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Starmer and co plumb new depths – exploiting abused children for political points

Disgusting – and hypocritical and probably racist – ploy backfires

Keir Starmer’s Labour party has managed to disgust both left and right – and to scrape through the bottom of a truly hypocritical barrel – by exploiting abused children in an appalling attempt to score cheap political points.

Starmer’s Labour tweeted its latest campaign tactic – showing a picture of Tory PM Rishi Sunak next to a claim that Labour will be tougher on paedophiles that Sunak’s government:

Exploiting abused children to posture as the ‘party of law and order’ is not only disgusting, but also hypocritical: Keir Starmer was Director of Public Prosecutions when his department decided not to prosecute notorious serial rapist and abuser Jimmy Savile – and Starmer even went on to say that he thought this had been the right decision:

An excerpt from the Guardian in 2012 (Jimmy Savile: DPP to review 2009 police evidence | Jimmy Savile | The Guardian (

One of Starmer’s chief advisers, Peter Mandelson, was also close to child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and has been pictured socialising with him.

The post was also at least arguably racist, feeding into stereotypes pushed by right-wing extremists such as the so-called ‘Tommy Robinson’ of ‘Asian grooming gangs’ – a stereotype thoroughly disproven this week when 21 white British paedophiles were convicted at Wolverhampton Crown Court – by showing a brown-skinned man next to a claim he doesn’t care about protecting children from sexual assault.

The reaction to Labour’s vile tactic was immediate and huge, leaving the party’s tweet heavily ‘ratioed’ – a sign of a disastrous message, with well over 4,000 disgusted responses at the time of writing and even most of the ‘retweets’ of it being ‘quote tweets’ condemning it, including elected Labour representatives. Here are just a few examples:

Even dyed-in-the-wool supporters of the Labour right and enemies of Corbyn were appalled:

One quote tweet in particular seemed to sum up the twisted thinking behind Starmer and co’s decision to crawl in the slime:

The tactic backfired so badly that Twitter itself started adding a fact-check that defended the Tories to Labour’s tweet and quotes of it:

Keir Starmer has not only destroyed Labour as any kind of hope of change for the better – he is turning it into the EDL MkII as well as adding staggering political stupidity to the moral bankruptcy and dishonesty he has demonstrated since he conned his way into the Labour leadership.

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  1. So Starmer decimated the CPS, Does that statement of intent appear to dispense with the legal process and goes full throttle into dictatorship.Repitition of the removal of natural justice which has been implemented in the Labour Party.

  2. When one feel like defending a Tory, it’s a sign of how awful this is.

    What is worse, is that it is partly true that Tory austerity and cuts in justice and penal systems literally decriminalised rape (given the minuscule proportion of rapists making it to court and the even smaller proportion of them being found guilty and sentenced). But of all the possible ways to make this point, they decide to do it the worse possible way…

    Are they stupid or are they trying to lose on purpose?

    1. Ben Said “When one feel like defending a Tory, it’s a sign of how awful this is.”

      Indeed. It will even lessen the advantage that the clumsy, polarising FPTP system gives Labour and Starmer. Rishi Sunak, the richest MP in parliament (by far), will be defended in most people’s minds against trilateral-Labour’s nasty, unfounded and irrelevant personal assault on Sunak. Suddenly, he won’t seem quite as unpleasant or reprehensible as his politics suggest to most people.

      In short, Starmer hasn’t the personality or integrity to withstand a personal comparison of the type his party’s tweet encourages.

      ‘Forensic’? My rear end!

      1. Thatcher would love the lbgt++ movements. We don’t have a society it’s the individual that counts. Now they know how to organise and morph all the way to the tomb. I can’t keep up. Does the + include furry transexual, dogger offenders who go on to rape women and people with childbearing characteristics? Labour has lost its way. It’s in a maze and there is no reason for existence. Right turn on and on. They won’t be free if they follow the hologram with the escape plan. It’s obvious that Labour is a misogynist, racist, misandrist anti-white working-class men rump, with powerful backers in security, media our unions.

  3. Red Tories are the bastard offspring of Tony Blairs Cheap and Nasty party, the current Conservative party are the bastard offspring of Nigel Farage and his Fascists
    It’s a race to the bottom
    On the all men are rapists point made above, hate to shit in your Custard but the facts are about 5,000 cases a year are prosecuted, 40% of which, the defendants are found innocent
    It’s an extremely rare offence
    Methinks you are indulging Gutter politics

      1. Ben Lapointe
        3000 cases per year convicted
        Your now upto 420,000 cases per year
        Why on earth would anyone want to promote this utter bullshit

  4. Me also thinks
    Using Propaganda, fighting dirty and giving them a taste of their own medicine is Fine and Dandy by me

    1. Reply to Doug
      No Doug, I totally disagree with your fighting dirty comments .Once you descend into the gutter with the Tories you become just as bad as the are. I’d go further – its Starmer and the rest of them using vile Tory tactics that has reduced the Labour party to the pitiful state it is in.

      1. They’re all fully aware of who’s a nonce and who’s a sex-pest in that Westminster bubble. And I include Corbyn in that. Those that keep schtum are complicit.

        And some are more complicit than others. We know some of them. We strongly suspect others. But there’s not a single one of them – NOT ONE – have any right to complain because even we plebs KNOW who some of them are…And they’re all part of that sleaze- infested bubble. They’re all ‘mates’.

        I know I’d refuse to work with the likes of hodge. I’d be very wary of anyone tried to mitigate for it. I know I’d be making sure the likes of pincher and evans would not be allowed anywheres near me or my (hetero-male) colleagues, in work or out.

        Personally, I’m (sort of) with Doug on this. Let the shitfight commence. One of them is bound to blow the lid on the whole squalid, degenerate culture that pervades the whole stinking, corrupt cabal, and expose it in all of it’s ignonimity.

        And it only takes that one to bring the whole bastard lot of them down. .

      2. Smartboy
        What happened to the man who had the integrity and the policies to take this country to a better place
        The ONLY thing Red Tories have EVER got right was ‘you have to get elected first’ they know under FPTP there is a handful of seats and a handful of Neanderthals who swing the election

      3. Reply to Toffee
        Toffee -“knowing” something and proving it are two different things.

    1. Forensically slow learners. Would you believe that trilateraLabour has just repeated its massively-mistaken attack tweet (Sunak thinks child abusers shouldn’t be jailed) on Sunak.

      Attack-tweet 2 is on gun crime and follows exactly the same format: “Do you think an adult convicted of possessing a gun with intent to harm should go to prison?”

      ALL TOGETHER NOW: “Rishi Sunak doesn’t.” His signature is there to prove it.

      Who is it that trilatLabour’s trying to talk to here? Nobody I know.

      Ex-journalist Michael Crick said Labour’s advert could lead to an “arms race” of increasingly aggressive and vacuous adverts. The race to the bottom between the proper Tories and Starmer’sLabour will have no winners except, of course, the Establishment and status-quo.

      1. ““Do you think an adult convicted of possessing a gun with intent to harm should go to prison?”

        Now there’s a loaded question in the present wider post-modernist and post-structuralist context.

        All sorts of clarifying and hedging points exist involving concepts such as percentages, types of institution, classifications, and even hierarchies.

        If we had a journalistic class that was anything other than sycophantic turd polishers they would easily have Starmer and the present sorry excuses running the LP trying to crawl back under the rock from which they emerged. Such are the gaping open goals which exist with that campaign approach.

      2. Indeed Dave, looks like ‘sycophantic turd polishers’ non-journalists have a dilema with Starmer: is the fact that he’s an autocratic pro-Establishment turd polisher himself and denaturing Labour enough to get him their support? I doubt it, too.

        They’re party loyalists before they’re turd polishing sycophants. If Starmer really had a personal part in trilat-Labour’s AttackAdd campaign, then he’s obviously not politically or emotionally mature enough to be around for much longer. Has the LabourRight already got their successor candidate lined up and ready to be installed? I hope so!

      3. It’s time for Crick to make a major decision.
        Slaphead or syrup?

      4. Why else would one need a gun. Even in self-defence, the point is to stop your attacker. We should have the right to bear arms!

    1. Starmer only joined the trilats because he thought that they pumped iron and had plunge baths. He was nearly right, it’s pumping lead and digging graves. No towel slapping for Slapsie Maxie.

  5. Toffee -“knowing” something and proving it are two different things

    I suppose that depends on the quality of the investigation, who leads it, and if they can be arsed prosecuting any case made, doesn’t it?

    1. Reply to Toffee
      I agree with you to a certain extent but abusers are clever and devious and frequently get away with it because irrespective of the quality of the investigation abuse is hard to prove.
      People in parliament may “know” abuse is happening but they need more than that if they want to call the abuser to account. Making allegations without evidence will see the accuser rather than the abuser in court.

      1. I seem to remember private pike (Williamson) compiled a list of toerag sex cases not so long ago. It’s a starting point.

        And I doubt it’s the only list within that den of iniquity. I’ve a strong suspicion all the parties will have similar.

        Plod will be eager for some sort of redemption seeing as they’re under orders to clean their own stables out.

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