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Video: on the night Labour announced its bid to oust Byrne, he was helping feed hungry (again)

Labour right has working-class MP Ian Byrne on its hit-list. He’s still feeding people in need

Last night, the Labour party announced its bid to remove Ian Byrne as the MP for West Derby in Liverpool – one of the safest seats in the country that the regime would no doubt like to fill with a right-winger.

As the party published its ad for applicants to stand against Liverpool’s most popular and effective MP, Byrne was at the pilot of his new ‘Scouse Kitchen’ community kitchen project – an extension of his years-long work with the hugely successful Fans Supporting Foodbanks group he co-founded and his landmark ‘Right to Food’ campaign to make adequate nutrition for everyone a human right and a government obligation.

Skwawkbox attended the event and spoke to others involved about both the project and the party’s determination to oust the man behind it – and saw people in need, particularly children, not only being fed but making and enjoying social connections that will enhance the life of the local community.

This is a small taste of what they said:

Skwawkbox saw hungry kids being fed and parents alleviated of a little of their burden and smiling and talking to people who became friends – and an MP who’s concern and hard work for his constituents and others is undeniable. A fuller video will follow.

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  1. Meanwhile, keef ORDERED peers to ABSTAIN (Again) on policy designed to allow children to go hungry at school.


    Whereas Ian looks after the needs of his constituents with ACTIONS as well as words.

    The contrast between the two could NOT be starker.

    1. Then surely in Liverpool Ian should have no problem in winning the OMOV ballot. It will be interesting to see who else is on the shortlist.

  2. Solidarity, with Scouse Kitchen! Solidarity, with Ian Byrne MP!

    I hope he stands as an Independent candidate!

    It could be, we’ve found the new Leader of the Left!?

    1. George, I agree with you. But Byrne hasn’t lost the trigger ballot yet as he will be in the shortlist. He is a local member and I seriously doubt it that any member of the left will stand against him.
      Thus, everyone else in the shortlist would be a right winger wannabe. I don’t know how many members West Derby CLP has. No do I know how many members participated at branch leve during the trigger ballots at branch level.
      Skwawkbox, do we know the number of affiliated branches in West Derby and how they voted? Under the present rules 50% of the votes are from CLP’s branches and 50% from affiliate branches. Somehow, I found difficult to believe that Trade Union branches would have voted in favour of triggering Ian Byrne. Hence, which among the affiliated Socialist Societies triggered him? Names please.
      Nevertheless, I know one thing: If Byrne lost the trigger ballot it has to be due to a massive number of left members abandoning West Derby CLP. Otherwise, he will win the trigger.
      The cynic in me believes that Byrne has been targeted for deselection to trigger a reaction from the SCG. If Byrne is trigger the SCG has two choices:
      -To stay quiet and stay put. This is my opinion would be a mistake as it would allow Starmer’s to pick them one by one later on before the next GE when they would be totally unprepared.
      -For members of the SCG to resign the Labour whip and set themselves as an independent Party.
      I hope that members of the SCG take this option and set themselves as new political Party to provide a real socialist alternative to the Labour Party.

  3. His predecessor was Stephen Twigg who defeated Portillo in 1997 but then moved to the right of Portillo.

  4. I can remember Bernadette Devlin saying … “I never wanted to be in parliament,I wanted to do somthing” the former leader of the peoples democracy “at the forfront of the civil rights movement in Ulster talking about the wasted years in parliament returning to the people to help the working class of Ulster.and she never regreted it doing somthing useful for the people.
    Ian Byrne is a lovely man and a example to all of us to go out and” do something ”
    parliament as it is must be brought down built on honesty and integrity somthing ian knows all about and somthing missing from our Westminster.

  5. Below is Ian Byrne’s full statement

    “I have been informed by the Labour Party that I have been ‘triggered’ and than an open contest to select the labour candidate to represent West Derby at the next General Election will begin imminently.

    “I am disappointed that the party has decided to press ahead with a full selection when concerns about the integrity of the process have not been resolved.

    “It is a privilege to represent the people of West Derby and I am grateful for the mandate you have given me to be a crusading MP on the issues of food poverty and hunger and to lead on the campaign for a Hillsborough Law in Parliament, working alongside Andy Burnham, Steve Rotheram and Maria Eagle.

    “Since becoming an MP in 2019, I have worked tirelessly on behalf of workers in struggle, pensioners and our fifties born women, spoken up for renters, carers, dementia sufferers; supported our trade unions; defended our NHS and its staff and successfully campaigned to add Hillsborough to the school curriculum.

    “This work was recognised in March when I was awarded overall MP of the Year by the Patchwork Foundation. Britain needs MPs who care about those most in needs, as indeed does West Derby. The cost of living crisis is hitting our constituency hard. Polling by Survation following the mini-budget found that 73% of West Derby constituents fear being unable to afford their energy bills next year, 37% fear homelessness within a year and 41% fear they will be using foodbanks.

    “We need voices on the green benches who will champion those with the least. It has always been my passion to speak up for those denied a voice and I want to go on campaigning to abolish hunger and bring in a legal right to food. There can be no more important task for those who seek to represent others. My work has only just begun and there is still so much to do.

    “I am seeking re-election to be Labour candidate for West Derby and I ask everyone who can do so to join my grassroots campaign to make sure the people of West Derby continue to have someone fighting for them in Parliament.”

  6. As with Skwawky’s exclusive later today that ‘original party official refused to sign off unsafe Byrne trigger result‘, each Labour member need to examine their own conscience and discover what their sense of right and wrong is making of Evans, Starmer, their mis-management of the party and the predicaments it creates.

    Leah Levane, co-chair of Jewish Voice for Labour (although writing in a personal capacity) and thinking about Al Jazeera’s The Labour Files, puts it far better than I ever could: how can Labour be trusted by its members in future?

    Spoiler alert: it probably can’t. “Why should voters trust a party to treat them well when it treats those who volunteer their own time and money so badly? “

    1. I am sorry for ian Byrne but I have every confidence that The knight of the realm with his fascists will “fix” any attempt to select ian Byrne or any other mp whos not part of the Cabal of the labour party .These are desperate people hellbent on destroying even the pretence of democracy and for anyone taking legal action against the labour party will tell you “these criminals and thugs should never have been allowed inside the labour party ” let alone ruling it .
      Starmer has operated at the DPP and knows nothing else only goldon handshakes…fixing and rigging…and to expect anything more than that is delusion..
      The sooner the labour party are out of the way then the sooner a new working class party can arise.A minority of working class mps who are little more than a handfull makes no difference whatsoever to the direction of the labour party and we only notice MPs who actually “do something “outside parliament
      .sorry to say that but it’s true and we can build on it because anyone targeted by labour as the seal of approval for me..and anyone who continues to fund the shitshow is without doubt immoral or delusional.

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