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White consulting lawyers as ‘litany of lies’ Harpin smears her AGAIN after costing employer substantial damages

Liverpool left activist smeared again as right-wing hack claims she has been expelled by Labour in his eagerness to defend Starmer

Right-wing hack Lee Harpin has again smeared left-wing Liverpool activist Audrey White, seemingly out of eagerness to defend Keir Starmer – whom White showed up earlier today when she confronted him in a restaurant about Starmer’s lies and betrayals.

Harpin, directly referencing the ‘confrontation’, claimed that Ms White – a well-known women’s rights campaigner and part of the famous Mersey Pensioners’ Association – has been ‘EXPELLED from the party’:

Harpin’s implication appears to be that White was being dishonest when she told Starmer she is still a Labour member. But she hasn’t been expelled – and Harpin appears unable to learn even the most obvious lessons, because a similar implication about White’s honesty was one of a ‘litany of lies’ he penned for his former employer, the woeful Jewish Chronicle, about her that cost the paper substantial damages and a humiliating apology:

Harpin penned four articles and they were all so full of smears that the Chronicle didn’t dare push the case as far as a court hearing and settled early – and his appalling record of fake news with that rag cost them money on at least one other occasion, too, plus a severe rebuke from ‘regulator’ IPSO:

Ms White told Skwawkbox this evening that the party has at no point informed her that she has been expelled and that she is (again) consulting her lawyers about Harpin’s smear. He has been contacted for comment on whether he will apologise now or after another compensation payout.

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  1. Go for him Audrey, Harpin is a monster idiot who abuses and smears at the drop of a hat.

  2. Christ on a bike! And it appears he’s wrote it off his own bat, too. 🤦

    RUIN the whopper, Audrey. Show NO mercy. Make sure the beaut has to resort nicking pens from the bookies to write his tripe in future 👍

  3. Wonder if keef will offer himself pro bono for hairpin?

    After all…he’s all about mclibel…Or is it mcjobs?

    Oh, and I don’t know if he’s told you this, but he was DPP too 😴

    1. Indeed, goldbach

      RUIN the bleeder. Leave the fecker destitute. I’d love to see rodents like him being made to jump through the same hoops the unemployed and sick are made to jump through to get their monthly pittance.

      He’ll have put himself in that situation, so if I was a JCP capo, I’d class him as intentionally making himself unemployed through writing his crap and he wouldn’t get a fookin bean.

  4. Harpin’s malice towards Audrey White appears to know no bounds. He is happy to sling mud at her in the knowledge some of it will stick. Why he should do this is anyone’s guess though it does seem to me he has some deep seated grudge against her.
    She is perfectly right to seek legal advice and I hope the advice will be to sue him. He has to learn that he cannot go shooting his mouth off , causing hurt and reputational damage to others, without ( financial) consequence.

  5. The Jewish Chronicle should keep on giving Harpin carte blanche. He’ll bankrupt them in no time!

    1. Not sure he’ll have too many people/companies/institutions willing to cover his arris, given his previous ,🤔 Certainly not if he’s written it unsanctioned on his own twitter, as looks to be the case.

  6. New New Labour haven’t expelled Audrey yet? They’re getting sloppy,

  7. The womans an inspiration and shows the true fighting spirit of Liverpool at its very best.Theres no future in the labour party for her and her talants are badly needed in a New movement of the working class.ITs looking increasingly like the oldys have to show the younger generation how to protest in style.and possibly how to form a new labour party from the ashes of these criminals who looted the members money and dignity.that discredited the whole labour movement…..Truly style and charisma from Audrey that contrasted so effectively with the “wooden plank from Surrey”

  8. The Quarter is not exactly a ‘posh’ restaurant, but how did Audrey know he was there? I don’t think Steve Rotherham being seen next to LOTO will do his public image much good on Merseyside, but that doesn’t surprise me as he refused to support the Arriva guards in their campaign to keep their jobs.

    1. Rotherham’s nowt but a ‘yes man’ seemingly happy to bumble along with the hand he’s been dealt.

      Whereas Burnham (another yes man but with a bit more vigour) carries on the tradition of Manchester putting in for everything, while Liverpool (Rotherham) shrugs it’s shoulders and wrings it’s/his hands.

      And I don’t recall rotherham once championing some cause or other without Burnham doing the same for Mancunia. Always seems to be the both of them rather than rotherham alone.

      Can’t see the point of him, meself.

      1. Well looks like even his friend’s in the independent realise that the knight of the realm has no real policies on how to dig Britain out of the Tory hole.Very embarrassing that shadow ministers contradict each other and seem unaware of anything political except they are not allowed to stand on Picket lines or will be sent to the “naughty corner…ITs really becoming a Bryan Rix farce if the older veiwers can remember with chasing each other round the stage,although I am not sure whether our keef has his underpants round his legs chasing screaching….yes I know paints a horrible picture .!.

      2. Theyre all innit together and what a gigantic mess the Western unelected World order are making.RT news asks who are these warlike people and what is the endgame of this tyranny?….check ✔it out and realise that your vote is disappearing as the world order rush to Armageddon….

      3. Wish we could check it out but it’s off the air/internet throughout Europe now, I believe. Maybe you could pick it up with a satellite dish but otherwise, no dice. God, I miss RT!

      4. Joseph
        Noises Off
        Had my arm twisted to go and watch it, to be fair, twas very good
        As for PWC
        Bottom Feeder

    2. I was having a conversation about Audrey yesterday. When they asked me what Steve Rotherham was like. The impression I got, he was ok. After hearing he didn’t support Arriva strikers I’ve changed my mind. No wonder he was happy to be seen with Starmer.

  9. If you want to have a look at vitriolic comments about Audrey White, just read any coments page in the Tory rags, especially the Daily Express! Nasty. If you ever need a reason for despising Tory values……..this is what they are!

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