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Right-wing W Derby wannabe blocks activist for mentioning Al Jazeera ‘Labour Files’

And hides reply linking to documentary – but Whitehead’s social media history gives away closeness to most toxic elements of Labour right

A right-wing Labour councillor who hopes to replace MP of the year Ian Byrne as the party’s candidate in the Liverpool West Derby seat has blocked an activist and party member for asking her about Al Jazeera’s ‘Labour Files’ documentary exposing right-wing abuse, racism, misogyny, spying on members and rigging.

Hyndburn councillor Kim Whitehead had tweeted her pleasure at being confirmed onto the West Derby ‘longlist’ and the well-known activist @Agitate4Change (often known as Agi) tweeted a link to the four-part documentary series.

Whitehead’s first reaction was to hide the tweet, using Twitter’s settings so that only those who know how to find it would be able to even tell it had ever been sent:

She then blocked Agi’s account to prevent any further responses:

Cllr Whitehead’s eagerness to avoid any mention of the documentary series may be driven by an apparent ardour for Keir Starmer that would no doubt be described as a ‘personality cult’ if she were a left-winger buying cardboard cut-outs of Jeremy Corbyn:

But it seems she is also close to one of the figures most damagingly exposed by the documentary series, despite living hundreds of miles away from him. Luke Stanger – an anti-Gypsy racist who was welcomed back into the Labour party by right-wing national executive members despite being suspended and then expelled over a series of alleged abuses, featured prominently in the programme sending abusive and threatening messages to left-wingers who displeased him, compiling a dossier to discredit a left-wing woman parliamentary candidate and being protected by prominent right-wingers from the consequences of his behaviour.

And a string of tweets indicates Cllr Whitehead appears to be not just a fan of Mr Stanger, but a friend and factional ally:

Whitehead also publicly mocked black Jewish woman Jackie Walker as ‘desperate’ after Walker pointed out the tactics of bullying and intimidation used by Keir Starmer’s faction at Labour’s 2021 conference:

The Labour right’s attempts to remove Ian Byrne have been marked by such extensive rigging of votes that that even the party official first appointed to oversee it refused to sign off on the so-called ‘result’ because of the extent of the issues witnessed. Rather than act on the concerns he raised, the party simply removed him and appointed its London regional office – at the heart of multiple rigging allegations – to control the process instead.

And the determination to replace him with a compliant right-wing drone has seen the regime also longlist local councillor and failed mayoral hopeful Anthony Lavelle, despite unanswered allegations against him by a young local disabled woman that Lavelle:

  • made derogatory comments about her disabilities
  • made comments suggesting she was using crutches to scrounge benefits
  • called her a mistake and wished her dead
  • made ‘jokes’ about leukaemia and concentration camps
  • publicly humiliated her in front of others when she limped or had to wear a splint or support
  • demeaned disabled sports making negative comments about the Paralympics
  • drank and drove and bragged about it
  • refused to clean up after himself stating it was the cleaners job
  • made women feel uncomfortable with his language and attitude

By contrast, the popular Byrne was named MP of the Year by the Patchwork Foundation – hardly known for its praise of leftwingers – for his ceaseless efforts to feed the hungry, fight poverty and make adequate food a human right. But as a vocal critic of Keir Starmer – Hillsborough survivor Byrne has said publicly that Starmer is unfit to be party leader for his decisions to write for the hated Murdoch S*n and promote others who do – the regime is determined to be rid of him.

That determination is yet another show of contempt by Starmer toward the people of Liverpool, on whom he has long waged war for their enthusiasm for Jeremy Corbyn and their refusal to toe Starmer’s line.

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    1. “The new Tory leader isn’t seen as a better prime minister than his Labour rival in any of the ‘Red Wall’ constituencies
      Rishi Sunak faces an uphill battle to restore public confidence in the Conservative party and in himself, new YouGov modelling shows.
      Based on responses collected from 12,000 people over the weekend, the public tend to believe that Keir Starmer would make a better prime minister than Rishi Sunak.

      Rishi Sunak does not triumph in a single one of the 50 constituencies that form part of YouGov’s ‘Red Wall’ definition.
      Similarly, Sunak starts his premiership in a bad position relative to Starmer in the ‘Blue Wall’, winning in just 10.

      YouGov MRP: who would be the better prime minister? Keir Starmer wins in 389 constituencies to Rishi Sunak’s 127

      1. Yes, if, as you’ve often claimed, the Red Wall constituencies voted Conservative because of Boris’ innate likeability over their strong dislike of Jeremy Corbyn (and not because the Sir Keir committed Labour to possibly rejecting the Brexit referendum decision), then Sunak has to quickly achieve a very strong respect and trust from the voters there.

        It’s unlikely to happen. Not because right-leaning Conservatives – when they lessen their ideological commitment to austerity – cannot be trusted and respected (I myself respect many of them more than the new regimes’ centrist front bench), but because Sunak is a WEF-puppet, as is Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and Labour’s titular leader, Sir Keir – only UK-born ‘member’ of TC – Rodney Starmer.

        Infosys was founded by Sunak’s multi-billionaire father in law and is a pivotal part of the WEF ‘new world order’ providing digital IT and social scoring facilities and abilities.

        Back to Red Wall – Sunak’s leadership is a threat to their continued Conservatism, but why would they want it red-tinged instead of True blue?

      2. qwertboi – You appear to be a little confused, Jeremy himself has said to camera that he had no choice but to accept the wishes of the vast majority of Labour’s membership and supporters and you must surely be aware it wouldn’t have been Labour that would possibly have rejected the decisive 4% victory for Brexit. The electorate would have been the ones who got to decide whether they still wanted to proceed once they knew for certain what the actual deal on offer was rather than whichever version of Brexit that thought they were voting for before. What was there not to like. What were the Brexiteers so afraid of, democracy?

      3. Rishi Sunak, already beaten by Truss. Labour needs its own 1922 Committee. Not really, coups are very dangerous things.

  1. What Keir Starmer has managed to reduce Labour to in less than 3 years beggars belief. Of course he has the financial backing of the establishment, the full support of Zionists and a silent and compliant MSM covering up for him so maybe its not so unbelievable after all.

    1. Oh god, there it flaps in all of it’s lard. A boy man called fucking Lukey. Life has been v. tough here since my lot were beaten by Huddersfield. There are more compassionate counties to live in than Yorkshire if one is a fan of the Lions. Nonetheless, Lukey has yet to get his day of reckoning. He might be considered hard, standing at the school fences when the kids come out, far away from the parents, but he really isn’t. What was the name of the BNPs enforcer, Nick Crane. Who remembers Nicky? He didn’t like certain types of people. Little bone heads admired him.The bald, truncated, heavily steroidal UVF enforcer? Who knows where they are now. Possibly still acting in Europe, very ‘specialised’, certain type of adult appreciated blue films. I have seen tougher geography teachers.

  2. Well it looks like the truth about Starmers labour party is filtering through to the public. Starmers made the front page of the guardian ” The voters in a recent poll prefer Sunak to sort out the financial mess than “Sir Keir Starmer” .What message comes from that is that labour under Keef are not trusted.Not suprising really when his on the piss partys in the middle of covid and his treacherous back stabbing of Corbyn in the election campaign.Even the AS scam has been noticed and the witchunt but what will really hurt will be the consistant rumours of a near bankrupt labour party and the millions dissapeared.along with hundreds of thousands who have no faith in labour or The leader of The labour party.
    The British people are not always stupid when frightened even with the worst example of a government in living memory…..IF you cant run your own house theres little point in volunteering to manage UK PLC now is there mr Hall sh,davidh, centrist dad?

      1. Mr Steve davidh You would have to have a very broad view to believe the lies you peddle for your thieving thug of a leader…Fascist endeavour
        and the people of Britain know a second rate tory tribute act.even a con man playing on the once proud name of the labour party….disgusted not from Tunbridge wells..!

      2. Joseph – Oh for goodness sake grow up, What possible objection can you have to me providing a link to the article that you’ve quoted from.

  3. Toffee. Hyndburn….Accrington Stanley and a very good market as well.Old fashioned Lancashire but I still think of My adopted town Bolton as Lancashire and not Manchester and also many areas in Cumberland and Merseyside.ITs all mixed up now although the comedian Ken Dodd thought of Liverpool as Lancashire, and kept all is swag under the bed although I can think of one other comedian in the Ukraine whos confused about there geographical location and substantial Russian population….some say tomatoes I say tamadoes lets all agree we dont like fascist in Merseyside or Lancashire.

  4. Not my words, merely sharing;

    “Labour = Fascism in a cardigan with leather patches”

    Brown or black leather?

      1. No. I’m sure you don’t. It must be too warm there in the Caribbean.

  5. In other news – BMW have announced that they are to close their Cowley plant, which produces electric Minis, and move operations to Europe.

  6. Who can you picture wearing a cardigan with leather elbow patches?

    Keef smarmer, head of politics philosophy and economics at nonsedem hall establishment for plastic tories.

    1. Toffee – Keir doesn’t have a degree in PPE he studied law at the University of Leeds, graduating with first class honours and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree in 1985 he then went on to do postgraduate studies at St Edmund Hall, Oxford, graduating from the University of Oxford as a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) in 1986.

      1. Jesus.

        Have you ever heard of poetic licence?

        Fuck me – You’re to socially inept and fucked-up to even realise what you’re posting… this is further evidence that you’re morbidly obsessed.

        Chapter and fucking verse…what next? How does he like his steak? Inside leg measurement? (Oh! But you’d LOVE the opportunity to find THAT out, eh?)


      2. Toffee – A simple ‘thank you’ for correcting your poetic licence would have sufficed

      3. Like I’m gonna be grateful to you for anything…other than your incarceration or demise, that is.


  7. Jeremy himself has said to camera that he had no choice but to accept the wishes of the vast majority of Labour’s membership

    And where was YOUR vote on these alleged wishes of the vast majority of Labour’s membership???

    You didn’t get one. Nor did the vast majority of the membership So you have no fucking idea of what the membership actually wanted.

    1. Toffee
      Steve H goes on and on and on about Jeremy Corbyn because Jeremy is still a force to be reckoned with.The fact that they are worried about the influence Jeremy still has with the membership is evidenced by the amount of time and effort Steve H and the other paid Trolls on this site and other similar sites put in to undermine and discredit him. This pleases me and it should please you too because it shows the Right still fears him and the support he has within the party.

      1. Smartboy – Not really. It is unfortunate but he is very much yesterdays man. I very much doubt that JC will even stand at the next GE, why would he?
        I was just pointing out that Toffee was being his usual self.

      2. Reply to Steve H
        Rubbish Steve H. You and several other Right Wing Trolls spend hours on this and other Left sites every day sniping and sneering at Jeremy Corbyn
        If he really was “yesterday’s man” none of you would bother so it really pleases me when I see you having a go at him or when one of your Fake Socialist colleagues says ” I admire/respect/support Jeremy Corbyn but …..” and then proceeds to criticise him.
        You are all as transparent as a pane of glass.

      3. Smartboy – I have simply pointed out above what Jeremy actually said, whether or not you agree or disagree with what Jeremy said is irrelevant, it’s a fact.

    2. Quite right. And Starmer broke Shadow Cabinet collective responsibility by going out to speak to Conference and asking for the 2ndRef vote! What else could Corbyn do? He unlike the present shower of corrupt non-democratic socialists, respected the vote (which I repeat should not have taken place!). It was a set up; look how fast Starmer dropped the calls for a 2ndRef (and there being a ‘crisis’ of antisemitism in the Party) as soon as he took over! I know of no-one who voted for him, no-one. And, like a chap/chappess above, ‘I’ll not vote Labour again’ after 42yrs years!

  8. What Jeremy said was ALSO a load of shite. FACT.

    But blaming him for his so-called prevarication then saying he was right to say what he said is typical of your gobshitery.

    NO vote was handed to the rank & file.

    Therefore, NOBODY can claim that the vast majority wanted the second referendum.

    What is also an undisputed FACT is that keef shithoused it through undemocratically, with a policy HE had made on the fly.

    Something you agreed with keef for sacking tarry for.

    More fundamental gobshitery from this site’s fundamental gobshite, keef idolater and nonce apologist.

    1. Toffee – So are you now claiming that Jeremy was wrong to say this in at least 2 long format interviews that he gave after he had stepped down and what makes you think that you are right and that he was lying?
      Given that you left the Labour party decades ago and that you couldn’t even be bothered to get off your arse and vote at the 19GE why are you still getting your knickers in a twist. Your sad contributions amount to nothing more than a rather shouty irrelevant joke.

      1. I don’t think I’m right. I KNOW I am.

        No vote = NO legitimate claim of a majority.

        Scargill tried that in the 80’s and gave thatcher all the ammunition she needed.

      2. Toffee – Come back and tell me all about it when you’ve grown up.

      3. Your sad contributions amount to nothing more than a rather shouty irrelevant joke.

        Says the obsessed oddball who posts irrelevant SHITE like this…

        …And who also defends nonsensism, fantasises about being headhunted for three schools on a Caribbean island you’ve supposedly retired to; where you do nothing but post SHITE with the self-confessed express intent of entertaining yourself by going out of your way to annoy people about the politics that affect their lives, rather than your own.

        …Oh and who refers to sunak as OUR prime minister when you allegedly live on said fantasy Island, where you call us tory if we don’t vote keef – but refuse to say exactly WHY that is.

        What a retard.

      4. Toffee – Thanks for again drawing attention to your inaccurate post. As I said above I was simply correcting your poetic licence.
        I have never claimed that I was ever head hunted by 3 schools. You keep making these ridiculous claims and I keep asking you to prove it and to date you have failed to do so and we both know that you will never be able to do so because we both know that you are telling lies.
        Why do you keep doing this to yourself when it just makes you look silly.

      5. SteveH30/10/2022 AT 9:40 PM
        Toffee – Come back and tell me all about it when you’ve grown up.

        How about you fuck off and DON’T come back – Until you tell the rest of us where YOUR vote was, mister OMOV.

        Cheerio. Prick.

      6. Toffee – Why do you keep doing this to yourself?

        I feel sorry for you.

  9. As I said above I was simply correcting your poetic licence.

    By posting keefs’ life story? Thanks for confirming you have zero idea of what poetic licence actually is.

    No clue about anything else either, mind…

    I have never claimed that I was ever head hunted by 3 schools.

    Except you have, and other people have took the piss out of you for it. I had it bookmarked on an old computer and reminded people of it with the link not long after you claimed it. Now I don’t have it anymore and CNA looking for it , you are, as usual, relying on me not being arsed enough.

    You’ll be denying that you ever said those politicians that gave us the NHS were ‘remainer types’ , or that sunak is YOUR prime minister,next.

    we both know that you will never be able to do so because we both know that you are telling lies.
    Why do you keep doing this to yourself when it just makes you look silly.

    We both know I can’t be arsed. And even if I COULD be arsed to trawl through your posting history and DID find your claim you’d deny it outright and claim I’ve deliberately misconstrued it, as is your modus Just like you have with each and every instance i’ve shown your bullshit up for all to see.

    Your denial of excusing and defending keefs’ shithousery over ordering the peers to ABSTAIN and allow kids to go hungry was the most recent instance – too many tories to make a difference, you said – and once again, you desperately tried to slime your way out of it; again pleading semantics and how you weren’t quoted verbatim

    Thereby making yourself look an even bigger knobhead than you already do. Something only you are capable of. And let’s face it – it’s the ONLY thing you’re capable of.

    You see, people KNOW who they believe, wee gobshite.

    And it’s isn’t you. Ever.

    You’re nothing but a nonce-defending wrong un with miserable lack of social skills. An oddball of the type that kids are rightly warned to steer clear of.

    1. Toffee – That’s very convenient. What a sad and pathetic excuse, if it was their to find you could do it in a few seconds with a Google search. You really should learn when to stop digging.
      Why oh why do you keep doing this to yourself?
      I feel sorry for you.

      1. As I’ve already said…People KNOW who they believe.

        It ISN’T you. Ever. Nobody in their right mind would believe someone who vehemently defends nonsenseism.

      2. Toffee – Now you really are clutching at straws, your obvious desperation increases with every comment you post.. I’m going to make some popcorn.

    1. Labour files was a hatchet job according to the resident turd polisher. 🙄

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