Skwawkbox will cover ‘Free Assange Human Chain’ on Saturday. If you’d like to help, here’s how

On Saturday, thousands of people will gather and link in a human chain around Parliament to demand the release of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and the cancellation of the government’s plan to extradite him.

The Tories are all too eager to toady to the US and Keir Starmer’s own hands are dirty on the topic of extradition – as Director of Public Prosecutions he reportedly flew to Washington in a rage after Theresa May cancelled the extradition of autistic hacker Gary McKinnon, which he had promised the US state to see through, and has remained silent on Assange’s extradition despite the admission of the US government’s main witness against Assange that he had been lying all along, so any hopes of justice and freedom for Assange – and for journalistic freedom in this country – depend on action by activists and ordinary people.

The ambitious ‘Free Assange Human Chain’ project is being supported by the Corbyn Project, the National Union of Journalists and others – and in view of the so-called ‘mainstream’ media’s shameful silence on the political assault on Assange and journalism, Skwawkbox is going to London to help cover it, including a live broadcast direct from the event, which will stream on the Skwawkbox Facebook page from 1pm.

The organisers are still looking for more people to join the event to ensure maximum impact. If you are within reach of London and can get there without crossing any of Saturday’s RMT picket lines, you can sign up here to stand as a link in the chain to demand freedom for Julian Assange.

And if you would like to help cover the costs of Skwawkbox’s coverage and can afford to do so without hardship, please click here to arrange either a one-off or monthly donation via PayPal or click here for a monthly direct debit via GoCardless (Skwawkbox will contact you for confirmation of the amount as it can’t be entered on the form).

Your support will help Skwawkbox continue to report the news the Establishment doesn’t want us to know about.


  1. Hopefully a very good turnout, but I’m just as hopeful there’ll be plenty of placards implicating keef’s shithousery on the matter, too.

    1. Steve, I’d like to offer a widows mite. Julie lives in forlorn hope, but I don’t trust the Internet. Got cleaned out, really current and savings a few months ago. Please email me. Pip pip.

    2. Yup, it’d be impossible to describe the history of Julian Assange’s incarceration and victimisation by the US without explaining the key role of DPP Starmer and how he bullied and cajoled to please HMV

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