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Labour blocks Grenfell champion Dent Coad from standing in Kensington

MP who fought for survivors and families barred as Starmer’s anti-democratic purge of left continues, while right-wing outsider waved through

Former Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad has been barred by the party from standing for selection to stand for Labour in the next general election, in yet another move by the party machine to deprive members of a say.

Dent Coad, who stunned the Tories by winning the seat in 2017, fought tirelessly for her community – including the survivors and families of the greed-driven Grenfell Tower blaze that claimed so many lives, who have been betrayed by successive Tory governments.

The former MP announced the news in a tweeted statement, saying she was devastated to be excluded and warning Starmer’s Labour it will not find it easy to gain the trust of the community:

Right-winger Mete Coban, who is from a different part of London, has announced his longlisting for the selection.

The right’s move is just the latest in an ongoing war on party members and their democracy that has seen a succession of rigged selections and trigger votes.

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  1. Of course, they did!

    Emma Dent-Coad is worth any one hundred of the PLP.

    She won Kensington and Chelsea in 2017, narrowly, and would have held onto it in 2019, but for the machinations of the Tories and the Lib Dems- specifically – Sam Gyimah, former Tory Cabinet member and, then, Lib Dem candidate, when the Tories kicked him out.

    This, all, while she was undergoing treatment for cancer. She lost – narrowly.

    It’s not only JC, Southside Labour are terrified of. It’s every socialist – like Emma Dent-Coad. Someone who has fully supported The Grenfell Tower Tragedy Survivors, from the 14th of June 2017, onwards.

    How anyone can support this Labour Party, is beyond me.

  2. I think that many of Labour’s votes will default to exactly what they tended to be under Bliar- ‘a reluctant vote for the least worst.’

    1. Blair and his disasterous policies lost almost 4 million votes for the LP between the 1997 – 2005 General Elections.

      Meanwhile, the number of voters choosing the Non Of The Above option rose from just under 12.6 million in 1997 to just over 18 million in 2001. That’s around 5.5 million voters and in icrease of around 30% in just four years.

      Go figure.

      Non Of the Above only dropped by around 1 million voters in 2005 and fell by a further (approx) 1.1 million in 2010. Though that did not transfer into an improvement for the failed Blairite LP as its vote fell by a further 0.9 million to 8.6 million – that’s 4.2 million votes less than Corbyn achieved in 2017 and 1.6 million less than in 2019.

      The slight downward trend of the Non Of The Above vote from its peak of over 18 million in 2001 bottomed out in 2017 to 14.6 million voters. 2019 saw this trend reversing back to path taken since 2011 to 15.7 million.

      The lesson being that when genuine choices are not permitted more voters vote with their feet than vote for any of the false choices on offer.

      1. I don’t recall seeing a None Of The Above option on any ballot slip, ever. Or are you talking about people writing one in themselves at the bottom with a tick in a box next to it?

      2. timfrom,

        My apologies. The term ‘non of the above’ was used as a description of the number of registered voters not voting.

    2. Martin Read, I agree this is where we are heading.
      If Liz Truss is the Tory leader at the time of the next GE Starmer’s could well get away with it and win it. Somehow, I don’t see Truss surviving that long.
      Let’s us say for the sake of argument that the choice is between David Davis leading the Tories and Starmer leading Labour, I will be advocating for voting for a Tory in any seat that the Labour incumbent isn’t a member of the SCG.
      The choice then will be:
      – between a right wing leader with unassailable democratic credentials (David Davis)
      -a fascist with neo-liberal economic (Keir Starmer)
      Hence, to many socialist the choice would be clear: right wing but democrat rather than the worse type of fascist.

      1. Redfield & Wilton Strategies’ latest voting intention poll in Great Britain finds the Labour Party leading by 36%, seven points higher as in our most recent poll on Thursday last week, and the largest lead recorded by any polling company for any party since October 1997. Altogether, the full numbers (with the changes from 13 October in parentheses) are as follows:

        Labour 56% (+3)
        Conservative 20% (-4)
        Liberal Democrat 11% (-2)
        Green 5% (+2)
        Scottish National Party 4% (–)
        Reform UK 2% (–)
        Other 1% (-2)

        Follow the link, it makes interesting reading

    3. We have a Least-worser in our little close. He is a good neighbour but he cannot countenance ever voting for anyone but Labour. Never mind he often visits with a couple of onions or tomatoes in hand. From his allotment not the Mandleson way. Oh, I recently discovered that Mandy rang Epstein while he was in the jug. Is that well known?

  3. The only problem is there is no opposition to the Oppoosition. The government/Tory Party are in complete melt down so Starmeroid can do whatever he wants & still lead in the polls but knowing that the next General Election will be 2 years away. ‘Things can only get bitter’, as Blairism replaces Socialism completely. As Steve Marriot once sang…….’Whatcha gonna do ’bout it?’

  4. Diplomacy and Discussion is just not doing it and although you do a great blog day in and day out along with some others the Pen I am afraid is not and never has been mightier than the sword, I discovered in 1966 at the age of 14 after years of bullying and torment living in fear of going to school or even going to the shops that the priest was talking crap turning the other cheek did fuc* all other than get you a punch on that side too, My life turned on a Thursday afternoon at 4pm in the back green in Craigmillar when I totally lost it and returned the blows I was taking he looked stunned along with his sidekicks by the time he realised what was happening I had hit him another four rapid one of his mates took a swing missed by a mile and as I had ducked I lifted a piece of old fencing pole and gave this radge one right over his napper, this was two down out of six and don’t get me wrong I was shitting my pants I knew I couldn’t stop so bully number one got set about with the pole and I battered him senseless bully number two ran like a greyhound after his naggins and the other four just stood and looked at me in a totally different way and one said we don’t want any bother with you picked up their gang leader and walked away I waited till they were out of sight then sat down on the grass and cried my eyes out shaking like a wee lassie but no one ever bothered me or anyone connected to me again in the following years growing up I took my pastings and handed some out but I never was Bullied again, So Enough is Enough it is time to stop Farting about hoping the Right Wing Bully Boys are going to just fade away it is not going to happen they maybe intellectually stronger than us on the Left but if we can find our Bottle again and grow some and with a Rage of injustice in our Hearts we can TAKE OUR PARTY BACK and never ever allow anyone on the Right entry EVER, We are A Working Class Party bye Bevin will be spinning in his grave and Clem would look on Us as Dross a bunch of crappers it is time to remove the Right from OUR PARTY

    1. Good for you peej1952. I have two sons and when they were children I said to them: don’t look for trouble and start fights but, it trouble comes to you fight back and may sure even if you are hurt, you keep fighting through the pain and ensure that you hurt the opponent too.

  5. Coad retains her role and influence as leader of the Labour group on Kensington Council but my guess is that Labour’s powers-that-be will try to remove this as well.

  6. Why is anyone still surprised? Regulars here know full well they are gunning for everyone on the left, trying to reduce their representation in the PLP, in case of a hung parliament and the SCG group holding the balance of power and the fate of a likely RW Labour govt. It’ll get worse as time goes on too as they probably have ‘leftst target lists’ for deselection in Southside.

    The unions know what’s happening but many choose to look the other way or wait for seats in the House of Lords, like Frances O’Grady, Dave Prentis – others are as sketchy as Starmer, eg. the GMB’s Gary Smith. These two join Ruth Smeeth and Tom Watson in a middle finger to the membership from Starmer. Anyone reckon Starmer is serious about scrapping the unelected Lords?

    Made me laugh, watching the BBC’s political correspondent talking of how Truss has betrayed the pledges she made to the Tory membership in their recent leadership hustings. Starmer makes Truss look like an amateur when it comes to lying to the membership. Westminster isn’t worth defending at this point. We need proportional representation because the big two are working together, to lock out democratic choice.

    1. It will be interesting to see how long the MSM can resist the temptation to use Labour’s internal corruption (and the war on its members) against them. Those Al Jazeera docs will surely out eventually!

  7. Labour’s internal democracy wouldn’t pass any sort of audit. If a company CEO, or board, behaved like Labour’s leadership, it wouldn’t just be the shareholders(members) theuy’d have trouble with ,they’d be facing graver consequences. Why is it, supposedly serious political parties are run like this with no integrity and on pure factionalism?

    Labour, under Starmer, operates by diktat and flexible interpretation of the rulebook. Conference decisions(labour’s AGM) aren’t binding and are openly defied, begging the question : what is the point of going through the facade of sending delegates and card voting on various propositions if the leadership just says, nah, not interested in that?

    The Labour party is in a terrible state, despite being gifted big polling leads due to the current Tory Truzzy-Wuzzy horror show. If the voters currently flocking to them like a port in a storm default choice knew what Labour are like under Starmer, they’d quickly lose hope.

      1. SteveH

        Yes, it was different. Under Blair and New Labour it was a top down affair but not under Miliband and Corbyn.

        Remember how Starmer sprung his surprise ‘People’s vote’ pledge without clearing it with Corbyn, which became policy. Do you doubt for a second, that if someone in Starmer’s shadow cabinet stood up at their most recent conference and promised something left-wing, without Starmer’s pre-approval they be sacked within hours? If the vote had passed on PR under Corbyn(unions were against) you’d have demanded it be implemented as policy, would you not?

        The recent conference vote on proportional representation really annoys. For the last few years years the Starmerites have been telling leftists to go form our own party. PR would enable Labour and the Tories to split into their various factions ,but it’s Starmer resisting that now, because they need the votes of the left to get in to implement their RW programme.

        Labour voters should be very wary about giving people like Starmer and Streeting a big majority ,when they’ve taken money from a business man who wants greater private involvement in the NHS.

    1. Toffee – I appreciate that you are a big fan of empty gestures but back in the real world what would that actually achieve?

      1. Empty gestures???

        You mean like voicing disapproval of allowing kids to go hungry, you fucking NONCE.

        Fuck off and DIE.

    2. Toffe she is not longer and MP and she is the local Labour leader in Kensington & Chelsea. A right wing PPC can forget about the local Labour Party supporting his/her campaign.

      1. Let’s see who is on the short list before reaching hasty judgements.

      2. Steve, we can assume, as in every OTHER constituency, Keir will allow only “moderates”(i.e., just-barey-not-Tories). And we can assume he’ll find the most obnoxious, bigoted, all-but-Thatcherite candidates he can impose as the shortlist. Look what he did in Liverpool. Look what he tried but failed to do to Zara. Look what he’s doing to Apsana Begum-whom we both know he will replace by a male right-winger, with a sexual abuse case just barely behind him.

        Care to tell us why Keir always has to make sure every Labour candidate is nasty, dreary, reactionary and worthless? It’s not as if there are seats Labour could take, but ONLY if the candidate is a total bastard.

      3. Ken – You can assume whatever you like.but that’s all they are.
        I can give you a link to all the selections that have taken place to date if you want to do some research instead of just making assumptions .

  8. Peej1952 – with respect to your post – am not
    sure what the equivalent is for the Labour
    Left to your giving the bullies a pasting?

    All I can think of is a bit of forethought and
    planning when difficulties arise .. so that you can
    manoeuvre your way out of them. I used to do
    this when faced with a bullying manager at work.
    He was not my line manager luckily and I was able
    (among others things) to use my own line manager
    to achieve some sort of victory.

    As for Starmer – as I warned in previous posts –
    “be sure your sins will find you out” and sure enough
    he was tackled in the House by Penny Mordaunt who
    pointed out quite a few of them. I see that
    Skwawkie also noticed this and it is the subject
    of a later post!

    1. I’d rather prefer to be oppressed by Penny than No Profiles. Onwards with the penocracy and then I can tell Julie that she had better… oh shit here she comes. Closes lid.

  9. Emma should stand as a Jeremy Corbyn Independent (once it is announced that JC is barred from standing in Islington).
    We don’t have to put up with Right Wing Labour B’stards!

    1. Does anybody know if Jeremy Corbyn will be standing in the next GE, I have my doubts.

      1. Chris Williamson tried that and lost his deposit. I doubt she will stand as an independent, it would be the end of her political career.

      2. You’ll celebrate if he’s barred, even though Keir won’t allow anybody but a worthless reactionary, somebody who’d have been a Tory candidate any other year, on the shortlist. Corbyn may well retire, but you’ve no call to be smug about it or act as if he deserved what Starmer’s done to him and his supporters.

        Labour would have at least the same lead if it HADN’T done the purges, hadn’t barred left-wing candidates other than at maybe the level of meaningless council seats, hadn’t abolished internal democracy, and hadn’t abandoned the 10 Pledges whose existence was the only reason he was elected, since he had nothing else to offer and has no personal popularity whatsoever.

        Why do you give such loyalty to a dreary, right-wing thug like that? None of his vindictive nastiness was necessary and we all know he won’t do anything Liberal Democrat, let alone Labour if he becomes PM.

        Why are you willing to reduce it all to victory in name only? To nothing but an Eastern European-style “demonstration election”? He’s never GOING to back PR- in abolishing internal party democracy and supporting the ban on essentially all forms of public protest, he’s made it impossible for anyone to make him do it- no PM was ever won over to anything from trivialities like polite, groveling letter-writing campaigns- and he’s never going to reverse Brexit.

        It simply never had to be. Labour never had to assume the UK was a permanently centre-right entity and never had to treat its core supporters like scum to be “electable”.

      3. “Does anybody know if Jeremy Corbyn will be standing in the next GE…..” It kinda doesn’t matter either way SteveH because his name already stands for a definite set of values (peace, justice, bottom-up participative democracy, etc., etc..), although I hope he does. His constituents would feel abandoned if he didn’t.

      4. “a definite set of values (peace, justice, bottom-up participative democracy, etc., etc..)…”

        The PJ Party. Wouldn’t it be something if the MP for Islington North were not the first MP in parliament to be elected as a pajama?

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