Starmer under pressure to sack Streeting after senility ‘jest’

‘If Keir doesn’t sack him, he can’t claim any moral high ground against Sunak over Williamson’, says one senior Labour insider

‘Jester politics’: Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting

Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting is under heavy criticism – and his boss Keir Starmer faces demands to sack him – after he admitted using a ‘jest’ about senility on the front bench.

Caught on video claiming that Corbyn had ‘gone senile’ because he wasn’t fast enough with a Commons comment for Streeting’s liking, Streeting issued a tweet claiming the comment was ‘in jest, but I accept in poor taste’:

The excuse didn’t wash with Streeting’s many critics. One Labour insider, referring to former Tory front-bencher Gavin Williamson’s alleged mental health bullying, told Skwawkbox:

If Keir doesn’t sack him, he can’t claim any moral high ground against Sunak over Williamson.

Another added:

All the Tories now need to do is throw this in Keir Starmer’s face when he tries to attack their lack of integrity.

In fact Starmer never had any high ground, having appointed Streeting to his front bench after the Ilford North MP was seen by multiple witnesses launching a ‘disgusting’ and ‘disgraceful’ verbal assault at Black MP Diane Abbott in 2018 that left the veteran left-winger ‘shell-shocked’.

Hundreds of social media users responded with disgust to Streeting’s mental health insult when his Health brief means he should be defending and advocating for those with dementia and other cognitive problems:

Former parliamentary candidate Maria Carroll was among those questioning Streeting’s fitness for his position

Others pointed out that Streeting’s equivocal apology to Corbyn did nothing to right the contempt he had poured on many thousands of dementia victims and their loved ones:

Wes Streeting was approached for comment. Keir Starmer has also been asked why he hasn’t yet acted over Streeting’s mental health bullying just minutes after Starmer was attacking Sunak for not sacking Gavin Williamson.

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      1. Thanks Toffee…thats made my day in having a good laugh to wake up to.But to be serious for now that comment at my age and Corbyns is not funny coming from someone like screeching who would realise himself that its nasty gutter language in the public arena and should be ashamed of himself especially as he his amongst a vunerable minority who are well used to insults about their lifestyle which is not a choice but somthing he was born with.The fact that thuggery and vicious comments is a choice not a get out of jail card ” and he certainly should not get away with this especially after Williamson and even johnson….but then again it appears that only socialists can be sacked as fascism clings on in a grubby and dangerous labour party.PS I was battling myself with senile decay…but I just laugh now if I am asked…surely you remember?….not really love just the the good bits and what are we doing gathering rice in the winter?…and why is it so bloody steaming hot here and whats with the palm 🌴trees in Bolton?

  1. Wes Streeting is a nasty piece of work who has made a very good living on the back of working class people and the Labour party. He is no different really to Gavin Williamson another nasty individual who Sunak has just sacked because of his repellent behaviour.
    Lets see if Starmer has the decency or the backbone to sack Streeting – he probably hasn’t and as Streeting is a right winger and a Friend of Israel the party rules regarding behaviour don’t apply to him anyway.

    1. Williamson another nasty individual who Sunak has just sacked because of his repellent behaviour.

      Resigned, didn’t he?

      On a side note, I see KG-M was back, anchoring ch4 news this evening.

      Suspended for calling a toerag for what they are….Or is that abuse, too? 🤔

      1. Sorry Toffee I thought Williamson had been sacked. I didn’t realise he had resigned We’ll see if the appalling Streeting has the decency to do likewise. I’d bet my last penny he won’t though.

      2. No worries smartboy. I had to do a double-check when I read your post.

        I’d dance a bleedin’ jog to watch screeching getting the tin-tack and be exponentially more pleased than seeing Williamson actually being fired (again).

        Trouble is, that’s as likely as the wee fella posting anything appearing to be remotely like being critical of smarmer.

        …Or answering a question.

  2. Instead of dropping him a note Streeting would have proved how sorry he really is if he had gone and shown Corbyn more respect by personally apologising to him. Alas Streeting can’t bring himself to do that.

    1. Reply to Back of Beyond
      What you suggest would require Streeting to behave with dignity and self respect ( that would be a first) .He is a lout and a bully and therefore incapable of decent behaviour but he is one of Israel’s best Friends so he can behave as badly as he likes and arch Zionist Starmer will back him to the hilt.

  3. The Labour Party don’t have their troubles to seek, these days, do they.

    Their troubles are there, all around them. In the House! In Southside! In the Regions! In the CLP’s! All self-inflicted.

    Bloody, hilarious!

    Pop-corn time, again!

    1. Reply to John Davis
      Is it any wonder John – Wes is a real tough guy. He stood toe to toe and screamed in the face of a middle aged woman – Diane Abbott- who was unwell at the time. This made his rep in parliament and most male MPs worry he might attack them too.
      Personally I think there is no chance of that. There would always be the risk that one of them might say “boo” to him and then of course it would be all over – he’d faint with fear.

      1. Smartboy, I would like to see Streeting attacking Jon Trickett or Ian Lavery for example. I don’t believe Streeting is stupid enough to try.
        I can see Jon or Ian looking Streeting up and down squaring up to him and ask him if he wishes to take the matter to the street or otherwise to shut up.

      2. True that. He was in the street fighting wing of the NUS. Drank whole pints and once danced with a girl.

  4. Wes has swallowed toootooo much sperm poor twat had to go through a stumack pump to loosen the sperm around his intestines I think he is the one with a problem

    1. Brian61 I have not time for Streeting but, I find your comment homophobic and in poor taste. That Streeting is homosexual has nothing to do with his appalling behaviour.
      Streeting should be sack from the Shadow Cabinet because he is a bully not because he is a homosexual.

      1. The dilemma Starmer faces is this: if he doesn’t sack Streeting, he loses the moral high ground on the bullying issue; if he does, he has to admit that there is such a thing as going too far in anti-Corbyn nastiness, and Mandy won’t tolerate such an admission

    1. Needs his balls to drop, the puerile, shrieking imbecile.

      (I see that weirdo musk has suspended the women for Wes Twitter account, the humourless, moneygrubbing oddball)

  5. Seems angela illeagle came third in the NW for the amount of toxic tweets it received.

    Oh, unlucky ange!! If I had a Twitter account you’d have pissed it. 👍😉

  6. ‘If Keir doesn’t sack him, he can’t claim any moral high ground against Sunak over Williamson’, says one senior Labour insider

    Unfortunately, keef knows sunak – having resorted to perpetuating the bullshit about Corbyn’s leadership in at least two of his three PMQs to date – can’t be seen to attack keef about screeching as it will look hypocritical on sunak’s part every bit as much as it does on keef’s.

    Which means it’ll be left to the TV pundits to do so…And we all know how likely that is. 😕

      1. Toffee – For once I agree with you, it was unfortunate that the clip was cut short. If you follow the link below you can watch the whole of this memorable little exchange, including the ‘Leader of the House’ Penny Mordaunt’s response to Jeremy’s Points of Order, it concludes with Hoyle’s parting shot. Given that the totality of this brief exchange was less than 3 minutes it makes one wonder why they chose to cut it short in the video that you linked to.
        (the video should start in the right place but if not watch from 12:34:20 through to 12:37:17)

  7. Toffee….now we all know about pie eaters from Wigan and a MP whos face resembles one,but do you know about “Chorley Cakes and does Hoyle resembling one mean that Lancashire folk have a much more discerning approach to calling “a spade a spade” ..?

    1. Strange, Joseph, how rayner can be ridiculed for her accent, but not hoyle for his (exaggerated) accent.

      I’m no fan of rayner, but she doesn’t kiss the establishment arse like hoyle does.

      And he’s in love with his own voice. Has to give any cabinet minister, plus keef, the full title when calling on them to speak. Never heard any of his predecessors do so (And I’ve watched PMQs since the days of thatcher when ‘bernie’ weatherill was the speaker).

      Never heard him introduce Ian Blackford as Leader of the Scottish Nationalists; Ian Blackford”

      …Or the same for that davey one.

      Can’t stand hoyle. They (rightly) call keef an establishment stooge but hoyle’s kissed as much (if not more) arse to get where he is.

      And tries to palm himself of as such with his: “Ey up, lad…Am commun as muck, I am…Am just communuh from Chorrrrrleh, tha’ nose, an ah luv t’ king!” (while acquiring all the airs & graces, and prancing round in all the garb like he’s the star turn in some shit costume drama)

      Nothing but a PR stunt from the establishment. They knew exactly what they were doing when they put him where he is now.

    1. A leftist (most likely) wouldn’t have said it…And certainly not about Corbyn.

      One thing’s certain, screeching wouldn’t have had the cojones to have said that about Denis Skinner (had he still been there, God but I miss him!!).

      Imagine the burn screeching would cop for …🤕🤕🤕

  8. My father died recently & had suffered from dementia for many years & as it progressed & his memories died, so too his character changed & his awareness. No short term memory whatsoever, but then oblivion……..dementia is cruel. as it slowly takes away who you are & leaves the physical shell as a reminder. I hope Wes Streeting never experiences this…….’Instant Karma!’

    1. Reply to Steve 101704
      We had it in our family too. Only a sick piece of dirt like Wes Streeting would think it was something to joke about.

  9. These RW Labour MPs represent nothing ordinary Labour voters want, nor what members voted for – they voted for the promised leftism of ‘continuity Corbynism’ not reheated Blairism. They have zero mandate.

    How long can this contradictory state of affairs continue, whereby Blairite groupies attempt to recreate the late 1990s for themselves, with little support and little sign of voter enthusiasm?

    Living in the UK is political torture at the mo. Starmer and co have gleefully lied and destroyed hope. Why aren’t the unions moving to ditch these corporate tools?

  10. “Labour Party MP Charlotte Nichols has claimed there is a “whisper network list” in Westminster of about 40 members of parliament to avoid because of their alleged involvement in bullying or sexual abuse. Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live on Thursday, Nichols blamed a “culture of impunity” for the fact that politicians on the list continue working as if nothing had happened.”

    cont., credit, RT

    I have NO reason to believe that Wes Streeting is on the list – but maybe he is?

    1. Reply to Qwertboi
      If he isn’t he should be after his disgusting treatment of Diane Abbott.

  11. The left needs to avoid becoming like Labour’s right, who are obsessed with ‘tittle-tattle’ gossipy stories and feigning offence, as they did in the AS scam. As much as I dislike the lightweight, sneaky potential corporate healthcare tool, Wes Streeting, there are far better reasons to dislike this a-hole than him calling someone senile.

    It’s getting like the US, where the big two parties have so much in common on policy, it’s all about attacking each other’s character. The US has those vile TV ‘attack ads’ that run 24/7. The ‘corporate’ Democrats abandoned leftism and their union associations in the 1980s-90s allowing the Republicans to move further right in as they attempted to differentiate themselves. There’s a gaping hole in the political spectrum where a leftist party should be in the US due to these squatting ‘corporate Dems’. And this is what Mandelson, Blair plus the likes of Starmer and Streeting want for the UK. It’ll result in huge anger over disenfranchisement. It’s nothing less a conspiracy between the big two parties, security elite and MSM to lock out alternative viewpoints from being a democratic option. It’s a road to frustration, possible violence and a miserable country that fails at everything.

    After watching BBC’s Question Time last night , for the first time in a long time, I’d prefer Caroline Lucas as leader over Keir Starmer, any day of the week infact. She’s more progressive than the entire Labour shadow frontbench put together. I’d urge everyone to support the Greens until Starmer and co are removed.

      1. Last night on QT, Caroline made it absolutely clear she wants PR and to scrap the HoL. What else are those that vote for Starmer on the basis of him promising these progressive reforms supposed to do?

        Starmer promised to abolish the HoL and has U-turned, and is now stuffing it with ‘bought off’ union leaders, the treacherous Tom Watson and Ruth Smeeth. This after alleged ‘sex pest’ Woodcock ‘animal lover’ Ian Austin and loudmouth John Mann joined.

        We know why Labour won’t support PR : the Greens would likely be around >20% under PR, pushing down Labour’s share. Starmer and co’s strategy is purely based around ‘they’ve nowhere else to go’ it’s the corporate Dems mindset from the US.

      2. Why waste a vote on smarmerism? Why so eager for UK residents to vote smarmerist labour?

        Give me a difference between them and the rags. Tell me an instance where keefs’ whipped them to vote AGAINST the rags.

        And don’t give me any of your usual green paper bollocks. It’s not worth wiping me arse with.

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