Rayner: u-turn on tuition fee abolition is ‘betrayal’

Deputy’s words leader will not want to hear

Angela Rayner has condemned the u-turn on tuition fees as a betrayal. This frankness hasn’t come now, during Keir Starmer’s Stalin-like suppression of truth and dissent in the Labour party, but Starmer will certainly not want to be reminded of it.

Rayner was speaking in 2019 – and not about Keir Starmer’s quisling party, but about the treacherous LibDems, who promised to abolish tuition fees in the 2010 general election campaign and then promptly u-turned to side with the Tories in increasing them:

But Rayner’s promise that ‘Labour will be different’ only applied when Jeremy Corbyn was leader. During his big-con campaign to replace Corbyn, Starmer repeatedly promised that he would maintain the party’s commitment to abolishing tuition fees, going further to make it one of his personal ‘pledges’:

That pledge has gone the way of every other promise Starmer made during the leadership campaign. His minions have now briefed the gleeful right-wing media that he has ‘moved on’ from it – Starmer-speak for smashing it into a million pieces, like he has all the other promises.

Ms Rayner might not have the courage or moral fibre to say so now, but she was entirely correct in her assessment that u-turning on a promise to abolish tuition fees is betrayal. Starmer’s entire tenure – and long before that – is an ongoing, continuous betrayal of decency, honesty and integrity.

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  1. Angela Rayner will not like to be reminded of this. She is totally motivated by self interest and this revelation will put her in an awkward position. If she defends her comments she will face suspension .If she doesn’t her hypocrisy and self interest will be exposed. Poor Ange – she’s between a rock and a hard place but thats what happens when you have no principles .

  2. Pledge #2 IIRC.

    Under the headline of ‘Social justice’…like keef knows the first bleedin’ thing about ‘justice’.

    Or the definition and connotations of the word ‘social’.

    1. Like all polls today, I don’t believe the source material for this. What student is going to say “Yes. I’d like to pay fees, giving me a burden through life before I’ve even started out”? The bovine smell is overpowering.

      Then there the fact that Starmer would have enjoyed free education. He’s trying to make out he had it hard again. All the more reason for ensuring a good education for all without debt, no?

      Any bets for tomorrow? Low turnout for sure.

      1. Keir reportedly doesn’t like his middle name, ‘Rodney’. How about this, Sir K? Sir Keir Quisling Starmer. Any better for you, Keir?

        quisling (kwĭz′lĭng) noun

        1. A traitor who serves as the puppet of the enemy occupying his or her country.
        2. A traitor who collaborates with the enemy.
        3. Someone who collaborates with an enemy occupying force”

        A red rose by any other name…..

      2. NVLA – The latest polls are predicting a relatively high turnout.

      3. SteveH “latest polls are predicting a relatively high turnout”

        The tories’ voter id reqpt will deflate the figures.

        Has Starmer formally spoken against the measures?

  3. This from Angela Rayner…..2019

    “And we will scrap tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants. Free education for all throughout your life. That is the prospect that [the Tories] would have us believe is so terrifying”

    Starmer yesterday….”We will not abolish tuition fees.”

  4. Labour has endorsed big increases in the military budget despite it already being among the biggest in the world.

  5. A proud record for a Labour leader who’s a fifth columnist and a member of the Trilateral Commission …. The international political arm of American foreign policy to maintain their dominance of the World Order.

  6. Why are we comparing Starmer, a centrist entryist in a nominally socialist party, to Stalin, who led his people from feudalism to socialism, defeated Hitler & ended famine in the USSR – and in such a way that we’re supposed to think Stalin’s the gold standard of bad guys. Stalin achieved much for the USSR. Starmer, if he becomes PM, will be a mere caretaker for the Tories.

    Please let’s stop shitting on left wing figures who actually got stuff done.

  7. Please stop referring to keef as a ‘centrist’

    Unless, of, course the ‘centre’ has been placed somewhere between thatcher and camoron. 😕

  8. Absolutely. Stalin turned the Soviet Union into a world superpower, defeated the nazis and raised the standards of health, education and living in the Soviet Union, but there is an eerie similarity between the enterist Starmer of the Trilateral Commission and Joseph Stalin’s less attractive attributes.

    Stalin de-Leninised the embryonic Soviet System and certainly compromised its marxist leninism.

    Stalin introduced the gulag forced-labour penal sytstem on the Soviet Union and used it to deal with political opponents.
    Stalin’s’five year plans’ were brutal and, once again, removed the organic Leninism from state economics, arguably turning the Soviet System from Marxist project to a State-Capitalist undertaking. At least 6 million named individuals, kulaks and peasants, were starved to death by Stalin.
    Stalin adapted Marxist ideals of a classless society and perverted Lenin’s Peace & Justice teachings to rule the Soviet Union with an Iron Fist. He abolished freedom of the press and began executing, imprisoning and firing officials, writers and philosophers who dared speak out against him. His paranoid insecurity fed a corrupt authoritarianism which alienated communists in the west and certainly removed the Soviet Union from its former path towards a genuinely classless society.

    Starmer’s authoritarian instincts threaten democratic socialism the way Stalin’s denatured marxist leninism in the Soviet Union. Starmer would, if he ever became PM here, enable neoliberal surveillance-capitalism to progress along the road to fascist globalism the way the WEF and Trilateralists champion and he instinctively embraces.

    Sure, Stalin lead the Red Army to save the world from Hitler’s fascism, but he also removed the Soviet Union’s potential to achieve many other other great things. Starmer, on the other hand, has nothing to mitigate him.

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