Video: Powell car-crash as she tries to defend Labour’s exploitation of child abuse victims

Cowardly Starmer sends minions out to take the heat for his crassness and lack of moral principle

Labour right-winger and front-bencher Lucy Powell suffered an absolute car-crash of an interview this morning when she tried to defend last night’s vile and racist exploitation of child abuse victims for cheap political points on social media by her leadership.

You can’t defend the indefensible – and Powell squirmed as she was repeatedly challenged over the tweet and said it was an acceptable part of political campaigning, yet wouldn’t repeat the tweet’s message in person:

Starmer clearly doesn’t want to face the music for his choices – or questions over his own dire record, including the CPS’s failure to prosecute Jimmy Savile when he was DPP, which he defended, and repeated let-offs for police murderers of innocent civilians such as Ian Tomlinson and Jean Charles de Menezes.

Starmer has destroyed Labour as a credible force for good – but sends out his minions to take the heat for messages he has surely endorsed himself before they were sent out.


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  1. Once again – The poison that is Starmer’s Labour is on display.
    What a surprise !!

  2. Lucy Powell had a car crash interview because she refused to admit what everybody knows- the tweet was vile on a number of levels and should never have been put out by a party which claims it hopes to form the next government.
    As well as being morally reprehensible I think the tweet was also a massive tactical mistake for Starmers Labour. Skwawkbox has mentioned some of Starmers failures as DPP. Surely Starmer or whoever authorised this tweet must realise that they have opened the door for Rishi Sunak to talk about all these failures. Sunak can now say with total justification”People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” and then go on to list the failures to prosecute and the other injustices which took place under Starmers watch.
    This tweet will do Starmers Labour a lot of damage and in my opinion Lucy Powell’s failure to repudiate it will undermine what little credibility she has.

  3. Please encourage and support those people you believe would make determined and honest independent MP’s, MSP’s, MWP’s & councillors and put out to grass the scum politicians we have lording it over us at present. We need a Class Action versus The Pandemic Cabinet and The Charlatans that followed. We need the scum that inhabits the political world to answer for their criminal and deficient approach to their posts and the ransacking of The Treasury. It is not their private bank. The £6m spent on refugees is their inability to govern.

  4. Does anyone have a poll, to show? Come on, there must be a poll!?

    Surely, someone has a poll?

      1. Unless of course, the reason for his absence is….Nah, he couldn’t possibly be responsible for coming up with something like those ads.

      2. Reply to Toffee, Dave and George
        He’s gone missing because he was caught posting to himself on 7 April in reply to Skwawkbox’s article about Starmers attacks on Sunak exploding in his face.
        In order to disrupt debate/ deflect attention from Starmers Labours wrongdoing he regularly has arguments with himself using one of his several personas. However on 7 April he slipped up and posted a comment taunting “Steve H”under the name Steve H.
        He has been silent ever since- we have probably seen the back of Steve H- but I have no doubt he is still posting under another name- he has to, that how he earns a living

  5. This sort of thing is likely to happen when the Labour Party has policies that are the same as the Conservatives.

    Just recently, Rachel Reeves announced that Labour would not change the rate of Capital Gains Tax thus throwing away the chance to raise around £16 billion a year. By offering nothing, Labour finds it necessary to appeal for support on this awful basis.

  6. At the height of the infamous “Chickencoup”, that great “socialist” Lord Kinnock gave a stirring speech to the PLP about the importance of defending parliamentary democracy in the face of the Corbyn leadership and the “threat” that it posed.
    Lucy Powell was reported to have left the meeting in tears, so powerfully moving was the oratory of the renowned “Welsh Windbag”.
    That says all we need to know.
    With regards to the current shadow cabinet, the dictum “If you put useless in, you get useless out”, still powerfully applies.

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