Greens look to become largest party on Bristol council in today’s by-election

Disgust of current and former Labour members with conduct of Starmer’s party in south-west may bring karma as Labour struggles to get boots on streets and city prepares to scrap mayoral role

Green candidate Patrick McAllister and supporters

The Greens will become the largest party on Bristol City Council today if they manage to win the Hotwells and Harbourside by-election. The party is bidding to take the seat from the Lib Dems, Labour’s campaign is said to be a non-starter and local reports say turnout is low.

The Greens had already drawn level with Labour on the council, but Labour mayor Marvin Rees had refused to involve them in the running of the council. However, the city voted last year to scrap the mayoral role.

Bristol’s Labour MPs seem as bad as their boss

Labour’s name in the south-west is mud among many current and former activists, after a series of rigged selections and cash grabs, intensifying the party’s widespread problems persuading anyone but councillors to go out and campaign, with members reluctant to be seen backing Keir Starmer’s corporatism, his pandering to racism and his lack of vision and principle.

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  1. The Greens / ‘Labour’ (including Corbyn) and Tories all appear to be ignoring the fact that Covid19 fake ‘vaccines’ are killing millions (including children) globally. What a great opportunity for a party with a manifesto based on truth telling to gate crash the corrupted system and sweep the floor.

    1. Sad to see that you have fallen for this right wing apologia for not tackling the pandemic. What you are doing is promoting opposition to public health and socialised health.
      The real scandal is that neo-liberal governments refused to take the measures needed to stop this disease in its tracks, instead seizing the chance to give money to their cronies, including the vaccine makers, which should all be nationalised.

      1. The thing is, Wirril in it Together and bevin, you are both making valid points. The trick to win against the overlords is to recognise this and not be in left and right camps. I’m a retired nurse and the NHS has gone, the ones at the top are all chosen, all having been given double their salary in 2018. Wirril has not fallen for the right wing apologia at all, and I voted for Corbyn twice. The government spent £37 billion on NHS track and trace, that is now going to be used for digital ID that Tony Blair is fighting hard for, he stated at DAVOS last week that everything could be on this digital ID, health records, Vaccine status, making life so much more easy for us plebs, NO, it’s to make sure control continues. Public health has been renamed recently hasn’t it? The truth is the virus is air borne, nothing will stop that spreading, NOTHING. They didn’t take the measures needed, agreed, and that was early intervention, telling you to stay at home until you were cyanosed and having difficulty breathing was the death sentence, sending our elders out of hospitals back into nursing homes where they were able to spread a new virus killed over 25,000+ up to that first April alone, DNR’s being slapped on them all without the knowledge of family. In all the years I’ve nursed I’ve never known early treatment be denied, but it was. Flu can kill the vulnerable too, and those flu vaccines are leaky, meaning they don’t stop infection, transmission or quite often the severity, they MAY prevent death. The mRNA vaccines are also leaky, and we’ve found that they DID NOT stop infection or transmission, they MAY have stopped some from getting very ill, but not all. I know lots who’ve had the jab, and they are fine, but I personally know several who have been damaged, two heart failures, one nearly died with clots and it was attributed to the vaccine, and one 54 year old care worker, he was a bit overweight and he smoked a bit, became ill after his first vaccine and ended up in hospital the same day and sadly died on the 8th day. There are no sides here, billions upon billions wasted, small business ruined whilst big business made a killing, Amazon, supermarket chains, not to mention the billions spent giving contracts that didn’t deliver to dubious acquaintances, a chumocracy for sure. And think on, the supermarkets were all allowed to stay open and operate, all the small businesses closed. If it was a killer virus to the extent they had us believe, how can it not kill you in a supermarket but it can in a small business on the high street? Please not left, right, I’m voting green malarkey, it’s all been used for the benefit of the political agenda, and there IS an agenda.

      2. Teresa Steele, there are a number of ways to reduce the spread of Covid. It’s an airborne disease. The billionaires at Davos knew this. “In addition to high-quality ventilation, masks, hotlines and PCR testing, some have noted the signature blue glow of Far-UVC lighting, demonstrated to kill pathogens in the air, although this is unconfirmed. We can be certain, however, that the testing, high-quality ventilation, and filtration protocol is effective at preventing the kind of super-spreader events most of us are now accustomed to attending.” It’s a US written article, but applies here too. “We deserve to be #DavosSafe, as the hashtag going around on twitter puts it. Your children deserve to be treated with the care that world leaders are treating each other. Your family deserves to be protected from the disease which is still—unlike the flu—the third leading cause of death in the U.S. We don’t deserve to be shoved back into poorly ventilated workplaces while our politicians and press assure us that only crazy people would demand to breathe clean air.”

    2. Totally the truth, there are but a handful in parliament who are actually working for us.

  2. Declassified UK
    We uncover Britain’s global footprint. Public service journalism investigating UK foreign, military, intelligence & climate policies.
    Join us next Tuesday at 1830 as we discuss UK media and the realities of British foreign policy live with Jeremy Corbyn MP.
    We’ll be asking more about his first hand experiences with the British media establishment, what he thinks the future of British foreign policy could look like as well as putting your questions to him!

      1. Have you seen the long-format (1hr) interview with Jeremy Corbyn that LBC published today (3rd Feb)
        “Jeremy Corbyn’s time as Labour leader was one of the most extraordinary periods of modern politics. For a while he seemed like he’d moved the posts of politics. And yet now, he is a political ghost. He isn’t even a Labour MP.
        In this wide ranging and exclusive interview, Lewis talks to the man himself, at length about the prime ministers he knew, the biggest period of industrial unrest for decades, his successor, his suspension and the anti-Semitism saga which engulfed his leadership.

    1. Steven, bloody hell. Thanks for the tip. See what a kind, generous almost godlike person you can be. Feels nice? I wouldn’t know. Thank you I shall have a butchers.

      1. Are you serious, wobbly?

        Suddenly there’s no more crowing about about this huge swathe of support for farmer smarmer anymore.

        There’s no sneering about lost deposits, or how *ahem* stellar keefs’ record in elections (since blagging his way to the leadership) has supposedly been.

        No siree. It’s inescapably piss poor from keef yet again. A definitive portent of the inevitable.

        And the wee rodent’s finally cottoning on that keef has no intention of changing.

        The good ship smarmer has sprung a leak in the bilge so h has decided in order to ensure he’s one of the flailing to picked up by the lifeboat, he best attempt to give off the appearance that he really did have a soft spot for Corbyn after all, and we all best listen to what Corbyn has to say.

        And in his mind there’s no better way to do that than to point people to Corbyn’s recent appearances…with absolutely ZERO on the way of a snide remark.

        No more than a build up to a damascene conversion. It will be nothing of the sort from the shameless, politically and morally bankrupt, smarmerite quisling blert.

        Don’t ever forget that the ONLY reason wee steven voted for keef because he was ‘best of a bad bunch.

        Don’t be taken in.

      2. Toffee – Have you watched the interview that I linked to?

    2. This morning I received an email from Declassified UK informing me that
      No further explanation was given.

      Does anyone know why this event has been cancelled?

      1. Mystery solved
        I have just been informed that Jeremy will be speaking in the Benefits Debate tonight and this obviously takes precedence.

    1. I imagine that Palestinians will welcome this opportunity to make it clear to the world that they are not in any way connected or obligated to the imperialist party which, with the assistance of the security services, Mossad and the CIA has taken over the Labour Party in order to bury it.

      Palestine is on the verge of victory in its long struggle against zionists selling their services as enforcers for the United States. It would be wrong for Labour to be in a position to claim any part in the renaissance of Palestine, whose agonies reached a crisis point-the Naqba- while Labour was in power and governed Palestine.

      1. We’ve got enough in the UK establishment who wanted to destroy Corbyn, and before him, they made clear that even Ed Miliband was unacceptable.

        We need proportional representation for Westminster, to break the big two parties, two parties that are, in reality, a single party.

        In the last general election in the Netherlands, 17 parties won representation, including new parties. I’d rather have the opportunity vote for some party I really believe in, and lose. Than go on pretending the RW dominated Labour party will ever deliver meaningful change.

    2. Toffee, are you serious Wobbly? No, of course, I’m bloody not. C’mon, Toffee, read my posts.

    3. This is really beyond understanding. Have they forgotten how important the Muslim vote is in many of their constituencies? What does that moronic mayoral impersonator in the great sewer think of this proposal? Has he been told how to respond yet by the R/W+ community? Late post but I just realised how treacherous this move is.

  3. They want the Greens to win, we are being railroaded into voting for the planet, all well and good, but if we follow the agenda the WEF want, which is net zero, expect more farms going, 3,000 gone in Denmark last year alone, think 15 minute zones as proposed in Oxford, along with C40 towns. If you look at what the agenda is, it incorporates scrapping fossil fuel cars with the hope of getting hybrids up and running, digital id to verify your vaccine status, as Tony Blair spoke about at DAVOS. If this past two years hasn’t made us question things I don’t know what will. The people in charge of the green agenda are none other than those who visited DAVOS a couple of weeks ago, and you can bet they aren’t doing it for our benefit.

    1. Good contributions, Teresa. However, you’ll never reach the Communists in their ideological strait-jackets, resolute in their (crypto-Liberal) smug, virtue-signalling idiocy!

    2. Good one Teresa.
      Does anyone have any info as to how cordial our Green party relations are with the German Greens? Doesn’t sound very interesting on the surface. However, the German Greens, for all of their anti-nuclear activism have been proponents of the deaths of human beings by bombs since at least the time of our honorable air bombing, 28 consecutive days and nights, upon the citizens of Yugoslavia and they are urging their government to send planes to the theatre of Donbas? One would hope that the wish of the entire membership of the Bristol Greens would be to ask their German comrades, in their mutual battle to save the planet, to desist from slaughtering human beings. I have tried to ask them but for some reason or other, no answers were given. One would think that saving the planet would be for the benefit of all living creatures including humans. Am I missing something here? What does being Green mean?

      1. You’ve right Wobbly. The problem now is the division the elite have created over the years, in or out of the EU, Black lives matter and the divisions there, jabbed or unjabbed, saving granny or a granny killer, left wing or right wing, gender and pronouns and so on. What the ‘deep state’ do is create all these divides, and while we all jump around on our different platforms NOT listening to the other side (because we’re taught to not like a Tory or a Commie) we become too embroiled in arguments with each other and it becomes impossible to move forward with all the virtue signalling going on, which makes my blood boil btw, just because you wear a mask or have a jab doesn’t make you any more virtuous than the next man, it’s like teachers giving out stars in your school books of old, if you got a gold star wow you felt special, and the government use that tactic to steer us along the path they want you to believe you chose for yourself. They break up the real problems we want solving into tiny fragments that can no longer be tackled because we’re too busy having a go at one and other. I’ve done it myself, I’ve literally laughed at the demise of Katie Hopkins when Jack Munroe fought her in court, Hopkins lost everything, her home and any money and is no longer allowed on any MSM platform at all. Think on, she’s not allowed on any MSM platform AT ALL, the very MSM that we know is run by the billionaire philanthropists that want us all mandated to follow orders. I now listen to her and I’ve gone from hate to simply listening and do you know what? I agree with some of what she says, she makes sense, I still have a sharp intake of breath at her take on some things, but I now believe she should be allowed freedom of speech. Everyone should, or there is no democracy. When Trump got banned off twitter I was lambasted for saying that was wrong, I don’t particularly like Trump, I don’t hate him either, I don’t like Biden, I now don’t like Obama and I definitely don’t like the Clintons, BUT freedom of speech is democratic. Only a few voices on one side of the narrative were allowed when Corbyn was leader, and only one narrative is allowed on many topics, BLM, Covid, Gender, ONLY ONE SIDE is represented by the establishment backed MSM. My mother believed that Mandela was a terrorist, why? because the MSM said so. People believed that Corbyn was a spy, a commie, a dangerous man, why? because the MSM said so, and we all know the lies there don’t we? I do wish Corbyn would start asking questions re the lockdowns and covid policy, because I believe we were all misinformed. But hey, that’s only my opinion and I hope no one falls out with me because of it. Power to the people, that’s all I want, and so do you.

  4. Labour came a bad 3rd on 12% well behind the greens and the 2nd placed Lib Dems, Labour have caused their own problems in Bristol and Liverpool who have a full council election in a matter of weeks, they have steamrolled the CLPs and stolen their autonomy, I have come to the conclusion the hierarchy of Labour are so self assured in their dogmatic actions that they have misread the room. This is not a result that you need to over worry about, strange results happen but the next round of council election results may terrify the life out of their over bearing arses

  5. This is not a result that you need to over worry about

    Thanks tc Not that I was gonna worry about it at all!

    Meanwhile, somewhere in the Caribbean (allegedly) there’s furniture being furiously gnawed away at… 😏.

  6. So, the result last time was:
    LD 33%
    Green 31%
    Labour 25%

    So, Labour should have won really!
    At the very least, it should not have seen its vote collapse.

    “..don’t let us return to the Corbyn years…”

    Plea on the Labour First website.

  7. Liz3321 You have missed my point, the people who died did so mainly because they were given no choice but to sit at home until they went blue, they were denied treatment and the WHO and Public health went along with that ruling. Stay at home, ride it out BUT if you become extremely breathless seek help only then. The bulk of the deaths at the start were elders who were in hospital who were catapulted out at the behest of Matt Hancock back into the care homes where the proper medical treatment could not be implemented, NO treatment other than making them comfortable, giving o2 and Midazolam to help ‘calm’ them was all that was allowed, this meant the corona virus infected others in the care home. Certain treatments that were known to have an effect early on in the pandemic were forbidden by the WHO, Public health officials and supported by government dictats, they actually banned known safe early intervention repurposed drugs that were no longer patented but had been on the market for over three decades which gave you concrete data as to their safety, even if it was a long shot at treating the virus at least they knew it would cause no harm as they had the data for over three decades, this drug won a nobel prize and is on the WHO’s list of most efficient drugs, so with no treatment allowed UNTIL they got and experimental drug approved on emergency status, and that could only be done if they discredited the repurposed drugs and removed them from the equation, if there were drugs that were already in circulation that didn’t need safety checks they would not have been allowed to authorise emergency use for an experimental drug that they had NO safety or efficacy stats, testing on mice does not warrant safety at all, they slapped DNR’s on people, a lot of the time relatives were not fully understanding of the situation. The establishment caused the dilemma, and because of that and the fact the NHS went from nearly 500,000 beds to 165,000 beds in its lifetime, along with many thousands of staff ‘vacancies’ the NHS was ill equipped yet again. Look back at the winter crisis stories in the archived news over the last 16 years. BTW midazolam, which Matt Hancock assured us had been ordered, 2 years supply used in 9 months! compromises the respiratory system and should be monitored closely for that reason, o2 levels drop even more on this drug, why give it to those already unable to breath, unless it is part of the end of life plan. Here is the Dail
    in Eire, that’s the parliament in southern Ireland, Michael McNamara TD, asking how covid deaths were registered throughout the pandemic, the same happened here and all over the world in lockstep. Including the US, Australia, Europe, the WORLD.

    1. Theresa Steele, I agree with very much of what you say. The point I was replying to was your statement that “The truth is the virus is air borne, nothing will stop that spreading, NOTHING.” The reality is that the risks from this airborne infection can be LOWERED, by a number of measures, including clean air.

      Research is suggesting that repeated infection leads to increased likelihood of worse outcomes. A study of US veterans found “ Compared to noninfected controls, cumulative risks and burdens of repeat infection increased according to the number of infections. …. reinfection further increases risks of death, hospitalization and sequelae in multiple organ systems in the acute and postacute phase.” (including pulmonary, cardiovascular, hematological, diabetes, gastrointestinal, kidney, mental health, musculoskeletal and neurological disorders.) The risks were evident regardless of vaccination status.
      Deaths increased x2,
      Hospitalisation increased x8 after 3 infections, compared with 1 infection.
      It concludes “Reducing overall burden of death and disease due to SARS-CoV-2 will require strategies for reinfection prevention.”

      So when measures to reduce spread are fairly simple, why wouldn’t government promote HEPA filters etc to cut down repeat infections? Wanting the NHS to be ever more overwhelmed and to collapse all the faster so they can privatise it? The Houses of Parliament had a new air filtration system installed shortly before Covid arrived, so they’ve had protection in their workplace throughout the pandemic, while our children are exposed to recurrent infections, and nurses with Long Covid are being sacked because they’re too ill to fulfil their roles – a fine reward for putting themselves at risk to look after their patients.
      Children, and workers too, need the protections that exist.

    1. There are only so many “ultras” and “fars” that can proceed “nationalist” and “right”, before the only word left is fascist.

      Yep. And they’ve gone there.

    1. Totally love this, thanks for sharing, made me laugh out loud, needed in these dark days. Love Alexi.

    2. Wonderful comic genius. A real comrade, he can spot crap from a distance of 20 years. He saw the euros, ultra-liberals, etc, and despised them. Rightly so. I wonder why he doesn’t post on this site.

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