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Breaking: Starmer under investigation over earnings and gift rule breaches

Starmer, who withheld details of anti-Corbyn donors until after the close of the Labour leadership election, is being investigated by the parliamentary standards commissioner under two sections of the rules for registering donations

Labour leader Keir Starmer is under investigation by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards over potential breaches of parliamentary rules on earnings and other benefits.

Starmer is in the Commissioner’s spotlight in relation to paragraphs 14 of the rules requiring the registration of MPs’ ‘interests’ and being ‘open and frank’ in official declarations of cash and other benefits received. Specifically, the investigation is looking at ‘registration under Category 1’ of the rules, which refers to outside employment and earnings – and ‘Registration under Category 3’, which covers gifts, benefits and hospitality from UK entities. Only two other MPs are currently under investigation.

Starmer has form for being less than forthcoming about donations received, despite his frequent claims of ‘integrity’. During the Labour leadership contest, he was the only candidate to keep back details of who was funding his campaign – until after the election was over, when it was revealed that he had received almost half a million pounds from anti-Corbyn donors. Starmer refused to name his donors during the campaign in an excruciating TV interview with Andrew Neil, hiding behind the process while protesting that it was wrong to say he was hiding behind the process. Whether the Commissioner will find against him relating to parliamentary declarations is, of course, an open matter until the investigation concludes.

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    1. Reply to Paul
      Thanks for this. It is shameful and exposes the sheer greed of the man – a salary of approx £150,000 plus a very generous expenses and pension package aren’t enough for him, he wants more and is not ashamed to take freebees from those seeking to ingratiate themselves with him.
      How can anybody on this type of income with these sort of perks begin to understand the hardship ordinary people are going through at this time. Its so bad in some places that the food banks have run out of food – people can no longer afford to donate to them. Starmer and those like him, raking it in on the backs of Labour voters, are a disgrace.
      It is about time the whole system was overhauled and this type of thing was banned – it clearly brings the party into disrepute – people have been expelled for less

      1. We need to cap the top wage brackets across Whitehall, unions, Higher Education, charities, the BBC and elsewhere and incentivise the private sector to adopt a similar model. The Prime Minister’s salary should be the upper limit of pay across these sectors. Quite how the position of LOTO commands a £150K+ salary is beyond me.

      2. The Telegraph claimed he owned land worth in excess of £14 million + property and had a personal worth of over £6 million – no wonder he doesn’t want a redistributive socialist govt anywhere near power.

      3. Andy – Did they? How’s that work then?
        You report that Keir owns land worth £14million but he has a nett worth of only £6million. Do you have a link for the Telegraph article, the figures you’ve quoted don’t make sense

        The figures that I have seen indicate that Keir’s nett worth has been estimated at somewhere between £7.7million and £9million, or between 2 and 3 times Jeremy Corbyn’s nett worth of £3.3millions

    2. I’d love to know what book he is supoposedly writing and received an advance payment of £18,450 from Harper Collins for on 19 April, ’22. “How To Reverse 10 Pledges Without Anyone (that counts) Noticing’“?

      He is afterall a lawyer and will know how to break a contract that you never intended to honour and entered falsely.

      1. He is afterall a lawyer and will know how to break a contract that you never intended to honour and entered falsely.

        For someone purporting to have been the UK’s top barrister, his record in legal matters as labour leader is beyond f***ing woeful.

        If someone as criminally stupid as iain dummkopf-schmitt (almost) has keef’s number (“Second rate lawyer”**) then smarmer can’t be taken seriously.

        **keef’s not even a tenth-rate lawyer AFAIC.

      2. I am told that it’s supposed to be a book about his political philosophy …………………… no, no, no …………… seriously that is, apparently, what is being said.

      3. ” it’s supposed to be a book about his political philosophy ……

        Thanks for prompt goldbach. I found this archived copy of a Times article on it.

        Beggars belief – almost!

    3. Notice he received an advance from Harper Collins….Guess who owns said Harper Collins?

      Rupert Murdoch.

  1. Two Cheeks
    Who would make a better PM
    Was beaten by ‘None of these ‘ AND ‘Mini Trump’

  2. Awww come on, lads & lasses…Keef used to prosecute terrorists, y’know.

    …And he campaigned for a £15p/h NMW.

    …And he pledged the renationalisation of mail, rail & utilities.

    …As well as ‘effective opposition to the tories;

    ..And don’t believe all you hear; ’twas keef alone – and NOT Marcus Rashford – got the ‘rags to u-turn on the kids’ food vouchers.

    Are you seriously gonna deny him a few freebies for all the graft he’s put in? I mean, it’s not as if it’s boris or bliar levels of freeloading, is it? 🤔

    1. Toffee
      Like that
      Temporary Embarrassment the Pound Shop War Criminal or Plastic Trump

    2. He accepts advances from Murdoch for a book yet unwritten. He writes in Murdoch’s rags……..He ain’t no Democratic Socialist Brother.

    3. He spoke at an event supporting Palestine too – in 2015 when he wanted to be an MP (but before Corbyn was elected leader – presumably this is an example of the anti-Semitism that was endemic in Labour under Corbyn (/sarcasm).)

      “Sir Keir Starmer, Labour parliamentary candidate for Holborn and St Pancras, joined fellow candidate and Green Party leader Natalie Bennett in speaking to a packed audience at the event in St Pancras Community Centre.”

  3. As if anything’ll come of it when he’s found to have broken the rules – Just like reeves got away with it because she apologised…

    ‘Sorry, guvnor – It was an honest mistake

    And let’s not forget that it was keef increased the penalty to 10 years for those poor sods found to have been overpaid benefit(s) due to genuine mistakes – Now prosecuted under the Fraud Act…And then resigned the very day the met said Michael Green/Seb Fox/ Grant ‘spiv’ Shapps’ dealings: ‘May have constituted fraud – instead of prosecuting him under the very same act.

    Greasy, oleaginous, slimy, muculent twunt.

  4. For leader of the opposition, he’s a busy soul.

    Find myself thinking of Police Squad, “Nothing to see here” outside the exploding firework factory.

  5. For leader of the opposition, he’s a busy soul.

    He’s an ‘are’ soul

  6. This is a pretty trivial breach, but not a good look for someone pretending not to be dishonest.

    Of more significance is his statement today – Guardian live blog around 1.00 pm – that taxes are too high and should be cut.

    1. “Of more significance is his statement today – Guardian live blog around 1.00 pm – that taxes are too high and should be cut”.

      This is straight from the Tory playbook. Before an election is called this is exactly what Sunak will do (if he lasts that long in the job) and Labour will once again be left without a flagship policy. Just like they were left flat footed after calling for a windfall tax on the oil and gas companies. Labour look more like a pressure group, than a serious political party with a strategy to raise the living standards of the people.

      They have no big ideas and even Labour strategists (yes, I find that difficult too) are reported to be struggling to come up with a flagship campaign over the summer.

      1. I keep seeing the excuse that if he puts forward any policies, he will be monstered by the media.

        Yes. And?

        If his response to that is to not put forward any policies, he is completely useless.

        Corbyn faced the monstering and almost won an election. If you aren’t ready for the battle, Starmer, stand aside for someone who is.

  7. So its the sleeze and corruption knight of the realm.I doubt anyones suprised and after all hes one of many with their large snouts in the trough.Because its almost at epidemic proportions in the House of horrors you can be sure he will stagger away to the nearest pub without any sanctions other than told to apologise.Now its a different story for the much maligned social security claiments who are hounded and stigmatized with a number dying because of the hatred of these parliamentry parasites infecting the system..IF there was any justice this bum from Surrey would be tarred and feathered and run out of town like the drunken con man he his.

  8. I’d just assumed that the very second it was decided that Tony Blair needed Establishment endorsement and he was personally selected by the HM Queen to recive a knighthood, that he became ‘Sir Anthony Charles Lynton Blair’. Well, it turns out he didn’t. The People’s Press Editorial set me staight today.

    Iraq Iraq Iraq Iraq

    It has often been said that for this record Blair belongs in the war crimes tribunal answering for his crimes. Instead, he is to be further rewarded.

    “That is no aberration. Just about every atrocity committed by British colonialism and imperialism down the centuries has had as its lead perpetrator someone with “Lord” or “Sir” before their name. And if they didn’t they acquired one pretty soon afterwards.

    “First the crime, then the loot, then the knighthood is how it has gone for Blair. The years in between invading and occupying Iraq and trotting off to Windsor Castle have been filled by brazen and grotesque projects of self-enrichment, more-or-less unique in an ex-premier.

    “Today’s ceremony is, however, a studied insult to the suffering people of Iraq first of all, whose country has still far from recovered from what Blair and Bush wrought.

    “It is also a slap in the face to the millions in Britain and around the world who mobilised against the war in an anti-war movement of unprecedented size and scope.”

    1. I didnt realise we would soon have another knight of the realm….ITs satisfying for me personaly that this bliar war criminal has filled all of my requirments to be labeled a parasite and war criminal of the first order so for me the knighthood is the final nail in the coffin of a establishment lacky.and a enemy of the people.

  9. Investigate the rest of the filthy lying cheating bastards while your at it..
    I am determined to be part of the growing force that will bring down this filthy right wing party…

  10. Starmer says in the article he is to donate his
    book advance to charity ..

    As for Blair – well it has been said already –
    I deplore the invasion of Ukraine by Russia
    but how ironic that a few months later Blair
    is decorated after doing the same thing to
    Iraq. That case is worse because in
    doing so he not only demolished buildings
    he also demolished the then delicate
    balance of power politics in the Middle East .

    Blair was part of the whole network
    of people and institutions responsible for
    the increase in terror and deaths in
    that part of the world plus the secondary
    effect on the rest of us. I wonder if Paul Mason
    has constructed that one? If so
    I hope it has more meaning than his
    first which is incomprehensible
    in terms of arrows and their direction.

    It might also remind him that Sir Kier – to
    his credit – “opposed” that war and was
    part of “Stop The War” .. funny that ..

    1. i bet sir Keir didn’t join Stop The War’s protest at 1300 hrs at Windsor when the Queen knighted Sir Anthony Charles Lynton. He’ll have probably been working on his ‘show-me-your-papers’ political philosophy book for News International’s Harper Collins.

  11. Well quel surprise! He probably did not see that one coming…. Mr squeaky clean Keef ain’t so squeaky clean at all. Just like all the other tories…..

    1. Almost, as though he was a wet-behind-the-ears novice MP, and not the leader of the main opposition party.

      I suppose he’s both, in reality. Seven years an MP, must make him a novice, in Parliamentary experience, while – obversely – seven years to become leader of his party, is, positively, stellar.

      Who would credit it, eh?

  12. Keir Starmer is widely seen by voters as boring, according to polling research published today.

    Of all responses, 50% were negative, 24% neutral, 26% positive.

    – Guardian report on Sun’s poll.

    I think all those 26% are posting BTL in the guardian? With SteveH tasked with posting here?

    Some of these ‘anyone but the Tories’ people would happily vote for a Labour party led by Nigel Farage.

      1. The polling industry in a socio-economic system like ours doesn’t really measure public opinion(s), it endeavours to influence and control them. It didn’t work for Guaidó or Trump in Venezuela and has a job on its hands to make Sir Keir Rodney Starmer seem Prime Ministerial to canny Brits.

      2. qwertboi – …and yet they accurately predicted the national vote share for the 19GE.

      3. Not quite, but Brexit and arch-remainer Starmer’s deliberate and dispicable behaviour in said general election made their job easy-peasy for them.

        If I were you, I’d be hoping that the good people of Wakefield at least provide Labour’s lightweight PPC with the same number of votes that Mary Creagh got at her very worst, which as you can see was 17,301 (c 40pc) at GE 2015. Of course the libdem vote will increase from then, and the PAL’s NIP with its straight-talking, proudly socialist Chris Jones (a “better, fairer and freer north for all”) will more than take up the usually Labour votes lent to UKIP – and then some.

        No, despite the pollsters’ best efforts to make Starmer’s ‘show-me-your-papers’ RWLabour seem sound – and despite Fbook and Twitter running heavy Labour ad campaigns to every IP address that might be somewhere near Wakefield (as a personal favour to Klaus Schwab – cos insolvent labour can’t afford them?) – Starmer manages to repel voters and will not get its expected ‘landslide’ – more a resigned soggy slump of back into old ways and the inevitable hopelessness and despair that voting for a Starmer WEF-endorsed candidate is sure to cause.

        Chris Jones and NIP for Wakefield.

      4. @qwertboi

        Have you seen the footage of Guaido? Chairs thrown at him in a Venezuelan restaurant. Not popular at all.

      5. and yet they accurately predicted the national vote share for the 19GE.

        A fucking amoeba could’ve predicted what was gonna happen the second keef and fatberg shithoused their rigged second ref vote.

        Yet it’s but ANOTHER thing YOU got badly, BADLY wrong.

        What happened to all those libtard votes labour were meant to hoover up after you and keef shithoused your second referendum?

        And what happened to all those marginals -Labour AND toerag – that voted leave?

        Gobshite, please expire.

      6. Toffee – I don’t recall making any such claims, perhaps you could post a link to remind me. Jeremy Corbyn and constructive ambiguity is what happened. He spent month after bloody month hiding from the press. By the time he’d done pissing all over his own USP the electorate had lost trust in him.

  13. How about an update from Ukraine?
    The Beeb is reporting that the AZOT industrial complex in Severodonetsk is surrounded by LPR/Russian forces, that 800 civilians are trapped there and that the only remaining bridge over the river, which could have provided an exit route, has been destroyed. The clear implication is that the LPR/Russian forces prevented the civilians fron leaving and destroyed the bridge, although it isn’t directly stated.
    Perhaps it isn’t directly stated because:-
    Defense Politics Asia reports that
    1. The AZOT complex covers a huge area and has many exits, and there were around 1000 civilians there, the majority of whom were workers at the facility.
    2. The LPR/Russian forces control 2 of the exits. The Ukrainian forces control the rest.
    3. 3 days ago, around 200 civilians were evacuated via the LPR/Russian-controlled exits. No civilians have exited via the other exits.
    4. A significant proportion of the Ukrainian forces in AZOT are “foreign fighters”.
    5. DPA has a copy of a statement from the Ukrainian Defence Ministry saying that the last bridge was destroyed on the orders of the commander of the forces in AZOT.

    It’s a horrible situation, and one wonders if, instead of simply retreating when under such pressure, the commander at AZOT decided to create another situation designed to try to inveigle the US into direct intervention.

    1. Colonel Douglas MacGregor is a veteran of Iraq. No softie. No apologist for anyone. Straight-talking. Here’s his take.

      1. Bravo goldbach and its good to hear from the real americans who are becoming increasingly worried about the economy and the billions giveaway by the white house.Many americans including my daughters family voted for the democrats and put a senile old molester in the white house…..Shes says never again and the whole thing is about the New world order and greed.I am increasingly hearing from friends in Jacksonville that initially supported helping Ukraine but are now appalled and are like many ordinary people in europe and Britain worrying about were this madness will end..I have told them that once again those stoking the flames will sacrifice nothing especially politicians and corporations who might even make a profit from this fiasco.

      2. Reply to Joe O Keefe
        Your party leader ( Michelle O Neill Sinn Fein) in Ulster doesn’t agree with your assessment of Joe Biden.
        You say that he is a “senile old molester”. She says he is a friend of Ireland. I’d be inclined to agree with her as it was his intervention and that of other Irish Americans which forced the government adhere to the terms of the Peace agreement during the row about Brexit trade borders

      3. Joseph O Keefe
        PS Your Sinn Fein party leader for the whole of Ireland, Mary Lou McDonald shares the Ulster leader’s views and not only hailed Jo Biden as a friend of Ireland but also warmly congratulated him on his election as president. She and the rest of the Sinn Fein delegation met with him in the USA in March and were full of praise for him and his grasp of Irish issues. Maybe you are in the wrong party Joseph?

  14. Two Cheeks
    Your a Red Tory apologist
    Twas you fuckers wot lost Scotland
    Wee Jimmy is going to fire starting gun for another IndyRef, remind us where Temporary Embarrassment is on this
    And how many referendums will he want this time

    1. Doug – I’m struggling to find a reason why I should GAF about your pathetically childish taunts.

  15. Smaryboy…..When will you grow up and stop your silly personalised attacks on me.Two comments on joe the so called democrat biden.and I should find a new party?..No mr smarmy pants I support a party were activists have given their love of a united Ireland and their lives.You have given your support and money to support a moraly corrupt and dangerous labour party and despite everything you like many continue to do whilst shedding crocodile tears 😢and singing laments.Now bugger off back to your trans bunker and stop getting your knickers in a twist former comrade….

    1. reply to Joseph O Keefe
      I am not making personal attacks on you . I haven’t called you names or sneered at you or your beliefs. You have done this to me on numerous occasions.
      You are always very free with the slurs and insults in your posts. You have used my support for human rights against me, you regularly say other posters have mental health problems if you disagree with them, you used the most vile sexist slur to describe a female MP whose private life you disapproved of and used the disgusting racist language -” acting like a white man”- in one of your posts.
      You claim to be a member of a progressive party – Sinn Fein – which preaches equality and mutual respect but your comments on Ulster and the Unionists are pure poison and 25 years out of date. Your latest attack was on Joe Biden who you called a “senile old molester” . He has the full support of the Sinn Fein Leadership which is why I raised this with you
      You haven’t a good word to say about any socialist MP and claim that New Labour was “real Labour”. That in my opinion explains it all.

  16. I already knew that it was the Ukrainians who
    blew up the last bridge – part of their strategy
    and there was no attempt to hide this fact .
    I certainly did not assume from what I read
    or saw on BBC that it was the Russians who did it.

    So what would everyone else do about the situation?
    The Russians invaded Ukraine because it was full of
    fascists – was their excuse – though the word
    “invaded” is never used. Yes there are fascists there
    as in Hungary and much of Eastern Europe and
    in Russia too – left over from WW2 for it was never
    properly tackled post war. NATO is also blamed but
    this does not make sense for Russia’s actions have
    strengthened NATO rather than the reverse. The
    stupid boasting of Bush Jr about democracy was
    not helpful but does not justify the invasion of a
    whole country.

    Examining the history of Eastern Europe since
    about the split up of Soviet Russia it appears
    Putin’s nationalistic intention is a reunification
    of a Greater Russia. Everything he has
    done has pushed the borders of Russia into
    adjoining countries. Corbyn had him bang to rights in
    his criticism of him in his bombing of Chechnya and
    in his identification of Putins oligarch acolytes as
    funding the Tory party – who are their natural chums.
    He has also identified them as agents in chemical
    attacks in Syria – after waiting first for the results
    of OPCW investigations.

    The war with Georgia led to ethnic cleansing and
    increased distrust of Russia – some justified and
    some not. Then there is Russia’s long occupation of

    Would anyone justify urging Ukraine to lay down
    arms and make peace the current conditions?
    Ukraine is told they must give up their Eastern
    regions but they justifiably think that Russia will
    at some future date attempt to annexe yet more.
    After all Russia has “form” – after WW2 the Soviets
    annexed a region of Poland acquired in 1939
    as a result of Stalins pact with Hitler. They
    have similar form in abducting citizens from
    occupied territories to Russia when in 1939
    Polish citizens were forcibly removed from their
    homes and taken to Siberia in cattle trucks –
    many dying in the process.

    At the moment there are investigations into possible
    war crimes in Ukraine where both Russian and
    Ukrainian armies are both potentially involved –
    as is right. Meantime Russia tells its citizens that
    it is Ukraine which is bombing its own citizens.

  17. And the good news is the deportation flights have been stopped whilst the plane was ready for takeoff at the last minute by the European court of human rights..The country is being trashed by the UK government and supported by .parliament in a torrent of international law breaking by the UK..Bannana republic edges even closer with the UN looking closely at the treatment of starved millions in Britain especially children and the vulnerable disabled
    .How much longer will the people put up with this parliament with no longer any Opposition to decay,poverty and homelessness..Another public schoolboy is not the answer.

    1. Just awoken to the good news.
      It is said that the charter flight, which went back empty, cost the UK £500,000.
      Nobody, to my knowledge, has ever said what “incentive” the UK has offered to Rwanda to make them so keen on such a selfless humanitarian gesture.
      Meanwhile, Rwanda is being accused of invading DRC and nobody is shouting “war crime”.

      1. ……. and, regarding what anyone else would do in relation to Ukraine – I assume that means what do we think HMG should do, since we mere mortals can only pontificate.
        My view is that the UK should keep right out of it. It’s a conflict between two countries, neither of which we are allied with. HMG should encourage a negotiated settlement that recognises the legitimate concerns of the ethnic groups in the region. The only viable option seems, to me, to be neutrality for Ukraine, no hostile alliances on Russia’s borders and, because of the animosity that has been engendered since the civil war started in 2014, the inevitability of Ukraine ending up partitioned into two countries, one of which is predominantly Ukrainian-speaking and the other predominantly Russian-speaking.

  18. Yes Joseph I am delighted too about the nasty Patel’s
    racist policies being stalled! I have just got up early
    and put the bin out because I forgot last night and
    then saw the news ..well at least that was opposed
    by the Labour opposition (and by Starmer -I think?)

    And now they are going to discuss Shamim Begum on
    GMB – another racist policy. She was ABDUCTED** to
    an ISIS controlled area when aged 15 and then deprived
    of her citizenship because “she could have escaped and
    come back on her own ..” ***
    ** Anyone under 16 who is helped
    to leave the country without their parents permission is
    ABDUCTED and that is the LAW
    *** Like how many young women who tried to escape were
    caught and beaten to death? She was always surrounded
    by ISIS supporters ..

    Two women BAME labour MPs suffering from
    islamophobia and no support from Party ..
    (1) Apsana Begum – a woman who has been first of
    all wrongfully accused of fiddling her housing – then
    acquitted but has now been harassed by her ex and
    lies spoken about her and faces being de-selected.
    Her ex – incidentally has been suspended by the Labour
    Party but appears to be able to do these things. Nothing
    heard from MSM about this and no sympathy from
    any female MPs.

    (2) Another – (ex Labour) female MP Claudia Webbe
    tried and found guilty of harassment then afterwards
    discovered that 100s of text messages had been
    hidden from her defence by the police. The appeal
    which followed still convicted her of harassment
    while admitting her accuser lied – and fined her £50
    – a decision which has been criticised by Black
    Lawyers society as racist .. in this case – no
    sympathy from other women MPs – no criticism of police
    for not disclosing text messages – no action against
    lying accuser – just a demand she resigns by Labour.

    Islamophobia is rife everywhere including the
    Labour Party – to its shame.

  19. Holby I totally agree that citizenship of Begum should never have been a consideration were a person is born in the UK and was duped as a fifteen year old schoolkid into supporting a so called Holy war.Whatever the reason citizenship is not a gift but a right whatever if you are born in that country.Racism and religious bigotry is involved in Begums case and we should bring this young women home,unfortunately she’s paid in the blood of her child in the camps and that in itself is enough punishment and god forgive those who stand in judgment of a young woman now traumatised and on the “hit list” of fanatical Islam and right wing extremists in Britain.Once again Tory justice.

  20. Well,well. In other news – I see that that fine upstanding MP, Khalid Mahmood is a Senior Fellow at the Policy Exchange, as is that other paragon of virtue, Trevor Phillips. Birds of a feather? Check out the Policy Exchange. It is a rather unsavoury organisation.


    Makes andy murray, nigel mansell, martin jarvis, michael aspel, that one what plays ken barleymow on horrornation street, and their likes, look positively irrepressible

    As for that begum thing. Bollocks to her. Let her hang. . She knew full well isis were a bunch of head-chopping terrorist shitbags and STILL she joined up and off it went with it’s mates, unaccompanied

    Now the noose is swinging, and she wants the clemency she KNEW FULL WELL those she aided and abetted were NOT in the business of granting.

    And I’m sick to death of this SHIT that She didn’t know what she was doing It knew exactly what it was doing.

    The same as Greta Thunberg knows what she’s doing….Unless you’re gonna try to tell me she was ‘abducted’ and/or ‘ groomed’ by environmentalists?

    1. Toffee – I have to disagree with you regarding Shamima Begum.
      1. Given that the world is organised into states, it is not acceptable to make someone stateless. If someone who is a UK citizen has broken the law of the UK s/he should be charged in the UK and dealt with accordingly.
      2. Put up your hand if you never did anything monumentally stupid when you were in your teens.

      1. Divided into states….

        Exactly. And that chose to go to islamic state, thereby forfeiting it’s right to be a British subject. (forfeiting it’s right to breathe in my opinion)

        Yes, Begum went to islamic state to aid and assist in subjugating (through mass murder) other, legitimate, recognised states..

        Begum previously watched IS videos so KNEW FULL WELL what it was going there for.

        Or was she just going to cook their tea and darn their sacks while telling them they really shouldn’t be doing what they were doing? 🤔

        Nope. It admitted what it was about. It showed ZERO remorse for consequent terrorist attacks on and in the state you’d happily grant to it.

        Did I do anything stupid in my teens?

        For starters, I didn’t bugger off to travel a few thousand miles on order to lend physical, moral and material support to a bunch of murdering fucking lunatics in ANY way, shape, nor form.

        So don’t try to tell me she didn’t know what she was doing. Trying to mitigate for it for fuck’s sake. 😒

        Did YOU know the difference between right and wrong at 15? Did you want to assist in mass murder through subjugation? Were YOU conducive to the idea that slavery through terror is just fucking dandy, or that your religion was superior to anyone and everyone else’s; and that like the Nazis everyone else was untermensch infidels?

        Get real.

      2. Toffee – subjugating (through mass murder) other, legitimate, recognised states..

        Not dissimilar to what Putin is doing to Ukraine and its people.

      3. Toffee – I appreciate the sincerity, and the force, with which you present your argument. The points are well made and, unlike a couple of other contributors, you stick to the particular debate.
        My point is that many people from Europe and North America, most of whom were adult males, went to join IS. These adult males took up arms, fought and killed people and, in many cases tortured people etc. etc. Canada and many European countries took them back and put them through their judicial systems. Shamima Begum cooked, did housework and had a child. She joined IS when she, herself was still a child. I believe she should have been dealt with by the UK legal system. That doesn’t mean that I have the slightest identification with what she thought she was doing. The view I expressed was in regard to the legal aspect of the case.
        We will have to agree to disagree on this matter.
        As socialists we can do so and show a certain contributor that, despite having one subject where we have polarly opposite views, we do not allow that to stray into discussion on other topics.
        Finally a confession – I was well-committed to the notion of the State of Israel until the 67 war. I was monumentally stupid in that regard when I was young.

  22. Two Cheeks
    Heres the bet No Pound Shop War Criminal doesn’t have a policy on Rwanda and is No Friend of the Unions
    Oh what a tangled web we weave when we join in the race to the bottom

      1. Anyone – Even nadine fucking dorris – could understand the the question/point Dougal’s raising.

        Try answering it, instead of continually demonstrating you are a complete thundertwunt..

      2. And while we’re at it – Maybe you’d like to tell everyone what keef’s said about the free school meals for the kids of all parents on UC?

        Because nobody’s heard as much as a bastard murmur from the muculent milksop. And because keef’s schtum – WHY should people struggling to keep their heads above water, vote for that dreary, depressing dolt?

      3. Not MY fault you’re as thick as pigshit. Or at least pretend to be…And you’re shite at that, too.

        You won’t answer because you HAVE NO ANSWER.

        You’re not remotely arsed about anybody else, just yerself and keef….And he’s not arsed about anybody else except keef.

        Now go away and abuse your livestock, you utter wrong’un.

      4. Toffee – I’ll take that as a NO then.
        Given all your desperate blustering are we to take it that you were confused by Doug’s ramblings as well

  23. So you DO need it spelling out?

    Thereby PROVING your retardedness.

    b>Pound Shop War Criminal doesn’t have a policy on Rwanda and is No Friend of the Unions

    Or are you STILL gonna try to pretend you don’t know who Dougal’s referring to?

    Either way, you’ve already made yourself look every bit the cretin you truly are.

    You filthy wee chupacabra

    1. Toffee – You’re the one insisting that I answer Doug’s question, as far as I can see he hasn’t asked a question but made a statement. A statement that doesn’t make much sense but non the less a statement.
      Labour’s clear policy is to outrightly oppose Priti’s Rwanda plans, are you advocating that they should have a different policy, if so what?

    2. Toffee – As for Doug’s claims that Labour is not a friend of the Unions well that doesn’t really stack up when Wes Streeting said this only a few days ago.

      [Wes Streeting] Asked during an appearance on BBC Question Time on Thursday evening whether he supports the industrial action proposed by the RMT, the Shadow Health Secretary told viewers he would “prefer they weren’t going ahead”.
      But Streeting added: “Look, put it this way, if I were a member of the RMT and my jobs were at risk like this then I would be voting to go on strike and I would be voting to defend my job, terms and conditions.
      “If I were a government minister right now, it’s not my job to be on the picket line, it’s not my job to be condemning unions – it’s my job to solve the problem, to get people around the table, to make sure passengers aren’t inconvenienced.”

      Plus this is what was said today in the HofC in response to a Tory motion condemning the rail unions.
      “Addressing a government motion this afternoon in the Commons, which states that parliament “condemns the decision of the rail unions to hold three days of strikes, the Shadow Transport Secretary insisted that the row “can still be resolved”.
      “The bad news is that it requires ministers on this side to step up and show leadership, to get employers and the unions around the table and address real issues on pay and cuts to safety and maintenance staff behind the dispute,” she said.
      The Shadow Transport Secretary described the lack of engagement from Grant Shapps to reach a resolution as “pathetic” and told MPs that the train operators have not been given their negotiating mandate by the Department for Transport.
      “On the eve of the biggest rail dispute in a generation, taking place on his watch, it is right to say that neither the Transport Secretary nor his ministers have held any talks with the unions and the industry to try and settle the dispute,” she said.
      More than 40,000 RMT members from Network Rail and 13 train operators plan to walk out in the industrial action on June 21st, 23rd and 25th. Network Rail has said that half of all lines will be closed and that the services that do run will finish earlier, running between 7.30am and 6.30pm.
      Haigh argued the inaction from Shapps was “nothing short of a dereliction of duty and an insult to the hundreds of thousands of passengers who depend on this being resolved”. She said Labour does not want the strikes to happen and that the party in government would be “around the table” to resolve the dispute.
      Network Rail has proposed cutting 2,500 jobs as part of a £2bn reduction in spending with the job cuts including workers who maintain tracks, signals and overhead lines. The trade union has said its members have also been subject to pay freezes and changes to terms and conditions.
      The union called for a meeting with the government on Tuesday, but RMT’s Eddie Dempsey said a deal being struck is “unlikely at the moment” and accused ministers of “relishing the thought of having a dispute to distract from some other issue”.
      Haigh highlighted that under a Labour-run government in Wales a strike by railways staff has been avoided by working with employers and unions “to manage change and avoid the disruptive action that this government is about to oversee”.

      1. Where’s smarmer’s soundbites/newsreels over Rwanda, hmm? I haven’t seen or heard or read of any.

        Oh I’ve heard one or two others… But keefs’ the figurehead.

        And screeching isn’t keef – so don’t even entertain the idea.

        But I clearly remember keef saying…

        …We’ll have to look at that

        …No ifs, no buts, no equivocation

        ….An industrial dispute…in Coventry?

        Not an exhaustive list.

        Now shut up, and ONLY come back when you have a relevant and cogent answer.


  24. Yes.

    Here’s JUST ONE example….From three days ago….On Twitter NOT NATIONAL BROADCASTING.

    …And still FUCK ALL about the kid’s free school meals.

    …And still FUCK ALL about the train strikes

    …Or Northern Ireland

    …Or petrol prices.

    No wonder no bastard’s got no clue about who he is or what he stands for.

    Because neither’s he.

    but conservative Corbyn’… fuck me! If I don’t have a stroke, keef will give me a hernia through laughing so much…he’s such a card, isn’t he? 😒

    Now go away.

  25. Oh, whoopie! ….A THIRTY-FOUR SECONDS LONG soundbite to ONE of the plethora of outlets available.

    And for good measure, keef himself puts it up on social media ICYMI on the ONE channel it was shown on.

    How many views – 430,000 😙🎶

    Kids’ school meals = 🤫

    Petrol prices = 🤫

    Upcoming train strikes = 🤫

    Labour policy(IES) = 🤫

    1. Toffee – As I’ve said elsewhere your bubble mentality and your woeful ignorance of current events is your problem. You could make a start by asking someone you know to teach you how to use Google. I’ve got more important things to do.

      1. More important things to do

        Of course you have. 😏

        (Off to take your frustrations out on those young goats, are ya? 😙🎶)

      2. Says you….too busy with much more important things to do than reply to me.


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