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Video: Byrne calls on Lab members, “Give me chance to keep doing what I’ve done for W Derby” #KeepIanByrneMP

MP of the Year issues video summing up his record as the seat’s MP and asking members to support him to keep going

The right-wing Labour machine wants left-winger Ian Byrne out as the party’s candidate in the seat of Liverpool West Derby so it can fill that ultra-safe Labour seat with a right-winger who won’t make Keir Starmer look bad by being a better MP than him or call Starmer out on his unforgivable betrayal of Liverpool by writing for the Murdoch S*n – and the party machine doesn’t care that his main rival has allegations of bullying and ‘concentration camp’ hate speech toward a disabled women to answer.

The game is massively stacked against Byrne, because his enemies don’t much care which rules they have to bend, break or ignore in order to achieve their goal – even locking Byrne out of the member communication channels he is entitled to use as the MP – and have already done so to such an extent in this process that a party official refused to sign off on corrupted results and for their trouble was removed by the party.

Only a massive show of member support – and a refusal by members to stand by while they are disenfranchised and cut out of the process – might discourage the right from simply rigging a result, as has allegedly been the case throughout the process so far.

Hillsborough survivor Byrne – MP of the Year for his outstanding work fighting against poverty and hunger on behalf of his constituents and the vulnerable everywhere – has issued a video outlining and standing by his record as MP since he was elected (against the best efforts of right-wingers then, too) in 2019. And he has called on local Labour members to come out to vote for him to ensure he can continue what he has started in such remarkable fashion:

If Labour members in that constituency care remotely about decency and their own democratic rights, let alone the fate of poor children, families and vulnerable people in their area, they will unequivocally #KeepIanByrneMP to represent them.

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  1. If I could, I would move to West Derby just to vote for this fine man. He is what our movement is all about but caring for the poor and marginalised is not a priority for Starmers Labour so they want him out. Solidarity Ian.

  2. Only today Starmer is denying the party’s deliberately trying to stop left wing MPs and PPCs from being long listed. His excuse the party only wants the best candidates. Insinuating it’s only the left that aren’t any good. It appears he has not been following all the rule breaking that’s been going on. Ian and Apsana being a perfect example.
    Oh and according to him the party is United. He just can’t stop lying.

    1. BackofBeyond everybody has a dream and Starmer’s is that the Party is united. Give the man the benefit of the doubt: he isn’t lying, he is deluding himself (I am being sarcastic)

  3. De la Salle…Some very talented footballers produced from that school over several decades. Deserved to stay open for that record alone.

    If West Derby can do better than Ian, then it most definitely ISN’T with those keef has chosen to stand against him. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better representative, within or without the constituency.

    Your choice, West Derby. Make it count. Ian, or smarmer. No-brainer, really, is it?

    1. West Derby, working class areas everywhere, all will be under assault when this vicious project takes shape. It will be hard to find young footballers, boxers, net ballers when rickets is part of the agenda. Maybe Headroom believes that we need favellas to win silverware.

  4. What the fuck has happened in this country that a good man has to beg and grovel to keep his job!?

    Guess this yet more proof that absolutely nothing will change for the better with a labour government in power.

  5. People would stand in their droves for ian Byrne but it’s rigged by the labour party who would never aceppt anyone in the PLP who genuinely care and are interested in real people.ITs a ruthless way of subverting democracy but it’s not in the interests of the labour party to represent ordinary people or working class people in Liverpool or anywhere else….The fat cats control the labour party and they are clearly beyond redemption as far as representing the working class of Britain.

    1. My guess is that Lavelle or other right winger will win on postal votes. The local panel in charge will know who has voted and who hasn’t. They will proceed to staff the necessary numbers of envelopes to win, under the names of elderly members that aren’t attending the final casting (too late, too cold, too confused to leave their homes) and hey presto!! Lavelle has or other right winger would have won.
      West Derby members need to attend the hustings in mass is the only way to prevent Lavelle or other right winger from winning.,

  6. I was @ Hillsborough but I do not consider myself a ‘Hillsborough Survivor’, It was a traumatic experience, as the memories were resurrected by Starmer’s recent endorsement of ‘the Sun’. Being a survivor has connotations that I cannot identify with. I was lucky that day.

  7. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.
    It is my understanding that during Corbyn’s tenure the majority of both Labour’s members and Union affiliates supported the implementation of a mandatory reselection system for all sitting MPs in each election cycle. Potentially leading to far more challenges of sitting MPs.
    Instead at the 2019 Conference Jeremy Corbyn imposed a rehash of the existing ‘trigger ballot’ system and reduced the threshold to make the ‘triggering’ of an MP considerably easier.
    Subsequent to this Keir Starmer upped the threshold by a considerable margin to make sitting MPs much more secure in post.
    When the decision to hold a trigger ballot was taken by Ian’s CLP (this process was part of a timetable that was published last year for all CLPs to decide on whether to hold a ‘trigger ballot’ or not) ‘the left’ either failed to get their act together again or simply didn’t have the numbers and this resulted in Ian losing the ‘trigger’ vote in all 4 of the CLPs Branches which inevitably led to the electoral college ‘triggering’ Ian and started the process of a challenge.
    Given how marginal Ian’s PPC selection result was in 2019 (3 recounts and an eventual majority of just 2) and the fact that they had months to get organised I’m more than a little surprised that ‘the left’ weren’t better prepared.
    Having said that given that so few of the PLP have ever been deselected by their CLP I expect that Ian will win the OMOV ballot. (the only vote that actually counts)
    That is of course always providing that a significant proportion of Ian Byrne’s supporters haven’t given away their vote because they resigned from the party in a fit of misguided pique.

    1. Well, it looks like the starmer Regime needs a smidgeon of rule breaking, voter lock-out and vote rigging to effect a victory in an ideological triggering like this one.

      1. It would be difficult to argue that the trigger ballot wasn’t conclusive and I doubt that many of Byrne’s supporters will give a toss who else is on the ballot paper alongside Ian because they already know who they will be voting for.
        As I keep pointing out there is only one vote that really counts and that’s the final OMOV ballot.
        Surely you must agree that constituency members have a right to decide who represents them. If Ian’s supporters are in the majority then he will win.

    2. More toerag bullshit and blister in an attempt to absolve keef.

      Something is implemented, then abused by a proliferation during the successive powers-that-be, but it’s the implementer’s fault.

      According to the nonce apologist, it’s Corbyn’s fault that keef has abused the process(es) introduced under Corbyn

      Just like the toerag :Foodbanks were always there…It’s just that labour didn’t point people towards them. bullshit.

      It’s like saying WCA’s for the disabled were ‘inefficient’ when they were introduced (by bliarite labour) so all the rags have done is tweaked them to murder people and hound them into an early grave suit

      Honestly… The amount of times that retarded cretin has to insult people with the same rehashed bollocks is beyond belief. And he wonders why he’s ripped to shreds with just about every post he makes.

    1. The saddest thing is how the unions are watching the party being stripped of its left-wing representation and are presumably ok with it happening?

      Even the Telegraph and Times are reporting that a purge of the left is underway. For all winnable seats where selection has taken place (39)? candidates associated with the left haven’t been selected for a single one. The right are locking the left out of their own party completely, and doing it overtly in plain sight.

      The idea a two-party system in which both party leaders are paid-up establishment stooges, offers us a democratic ‘choice’ is the biggest, most sinister disinformation operation of them all.

    1. @goldbach

      Too few of the electorate seem aware of just how limited and controlled our so-called democracy has become. Where are the Labour and Conservative differences? The UK in the 1970s seems like a golden era of democratic choice by way of contrast to today.

      “He who does not move does not feel his chains.”

      This historical quote of socialist Rosa Luxemburg seems apt for these times.

      1. Andy – You can find a list of some of the policies that form part of Labour’s current policy platform here
        You may not agree with all of them but which of them do you you think are Tory policies?

      2. You still seem to be in denial about the fact Starmer and Reeves are where they are purely to stymie the left and limit progressive change in the UK. Starmer lied his way to the leadership and his devotion to everything right-wing has gotten far more obvious since then.

        These two are seemingly tasked with preventing socialism esp. renationalisations, and not upsetting the neoliberal order. Happy to continue with financial markets calling the tune, holding countries to ransom, while kowtowing to the US.

        This is fundamentally different from what Corbyn and McDonnell stood for. Corbyn and McDonnell may have ultimately failed to change much, but at least it was a genuinely offer of real change. Under Starmer, anyone genuinely on the left feels bereft over the party being stolen by the likes of Mandelson.

      3. Andy – Given the absence of an answer to my question am I to take it that you don’t really disagree with anything in Labour’s current policy platform but you’d like them to go further.
        Unfortunately when they did “their [genuine] offer of real change” was rejected by the electorate, we lost 60 seats. The worst result Labour has had for generations.

      4. Starmer is just there to provide the pretense the UK is a democracy until the Tories get their act together and get back into power. At best he’d be a glorified placeholder PM.

        Political debate used to be about major policy differences between the two parties, elections about big choices; now it’s about personalities and who is and who isn’t allegedly a bully.

        News cycles are dominated by trivial nonsense. Last week it was Braverman’s antics, today we’ve seen Yvette Cooper whining about Gavin Williamson. What the hell does it matter to the ordinary voter whether ministers and civil servants argue?

        It’s all a media distraction hiding the fact the big two parties have 95% in common. Starmer and Reeves could serve in a Sunak govt as easily as Jeremy Hunt.

  8. Goldbach…..theres clearly a link across the western world with collaberators who project an illusion thats more cruel and dangerous than the greed of the old enemy capitalism ‘
    .Neo liberals like Biden and Starmer are paid for plants “whos masters are unelected and are difficult to track down.Now whilst I agree that the war is lost for now I don’t believe that the majority working class are beaten and defeated by the neo liberal world order.
    Hedges is a brave man sticking his neck out but with good reason because he knows that we ordinary people can never go backwards from experiencing Real Change” that the majority of us enjoyed after the wars in europe which gave us a Welfare system and a NHS second to none thanks to a Labour government who actually attempted and succeeded in representing the war weary working class returning from the battlefields.of distant lands around the globe.
    The USA experienced much the same but under a different system of capitalism that appeared to work.I am getting old and weary but I can still remember the old black and white tv show with middle american kitchens with dishwashers,walk in fridges and freezers,worktops and s\s sinks with mixer taps air con and heating..They never had it so good but it didn’t reflect all of the population of the USA but it was the fiftys and it was captivating for us in Britain.and somthing to aim for….even hot water and a inside Wc
    .Real change “” will come but the labour party will need to be out of the way for it to happen in Britain and Ulster were the working class have been used as lab rats for the subjection of the majority working class using draconian laws especially in Ulster and a fully armed police force and soldier’s have terrorised the majority working class for over a century now..Good reading exactly whats happening in the USA which is a mirror image of Britain under the same type of creatures that impose the law of the land.across the western world…….collaborators clearly are the most powerful and dangerous group.of traitors.

  9. The right-wing calculate that since they don’t want to be seen as the party of the poor (or of benefit claimants/strikers etc), their best move is to go for the poverty-fighting MP of the Year figurehead, Ian Byrne – similar to showing allegiance to Israel by going for the UK’s foremost champion of Palestinian rights, Jeremy Corbyn.

    Somewhere Keir Hardy’s body is attempting to break the RPM Land Speed Record…

  10. Off topic:

    With Cop27 in the news, this short video offers some interesting insights into hemp as a substitute for many other materials that we use in abundance today in terms of their atmospheric effects.

    Why Outlawing Cannabis Was A Huge Mistake

      1. The York University/Hemp-30 Report’s very valuable, thanks. Only managed the Exec Summary, but am going to forward it to a few people. The COP27 television spectacle would – if it were not run by bought politicians for the benefit of their paymasters – be prioritising hemp production for solid ecological and economic reasons; more hemp, less fertiliser and synthetic polymers. Human and planetary health would soon leave ‘the american century’ mindset prison… thanks SteveH

      2. qwertboi – You’re welcome, I’m glad you found it useful.

  11. As I keep pointing out there is only one vote that really counts and that’s the final OMOV ballot.

    And as you’ll keep getting asked – how many will be excluded from THAT vote?

    Just like YOU were excluded from your second ref vote – the one you think was acceptable – only because the result went your way, despite you NOT having YOUR vote on the issue?

    Get fucked with your shit attempt to portray yourself as a democrat. You’ve agreed with, and defended each & every instance of smarmerite anti-democracy since 2018.

    Just who are you trying to convince, yourself? (See what I did there?)

      1. So why the bleedin’ hell have people been excluded from, or not told about meetings?

        Why has the officer refused to sign off on the result(s)?

        Why has preferential treatment been given to smarmer’s preferred candidate(s) while the sitting MP has been DENIED the use of official communications?

        Oh, none of that matters, does it?

        Away and shite, mister one-member-one-vote

      2. Toffee – I don’t think it was wise to remove Ian’s access to the members database but his access will no doubt be reinstated once the campaign for the OMOV ballot starts.

      3. Oh! Well that’ll just make it all fine n dandy then, won’t it?

        And in the meantime his campaign has been hamstrung by keef.

        That’s the best possible scenario ONLY IF Ian get access to the database granted…

        Dafuq is wrong with you? No, seriously – WHAT is your problem?

      4. “his access will no doubt be reinstated once the campaign for the OMOV ballot starts.”

        You’d hope – but no other leader of Labour has ever been so low and obvious in his divisive ideological partiality as the man who must NEVER be allowed Downing St residency.

      5. qwertboi – If Ian Byrne’s supporters had remained involved in his CLP’s Branch meetings then he wouldn’t be in this position now.
        Contrast Ian’s ‘trigger ballot’ result with Zara’s.
        I wonder how many of Ian’s supporters are now regretting that they won’t have a vote because they resigned their membership.

      6. SteveH “qwertboi – If Ian Byrne’s supporters had remained involved in his CLP’s Branch meetings then he wouldn’t be in this position now….”

        Yes, that is probably true Steveh – but we do not know yet how many left members are not ‘dearly departed’ and will use their OMOV for Ian Byrne.

        The point being, every serious democratic socialist who became a ‘dearly departed’ member KNEW that their departure would ultimately weaken Labour in their immediate vicinity. Now, for me, with a 2015 elected Labour & Co-Operative party MP, I saw no reason to stay. The MP was less than inspiring under Corbyn and, since the Starmer regime became combative to me and my comrades, indistinguishable from the wretched LibDem he displaced in 2015. For me in a centrist seat Labour is a shameless, barefaced lie – and I am glad to be free of it.

        HOWEVER, If I had an MP like Burgon, Byrne, Carden or Sultana, I’d certainly not have become a ‘dearly departed’. I’d have stayed to fight.

        I suspect the enterist starmer Regime know this – and it’s why they are having to resort to the disgusting behaviour they have to affect this trigger .

      7. qwertboi – That’s a bit defeatist. Why didn’t you and other like minded Labour members get yourself organised and campaign to trigger your ‘centrist MP’ ?

        ps – My comments relate to how badly organised ‘the left’ are, they had months of advance notice to get their act together. This challenge should have fallen at the ‘trigger ballot’ stage. Good luck to Ian I don’t have any issues with him.

      8. re SteveH’s 12.54am post, yes I concur with your broad analysis (i.e. ‘the left’ coulda/shoulda been more proactive generally (as I said, we don’t yet know how pro-Byrne OMOV ballot will unfold), but that’s a general point about ‘the left’ that needs to be considered: we’re not a single grouping (we’re made up of many types and numerous motivations). We tend not to do ‘strategy’ the way centrists and class enemies do. We’re atomists and democrats – and therein is our greatest strength and strongest weakness. It means that ‘issues’ energise us where ‘strategy’ works for others and the Cost of Living crisis, proxy war in Ukraine and the political covid scam are the three main issues (each created and imposed by ‘the Few) that will invigorate the working class AND ‘the left’ and probably pay parts in forming a new political movement with a political party part working at the ‘front’.

        Why didn’t I stay to fight re Alex Sobel? Several reasons: he’s a decent MP for leeds nw and I have no issue with anything he has said or done (except filibustering the attempted anti-Evans/Starmer vote in CLP) AND ‘the left’ has to pick its battles carefully. This one would not have delivered any significant benefit at a low price.

  12. If Ian Byrne’s supporters had remained involved in his CLP’s Branch meetings then he wouldn’t be in this position now.

    And how – from over on the other side of the hemisphere – do you KNOW they weren’t?

    As usual, you ignore what several previous articles have told you, and decided to confect a load of unsubstantiated BOLLOCKS.

    The returning officer didn’t refuse to sign off on the result(s) just for a fucking laugh, you total dolt.

    Although you probably think members were locked out of zoom meetings just for shits & giggles, eh?

    O! And lest we forget!?! It was merely unwise not to allow Ian access to the database…

    For complete and utter fucks sake. 😒

    1. Toffee – Well either that or there’s not enough of them left to carry the vote in even one of his CLP’s Branch votes. If this is the case it unfortunately wouldn’t bode very well for Ian in the final vote against his challenger (whoever that turns out to be).
      Compare this with Zara’s ‘trigger ballot’ where she won every single one of her CLP’s Branch ballots and therefore didn’t face a challenge to her candidacy for the next GE.
      Another alternative of course is that his supporters followed your example in the 19GE and couldn’t be bothered to get off their arses to vote.
      Take your pick

  13. Well either that or there’s not enough of them left to carry the vote in even one of his CLP’s Branch votes

    There is NO either/or.

    YOU have stated something as FACT.

    Now YOU can’t back it up.

    IF this is the case….


    WTF do you mean –IF???

    You TOLD us that Byrne’s supporters hadn’t bothered to get their act together

    Now it’s IF that’s the case

    You’re a retard with a piss-fizzing penchant for projecting your fantasies as FACT.

    You know fuck-all about fuck-all and you’re not well enough informed about that.

    And you accuse everyone else of <I
    making things up

    Retarded. Gob. Shite.

    1. Toffee – Well thanks for your meaningless little rant, I’m sure that there must be someone out there who found it informative. I have given you my opinion of what lay behind Ian’s abysmal results at his ‘trigger ballot’ vote. What is your explanation for his poor results, do you have one yet?

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