Video: anti-fascist protesters demonstrate at Downing Street against Ukrainian nazis

Political prisoners, protesters and the Ukrainian nazi ‘Azov battalion’

On Saturday, a small but passionate political protest took place opposite Downing Street, on a topic almost entirely ignored – not to mention actively whitewashed by the UK’s ‘mainstream’ media: the extent of nazi influence in Ukraine.

The topic is papered over with equal diligence by what now passes for the ‘Labour party’, which punishes members who dare mention it even though they are accurate.

Theo Russell of the International Ukraine Anti Fascist Solidarity campaign told Skwawkbox why they are protesting, what the issues are and why it matters:

The war in Ukraine has been marked by mass disinformation. The UK media recently reported that a bucket of teeth had been discovered revealing the torture and execution of Ukrainian prisoners by Russian troops. The local village dentist had in fact reported that the teeth were the result of decades of extractions he had performed, but while even the German tabloid media had investigated and then corrected the original claim, the reports remain the official story of the UK media.

The Ukrainian regime has also been criticised even by NATO for ‘openly lying’ after it was revealed that a missile strike in Poland that killed two civilians had been fired by Ukrainian forces.

Ukrainian president Zelenskyy has banned opposition parties and seized control of media outlets since the Russian invasion.

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  1. The mask is slipping all across Europe. This isn’t going to end well.

    Kudos to Mr. Russell. I hope he’s taken Mirotvorets into account

      1. This is correct. They are not people who are serving sentences for the more serious crimes – this has worked in much the same way as many who have entered the French Foreign Legion over the decades. A somewhat different situation from that of Ukraine.
        Still, a nice try.

      2. @Steveh whining about the Wagner Group. Let’s not forget who started the PMC charade and let’s not forget what Blackwater got up to and who they murdered.

        From elsewhere on the web;

        The Wagner fighters liquidated Yuri Rudiy, a Nazi and a member of the Karpaty neo-Nazi organization, as well as Sergei Zavadsky from the 3rd Azov Special Forces in the Bakhmut direction.

        You don’t support Nazis, do you Steveh?

  2. Mass disinformation. And then some! Sheep/’sheeple’ don’t need to be lied-to as fiercely as the synchronised press and MSM are making the norm.

    Solidarity with Theo Russell of the International Ukraine Anti Fascist Solidarity campaign

    Light relief (38mins), the 6th Annual Fake News Awards? You decide.

  3. This 2019 article from The Nation…..

    ……contains a great many useful links to reputable sources which outline the extent of Nazi and Fascist ideology operating in Ukraine.

    One aspect of the present situation which appears to have been largely ignored and which requires a very strong light shining on it is the extent to which self-referencing sections of the so called ‘political left’ – from the alliance for workers Liberty through to those such as Stephen Gowens at the World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) – are acting(?) as useful idiots on behalf of empire by pushing empire narratives which effectively aid such regressive forces as the corrupt Ukrainian Nazi state and its backers.

    As the Australian journalist Caitlin Johnson argues:

    “when you’re talking about protests in an empire-targeted government like Iran or China, you’re talking about an issue that’s already receiving maximum coverage from all the most powerful media and government institutions in the anglophone world. This is because western media give wildly disproportionate coverage to protests in nations the US doesn’t like compared to protests in nations it favors.

    You can’t just conduct yourself as though these propaganda campaigns aren’t a thing. If you live in one of the member nations of the US-centralized power alliance, you can’t just pretend your expressions of support and solidarity mean the same thing as if they were coming from someone in Latin America, Asia, or Africa. You’re not the same. You’re speaking from within the most powerful empire that has ever existed, and you are always necessarily in some kind of relationship with that empire’s campaign of global conquest and the propaganda operations which grease its wheels.

    And you need to be responsible with that relationship. If you live in the US or any of its imperial member states like the UK, the EU, Australia or Canada, it simply is not possible for you to lend your voice to the cause of protesters in empire-targeted nations without facilitating the empire’s propaganda campaigns about those protests. It cannot be done. You either have a responsible relationship with this reality or an irresponsible one.

    Western leftists who go out of their way to amplify protests that are part of an ongoing imperial propaganda operation have an irresponsible relationship with that reality. They’re not doing anything that actually helps the people in those countries, but they are absolutely doing something that could end up hurting them. And if they’re really honest with themselves they know this. But they do it anyway because it looks good in front of their propaganda-addled leftish friends and followers.

    Before they drop bombs, they drop narratives. Before they launch missiles, they launch propaganda campaigns. Before they roll out sanctions, they roll out perception management. If you choose to help them do this by participating in their propaganda campaigns, then you are just as complicit in their consequences as the military personnel who carry them out. Regardless of whatever leftist-sounding justifications you might spin for yourself about why you did it.

    This isn’t a fucking game. The world isn’t a catwalk for you to strut your fashionable lefty expressions of “solidarity” on to win likes and retweets. If you live inside of the empire, then you need to be responsible with your relationship with its propaganda. Otherwise you’re just a garden variety imperialist with a cutesy story about yourself.

    A westerner “supporting” an uprising in an empire-targeted nation is like someone covered in raw sewage coming into your house to help you clean. Stop helping and go clean the shit off yourself, mate.”

    It’s about time the authentic political left which has not sold out to the post-structuralist and post modernist dead end had their voices heard and amplified – as is the case with this protest. We need more of them and not just on the issue of the proxy empire war in Eastern Europe but on other issues such as the blatant misogyny now rampant across the self-referencing political ‘left’. A political ‘left’ which is in lockstep with the anti-class narrative of identity politics.

      1. The BBC’s “facts” are wrong. But that is not important. It broadcasts imperialist propaganda. And so do the Blairites. They always have done. And they bear responsibility for the deaths of millions as well as the sponsorship of this war in Ukraine designed to weaken Russia and China, and Iran in order to show the world, what Iraq and Libya have learned, that if you defy Washington you will be attacked, and millions of your most vulnerable countrymen will die, agonising deaths.
        Right now the British government, having chosen to trade in its sovereignty for the favours its ruling castes get from the United States, is pouring money into Ukraine, as it did into Afghanistan and Syria, while it refuses to finance the Health Service or shore up the declining living standards of the working class. It is a very straight trade off: millions will be impoverished in order that a few will be comfortable.
        It is a very old story and there used to be a growing socialist movement to reverse the injustices, to repair the damage caused by inequality and poverty. And the net result? We don’t even have workhouses any more. The country is plunging into a deep depression and the Labour Party stands squarely, alongside the Tories, with imperialism, capitalism and the few.

      2. bevin – What a load of drivel. What is it that you admire about Putin and his regime?

      3. I see that the Beeb has produced a new comedy series.
        One of the characters? – Johnson, the serial liar.

      4. Come again?

        You are expecting anyone with a working brain cell to believe a single word from political and media sources that have a long recorded history of pushing a narrative containing both lies of commission and omission on behalf of Empire?

        From the Zinoviev letter to The second Gulf of Tonkin; the Kuwaiti babies ripped from incubators to the non-existent WMD’s; false flag nerve agent bullshit to the Minsk accords – which even Merkel and Hollande have publicly admitted were outright lies – and everything in between including events as diverse as the Miners Strike, Hillsbourough, corrupt Covid Procurement, and a list as long as the Equator.

        You’re still hungover from Christmas laddy. The only person you are fooling is yourself.

      5. Dave – You’re the one who is gullible enough to be taken in by the lies of a corrupt dictator like Putin. I’m simply inviting people to watch the documentaries that I have linked to above and make up their own minds.

      6. Corrupt?
        Please provide the evidence (i.e. Evidence not allegations).

  4. It’s about time the mask slipped across Europe.
    NATO is the military arm of American foreign policy in Europe.
    The USA, thru its control of NATO, has been arming and training the fascist forces in Ukraine for years.
    The fascist forces have included the openly fascist Azov regiment and followers of Stepan Bandera.
    [Check these references on Wikipedia if you don’t know about them]
    The war in Ukraine is the USA sacrificing the poor Ukrainians in their proxy war against Russia.

    The slavish adherence of the European / UK media to the NATO propaganda line has been spectacular – Even by UK standards of media mis-reporting.
    We are fed the line that Ukraine is winning.
    This is utterly delusional.
    By any measure, Ukraine is beaten – It’s forces have been slaughtered.
    It’s electrical infrastructure is in ruins.
    It is on life support with NATO/USA supplies of weaponry – And even this cannot keep pace with the rate of attrition by Russian military operations.

    I am not cheer-leading for Russia or V. Putin.
    We are witnessing a proxy war between two great imperial powers.
    As always – USA chooses to fight its wars in someone else’s country.

  5. Yes the Far Right AZOV brigade in Ukraine seems to have an undue influence and some argue Ukraine nationalists won’t allow Zekensky to sue for peace & the Minsk Agreement could still perhaps offer some hope.
    The Ukraine Govt is currently banning opposition political parties, is privatising services (some suggest Western TNCs will be the main beneficiaries?), is cutting taxes plus is watering down it’s protective Labour legislation.
    Some further suggest Biden is funding the US military industrial complex (some donated to his campaign) to also try to maintain the US economy.
    Many of the Left re Putin have been consistent as we opposed Chechya as the West turned a blind eye (including its media) and Blair rushed to congratulate Putin on becoming President & even gave him a state visit.
    No to oligarchs in all countries and Yes to Minsk and an immediate Peace!

  6. I’m sorry Bazza – But it is far too late for the Minsk agreements.
    Minsk was cynically used by NATO to buy time while it continued to train and equip the Ukrainian military.
    Angela Merkel has recently said as much.


    What has happened to the traditional and long-standing commitment of the Left to peace ?
    Where is the anti-war movement ?

    The foreign policy of the USA is dominated by two main strands:
    1. The USA’s commitment to international military and economic hegemony … That is the USA’s belief that it is their right to run the world and that the dollar reigns supreme.
    2. The domination of US politics by the MIC (the Military-Industrial Complex)

    The Labour Party’s integration into the US/dollar hegemony is evidenced by Starmer’s membership of the Trilateral Commission – The political arm of US international politics.
    Check out the membership of the Trilateral Commission on Wikipedia.
    You will see a few UK names, but Starmer (at last count) was the only MP.
    This is why Starmer stamps on all dissent from unquestioning support fior NATO (USA).
    The Labour Party is bought and paid for.
    The USA has been a dominant factor in UK politics for years – None more-so than today.

    As socialists we should be exposing the dishonest propaganda that has reached an obscene level in today’s media.
    We should be raising the arguments for a cease-fire, and a negotiated peace.

    1. If the trilateral commission is such a big deal can you explain why despite more than ample opportunity not one person challenged Keir about it throughout the many leadership hustings and why nothing of substance has been published about it for several decades.

      1. Two Cheeks
        That makes you a Nazi apologist
        Whose side would you have been on in WW2
        Can you also name a more corrupt country in the world, than Ukraine, it’s not a trick question, apparently there is one
        How many of the arms sent to Coco the Clown have gone into the black market and onto Terrorists
        What say you when the first atrocity is committed in this country with those weapons

    1. Indeed. I posted a link to the Rand study a few days ago. Most people won’t have the time to read it. It is pretty long. They feel compelled to parrot some of the authorised narrative, but they are clearly saying that the longer the war goes on the worse for the US.
      Meanwhile, the governments of Poland, the Baltic states and the UK are pushing for more and more weapons (not from them, of course, but from the US). They only have a small window because the US economy will be affected by the steady fall in international transactions being made using the dollar, and all the money that the US has been pouring into Ukraine (I wonder where some of it ended up) is increasing the national debt of the US. We’ll soon see the kind of business closures there that we’re seeing here in the UK. The US will, at some point, have to cut and run like it did in Viet Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq. Let’s hope the neo-cons fail to start WW111 before then.

    2. P.S. Moon of Alabama is a useful source of information. Another one is John Helmer on the Dances with Bears “blog”.

  7. Identifying with an aggressor is a well know psychological state. For goodness sake guys, yes there are to many fascists on Ukraine. But they’ve never held anything close to power and the fascist batilion is horrendous. However nothing adds up to Russia invading and brutalising a country while Putin talks in a genocidal way, and not least the thousands of young russians being used as cannon fodder that we haven’t seen since the first world war

    1. Russia left it very late before coming to the aid of the people of the Russian speaking Donbas who had been under constant attack since 2014, when the elected government was forced out of power by gangsters employed by the USA.
      When Russia finally intervened militarily, a year ago, the Ukrainian army, trained and armed by NATO was preparing to over run the Donbas and then Crimea. In both places the people want nothing to do with the NATO sponsored fascists who run Ukraine and have been responsible for several appalling massacres, for example the burning of the Trade Union Hall in Odessa and the execution of hundreds of Russian sympathisers in Bucha.
      It is well past the time when socialists, initially swept up in the war propaganda, ought to come to their senses. NATO does not intervene to put an end to massacres, it carries them out, It intervened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Kosovo, Yugoslavia in order to impose US imperial rule on countries that wanted to rule themselves. From the first, in 1949, NATO has relied upon rebuilding the fascist networks of the Axis powers and preserving fascist remnants like the Bandera followers in Ukraine (responsible in the World War for massacres that disgusted even the Nazis) the Ustashe in Croatia (whose death camps were as bad as anything the Germans devised) and using every opportunity to fight socialist parties and Unions.
      When the world wanted peace, NATO wanted war and for the past thirty years-the deterrent of the USSR no longer working- it has been incessantly at war in the interests of the US ruling class. And now it is going after Russia and preparing to attack China.
      How could any reasonable person possibly defend this? How can anyone justify a war against either Russia or China?
      Suffice it to say that-look around you- the consequences of this policy are not going to be pretty. And this time the millions dying will not be living elsewhere, out of sight and out of mind.

    2. bedroc – I think that you misinterpret many of the comments, which recognise that the conflict was engineered by “the West” in order to weaken Russia militarily and economically. Many western “leaders” have said as much, and they seem to have been prepared to sacrifice Ukraine in pursuit of their ends. Of course there are decent people in Ukraine (just as there are in western countries) but they don’t have control of the levers of power (as in the western countries).
      You are wrong about the extreme right not being close to power. Some of the offices of state are occupied by members of such parties.
      The contention that “Putin talks in a genocidal way” is not borne out by the transcripts of his speeches and conversations with other presidents and prime ministers. If you have such evidence it would be useful for you to quote it – but don’t quote what someone else said that he said.
      It seems to me that people are not identifying with an aggressor, but are identifying how we got into this situation and identifying what the situation really is rather than what is spun by our “leaders” and press.

    3. Bedroc, you have a like. That’s more than I usually get. Grrrr. Any idea who that could be? It’s a head-scratcher.

  8. NATO is cynically using the Ukrainians as cannon fodder.
    ” ……. a conflict to the last Ukrainian” is not an empty comment.
    Some of the Poles and the Baltic States appear to be the next willing lambs to the slaughter … fed by NATO into the “meat grinder”.
    USA has been spoiling for a proxy war with Russia for a long time.
    Having engineered the “Maidan Coup” in 2014, NATO has been pouring arms and military training into Ukraine for years..
    USA appears quite happy to destroy Ukraine and wreck Europe’s economies in pursuit of its goals.

    1. johnsco1 – …..and Putin was stupid enough to fall for this dastardly plan? 🤔

      1. No. It was a calculation. He had two options.
        The first was to do nothing and allow Zelensky’s forces to roll over the Donbas, with all the terrible consequences for the population. He was never likely to let the people of the Donbas down like that but, had he done so, the Russian people would have rapidly removed him from office and he would have been replaced by someone who would have defended the Donbas.
        The second option was a military one. designed to bring Zelensky to the negotiating table. This result was achieved in March 2022 in Istanbul, where a provisional agreement was reached in a meeting chaired by Erdogan. Two or three days later, following a visit by dear old Boris, Zelensky repudiated the agreement his negotiators had reached in Istanbul.
        So we’re now where we are. Russia is incrementally driving down the Ukrainian forces and destroying its hardware. The West is flummoxed and starting to quietly fight in lumps. German industry is collapsing. Western militaries, even the US, are finding that they can’t replace the armaments that have been sent to Ukraine at anywhere near the rate that they are being used up; and and pushing back against sending any more.
        So how do we get out of this?
        Option 1 – Negotiate with Russia.
        Option 2 – Come to terms with the inexorable slide to defeat.
        Which do you prefer?

  9. Ukraine is by all accounts a terrifying place to be an anti-war and/or leftist. Banned opposition parties and unions. Reports of widespread surveillance based on suspicion. Reports of suspected spies being punished without due process, are common. The country is at war ffs! Indeed it is, but what about the values they’re supposed to be defending with so much vigilantism and summary justice.

    As someone put it on Twitter:

    Ukraine is a kleptocracy run by cartels. On the level of a nation-state, it’s the Mexico of Europe. The only people who believe otherwise are liberal internationalists with their heads jammed firmly up their backsides.

    In his pact with the devil, Zelensky has had to embrace the worst excesses of western neoliberalism. Ukraine has the third-largest shale gas reserves in Europe and most are located in the contested East, with foreign companies leading the charge. If Ukraine prevails it’ll become the ultimate US ‘puppet’ state.

    1. Andy – That quote does a disservice to AMLO. He is nothing like Zelensky.

      1. He’s trying his best, but Mexico has had deep legacy & ongoing problems with violent drug cartels.

        It’s not a criticism of him per se.

  10. No it won’t, with the overwhelming support of its citizens it will join the EU and probably NATO

      1. @Goldbach

        No and no. The yanks have sold out Europe. Sooner or later the European leaders will realise America has used them and then will attack each other. The gloves will be off. Gonna be interesting considering how many weapons they don’t have anymore. Maybe the Russians can sell them some? They’ll work better than anything from the West and cheaper too.

        NATO is on notice. It’s leader, who became a politician on the back of anti NATO sentiment argued last week that the world would lose if Russia doesn’t. This week, Blinken us asking Russia to simply quit.

        The demilitarisation and denazification will continue to flush it all out.

        Wait until the currency weapons get going.

        We’re doomed in the west, and we deserve it

    1. SteveH

      You do realise that the Maidan protests had below 50% support in independent polling conducted at the time? And that controversial NATO membership and EU membership, have traditionally high support in the EU-facing West but not in the more ethnically-Russian East.

      The EU played a despicable role by supporting a violent coup in 2014, which under 50% support across Ukraine at the time. In all seriousness, if Starmer were to win an election only to be removed in a violent coup by protesters, protesters supported by under 50% of the UK population, would you think that a perfectly fine legit turn of events?

    2. In all seriousness SteveH. if ‘hypothetically, it emerged via some whistleblower Starmer was some undercover asset of the intel services, sent to monitor and ultimately destroy the UK’s political left and steer Labour back to Blairite neoliberal and neocon policies, would you be bothered? Would the guardian and BBC even report it?

      Many think that already of course. I’m not saying it’s the case, Idk?

      Paul Mason advised Starmer, he posed as a leftist, while boasting to senior govt officials of how he’d successfully “cauterised” Corbyn and the Stop the war coalition. As the Grayzone revealed.

      Sounds far fetched, conspiratorial and only ‘cranks’ could believe it?

      1. Andy – “idk”

        You’ve summed yourself up well with those 3 words.

  11. “Zelenskyy has banned opposition parties and seized control of media outlets” so much like here. RT and Chinese TV are banned from broadcasting and I have never seen a pro-Russian commentator on the TV, no news coverage of grieving Russian mums, limbless Russian soldiers and none of our mainstream newspapers offer anything but Putin’s Russia evil while Ukrainian (Nazis) good.

    1. I think that it’s an appropriate time to tell an anecdote. Since it’s an anecdote, it isn’t possible to say how representative it is but it is interesting. Earlier this month I went to an event at which I met an elderly lady from Ukraine (more elderly than me, I suspect). She was a Ukrainian Ukrainian, if you follow what I mean. She had enough English to get her points across and, though she didn’t give any dates, the things she said led me to believe that she left Ukraine a while after 2014. Her main points were:
      1. The media in the UK presents Ukraine simplistically with no discussion of the diversity of the country – Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, Turks, Greeks, Roma and Russians as well as Ukrainians.
      2. There has been a war in Ukraine since 2014 and many people fled from the conflict region. Some eastwards into Russia and some westwards into eastern Ukraine and some further west (i think that she was probably one of those who fled the conflict0. She certainly gave the impression that she had seen things she didn’t want to talk about.
      3. She regarded Zelensky as a fool.
      4. She detested Poroshenko, whom she said had “stolen all our money”.
      5. She was quite upset that many of the (English) people at the event were cheer-leading for the war.

      A lovely lady – I hope that she will see an end to all this soon.

    2. You can get them, it’s just awkward. I can’t remember what a teenager did but he got me loads. Get a youngster, not in the politicians way, of course, they’re amazing. They’re not very good at history but give em a computer and they are amazing. I’ve got sites that I thought have been closed, banned gone. They’ve always been there, agitating, informing, nonconforming.

  12. Anyone catch Corbyn today on BBC 2’s Politics Live?

    Clear, concise answers, on the problems facing the UK, no equivocation in his support for those striking for better pay either. Hope the unions were watching

    This is a bloke who has been kicked out by the RW leadership, replaced as leader by a liar who conned his way to victory.

    Starmer has threatened to kick out anyone who repeats Corbyn’s claim that the press exaggerated the levels of antisemitism within the party.

    Here’s Simon Heffer (of the Times and Telegraph) stating on LBC “Corbyn wants to reopen Auschwitz”

    Starmer presumably agrees with Heffer, if the press didn’t exaggerate? So by Starmer’s own logic he tried to make PM a man who wanted to reopen Auswitchz?

    Why can’t journos nail Starmer with this?

  13. Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys ?
    Here’s a question that no one wants to answer …
    Who blew up the Nordstream gas pipeline ?
    Ask yourself – Who benefits ? – Who loses ?

    1. @johnsco1

      The Yanks blew up Nord Stream. Regardless of who laid the charges, the yanks we’re in charge.

      Victoria Newland, she of “Fuck the EU” fame admitted to it in a hearing recently. You could accuse her of gloating whilst doing so.

      It’s really not a good idea to be an ally of America

      1. The biggest loser is Germany – Who’s industrial success has been built on the availability of huge amounts of Russian gas.
        Who wins ?
        The USA (of course)
        1. They sell tanker-loads of gas to EU countries at a high price.
        2. German industry loses its competitive edge and industrial production switches to USA.

  14. More and more interesting.
    Seems like they are, not so quietly, fighting in lumps in Ukraine.
    I read (on the BBC website of all places, that Zelensky is having Igor Kolomoisky investigated for “corruption”. Kolomoisky, you may recall, was the owner of the TV station that brought Zelensky to fame and went on to fund his (Zelensky’s) run for president. This comes after the recent purge of officials and the resignation/sacking of Zelensky’s spin doctor.
    What next?

    1. goldbach
      Oligarchs in Ukraine are effectively out of business and out of the country, Zelensky will cut and run soon, his money and property is in Miami
      Russia will have the place under control by Easter
      The Yankee Doodles will move onto Taiwan or allow Israel to attack Iran, business as usual
      Your spot on about what blows up first, the financial system or the planet

  15. And, of course, keef will be supposedly giving off the air of a “leader” WHEN Johnson’s given the heave-ho.

    Anything to appear as (not more) competent than wishy.

  16. Keep your eyes on the news from Ukraine.
    I hear that Oleksii Reznikov (Minister of Defence) is likely to be sacked soon.
    The purge continues?

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