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Labour staffer caught trying to rig online poll as front-bench-run mayoral campaign struggles

Inside Croydon catches paid Labour official – and local candidate’s election agent – rallying allies to swamp election intention poll

Croydon mayoral candidate Val Shawcross’s election agent was caught asking allies to vote her up in a local paper’s poll, according to Inside Croydon

A paid Labour staffer, who is also acting as election agent for the party’s Croydon mayoral candidate, has been caught trying to fix a voting intention poll according to local paper Inside Croydon. The campaign, which is reportedly being run by right-wing front-bench MP Steve Reed, is causing ‘growing concern’ – so the staffer, formerly one of Reed’s parliamentary staff, decided he needed help to avoid his candidate’s unpopularity showing and asked members of a WhatsApp group to get onto the Inside Croydon site and boost the tally of Val Shawcross, who is said to be closely linked to the circles of Labour general secretary David Evans:

We need to bring this up… Gang, can you go over there and vote for Val Shawcross and Labour at the bottom of the page….

Vote from as many devices as you can.

The Inside Croydon poll as quoted on the Labour WhatsApp group

Despite its front-bench backing, with Keir Starmer, David Lammy, Rachel Reeves and others appearing in Croydon to try to boost it, the campaign appears to be listing badly and it appears canvassing teams consist almost exclusively of local councillors and party officials with local activists conspicuous by their absence – a routine situation now for the party.

And the attempt to stack the poll appears to have backfired: Shawcross’s numbers are worse now than they were before the ploy:

Andrew Pelling is a former Tory MP for Croydon Central who switched to become a Labour councillor but was then expelled earlier this year after being the only Labour councillor to vote against cuts to vital services.

Croydon Labour is entrenched Starmerite territory. It appears the Brylcreemed-one’s regime is worried that the people of Croydon have had enough.

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  1. Fiddling the figures won’t do Labour any good when it comes to the mayoral election. If the support for Starmers Labour is not there, its not there and no amount of shenanigans is going to alter that fact

  2. The comment on Andrew Pelling is encouraging. That a former Tory is now too radical for the Starmer Gang says it all. The May election will be very interesting.

  3. Croyden …a place I used to know very well were we in the Surrey labour could have a breathing space from rock solid Tory Reigate and the rest of Surrey.Now Croydon has been hijacked by a nasty clique who live in the outer parts of croydon and Surrey purley,coulsdon,chipstead,oxted and warlingham.Starmers and Evans are at the heart of this stitch up and clique but it is now looking very shakey with the !idea that you can win a election without activists and have to have paid staffers helping out.The law need to have a very close look at just whats happening in Croyden and look closly at the misuse of taxpayers money.

    1. Joseph,

      Croyden is also the place where an alleged member of a group of international cyber criminals has just been arrested. It made me wonder about the Labour data breach? Of course it could be a coincidence

      “In a separate case also related to RaidForums, the UK’s National Crime Agency arrested a “21 year-old from Croydon at his home in March” who has since been released under investigation”.

      1. Nemtona I can’t comment about the onward going court case which will be a “first” for me but I applaud your linkage with the criminals who are based in Croyden and are now being chased by the FBI.Maybe we can hope that the FBIcan link the gang who hijacked the labour party and croydon council who appear to be a mirror image of labour HQ antics probably because the same gang members are involved in croydon and the labour party Hq.Time for a legal inquiry into the labour party.

  4. The following is an update regarding Julian Assange on the petition page, but it appears to be only in the email sent out to subscribers (yesterday), so I can’t post a link to it. It sums up the whole criminal persecution of Julian in no uncertain terms:

    Julian Assange’s extradition has been approved by British courts and now extradition paperwork will be sent to Priti Patel for sign off around May 18, 2022

    In my opinion: The British Courts have revealed themselves as a disgusting reflection of an emergent totalitarian regime that is at war with all of us and democracy.

    Throughout this case we have witnessed revelations of corruption at every step of the way.

    A disgusting reflection of an alleged international criminal network of public officers that harbour alleged war criminals that will in fact openly torture journalists that expose their fascist murderous ways.

    This petition has taken this matter to the highest order and although our fight is not over, it is safe to say that to date they don’t give a sh#t about justice, human rights, democracy, you or me.

    A Disgusting Example of Systemic Corruption inspired by Mass Murdering War Criminals, who engage torture techniques developed by the Nazis in WWII.

    Remember the lead up to WWII: The first to be tortured to death in Dachua Concentration Camp of Nazis in WWII were the investigative journalists. Fritz Michael Gerlich was one of the first.

    Today like Gerlich was tortured to death by war criminals in Dachua Concentration Camp Bavaria Germany, Julian Assange is being tortured to death by proxy (Public Officers) on behalf of entities that harbour war criminals.

    History Repeating Itself & the last time it happened it ended only after 60 million people were slaughtered, butchered and vapourised tp death and millions more permanently disabled.

    This case will likely continue thru to the European Court of Human Rights and will possibly drag on and by design for another 2-3 years. Only ending early if Julian Assange is tortured to death before.

    NB If you haven’t signed the petition yet,type > free julian assange before it’s too late< into a search engine and it should be the top result

      1. Peston tried to ambush Bell Ribeiro Addy on JC’s comment about Zelensky
        She started well by saying she did not trust anything the media said about JC, but then failed to make the obvious point JC does not support Nazis and Warmongers
        JC could make this point himself and completely turn the debate on its head, I dont think he will
        Then there was Angie who Len thinks still has a Socialist heart

      2. These facts of the moral disintegration of western society are absolutely appalling.I have only ever seen that type of cruelty and hatred perpetrated by insane religious fanatics in secatarian Ocuppied N.Ireland..The fact that it was hidden in Ireland was in some ways a more normal reaction to be ashamed that your fellow countryman could sink to such depths of depravity.
        From this report we see the mainstream media in Ukraine and western governments finding no problem propping up a Nazi insane dictatorship in Ukraine just so long as it hates Russia and the people.
        .I always thought putin was no saint and I still do but he certainly has a strong moral obligation to stop this carnage by the Nazis
        this sort of Terror belongs in a assylum were Zelensky and his mob should be incarcerated for life..No human being would torture and kill in such a way and expect to be congratulated for it and be recommend for a peace prize by western and European leaders. “We didnt know” like last time should not be aceppted again.for the Nazi atrocities.
        ..IF this is acceptable by a British government then I am relieved to be sheltering in a jungle in nowhere land thank God.Thank you Goldbach for shining a light on the Ukraine regime.

      3. In World War 2 Britain lost some 384,000 soldiers KIA, along with around 70,000 civilian deaths in the fight against Nazi’s…….

        …….so that 80 years later the people of Britain, led by the most incompetent political and managerial class in history, could cheer on and provide material support for the same Nazi culture and ideology, and its thugs, that a previous generation gave so much to defeat.

        What a way to pay back that sacrifice.

  5. Andrew Pelling is a former Tory MP for Croydon Central who switched to become a Labour councillor but was then expelled earlier this year after being the only Labour councillor to vote against cuts to vital services.

    Says it all. That a former toerag was the ONLY labour councillor to vote AGAINST cuts, was expelled for it, then smarmerites attempt to rig a vote against him… And FAIL.

    F***ING L.O.L.

    And a certain someone on here STILL reckons that smarmerism isnt conservatism.

    It ISN’T. It can’t even reach toerag levels of shithousery and incompetence.

    1. A Tory victory is any outcome which results in Tory policies being enacted or continued – regardless of what colour rosette anyone is wearing.

  6. If only half of the “Grayzone” link above is true, we really have much to fear.
    In the recent Aaron Bastani, Novamedia interview with Len McCluskey, L.McC. makes the statement:
    “Something very sinister is happening in the Labour Party”.
    …… and not only in the Labour Party.

  7. Have a laugh at this comment in the latest begging-letter from Starm-Trooper …..

    ” Boris Johnson has once again proven himself to be nothing more than a national embarrassment.
    ……. ……..
    It’s time to bring integrity, honesty and decency back into our politics . .”

    What a joke !!
    Another Labour Party begging letter under the “delete” button.

  8. johnsco121/04/2022 AT 10:37 AM
    Have a laugh at this comment…

    I tried…Honestly, I tried…But nothing came out 😒

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