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Exclusive: Blair’s political director embedded in Liverpool Lab council’s budget and 2023 manifesto

Blair Institute political director Ryan Wain involved in city’s budget and Labour’s planned pitch to Liverpool voters – and recently took over from Danczuk in business group

Ryan Wain giving a Blair Institute presentation

Liverpool Labour insiders say that the party is literally preparing to offer ‘warmed-up Blairism’ to England’s most socialist city and that Blair’s fingerprints are also on the city’s budget, after the embedding of the former Labour PM’s political director in the preparation of both the party’s manifesto for local elections taking place in the city next year and in the Labour-run council’s finances.

Skwawkbox understands that Ryan Wain, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change’s executive political director, is now involved in preparations for May’s ‘all-out’ elections and in the city’s council budget, which is being overseen by exorbitantly-paid, Tory-appointed – and Starmer-welcomed – commissioners.

One party insider told Skwawkbox:

We’ve got Tory commissioners and now we’ve got red Tories, in a city where people overwhelmingly voted for Corbyn’s Labour.

Another said:

When the city and the whole country are crying out for real change, we’re going to be force-fed warmed-up Blairism.

Mr Wain is also an official of the ‘Downtown in Business’ group that recently invited Keir Starmer to give an ill-fated presentation in the city – Starmer was given a thorough tutorial by local woman Audrey White in the city’s view of his betrayal of Scousers by writing for the Murdoch S*n, or ‘the Scum’ as it’s known locally. Wain is ‘DiB’s London chair, having taken over the role earlier this year from Simon Danczuk, the former Labour MP who lost his seat in 2017 after admitting ‘sexting’ a 17yo girl.

Liverpool has a large contingent of ‘Community Independent’ councillors after Labour councillors resigned from the party in outrage at Labour’s collusion with the Tory commissioners and the ensuing large cuts to budgets for vulnerable people.

Keir Starmer has been accused of waging war on the city. In addition to moving to disenfranchise local party members and seize of control of selection processes, Starmer’s faction appointed right-winger Sheila Murphy – who defected to the Change UK ‘Tinge’ party – as Labour’s ‘Liverpool officer’.

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  1. Well like it or not Liverpool’s councillors won’t have a choice, they are going to have to set a budget that is acceptable to the Tory appointed Commissioners who are now running the show.
    Perhaps we should be looking a little closer at those who’s actions, inactions and mismanagement resulted in Liverpool being put into ‘special measures’.

    1. Yeah. We could start with those from outside who imposed unsustainable, irresponsible, extravagant, expensive pork barrel systems of disorganisation like PFI and other ‘public’/private partnerships, along with the failed Carillion contract model which saddled cities like Liverpool with unfinished and unusable hospitals and schools which the city and its citizens have to continue to pay for.

      Not only are the local subjects of the King saddled with the costs of mismanagement on the part of those they were forced to do business with for unfinished projects they are also forced to take the blame from clueless half wits on the other side of the world for decisions imposed from outside championed by the same people who then insist the city be put on special measures and to take responsibility for the piracy of neo-liberal charlatans and their bought and paid for politicians of both party’s.

      Once again steveH you have demonstrated your total lack of gorm as well as your unfitness to comment on anything. Such is your level of cluelessness.

      1. Dave – I am guessing that you haven’t actually read the report that led to the council being put into ‘special measures’?

        Today (Tuesday) the government have gone further and appointed an additional Commissioner.
        Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove has today (8 November 2022) expanded the government’s intervention into Liverpool City Council to get the city’s finances back on a stable footing and deliver value for money for the taxpayer.
        Stephen Hughes has been appointed as Finance Commissioner to oversee Liverpool City Council’s financial management and help lead the Council to a brighter future.
        New powers for Commissioners over governance, financial decision-making and recruitment have also been announced, to improve the running of the Council.

      2. “..and help lead the Council to a brighter future.”

        Really, that combination of words doesn’t cause your heart to sink towards your colon?

        Most people recognise patronising, anti-social, propagandist power-talk when it’s pelted like a grenade at them .

        Austerity is a political choice – not an economic necessity. ‘Expanded intervention’ and “new powers for Commissioners over governance” just proves it.

      3. qwertboi – I have quoted word for word from a government press release and I haven’t endorsed it in any way, but you knew that already

    2. Starmer continues his work making Labour acceptable to the Establishment again. Al Jazeera would be great if they did films on how Starmer deliberately used the Brexit change to throw his own party to the wolves in order to topple Jeremy Corbyn.

  2. ‘Liverpool has a large contingent of (very active) ‘Community Independent’ councillors…’

    …and given what’s been happening in Liverpool West Derby CLP, getting larger, as time goes by.

    P.S. Simon Danczuk?? WTF!?!?

    On second thoughts, when we see the others that Blair, Mandelson and Starmer have gathered around them – there’s no real surprise there.

    1. George – Didn’t this ‘large’ cohort of 6 independent councillors all win their seats standing as Labour party candidates. It will be interesting to see how they fare in next years elections.

      1. Let me remind you – across the Merseyside, on the Wirral, Jo Bird was expelled as a Labour Councillor, sat as an Independent, and was reelected as a Green Councillor.

        That was all, very, interesting.

  3. Wasn’t THAT long ago Liverpool had a libtard council.

    Seem to remember the independent mayoral candidate (Stephen Yip) doing rather well against the smarmer-imposed shoe-in, too, only recently.

    Think the wee fellas being his usual presumptuous self on the political views of the people of Liverpool.

    Mind you, he’s the genius what reckoned that the libtards would hoover up all those remain voters in 2019 if keef didn’t get his way.

    How many seats did they get, again? 🤔

    No. In Liverpool it’s either diet toerag – or lose your deposit, isn’t it, wee man?

    Straight out of the mandelslime they’ve got nowhere else to go playbook. 😒

    1. Toffee – Is that really how you interpreted the actual results?

      Labour Joanne Anderson – 46,493 – 59.2%
      ​​Independent Stephen Yip – 32,079 – 40.8%

      1. Yes – That’s how I interpreted the results.

        Bragging about a 20point lead on a <30% turnout. Desperation.

        So, brains – WHERE is the lost deposit? Hmmm?

      2. Toffee – Given that the turnout was roughly the same as previous in previous elections and that Joanne increased Labour’s share of the vote by >6.5% what is the point that you are desperately trying to make, or are you still working that one out?

  4. And let’s not forget smarmer’s showing in the locals last May…Resoundingly successful, they were. 😙🎶

    1. Toffee – Your not very good at this are you?
      There is no denying that they were considerably better than his predecessor’s local election results in 2019.

      1. What’s not very good is the paltry amount of seats smarmerites gained – especially when you keep trying to convince anyone who’ll listen that they’re allegedly more popular than Corbyn’s labour EVER were, and theat people supposedly really quite like keef

        And that’s BEFORE we start on by-elections.

        7 by-elections.

        1 seat uncontested
        1 seat GAINED
        2 seats retained – with vastly reduced majorities.
        1 seat LOST – one going blue for the first time in its history.
        2 seats with lost deposit – from being clear second in both.

        So DO remind us all, O! Genial one… WHO’S not very good at this?


      2. Toffee – A nice little distraction but the results from the local elections (which was your original point) speak for themselves.

        Corbyn 2019
        Popular vote 28%
        Swing – Decrease 7%
        Councils ± Decrease 6
        Councillors ± Decrease 84

        Starmer 2022
        Popular vote 35%
        Swing – Increase 6%
        Councillors ± Increase 108
        Councils ± Increase 5

        Spot the difference.

      3. Where were all the GAINS that the really quite liked by the people keef, made?

        Anyone but Corbyn would be 20pts clear”, almost the entire political establishment said (bar those who know better)

        Out of 4000+ seats up for grabs, keef gained 108 – against what was then THE most corrupt and incompetent government to date.

        108 as a % of 4000 = 2.7%.


        Fuckin’ gerrin!! 🥳🥳🥳

        Fucks sake. 🤦🤦🤦

      4. Oh and by the way, soft shite…

        I’ve been kind to you. There were over 4300 seats contested in the locals.

        So you can knock off at least 9% of that 2.7% of seats gained that smarmerite labour made.

        And if it weren’t for the Welsh – who actually promote something more akin to socialist policies – smarmer would’ve only gained 42 seats for the whole of England AND Scotland.

        Not even 1% of seats gained.

        And you crow about something as fucking pathetic as a show like THAT?

      5. Toffee – It was you that brought up the local election results claiming that they were bad. The obvious question then, is bad when compared to what. Which is why I made the very obvious comparison that you in effect invited.
        I’m surprised that you are getting your knickers in such a twist. It is undeniable that the gains Keir made were preferable to and also a considerable improvement on Corbyn’s losses.

      6. The obvious question then, is bad when compared to what.

        Compared, bellend, to the landslide you make them out to be.

        …Beating your pigeon chest as though keef has masterminded the political triumph of the ages, for total fuck’s sake.

        Dafuqs the matter with you? Don’t bother – it’s there for all to see.

      7. Toffee – You are of course right, it really is there for all to see one gained vote share and seats whilst the other one despite the Tories losing a massive 1,330 council seats somehow still managed to lose 84 seats and then only 7mths later went onto lose 60 parliamentary seats.
        You really should learn when to stop digging.

    2. What a gormless prick.

      24 seats more than 2019? Regardless of Corbyn losing 84 seats, that is NO monumental victory.

      It is not even a scrape through on penalties against a side of under sevens, FFS.

      It is also testament to the fact you spout shite when you persistently claim keefs’
      Really quite liked

      Having the libtards pick up almost three times as many seats backs this up.

      Only gaining 42 seats in England AND Scotland further backs this up, and even if they won 42 seats in England alone, it would still show that they’re as appealing as a fucking three-week old roadkill.

      And that’s AFTER almost three years of a de piffle shitshow.

      And without the piss-weak, non-existent shows on the by elections.

      And let’s not forget – keefs’ had as many toerag MPs joined him on the commons benches as have won him seats.

      That’s how much people really quite like him.

      So much so that they’re actually unwittingly voting toerag to add to his numbers in the commons

      But you keep on crowing like keef’s just single-handedly won the world cup, soft shite.

      Meanwhile, councillors all over are spewing labour because of that greasy twunt. As are members – on a grandiose scale.

      Oh, and allow me to repeat:

      they’re actually unwittingly voting toerag to add to his numbers in the commons

      Vote keef get toerag.

      Vote toerag, get keef.


      1. Toffee – The facts are there so who cares what you think, not me. You started this nonsense with your silly claims. All I’ve done is compared the two elections under different leaders. The figures don’t lie, one lost seats and the other gained seats.
        Why don’t you come back and tell me all about it after the next local elections or better still after the next GE. You can tell me all about how the GE was fixed for Labour to win.😏
        The way things are going for the Tories they might just be on the same day.

    3. Did keef gain 350k members?


      Did keef gain seats anywhere’s near to the equivalent of the 20pts lead you bellends practically guaranteed he have?


      Just 108 seats gained from 4300+ IS NOT indicative of being PM material (And thank fuck it isn’t, too)

      Did Corbyn lose deposits in by-elections?

      No – With another week (or two) of campaigning in ’17 he’d definitely have had rid of the outright toerag rule, and could possibly have formed the government. But you shithouses weren’t having any of that. And keef hasn’t come anywhere close to threatening the eighty seat lead HE handed them.

      Would Corbyn have done worse than keef at the locals?

      Highly doubtful, but irrelevant.

      Keef’s dismal record speaks for itself. He IS NOT really quite liked by people as those figures demonstrate unmistakeably.

      But you are, and always will be, a gobshite.

  5. Blair shows again how powerful he is in Britain, a constant factor. He fought against Corbyn from the word go; fearful of war crime charges, he had to stop him. Now he has Labour in his grip he will no doubt return to government in some form once they win the next election.

  6. “Things can only get better…better….and then the bombs started and war,war crimes and torture.PFI we are still paying for and the labour party gone…!nifty little tune I remember singing it on election night….then the nightmares started?

  7. After Starmer writing for the Sun newspaper,he is dead to the scousers!!

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