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Breaking: Tarry deselected as postal votes play key role

600 postal votes appear decisive

Ilford South MP Sam Tarry has been deselected this evening, losing to right-wing favourite Jas Athwal 361-499.

The meeting was beset by controversy after a number of Tarry supporters were barred from the ballot – and then around six hundred postal votes ‘appeared’.

And those postal votes appear to have been decisive, though there are still potential discrepancies in the count, with more than three hundred members reported to be at the meeting in person, which with six hundred reported postal votes would significantly exceed the 860 votes in the final tally.

Athwal is the local council leader and was reinstated to the party after a right-dominated panel of National Executive members decided that a disciplinary investigative unit had not presented sufficient evidence to expel him after ‘serious’ allegations of sexual harassment.

Tarry’s trigger votes, to decide whether he would face a selection contest, were marred by accusations of rigging and voter impersonation. The party admitted that there had been instances, but dismissed them as irrelevant to the outcome.

Tarry, who was sacked by Keir Starmer for supporting striking workers, will remain in his seat until the next general election, unless he chooses to step down early.

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      1. Why would I. I had little interest in the outcome, it is up to the members of Ilford South to decide who they want to represent them.

      2. .little interest eh?

        You interested in keef – saying he doesn’t detest the tories…😙🎶

      3. Toffee – I don’t have a problem with what Keir Starmer actually said in response to questions from reporters. Do you?
        ““I disagree with the Tories, I think there’s a fundamental disagreement at the moment: they think that we grow the economy by making the rich richer, and somehow it trickles down to working people.
        “I think we build the economy on working people who are those that go out to work every day and actually build our economy.
        “I disagree fundamentally, with Conservatives, but I wouldn’t use (that) language of detesting them.
        “We disagree. This is a battle of ideas, and that’s what it should be.”

      4. …“We disagree. This is a battle of ideas, and that’s what it should be.”…

        Standard M.O. for anyone with common ground and common interest.

        We’ve always known Tories (brigands) stand for. Always.

        This is yet more confirmation that we’re witnessing the baton being passed from one team member to the other.

        You can’t race against yourself.

      5. Reply to Toffee
        Starmer would not use Nichola Sturgeon’s language about detesting the Tories but he is OK with talking about “stabbing in the front” (Jess Phillips) shouting “F**king antisemite” ( Margaret Hodge, saying “scum” ( Angela Rayner after swanning about the open Air opera- tickets £240- champagne in hand).
        He sat back saying nothing during the chicken coup when the PLP engaged in orchestrated public resignations from Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet/ front bench , while Jeremy was vilified by them and all and sundry and now without any justification whatsoever he continues to deny Jeremy the whip.
        Starmer has overseen the wholesale expulsions of Socialists and Anti Zionists (many of whom are elderly Jews) from the party and has refused to take action over BAME racism ( Stella Creasy among others) and the Islamophobia ( shown to Apsana Begum) rife in the PLP and Labour ranks.
        What a disgusting hypocrite Starmer is. He has surrounded himself with all liars, smear merchants, snouts in the trough money grabbers, racists and bigots and has the cheek to imply criticism of Sturgeon for the use of the very mild word she used to express her extreme dislike of Tories.
        I suppose we can expect that from now on any socialist or anti Zionist who condemns the Tories will be expelled for ” anti toryism” given that “anti semitism” grounds have worn a bit and very few people are stupid enough to swallow them any more

  1. This is the purpose of Starmer driving out and expelling so many members of the Party – so results like this can be engineered.

    Anyone who saw The Labour Files will be aware of the example of Newham where racists in the membership and disciplinary apparatus just about banned the majority Muslim population of the area, from the Party.

    Presumably Jas Athwal is so neoliberal that Starmer racists are willing to put up with ethnicity and tolerate the sexual harassment allegations.
    Starmer high Command, are even willing to risk his alleged victim I making her case come next election.
    You couldn’t blame her could you?

    1. Bernie, put it this way Jas Athwal is endorsed by Hedge Funding sponsored Wes Streeting.

    2. Bernie, sexual harassment allegations. A must have for New Labour Party promotion. Other plusses on a c.v, thuggery, bent companies, intimidation and bigotry. It would help if you were prepared to vilify former friends and comrades to the reptiles. Oops, nearly forgot, war and death. Being an ex trot works to ones credit. What have I missed?

    1. Toffee – Because there is nothing to be gained by him personally attacking those who voted Tory. What was it that Jeremy had to say on the subject of personal attacks on individuals whose policies you disagree with?

      1. ps – Also because he isn’t as dumb or as politically naive as you are.

      2. Says the hypocrite that calls those what voted toerag stupidat each & every given opportunity.
        But you have to scrabble around looking for yet further weasel excuses

        Blow it outta yer arse, soft ollies.

        Absolutely ZERO surprise he doesn’t have the stones to out with it himself. Everyone else knows full well why.

      3. Toffee – Why have you come over all sensitive, were you one of those idiots that voted Tory?

      4. SteveH11/10/2022 AT 3:36 AM
        Toffee – Why have you come over all sensitive, were you one of those idiots that voted Tory

        Not at all… But you just can’t help but contradict yourself within a couple of posts, can ya?

        And once again – or rather TWICE – you’ve been caught lying through your fucking teeth and gambling that I wouldn’t be arsed or able to prove it.

        Lying filthy NONCE apologist.

      5. Toffee – …. and what exactly do you think you’ve proved. 🤔

      1. Steve H … “.sorry for the typo “ will be sorry for a lot more before the Starmer \Evans gang shut down the labour party.
        Tarry woke up too late just like the rest of the comatose hangers on in the socialist group of MPs.” We wish to work constructively with the leader of the labour party “so much for working with the foreign government bankrolled leader of the labour party.?…Sorry for stating the bloody obvious” ..!

      2. Joseph – Sorry about what, I’ll be absolutely delighted when Labour are elected with a substantial majority, won’t you?
        I wonder if Sam will try and get selected as PPC for another constituency.

  2. I’ll be absolutely delighted when Labour are elected with a substantial majority, won’t you?


    Absolutely ZERO will change for me or those UK residents like me.

    People will still have their (civil & working) freedoms & rights reduced while corporations will gain further liberties and wealth at their expense.

    The NHS will still be thieved from the people who pay for it.

    Welfare claimants will still be victimised and demonised.

    And kids will still go to school and come home, hungry.

    1. Toffee – You really should try and keep up with Labour’s current policy platform.

      1. And you really should try abstaining from being a nonce apologist.

        …And lying about it.

        And being so hubristic and presumptuous of others that you believe you won’t get caught lying about it…that’s what NONCES do.

        And you’ve done it. I’ve proved it.

      2. toffee – ….and precisely what do you think you’ve proved?

      3. You really should try and keep up with Labour’s current policy platform.

        Not much point, really.

        Not when keef himself can’t keep up with it.

        And not while the public at large haven’t got a bastard clue what difference smarmerist labour offer that the rags don’t.

        But hey!?

        What about “Great British energy”, eh?

        Can they have a union flag as it’s logo?

        For total fucks sake 😒😒😒🤦🤦🤦

      4. Toffee – It isn’t my fault that you can’t be bothered to acquaint yourself with Labour’s current policy platform.

  3. Except you DO.

    You (lokentourndesr greasy twunt) casually dismiss so-called political strategies, knowing full well they WILL harm children.

    And then come out with THE most piss poor excuses for doing so and hope to be absolved of your despicable nonchalance.

    Nonce apologist

      1. It’s already been spelled out for you on numerous occasions.

        It isn’t my fault you’re thick as fucking pigshit.

        Or rather that you choose ignore the evidence in the hope that I’ll get bored and leave you alone.

        I don’t like nonces OR those what make excuses for harming children.

        Therefore, you’re fair game.

    1. You (lokentourndesr greasy twunt)

      Should read:

      You (like your dear greasy twunt)

      *Time to try and get a kip.

  4. Postal votes (like the last GE and the Scottish indy ref) will decide the next election.

    You can bet on this (I will be)

    1. Chris Mooney, yes of course, Sam Tarry had the nerve to stand on a picket line in solidarity with his Union Backing comrades. Can’t be having that can we?

  5. It would be interesting to see what Momentum does (or doesn’t) in Tarry’s situation as Tarry is a close Lasman’s ally.
    It would appear that supporting the IHRA and throwing socialist Jews under the bus in the process, supporting the bid of Rayners to become the Deputy Leader and then becoming her boyfriend isn’t protection enough in Starmer’s Labour Party.
    Let’s us not forget that last month Momentum’s candidate to the NEC Mish Rahman failed to be elected to the NEC.
    Somehow, I expect for Momentum to become a political irrelevant some time soon. It is what happens when you stand on the middle of the road too often: eventually you get run over.

    1. “last month Momentum’s candidate to the NEC Mish Rahman failed to be elected to the NEC.”

      Yes Maria, it’s Bernie’s point (above): becoming the “dearly departed” opens the party to the right wing sectarian-istas who will reduce Labour to a Globo-Cap 2nd11. Your expectation that Momentum becomes politically irrelevant within Labour looks truer every day.

      As much as Tarry’s deselection distresses me, on balance I think it’s the inevitable destructiveness of Starmer’s leadership.

      Every cloud has a silver lining, death and re-birth type of thing! Ilford South and Sam Tarry, this ball’s in their court, but I’ve no reason to think they want to dribble with it.

    1. bedroc56, somehow I don’t thing the Labour Party is going to like a vote audit.
      In case the Labour Party had disposed of the names of members that participated on the postal vote, thus, making impossible for members to be contacted and thus verifying that they have voted, it could land the Party in a lot of trouble and forced to rerun the hustings.

      1. Maria, I like the sound of that. However, we are talking about a bund of very talented, bureaucratic manipulators. To quote our foreign correspondent ” we shall see”.

    2. He can request a new Rocking Horse for Xmas too. I doubt he will get either.

    1. Paul Smith, probably from the Tories…..They love looking at postal votes before they should be counted.

      1. Who in the Ilford Labour Party? And then it must have been adopted by the CLP executive.

  6. Votes suddenly turning up!

    Very reminiscent of Lyndon Johnson’s 1948 senate election against Coke Stevenson.

    When a reporter, Bill Mason, tried to investigate the irregularities, he was shot dead by Deputy Sheriff Sam Smithwick.

    Convicted of the killing, Smithwick languished in prison until he contacted Coke Stevenson. A visit was arranged. However, when he got there, Stevenson was told that Smithwick had been found hanged in his cell that very morning.

    How very convenient!

    The official verdict was ‘suicide’.

  7. Starmer as PM & the bombs will still fall on Gaza & Yemen, the price of energy & food will continue to increase as will spending on defence & Julian Assange will be extradited to USA.

  8. Wow some rude ,arrogant and angry people here.
    Puts. me off voting Labour.
    But im sure they dont care about that.

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