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‘It means pain, hunger and premature death’: Rosen on Tory £18bn plan to steal ‘national wealth’

Renowned author’s summary of Tory plan to cut billions from public spending is chilling and evocative

Author Michael Rosen’s summary of the consequences of the Truss-Kwarteng plan to cut a further £18 billion from public services is accurate and utterly heartbreaking.

In a Facebook post summing up the huge-scale theft that the ‘plan’ really is, Rosen wrote:

An 18 billion cut from public services is this government stealing from us our health, our means of caring for each other, our means of mitigating the effects of poverty caused by unemployment, low wages, and living for a long time.

It means pain, hunger and premature death.

If we cared about something called ‘public wealth’, we wouldn’t be cutting our public services, we would be using Bank of England powers to generate £67 billion out of nothing to support public wealth instead of propping up banking.

Michael Rosen, today

Instead of doing this obvious good, Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng are planning yet another Tory smash and grab – and the Bank of England is planning huge interest rate rises that will cripple households and telling ordinary people that they shouldn’t be asking for a decent pay rise.

Rosen good. Truss, Kwarteng, non-opposition ‘leader’ Starmer and all who support or enable them bad.

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  1. £18 billion: HS2 will cost more than that. And then there’s increased ‘defence’ expenditure. There is money for some things but not for others …

      1. And when it treats its own members who have the temerity to openly challenge The Official Establishment Narrative the Loyal Opposition have committed to enforcing in such a way just consider for a moment how it will treat anyone and everyone in the Kingdom who act in the same manner if this Mafia second eleven are elected to Government.

    1. Plus massive increases for war profiteers through a 50% real terms increase in the military budget—already one of the highest in the world.

  2. Am hoping Rosen appears on GMB tomorrow –
    as he has done before ..

    I am longing for someone to say
    “No – Starmer
    has NOT united the Labour Party and NOT
    tackled anti-semitism ”
    on Mainstream TV.

    I suppose 🐷 might 🛩 someday?

    1. approx. 1 purpose-bred bird per person in UK: 1 per ‘head’ in a UK-headcount. The purpose that these caged birds serve is ‘fun’ (in their hunting). Sick!

      The resurrection of Austerity causes me to see these poor game birds as more than hunting stock – they suddenly become symbols/representations/metaphors of something else.

      Now, what was it that the Trilateral Commission (and WEF too) think about Democracy? Oh yes, there’s too much of the wrong-type about. Way too much

      Now, tell me that Keir Starmer really is in the Labour party because he believes in ‘the Many’ and in Democracy? Nope, I’m not convinced!

      1. I take it, qwertboi, you are thinking that there exists a significant possibility within this context of removing the letter “h’ from the word pheasent?

  3. Michael, Boris Johnson didn’t just speak for himself but the entire Tory party when he declared last year during the pandemic “Let the bodies pile high….” and his fellow Tories, Truss and Kwarteng, are clearly following that Tory tradition on…

    1. Dave, I hate bastards and know what they are capable of in public and private. Did he really say that. I would like a source, if you don’t mind? I believe that Brits are largely apathetic till they’ve had a couple but would we have accepted that. I hope that we would have crashed the gates and meted out swift justice. Let’s see if our foreign correspondent has some links.

  4. Good news is cheap and nasty Tory party Civil War will play out right up to GE
    Then choice between what’s left and Red Tories will be no choice at all
    A Socialist Labour party would clean up under FPTP

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