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Video: Starmer on hook in Commons for breaking all his leadership campaign promises

Keir Starmer’s record comes back to bite him as he tries to make hay in Commons debate

Keir Starmer’s appalling record of breaking every one of the promises he made to con Labour members into voting him in as leader came back to bite him today.

When Starmer should have been making mincemeat of a Tory government that has done what seemed impossible by collapsing into even greater chaos and incompetence than under Boris Johnson, minister Penny Mordaunt was able to put him back in his box by pointing out exactly that appalling record:

When a Tory can lecture a Labour leader about honesty, you know the UK’s democracy is desperately diseased.

If you can stomach more information about Starmer’s shameless con, click here for details.

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  1. We have to be straight talking!.
    Why isn’t Swawkbox promoting another party for the masses to get behind? Skwawkbox knows very well change is needed so why doesn’t it start leading the way away from turds like Labour…

    1. Look at the picture of him above, the pics for the Scots Labour fiasco. Hateful, entitled, vain and superior. That creature who can’t knot a tie is the flower of working class opposition in Britain. For all of his outward smugness and superiority he is deeply afraid. What is the forensic Max Headroom, trilateral approved, so fearful of. Not dissent from within but the yet untapped power of a determined, class conscience based working class. Patience comrades. First we have to protect the defenceless amongst us.

      1. wobbly – Are you really so intimidated by him or are you just having another wobbly?

  2. We should be pleased about this, but all it is, one bunch of liars calling out another bunch of liars.

    Best we can hope for, is that the MSM picks up the story, and it, finally, gets some publicity.

    Who knows, maybe even #LabourFiles, but don’t hold your breath, on that.

    1. George Peel, the cynic in me still has hope that it would be pick up if not by the MSM but the Tories on the doorsteps at the right time.
      Come the next GE the Tories will without a doubt bring Starmer’s appalling record of betrayal to the doorsteps. Because, whatever the MSM is willing to turn a blind eye to Starmer’s antics, we know too that no Tory MP would be willing to sacrifice her/his seats without putting up a fight.

      1. True enough Maria but the BoE seems to approve of him. We both know that it’s never really over especially when there seems to be some turbulence going on in the deep state, whether thats the upcoming defeat of the Nazis, Americas impoverishment of EU or China they are on the back foot and spinning like tops. The FT, WsJ and even the Tories house papers are shifting about uneasily all wondering what should be the next Big Lie. How far Maxs msm glee club will go to protect him is anyone’s guess. When it comes to GEs they revert to type. Do they see him as ” one of us”, or just a useful distraction, I can’t really fathom. I do think that the chums laugh in his face thus his attempts at machismo. In reality he is a spineless tool with a potentially, disloyal and murderous gang of supporters. He’s no Julius but Twatson is a good Iago.

      2. Wobbly – Oh dear, how do you manage to cope when you think there is a conspiracy around every corner.

  3. Notice how that final line triggered the unctuous, oily, servile Speaker of the HoC, Lindsay Hoyle’s intervention. A man who said the day of the Queen’s funeral was the most important day in human history. What a pretentious, idiotic, prattling arse he is.

    This illustrates how vulnerable Starmer would be to a semi-competent Tory leader. This is what would happen in a GE campaign. Leftist-lite Owen Jones, frequently openly calls Starmer a bare-faced liar on Twitter. And Starmer has to hide and is shielded from interviews with anyone remotely on the left because he can’t defend his lies to the membership.

    1. You are spot on Andy – its “be sure your sins will find you out”

      This is what I pointed out in previous posts – that the Tories
      and LibDems will be storing all this up for their use later.

  4. With the tories on the ropes Starmer droned on failing to land a single blow.

    1. Arwyn, don’t be cruel. He’s our own Henry v, just as underwhelming as Branagh.

  5. They don’t even need to resort to mentioning savile.

    Keef’s ten broken pledges is plenty ammo… And the fact he hasn’t whipped his MPs to oppose the toerags, but rather SACKS MPs from their positions if they dare to defy him when he issues a single-line whip to ABSTAIN (For the cunteenth time) instead of oppose

    And then remind Joe public that all keef is, is a Tory. A labour would oppose them…even if if was only once in a while.

    He doesn’t oppose them because he’d do the same fucking thing as them if – IF he became PM.

  6. Anybody stopped to think about what’s gone on over the last week or so?

    The reasons would be different obviously, but if Corbyn was PM, I’m certain we’d have seen a very similar lesson about how money calls the shots, not elected officials (no matter who…)

  7. Has anyone ever asked Paul Mason, if he was the person who wrote those pledges for Starmer?

    You can’t imagine Starmer even thinking them, nevermind putting them in writing. They’re the precise opposite of what RW Tory, Sir Keir Starmer stands for.

    Starmer was pictured dining (plotting?) with Paul Mason plus an (an aide) – who was scribbling notes – in 2019. Wonder how it went…

    “Just repeat these ten pledges and you’ll have the leadership sewn up. These will have left on your side Keir, I can 100% guarantee it”

    1. ‘Based on the moral case for socialism, here is where I stand.’

      Does anyone believe for a moment that line came from Starmer? Just the word ‘socialism’ would have him and Reeves standing outside the toilets about to vomit..

      1. He’d have already violently spewed at uttering the word ‘moral’

      2. He’s a member of Trilateral Commission which espouses the cause of free markets, corporatism and deregulation including financial.

        It’s a bit like a KKK member asking to be taken seriously carrying a BLM placard.

      3. Clever, Andy. It’s pure Trot manoeuvres. The aptly named scribbler would thrive in this type of politics.

    2. Not this democratic socialist, who (along with many friends all over the country) didn’t trust the slimy barsteward and voted for the best (but not perfect) Becky. And, in my case, Andy Burnham for deputy.

      He ruined my political home of 42 years! I will never forgive and never forget the treacherous traitors within the party!

      I refuse to vote Labour. I’ll likely go and ‘none of the above’ my ballot paper so it’s counted.

      I didn’t leave the Labour Party, the party left me 🤬

    3. Makes sense it would be Mason writing them- I doubt Keith even READ them!

  8. Redfield & Wilton Strategies’ latest voting intention poll in Great Britain finds the Labour Party leading by 36%, seven points higher as in our most recent poll on Thursday last week, and the largest lead recorded by any polling company for any party since October 1997. Altogether, the full numbers (with the changes from 13 October in parentheses) are as follows:

    Labour 56% (+3)
    Conservative 20% (-4)
    Liberal Democrat 11% (-2)
    Green 5% (+2)
    Scottish National Party 4% (–)
    Reform UK 2% (–)
    Other 1% (-2)

    Follow the link, it makes interesting reading

    1. Polls aren’t votes in ballot boxes though, SteveH. I can’t stand Tory or Starmer’s Labour but ponder the following:

      i. Truss will almost certainly NEVER fight an election as Tory leader. They’ve nothing to lose by dumping her, she’s so insanely unpopular.
      ii. Labour are yet to show they can ‘get the vote out’ under Starmer , where have you seen enthusiasm and high turnouts under Starmer’s leadership, in either by-elections or council elections to date? The Left are too depressed to vote for New Labourt mk.2.0
      iii. Photo ID will be required to vote, plus theres the boundary changes coming, which will favour the Tories. The Boundary Commissions of the United Kingdom will report on their next review of the boundaries of parliamentary constituencies before 1 July 2023.

      1. Andy – Who do you think the Tories could install as PM who would stand any chance of turning this around.for them?

        “Polls aren’t votes in ballot boxes though, !
        Neither were cheering crowds.

      2. “– Who do you think the Tories could install as PM who would stand any chance of turning this around.for them?

        Even the Murdoch clique of the oligarchs (SKY/Times/ST) who – remember – were the key critics of Boris J – are now saying that the c32% of Conservative members that want to bring him back might not be wrong!

        Crazier things do not happen at sea.

    2. Steve H… becoming unhinged when you try to compare the “landslide victory” of the labour party and Bliar to the feeble attempt by mr wooden spoon knight of the realm the nit “from Surrey.After nearly twenty years in the political wilderness” many of us got behind the bliar experiment in the hope of eradicating Thatcherism and the insane privatisation of the NHS
      .On board were many of the left wing like myself serving councillors and activists who thought that we were drinking in the last chance saloon “if we lost the General election.” We didnt realise that the labour party had already been captured by the hard right.Now you are not even close with your trumpeting of Sir knight of the realm with a broken membership and defunct activists and hundreds of thousands who fled your shitshow of a corrupt labour party…
      .You Cannot be allowed to win the General election by default to another vicious Party the “conservative and unionist party” ….I only hope that the people see through your fascist endeavour and reject the knights labour party .You are a clear and present danger to the state “and democracy of what little is left.
      Get out of the way its time for real change not amateur politics of the labour party.

      1. Joseph – The poll is there for all to read, whether you accept the results or not is entirely up to you and will be of no consequence to me or anyone else.

    3. One again missing the whole point by focusing on the wrong metric and critrea.

      The point of being elected to Government is to improve and progress the society which is being Governed.

      The present problems – now at crisis level (at least for anyone possessing any degree of objective honesty) – see here:

      are not simply a result of mismanagement alone by the Present Government. Any honest/non bad faith objective based analysis cannot fail to understand or comprehend that the core problem is the system paradigm being managed.

      The point being that better management of the consistently failed ideological based anti-reality approach represented by the twin Neo-Liberal and Neo-Conservative paradigm cannot and will not make a difference to improving a situation which is now cascading out of control.

      Only a complete change of direction to a reality based paradigm and away from the now catastrophic failed model and approach which has dominated UK, Europe and US (Western) political discourse and policies since the early to mid-70’s (since Nixon took the US off the gold Standard in favour of the petro-dollar and the UK under Callaghan and Healy cried ‘uncle’ to the privatisation dictates of the US dominated and controlled IMF) can satisfy the necessary criteria of improvement and progress.

      No one on this site, or anywhere else is seriously arguing that the Labour Party under the Starmer Junta is going to follow policies – economic, social, health, education, transport, investment, foreign, domestic, industrial etc etc – which deviate in any significant way to the present failed paradigm which is spreading contagion across the entire globe. With the UK being ground zero.

      Some posters here have even provided brief details of how the policies of both the Conservative and Unionist Party and the Labour Party remain aligned in terms of not deviating from the existing disastrous approach and the ideologically anti-reality based model that approach is built upon.

      These arguments and facts are not challenged by you steveH. The only response you are capable of is a one line insult to hide the fact you have no serious evidence based counter arguments or answers to offer.

      The logic is irrefutable that a Labour Government will not make the necessary course changes to avoid the rapidly approaching multi-system collapse which is taking place. At best it will simply be reduced to spin managing public perception by pretending it is possible to manage a failed and unworkable system which in practical terms is more deceased than the Monty Python parrot.

      Whether 10, 20, 30,40,50 or 60 million people vote Labour will not alter that reality one iota. Just as a majority of people who voted for Brexit did not alter the fact that it has had a catastrophic impact on the UK economy and their (and everyone else’s) living standards.

      Which raises a further relevant issue:

      Democracy implies consent. And the problem with your single obsessive metric is that consent is meaningless when it is uninformed.

      Informed consent implies an independent media. That last we do not have when, as Chomsky observed, “media are large corporations selling privileged audiences to other corporations. Now the question is: what pictures of the world would a rational person expect to emerge from this structure?”

      It is clear, steveH, that the only metric you are interested in is one in which the gang you have attached yourself to ends up being the biggest, baddest and bestest by ‘winning an election.

      The purpose and point of winning is rendered a meaningless and futile exercise when that gang is publicly committed to policies and approaches based on the very paradigm which is at the heart of the rapidly approaching and increasing collapse which are being implemented by the present gang in Government.

      A choice between tow or three brands of the same product is not a choice.

      The logic of your position of rejecting any alternative is one in which the UK (among others) is in a position of Zugzwang. Any move it makes will worsen the position of the country, its economy, and those ‘living’ (if you can call it such). And that is because you are focused on the wrong metric.

      This represents the difference seen in these exchanges. Those arguing that an alternative paradigm based on a 180 degree turn across the board are the ones who are serous about doing the business.

      Those like yourself who are obsessed with the wholly wrong and inappropriate criteria have not only given up – most probably because having (allegedly) found a personal bolt hole you don’t give a flying fuck about the negative impact on those of us who do have the bottle to stay and put in the work to turn things around in terms of pursuing the necessary improvement and progress criteria – you are very clearly insistent on forcing the failed model and approach you have attached your flag to to down everyone else’s throats.

      Gloating and sneering from your (alleged) Caribbean bolt hole knowing you will not be suffering the negative impact of what you are insisting everyone who has not abandoned their Country the way you have should put up with.

      In anyone’s book that makes you a fraud and a coward. In that regard you are beyond contempt.

  9. The lies Starmer told to win the leadership was eventually bound to be brought up by the Tories. For a long time I’ve been convinced come a GE alls the Tories have to do is point out to the electorate how can they trust him if he can’t even keep his promises to his members and supporters.

    1. She just looked desperate. The polls clearly show that Tory voters are abandoning their party in droves.
      The Tories have blown it and they know it.

      1. You may see an election like Blair’s Labour 2005, where limited support for the Tories allows Labour to win a majority with around 35% and 9.5 million votes.

        Starmer and co would say it’s an incredible victory, but end up getting less votes than Corbyn-led Labour got in 2019 and millions less than Corbyn-led Labour got in 2017’s GE.

      2. Andy – Who cares, you must be really desperate to find what you think is a ‘silver lining’.

        Meanwhile only 22% of Tory voters think the Tories will win the next GE and 40% of Tory voters expect a Labour win

      3. I’d like to watch the Tories disappear and 19% would win them only a handful of seats (4) based on Labour polling mid-50s.

        But you don’t seriously believe the UK establishment are going to just let that happen, do you?

        Think of it like this; if Labour were to dominate the HoC benches there’d be demands for the party to split if only to create a viable opposition. This is an adversarial system i.e. if needs two big parties. A huge unrepresenrtative majority could make more people demand PR. The establishment , including Sir Keir know this.

        And think of the weight of expectation on Labour to deliver if they had a crazy majority. The reality is , Starmer would probably end up in a bigger mess than the Tories due to public discontent with austerity Reeves and Streeting’s NHS privatisation plans.

      4. Andy – Please feel free to fantasise as much as you like. I’ve got better things to do.

      5. What do you dispute:

        Rachel Reeves believes in austerity and talks about balancing the books being her top priority.

        Wes Streeting is untrustwothy, his plans for the NHS are opaque and he’s talked about more private involvement.

        On Defence, John Healey is trying to sound and act more hawkish than the Tories. Wanting to massively increase defence spending.

        On Foreign policy, they are exactly the same as the Tories.

        On social policy, Labour say they’ll be ‘tougher on drugs’ than the Tories, they also want to bring in sweeping censorship.

        Human rights lawyer, Starmer, has supported every repressive piece of legislation Johnson’s govt brought forward. From Spycops impunity to Overseas forces immunity. He’s said nothing about Assange’s plight.

        They’re a right-wing party by any normal measure or definition. In European terms a hard-right party.

      6. SteveH — Please feel free to fantasise as much as you like. I’ve got better things to do.

        Then why spend so much time on here with pointless rhetorical questions and meaningless patronizing responses?

      7. PW – Because I can easily fit in responding to comments whilst working on other stuff. If I’d had the links requested to hand I would have course happily posted them, but I don’t so I didn’t.
        My reply to Brian was polite and I hope of some help so given that I’ve had no complaints from him I’m puzzled why you felt the need to intercede on Brian’s behalf.

      8. ITs looking like the Mordaunt and Hunt “show in parliament and you may just find out that the knights performance or lack of will be noticed more and more outside of parliament.The BBC are always looking to support the government and now they have got two credible performers for the conservative and unionist party..Amateur hours over Truss and kwasi busted and another amateur leader like the nit from Surrey the knight is showing signs of deterioration from a hight point of being sober” for at least a month .Time for him to go into “isolation” once again without the excuse of the covid scam.a may be dried out to continue the farce.

      9. SteveH, the best prediction of future behaviour is past behaviour. Thus, counting of pass behaviour the Tories will not allow Liz Truss to call a General Election.
        Another Tory leader would be elected and Starmer’s record of betrayal to Labour’s members will be brought to bear on the doorsteps.
        Starmer doesn’t have Blair’s charm and charismatic personality no does he has the intelligence either.

      10. SteveH says he’s got better thing’s to do, and yet all he’s been doing for the past six years or so is posting several hundred comments a week on skwawkbox! And monitoring the site – and every single comment that’s posted the moment it’s posted – eighteen hours a day/night!

        So when are you due to retire?!

  10. I think if there is a G/E the Tory’s will use the AJ documentary against starmer also the ford report, And the many people that were expelled under false alligations will want revenge tory’s are ruthless when it comes to power they have enough ammo against starmer and the LP

      1. who.s all those i cant remember any when JC was leader maybe you can send me a link to prove it SH

      2. Brian – I don’t have the time or the inclination to do your research for you but you could use Jackie Walker and Chris Williamson as 2 high profile examples.
        In Feb19 Jennie Formby made a speech showing off about how many they were throwing out of the party.and how they’d streamlined the process.

      3. SteveH17/10/2022 AT 8:03 PM
        will that include all those who thrown out whilst Corbyn was in office

        Seeing as Corbyn hasn’t even been a Labour MP for the vast majority of keefs’ tenure as alleged leader of the opposition, it wouldn’t either be relevant, nor would it serve much purpose.

        But the people who you claim really quite like keef might not like him as much if they were made aware of his shithousery.

        And let’s not forget, Murdoch much prefers the toerags to really quite liking keef.

        There’s always the possibility that rupe’ll roll the dice and publish a few home truths about the greasy bastard if he decides to. 😙🎶

      4. Toffee – As you well know I was referring to the time whilst Corbyn was leader of the Labour Party when amongst many others the like of Jackie Walker and Chris Williamson were thrown under a bus.

  11. SteveH17/10/2022 AT 8:23 PM
    Andy – Please feel free to fantasise as much as you like. I’ve got better things to do.

    Off to try to find another way to tell us how much people really quite like keef? 😏😏😏

    And you’re calling others fantasists ??

    Seriously, seek help, you pertubingly disturbed oddball.

      1. And your fantasism is one of many of your problems; nonce apologism being another of your disquieting traits.

        …And did I mention your idolatry of keef?

        Or your projection of that idolatry onto people (allegedly) thousands of miles away that you’ve never even spoken to in order to gauge their opinion?

        If I as you, I’d keep rather quiet about self imposed ignorance, mister I can’t be bothered answering, but I’ll answer with a load of bollocks anyway

        Disturbing weirdo that you are.

      2. Toffee – Please feel free to carry on ranting, it’s all you’ve got left

  12. I>SteveH17/10/2022 AT 8:48 PM
    Brian – I don’t have the time or the inclination to do your research for you but you could use Jackie Walker and Chris Williamson as 2 high profile examples

    No, you DONT have the time or inclination to even do Brian the courtesy of even reading what he wrote.

    But you decided to answer him anyway….With the all-too-predictable guff people knew you would.

    And once again, you’ve failed.

    Brian quite clearly said:

    And the many people that were expelled under false alligations

    You can’t even get your (wannabe) smartarse answers right even when you CAN be arsed.

    What the absolute fuck IS your major malfunction? Why this compulsion to making a complete bellend of yourself with each and every post?

    And why spend your alleged idyllic retirement in the Caribbean doing nothing else but antagonising people?


    1. Toffee – What’s your problem, are you now saying it was legitimate to throw Jackie and Chris out of the party?

      1. Toffee – It’s a simple enough question, why not answer it instead of feigning surprise

      2. SteveH.

        Btw, out of interest, what happened to your claim Starmer would be forced to accept PR if conference democratically voted for it?

        You seem to have shrugge off his outrageous rejection and just moved on. If you can’t understand Starmer and his motivations, why do you still trust & support him?

      3. Andy – We seldom get everything we want but having said that I have every confidence that providing the membership keep up the pressure in time we will get PR. There’s one thing for certain the Tories aren’t going to be the ones who vote in PR.

      4. You’re not entitled to act like a…er…Crown prosecutor, SteveH

      5. The day anyone on this site ever witnesses a post from you, steveH, which provides any kind of answer to a question they have asked or a coherent and logical counter argument to anything will be the day you have the right to demand answers of others.

        Until that day arrives, if ever, the best course of action on your part would be silence. You have proved conclusively that like all trolls you have nothing of substance to offer. Like the pub bore who orgasms at the sound of his own inconsequential and meaningless one liner drivel you have long outstayed your welcome in polite and grown up society.

        The clear consensus from every interaction is that you are not welcome here. If you were a horse there exists an obvious course of action which has always been considered the kindest. If you possessed any dignity at all a voluntary permanent retirement to the NAFFI or Squadron Bar would be the obvious course of action for someone who very obviously cannot hack it and will always be a sniveling little sprog trying unsuccessfully to impress the denizens of the Corporals Mess.

  13. SteveH17/10/2022 AT 8:55 PM
    Toffee – As you well know I was referring to the time whilst Corbyn was leader of the Labour Party

    And as YOU well know, Corbyn hasn’t even been in the party for almost keefs’ entire tenure as party leader.

    Therefore, the rags would be flogging a dead horse by going after Corbyn, you total retard.

    For clarity so even a deficient like you can comprehend

    Corbyn = Not even a party member since 2020

    Smarmer = party leader since 2020.

    Simple enough – even for a hopeless retard like you.

    1. Toffee – I’ve made my point, whether you accept it or not is of little consequence to me one way or t’other. Please feel free to carry on eanting though, as I said elsewhere it is gratifying to know that I am occupying your thoughts.

      1. , as I said elsewhere it is gratifying to know that I am occupying your thoughts

        From the keef obsessed, nonce-apologist gobshite who posts replies meant for others – but begins them with Toffee – even when I haven’t posted.

        Be quiet, imbecile.

      2. Toffee – …..and yet here you are again, like a moth to a flame. 🤔

    2. Toffee, sorry to correct you but Corbyn still a member of the Labour Party.
      When David Evans suspended JC from membership of the Party a panel of NEC’s members looked into the matter and unanimously reinstated Corbyn to Party’s membership.
      Spiteful Starmer, then decided to withdraw the Labour whip from Corbyn. Totally disgraceful behaviour to withdraw the Labour whip from a formerly democratically elected leader of the Party and for telling the truth as vindicated by the Forde’s Report.

  14. 8:48 PM

    SteveH17/10/2022 AT 8:48 PM
    Brian – I don’t have the time or the inclination to do your research for you

    8:59 PM

    SteveH17/10/2022 AT 8:59 PM
    Toffee –

    9:15 PM

    SteveH17/10/2022 AT 9:15 PM
    Toffee –

    Couldn’t be arsed answering Brian. decided to answer anyway AND spout MORE bollocks instead.

    COULD be arsed spouting MORE shite when I pull you up on it.

    Walker and Williamson were stitched up. Brian mentioned those that were subject to false allegations(sic) and you decided to use them as an example.

    Completely ignoring the fact that Corbyn IS NOT the party leader, HAS NOT been a party member since not long after keef shithoused his way into that position, so it would be of NO PURPOSE WHATSOEVER for the toerags to make use of those expelled under Corbyn (HES NOT EVEN A PARTY MEMBER FOR TOTAL FUCKS SAKE) but IT WOULD to highlight KEEF’S (AS PARTYLEADER) shithousery – as described in-depth, in the Al Jazeera documentary.

    What a complete fucking IMBECILE.

    1. Toffee – ….and the point you are trying to make is? (or are you still trying to work that one out)

  15. The tragedy was that Corbyn and his associates had not lined up a proper successor; an experienced left leaning MP like Lewis or Gardener instead of the young and vulnerable Long Bailey. It gave Starmer the opening and enough members believed him.

    1. Lewis = Most definitely NOT.

      Gardiner = Maybe.

      One thing’s certain, a few more of them ought to have had the stones to throw their hats in the ring, instead of leaving the choice down to an inexperienced RLB Vs the careerist clique.

      1. Err…NO. Have yet ANOTHER go, gobshite. And bollocks THAT up too

        I was giving my opinion on who I think is left-leaning and who isn’t.

        But of course I’m the one allegedly occupying your thoughts

        So much so that it’s gratifying watching you try and fail to second guess me all the time.

        The gift that just keeps giving 😏


      1. For someone with ‘better things to do’, you’ve posted 17 comments out of 52 on this page alone, only 1 of which actually offers any information or presents any points for discussion.

        As they say — Empty vessels make the loudest noise

      2. PW – You’re the one doing the shouting about ‘what’?. Did you have fun counting them? In the main my posts on this page are responses to comments directed to me, it would be rude to ignore them. Are you stuck for something to do?

      3. FUCK OFF!!

        That’s shouting. Capital letters, not text in bold, dummkopf.

  16. SteveH18/10/2022 AT 1:51 AM
    Toffee – …..and yet here you are again, like a moth to a flame.

    Yes, indeed, here I am….Making a complete show of you AGAIN.

    Demonstrating that you are bereft of the ravages of intelligence. And I will to continue to do so while you post your fantasist drivel.

    Now be quiet, and be console yourself with being regarded as the imbecile you are.

    Or, post again and remove any trace of doubt.

    Your move….

  17. In the main my posts on this page are responses to comments directed to me, it would be rude to ignore them

    And when your posts are directed to others but address me directly it’s gratifying for you to deluxe yourself that you occupy my thoughts when I own you on those points, too.

    SteveH18/10/2022 AT 1:59 AM

    Obviously you did until once again you were demonstrably PWNED.


      1. ‘Kinell.🙄

        You’re even worse than a jilted schoolgirl.

        Have a read back to yourself, the utter bilge you’ve been writing in this thread.

        Oh, I forgot. You have a woeful lack of self-awareness AS WELL as a pitiful lack of social skills, so there’s not much point.

        NORMAL people, when they retire to far-flung idyllic destinations, usually leave behind their troubles and cares and get on with enjoying themselves in their dotage.

        Joseph does his thing by helping his local community and integrating as much as he can**. And God bless him for it.

        It’s evident that you are far from normal, seeing as you’re spending your retirement on here obsessing about keef, Corbyn and other posters – even freely admitting you go out of your way to antagonising people.

        Do yourself a favour (if you actually ARE retired and living in the Caribbean – I personally very much doubt it)

        Go out and enjoy the scenery, the weather and the local culture instead of compelling yourself to make a total arsehole of yourself every day, multiple times per day.

        You may even end up thanking me for it.

        **Let’s not forget that Joseph served his community back here in the UK as a labour councillor, something else that seems to be the target of your imbecilic sneering and condescencion whenever it’s mentioned. I detect the green-eyed monster within that condescencion.

      2. Toffee – I’m currently sat on our porch enjoying the breeze and the night air. It’s a little dark to see much in the way of scenery.
        You’re the one who’s getting your knickers in a twist and writing essays.
        I’m chilling, how about you.

  18. You’re writing essays?

    What for? Can’t be for those three schools you were allegedly headhunted for…Do they do free school meals there? 😙🎶

    And why ask what I’m doing? You already know what I do, and why I’m up at all hours some nights.

  19. All this blather from Steve H, yet not one word about Starmer ‘boycotting’ the Qatar World Cup, because he’s a ‘Human Rights lawyer’, yet – unequivocally – continues to support the Zionist Israeli government, as it murders Palestinians, daily.

    I would have thought babies being gassed to death would have been worth a couple of lines, from him, but – no – Steve H would rather talk about polls.

    It seems Human Rights doesn’t stretch to Palestinians, in his world.

  20. A couple of points –

    Yes there WERE Jewish people thrown out of Labour Party
    and Corbyn was aware of it and got in touch via his

    He emailed about a Jewish member of the Labour Party
    descended from Holocaust victims being labelled an
    anti-Semite .. and wondered if “Jewish Politics” was
    confusing the matter – ie the Jewish Community having
    diverse opinions ..

    I think it takes a person of faith to understand this for
    evidently nothing was done. To me it was exactly the
    situation in N Ireland ..

    This was one of the mis-quotes from the BBC Ware program –
    for the email was completely changed in the broadcast.
    (One of the many “mis-rememberings I guess – identified by
    AJZ Files ..)


    Corbyn is STILL a member of the Labour Party !!!

    .. though has had Labour Whip removed ..

    Some posters have not distinguished the two

  21. Doesn’t it just beggar the question how Mordaunt, for one, got knocked out by The CheezyLizzyTruss!? The Truss who has the Persona of a Plank, with Cheese!
    To me personally it feels a bit like a Commissioners Long Conn Game. They needed the worst to stand possible candidate to face-off against their boy BlueKeef who, to be fair, is equally a Plank.
    We’ll see a manufactured face off of Two TORY Planks, in a soon to be manufactured Snap Ellection, to be our “proud nation’s” Prime Minister! That is more frightening than “Putin’s Manufactured Nuclear Armageddon”! Only thing is The CheezyLizzyTruss has 2 things going for her she’s got cheese and she is a woman, and I doubt even the most ardent of Feminist wants to celebrate the latter.
    May the gods help us!

    1. nellyskelly – Truss ended up in the last 2 because Sunak’s supporters manipulated the system and put her there thinking she was the weaker candidate for Sunak to run off against. They obviously failed to take into account how stupid, selfish and greedy the Tory membership are. It is an inherent weakness that is built into the Conservative party’s leadership voting system.

      1. All TORIES are one and the same Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State. Be that NEO-Labour Party TORIES or Conservative Party TORIES. You all have one and the same Puppet Master in control. It is therefore no wonder that BlueKeef is up against The CheezyLizzyTruss, as your “best woman”, and it had absolutely nothing to do with Sunak, Sunak has never had the required influence to control the outcome, the MSM did, and the MSM did. Your man will be the next PM, but not because he is the best candidate for the job, because of Years in the making Long Conn, Coups, Sabotage, Conspiracies, Lies, Deceit, just all round nasty excuse for humanity. And ‘that’ will be ‘your’ PM! As I’ve said before, 3 Month of your TORY Boy in Nr10 and we’ll see the first Riot break out. France Protests and Police Brutality, will look like a picnic!

  22. Corbyn’s a member – in all but name.

    You don’t have a stud farm full of geldings ffs.

  23. SH – “Truss ended up in the last 2 because Sunak’s supporters manipulated the system ” – Could you post a link to the evidence that caused you to arrive at this view? I must have missed it during the rather febrile atmosphere of the contest.

    1. No, he CANT post a link to it, goldbach.

      It’s yet another whopper pulled from his ‘arris and attempted to be passed off as fact.

      But it’s everyone else tell lies and make(s) things up, apparently…

      Throughout the contest – almost from start to finish, once truss threw her name in the hat – the pundits were practically to-a-man saying truss had the support of the members rather than the MPs (sunak was meant to be the majority choice of the MPs)

      But wee stevie knows (knew) better than everyone else. He’s got his finger on the pulse, see?

      And if he says people really quite like keef you’d best believe it.

  24. An aside – Following the attacks on the Nordstream pipelines, an inquiry was set up by Germany, Sweden and Denmark (the countries whose coastal waters came very close to the areas where the attacks were carried out).
    A few days ago, Sweden announced that it was pulling out of the inquiry saying that they knew who was responsible but would not name them.
    Now Germany has pulled out of the inquiry stating that they know who carried out the attacks. When asked by a reporter who it was who carried out the attacks, the spokesman said that they would not say “for national security reasons”.
    So who did it? Answers on the back of a dollar bill?]
    There appears to have been an attempt to carry out a similar attack on the Turkstream pipeline, which was thwarted. Meanwhile Turkiye and Russia have agreed to expand the Turkstream pipeline significantly.
    Watch out for lots of stories in the media about nasty stuff in Turkiye, and maybe an attempt at a coup.
    Interestingly, there are now opinion pieces in the US media, including the NYT (amazingly) calling for a reining back of the support for Ukraine. Maybe we could, just possibly, see moves towards an agreed peace.

    1. What’s interesting about that goldbach is that, given the copious evidence already in the public domain of the existence of a Pavlovian response which puts out banner headlines across the entire Western Corporate Media at every opportunity to accuse whoever is the Official Designated Enemy (ODE) of anything and everything , neither the Germans or the Swedes have accused the Russian Federation of deliberately sabotaging its own pipelines.

      This is significant, The fact that there are very few States on the planet which could carry out such an act, coupled with the fact that Germany is a member of NATO and that therefore its ‘National Security’ is not tied to Russia points to only one possible candidate.

      The advance warning from the CIA also offers a blatant clue.

      As observed here:

      This signals very clearly that:

      1. The German Government and political class are not representing the German people, their interests or German Sovereignty.

      2. Germany, like the rest of Europe, is now fully owned and controlled by the US Deep State Mafia.

      3. Only a direct threat to individuals within the German Political class (and those of other States in Europe – Sweden has just signed a ‘Security Agreement’ with the US) rather than just the German State can explain the behaviour and position taken by these politicians.

      The minority of the world which refers to itself as “The West” is now a Mafia State run by a clique of criminal psychos based in the USA who demand total fealty to their narrow sociopathic interests.

      A clique who, having had no qualms about fighting the Eurasian landmass from Russia to China and everywhere inbetween down to the last local – be they Ukrainian, Uighurs, Syrians, Libyans, et al – to get their hands on other peoples resources, will have no qualms about sacrificing the populations across the entire European sub-continent to achieve the same ends.

  25. I am surprised that you missed it, there was a fair amount of media speculation surrounding this on and around the 19th July. (Google the newspaper articles). It was also covered on various news programs at the time, including extensive cover on the Andrew Marr program broadcast on 19/07/22.
    I happen to think that this is the most likely scenario, however if you prefer to believe in deep-state conspiracy theories instead that is your choice.

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