brexit.

        That tory wet dream brexit that YOU keep referring to whenever I bring the matter up.

        Which apparently makes ME a Tory, but NOT keef, you fucking oddball.

        …By the way, did I mention freedom of movement earlier??

        No. So there’s yet another you can strike off from your list of credible alternatives


      5. Don’t ever forget, Steve, that Starmer needs to win back the seats -they renounced Red Wall – that were lost through his shenanigans over a
        Great fun, potentially!second referendum in 2019, purely to sabotage a Corbyn – led party.

      6. Ludus – You obviously haven’t looked at the MRP polling for the Red Wall.

      7. 246
        Tell us what the ‘Multiplier Effect’ is and how it compares with ‘Trickle Down Economics’

      8. And get accused of writing a long diatribe by someone like yourself who can barely string a coherent argument together.

        Yeah. Reight.

        Been there. Done that. It doesn’t work with you.

        Its not hard to figure out though. I’m sure you’ll manage one day if you ever grow up.

      9. “ts not my responsibility to educate you.”

        And therein lies the problem.

        We, that is everyone else on this site, need to know the answer to Doug’s question, and others like it, at a minimum.

        Because if you don’t know or understand such basic concepts – and you clearly do not – its totally pointless wasting time answering your questions seeking detailed outlines of alternatives to the bullshit paradigm you insist we have to accept.

        It will, as everything else does, go completely over your little head.

      10. 246
        We know your as thick as my doorstep
        Which one is Real

  3. [observation: The term “incomprehension” in this last sentence barely covers the staggering level of ignorance and incompetence Starmer display’s here. A level which makes him and all those taking the same stance unfit for anything – from leading a society to participating in it].

    Like the filthy, degenerate nonces he protected (and those of the ilk he surrounds himself with), keef is of zero use to normal society and shouldn’t be permitted to participate within it – let alone be in a position to proffer itself to LEAD it.

    1. Toffee, Once again you have neutered the trolling Chief Turd Polisher with your eloquent wit and prose. Please keep it up, it’s a glorious sight to witness……

  4. What has not been tackled here so far is the wider context in which elections take place and what policy options are permitted.

    With thanks to contributor Zoltan Jorovic on the Richard Murphy Tax blog:

    “offering people a future where everything gets worse, from environment to economy via healthcare, education, public transport, politics and discourse, is not a viable project. If you keep telling people there is no alternative and things can only get worse, we all end up killing ourselves, each other, or them.”

    Because ultimately the context in which everything takes place is that of the ossified and unworkable – as in lacks any practical efficacy whatsoever – British State and its elites, which for some considerable time have staggered about like an elderly drunken relative at a stag do from one crisis to the next with scant regard for the future.

    And this fascinating piece:

    …..for the most part does a reasonable job of summarising the dire situation. Though its observation that this state of affairs could actually endure for another century or so is in the present circumstances not simply extremely optimistic in assuming such longevity for a paradigm which is no longer fit for purpose in existential terms, but also represents a prime example of the malaise it describes.

    “The overall trajectory becomes obvious when you look at outcomes in productivity, investment, capacity, research and development, growth, quality of life, GDP per capita, wealth distribution, and real wage growth measured by unit labor cost.* All are either falling or stagnant. Reporting from the Financial Times has claimed that at current levels, the UK will be poorer than Poland in a decade, and will have a lower median real income than Slovenia by 2024. Many provincial areas already have lower GDPs than Eastern Europe.

    [*observation: the actual article provides links to evidence demonstrating each of the listed factors in this initial sentence of this paragraph].

    While all of Europe is getting poorer and weaker as the twenty-first century progresses, the UK is unique in its relative incapacity and unwillingness to find solutions in comparison to peer nations like Germany and France. This is a process that has been gathering pace for centuries, stretching back to trends that began in the 1700s even as its empire was still expanding.

    In essence, the distinctively innovative and moralistic culture that distinguished England from Europe, most fully expressed in Puritanism and Cromwellian republicanism, flowed into America’s east coast elites even as it was crushed by the aristocracy at home. Britain’s version of the modernizing class—represented elsewhere by Washington, Napoleon, Garibaldi, Bismarck, the Meiji Emperor, Lenin, Mao, and Nasser—even arose far earlier, during the English Civil War and Glorious Revolution. It died a premature death, unable to provide the refounding moment for Britain that occurred in 1776 in America, 1789 in France, 1868 in Japan, and 1949 in China.

    Because of its status as an initially advantaged first mover, the UK now has a fortified elite content to live on the rents of bygone ages. Its social order is constituted by the cultural legacy of the old aristocracy, underwritten by London financial brokers, and serviced by a shrinking middle class. Its administrative and political classes developed a culture of amateurism, uninterested in either the business of classically informed generalism or that of deep technical specialism. The modern result is a system that incentivizes speculative, consultative, and financial service work over manufacturing, research, and production.”

    That final sentence in the above quote succinctly explains why it is nothing works – [Observation: A longer, less succinct, explanation can be had by watching the 1968 British film ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ featuring, among others, Trevor Howard] – from the bureaucracy to industry, electoral politics to education and everything in between.

    Simply because the elite which controls the political system and its politicians like Starmer does not tolerate competency, and never has. It makes them look bad and they won’t have it anywhere in the system.

    Its why we have no industrial capacity to engage and sustain in the kind of industrial level warfare we have instigated in Ukraine and elsewhere. Which is why our proxies and ultimately our elites who control them {and thus by extension this country]} are going to get taken apart big style.

    Why the British army could not fill an average size US Collage American football stadium and would last about a week in any engagement involving anything at a level higher than goat-herders before it ground to a halt through lack of the necessary logistics.

    Because parasitic rent seeking is the only permitted game in town.

    And when it is, figuratively speaking, put up in 100 foot high neon lighted letters by the supposed [political] opposition that this remains the only permitted operating model or paradigm the notion put by some [no names, no pack drill] that this represents any kind of “alternative” is the political equivalent of claiming a man is a woman; up is down; black is white; shit is edible and the Moon is made of green cheese.

    Right now the only crumb of comfort is that the weather forecast for London on Saturday apparently involves cats and dogs. The sight of the self-appointed almighty and their sycophants of this ‘Rotten Borough’ of a State getting piss wet through as they piss £100 million of our money down our backs in a fantasy pageant would just about sum up the state of the Country.

    As Ricky Tomlinson might say; ‘Alternative my arse.’

    1. …….but what are you actually offering the electorate that isn’t just empty rhetoric.

      1. Maybe when you have demonstrated you understand the basic concepts contained in Doug’s question rather than deflecting it and showing all the world just how mind-stunningly ignorant you are we can get to that stage.

        Until then any answer provided will, as other detailed answers and explanations consistently provided to you have done, go straight over your head as evidenced by your puerile responses to them.

        We have better things to do with our lives than to constantly attempt educating someone who very clearly signals they prefer to remain ignorant.

  5. Toffee – Empty rhetoric isn’t going help anyone, least of all you and yours.

    “Empty rhetoric”, is it???

    Takes just two words that dismiss that utter bollocks out of hand….


    Now, what was that about “empty rhetoric not helping anyone”??


  6. Doug – Its not my responsibility to educate you

    1. Dougal isn’t the one desperately in need of any education.

    2. The entire notion of you being capable of educating ANYONE is beyond the realms of surrealism, and…

    3. The entire notion that you have the sufficient mental capacity to be educated is even beyond that.

    Now go and terrify those goats of yours by showing them a single wellington boot, you lamentable 2🎩

      1. Oh dear indeed.

        No denial that there’s absolutely nothing radically different
        (or even discernibly different) to toerag policy…toerag policy that he has supported more often than opposed since shithousing his way to his position.

        You’ve got nothing to come back with. Keef has nothing to put forward.

        So either tell us what’s NIT toerag about keef, or shut the fuck up.

  7. Toffee – Empty rhetoric isn’t going help anyone, least of all you and yours.
    This is part of what the Labour Party is offering the electorate.

    That was 18 months ago. A long time in Starmer’s politics. No doubt he’s ‘changed his mind’ on a few of those. The first part of this from ample testimony.of his duplicity.

    Every Time Keir Starmer Lied To You

  8. Not the virulent attack line one anticipates here but damning in its reserve is this opening of a recent sketch on Guido:
    A friend of mine who knew LOTO in his salad days as a barrister said this of him: “He was known to appeal more to the judge than the jury.”

    You wince, because you recognise one of those feline, metropolitan compliments such as, “He’s a very good constituency MP” meaning, “The poor fellow is a waste of parliamentary space.”

    Anything less than double digit percentage share increase in today’s elections will expose the stalled Starmer project for the vacuous and hopeless cause it is.

  9. There is a good analysis of Rachael Reeves interview on
    “Not the Andrew Marr Show” YouTube video link posted
    above by Dave Hansell where Reeves is obviously floundering.
    Prem Sikka also explains why Starmer’s reasoning*** on the same issue
    (nationalisation) is faulty and provides his own sensible solution
    to the UKs problems.

    *** Though waffling might be a better description ..

  10. Right Wing Lightweight Lumpen Labour see themselves as ‘The Great Men and Women of History’ (without an original idea in their heads) but I forecast a hung Parliament with RW Labour being the biggest party. So does JC & DA stand as Independents and we have a Gang Of Two or we have 620 JC Independents (not standing against the few Lab Lefties) or JC turns his Peace & Justice Project into a political party & has 200,000 members in a week or so & £10m plus in the campaign bank.
    We could end up with a Socialist Bloc in Parliament. Solidarity.

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