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‘I’ll make Assange a French citizen – and give him a medal – if I become PM’, says Mélenchon

Left leader hoping for big electoral gains will throw France’s weight behind journalist stitched up by UK and US

French left-winger Jean-Luc Mélenchon will immediately give French citizenship – and a medal – to imprisoned journalist Julian Assange if Mélenchon becomes French PM after tomorrow’s elections.

The UK’s notorious Home Secretary Priti Patel – sacked from an earlier ministerial role by then-PM Theresa May after attending off-book meetings with the Israeli regime about diverting aid funding to the military and who after being found guilty of multiple counts of bullying caused the government to have to pay a substantial sum to a civil servant because of bullying – ruled this week that Assange can be extradited to the US, where the government wants to imprison him for life for exposing murders by the US military.

A court had previously supported the US extradition request, even though the American case had imploded after its main witness admitted that he had lied about everything – an admission largely ignored by the UK ‘mainstream’ medi. Assange remains in high-security prison for doing his job, while the damage done to journalism and democracy by imprisoning a journalist for doing journalism has apparently caused Patel not a second’s pause in giving the US government what it wants, despite opposition even from Tory MPs to the extradition.

But Mélenchon has said he will intervene immediately on the journalist’s behalf:

If I am prime minister on Monday, Mr Julian Assange, I believe he has submitted the request, will be naturalised as French and we will ask that he be evacuated to his new home.

Mélenchon also said that he would award Assange a decoration in recognition of his services to democracy and journalism in holding governments to account for their and their agents’ actions.

The extradition of Julian Assange is one of the most shameful episodes in a long and dark period of Tory government. Even more shameful is the fact that the Establishment-friendly Keir Starmer, supposedly a Labour leader, has never spoken in support of Assange or against the danger to democracy that his extradition represents. On the contrary, as Director of Public Prosecutions Starmer promised the US that autistic hacker Gary McKinnon would be extradited and was reportedly furious and embarrassed that then-Home Secretary Theresa May stepped in to block the move.

Mélenchon’s party is forecast to make considerable parliamentary gains on Sunday. His declaration gives a taste of how much healthier the UK would have been had Keir Starmer and his faction not sabotaged two successive general elections when Jeremy Corbyn was party leader.

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  1. It’s a nice gesture but I’m not sure what difference it would make to Julian’s plight.

    1. as a French citizen Assange would have the French govt behind him, fighting his corner – something Australia hasn’t done.
      Patel may/seems to have the right to dispose of an Australian citizen as Australia still has HM Quueen Elizabeth II as Head of State.
      The same does not hold for a French citizen.

      PS Well done M Melechon for making the offer, the only statesman to do so.
      Let’s hope he’s French PM come Monday

  2. “…as Director of Public Prosecutions Starmer promised the US that autistic hacker Gary McKinnon would be extradited and was reportedly furious and embarrassed that then-Home Secretary Theresa May stepped in to block the move…”

    And Starmer will probably thank you for reminding the electorate of his shameful record.
    There is evidence, from Starmer’s role as DPP while Assange was the subject of allegations from Sweden, that he deliberately obstructed a Swedish attempt to interview Assange and put the matter to rest.
    Whatever happens to Julian a large part of the blame must fall on Starmer’s actions and inaction.

    1. It isn’t within the remit of the CPS to decide which extradition requests they take on or their outcomes, effectively the CPS’s role in these cases is to act as the agents of the state requesting the extradition.

      1. Nonsense steve h….The knight has proven on numerous occasions that the knight of inebriation as tossed aside rules,regulations and long standing tradition on neutrality in Ulster and bulldozed through his own particular fantasys of the law.of the Labour party.I doubt anyone with his track record of ignoring the law would have been too worried about trashing the law or his own particular version of the law in the CPS
        .A nod and a wink and a few readys go a long way in the bottom feeders profession.especially if the security services are involved
        .Ask anyone in Ulster especially the Catholic population just how far the establishment will go to push the boundaries of morality,decency and the rule of law.ITs not a game Steve H we are talking about human beings here and humanity not just politics and your fascist labour leader.

    2. Bevin, Starmer initiated the proceedings with Assange, and pleaded with the Swedish authorities to not go soft on him. Just like he failed to prosecute Savile. Starmer’s a lying scumbag.

  3. One of the reasons I chose france to live over fourteen years ago was that I had had enough of intimidation of my family by the extremists in Ulster and Lewes in Sussex.
    France for me represented free thinking and a police force that respected its citizens of the republic.ITs constitution(in writing)respected the people of the French republic
    .I am so pleased to see that there are still a majority who have kept a sense of morality and decency unlike little Napoleon macron and the New world order neo liberal alliance.The country is turning away from a police state and draconian measures that have seen soldiers patrolling railways and stations and every avenue of public life.Fortress Europe and draconian france is not somthing I want to remember about my adopted home and I will never forget the beauty of france and the people who in mind are still free Viv la Republic and Viv mr Malenchon and hopefully we will see a united working class in Britain and Ireland….and one day before I go to the departure lounge I will be allowed to fly back to france Ireland and England without needing a “covid passport or the government acting like a bunch of poxy monkeys.
    Assange will have a convenient accident if hes imprissoned in the USA because thats what happens to whisleblowers in the brave new world order.

      1. It was disappointing that Jeremy and his team failed to show any solidarity with their EU comrades during the 2019 MEP elections.

      2. goldbach – Their complete failure to run an effective campaign, they behaved as if the MEP elections were an embarrassment that they wanted to shy away from.

      3. No. A link to evidence to show that the campaign was ill-constructed.

      4. goldbach – Don’t be silly I am expressing my opinion based on my observations at the time. Given the outcome, good luck with putting together a cogent argument to the contrary.

      5. goldbach – You could then combine the above with this poll
        Election Maps UK‏ @ElectionMapsUK
        Follow Follow @ElectionMapsUK
        European Election Voting Intention IF Labour ‘Became Pro Remain and Promised an in/out 2nd Referendum’:
        LAB: 36% (+12)
        BXP: 30% (-2)
        CON: 11% (=)
        LDM: 9% (-6)
        NAT: 4% (=)
        CHUK: 3% (-1)
        UKIP: 3% (+1)
        GRN: 2% (-4)
        Via @ComRes, 17 May. Changes w/ Regular poll.
        11:19 AM – 21 May 2019

      6. goldbach – and this Wikipedia report on Labour’s abysmal campaign.
        In early 2019 there was an ongoing debate within Labour as to what its policy should be with respect to Brexit. On 20 April, the party’s deputy leader Tom Watson argued the party needed to back a second referendum on Brexit in order to present a clear alternative to and beat the Brexit Party, but that was not Labour’s preferred option. A draft of a Labour leaflet that made no reference to a second referendum provoked a public row, including more than 90 Labour MPs and MEPs writing to the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) in protest. On 27 April, Labour announced that the original leaflet draft was to be redrafted to include details of the party’s preparations for a general election, with a referendum if necessary to avoid what it called a “bad Tory deal”.
        Labour’s manifesto for the elections was agreed at an NEC meeting on 30 April, re-affirming its 2018 policy that it will first seek a Brexit deal on its terms (including a Customs Union), but if that is not possible, it will seek a general election, and, if that is not possible, a second referendum. Only one vote was held at the meeting, on an amendment from the TSSA union that sought to commit Labour to a referendum on any Brexit deal, but this was rejected by a what NEC sources called a “clear” margin. Retiring Labour MEP Mary Honeyball criticised this as “Not good enough” and some Labour Party members destroyed their membership cards in protest. However, some Remain-supporting Labour MPs, and Labour MPs sceptical of a second referendum, welcomed the decision. Watson had walked out of the Shadow Cabinet meeting earlier on 30 April in protest at Shadow Cabinet members not being shown the draft manifesto.
        Labour’s 9 May campaign launch stressed bringing the country together. Jeremy Corbyn talked of a “healing process” between those who supported Leave and Remain. By mid-May, Watson and Labour’s Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer were arguing for a second referendum, yet their shadow international trade secretary Barry Gardiner stated “Labour is not a Remain party now”. In most voting areas, e.g. Scotland and South West England, all Labour candidates stated their support for a second referendum, with the UK’s longest-serving MEP, David Martin (Labour) and the Labour Leader in the European Parliament Richard Corbett MEP among those calling for the country to stay in the EU. Polling in mid-May suggested both Labour supporters and the electorate in general were split as to whether Labour supported remaining or leaving the EU.

      7. Oh, that was fun.

        Recently we got – SteveH17/06/2022 AT 2:41 PM
        goldbach – That is your disingenuous interpretation,
        It didn’t take much effort to set you up so I could post
        “goldbach19/06/2022 AT 11:18 PM
        That is your disingenuous interpretation,”
        What goes around comes around, as they say in the US.

        So what did it elicit? A load of stuff about election results and polls and then an “analysis” from a Wikipedia post – Wikipedia for goodness sake – anyone can put stuff on Wiki. – Could even have been you.
        Maybe it got our goat. ………………….. Whoops.

      8. goldbach – Little things please little minds
        Are you claiming that the evidence that I have supplied above is untrue or just grumbling about its existence?

      9. Your opinion is worthless without evidence to substantiate the claim you make steveH.

        It really is time you put or shut up. you are constantly demanding evidence from others which, when presented, you dismiss because it does not fit your fixed opinion which you constantly insist in many different ways – like the good little authoritarian fascist supporter you are- can be the only valid interpretation.

        Provide the evidence requested or apologise and withdraw.

      10. Dave – I’ve obviously touched a tender spot. You really do need to get over yourself, who appointed you gatekeeper?

      11. steveH is once again re-writing reality to suit his own authoritarian fascist supporting subjective opinion.

        For example, given the well documented evidence of substantial tampering and re-writing of significant sections of wikipedia in line with Official Narratives,, no serious observer should ever hang their hat on such a dubious source. As evidence it is not credible and in many cases – as here, excludes inconvenient contexts to suit the Official Narrative it serves.

        Your so called ‘evidence’ presented here, steveH, is at best partisan and partial and at worse deliberately disingenuous.

        That European election campaign was very similar to the 2017 General Election Campaign in that the authoritarian cuckoos within the LP – which steveH constantly makes pathetic excuses for – were (as with the 2017 GE) using their bureaucracy at national and regional levels to run a poor campaign consistent with their previous documented behaviour designed to undermine the Corbyn leadership and, more importantly, what it stood for.

        My local experience with both campaigns threw up very similar features consistent with a deliberate attempt to undermine the Party leadership at the time for authoritarian and sectarian ends.

        Whilst this evidence still remains with the Forde Inquiry – who are now, in legal terms, the owners of that evidence, some of that experience is documented here:

        The following extracts provide some flavour of what was going on:

        “The 2017 General Election campaign turned out to be just an appetiser for levels of incompetent malevolence borne of the same arrogant and ignorant attitudes and mindsets one normally associates with the over-privileged and careerist pips on shoulder merchants which have increasingly infested the Western workplace and institutional culture over the past four decades.

        No input from outside the control of the local fiefdom was permitted. With the official Constituency Party objective to ‘campaign for a Labour Government’ rapidly relegated to holding the seat to enable ‘a strong presence in the House of Commons.’ to ‘hold the (eagerly anticipated re-elected Tory) Government to account’ as part of a message clear to a blind man on a galloping horse of a separate campaign with the objective of losing heavily but keeping the seats of those intent on another palace coup.

        The MP’s agent and husband, without even a Tinge of regret, even bullied local members to scrap a previously scheduled showing of the Ken Loach classic “I’ Daniel Blake.”…..

        …….the last European Parliamentary elections in which I was surprised to receive an email at the onset of the campaign from a well paid regional functionary advising me of two thousand election campaign leaflets available for collection and distribution. Apparently, the system had incorrectly registered myself and another member as the two Constituency ‘Campaign Organisers’.

        Whilst taking initial responsibility as an unpaid volunteer for collecting said literature from where it had been delivered I raised two questions with the well paid functionary. Firstly to get him to do his job by correcting the error on the system and secondly to determine whether the literature was for our local Ward (one of six in the Constituency) or for the whole Constituency?

        I was advised that it was my responsibility, an unpaid volunteer, to sort out and correct the error rather than that of some well paid Rupert such as himself trained to carry out that kind of task and that two thousand leaflets which were barely sufficient to cover a single ward were in fact the allocation from the Regional Office for the entire Constituency.* We were the only Ward in the whole of the Constituency to distribute any literature for the Euro elections. Little wonder the Party did not do very well in those elections.”

        *NB: The Ward, one of six in the Constituency, contained at the time something in the region of 8,000 domestic properties. Do the maths.

        The objective reality which steveH is desperate to project onto others is that, just as with the 2017 General Election, it was the authoritarians (which steveH unflinchingly make spathetic excuses for) and sectarians (which steveH has made crystal clear he is a part of) in the LP who controlled the process of the Euro elections for their own ends through their Blairite New Labour management cadres in the regions and at national level.

        No amount of puerile bullshit projection from steveH and those of his ilk is ever going to remove responsibility for that stain they own. no matter how much tilting at windmills you do steveH.

      12. Dave – Aren’t all opinions by their very nature subjective?

        I note that you have studiously avoided saying that what I wrote is untrue. I recall that Sabrina Huck also wrote an article at the time that confirms what a mess the 19EU MEP campaign was.
        Your claims that the MEP Elections in 2019 were sabotaged came as a bit of a surprise, wasn’t Jennie Formby in charge of a Corbyn majority on the NEC by then. Do you have any of this stuff called evidence that you are suddenly so keen on to support your many assertions.

      13. Dave – So you admit it was crap. Who was GenSec and therefore in charge of such things at the time?

      14. “Little things please little minds”
        Indeed – baby goats are little aren’t they?

      15. goldbach – How observant of you.🙄
        Unfortunately you forgot to answer my question.’Are you claiming that the evidence that I have supplied above is untrue or just grumbling about its existence?’

      16. Given you are already occupying that role steveH I’ll put that little dummy spitting rant down to your usual third rate hyperbole.

    1. Opinions are lie arseholes steveH, everyone’s got one. Though its a rare treat to see both the key elements of that truism demonstrated in one individual – ie yourself.

      Problem for you is that I’m not expounding an opinion. I’m talking about objective evidence. In the case of the 2017 GE I suggest you spend some time on the 800 + page report which generated the Forde Inquiry.

      You will find, in there something you have been repeatedly told but refuse to accept because it does not fit your subjective narrative: That nominal leadership does not automatically, as you erroneously assume, equate to effective control.

      Corbyn being leader did not prevent MP’s from constantly plotting and briefing against him. The 800+ page reports details, among other similar matters, a parallel campaign taking place in which what was effectively a slush fund was used to provide extra funding for anti-Corbyn MP’s/Candidates to keep their seats and which was designed with the intention of losing the election in order to remove Corbyn.

      Though, the key issue was not Cobyn per se, but what he represented.

      The point being that your continued references to Formby and Corbyn ‘being in charge’ is meaningless and irrelevant. The fact remains that the vast majority of the personnel staff and management at national and regional levels were actively working against their own nominal leadership alongside a large segment of the PLP and other Party ‘Grandees.’ Our MP was even going around telling people on the doorstep – some of whom I later spoke with who informed me – that if they voted for her she would get rid of Corbyn.

      As it happened, we got rid of her via a NC vote and she ended up jumping ship.

      I, along with other local members, have submitted within my and our evidence to Forde documentation which supports all this and more.

      However, there are two reasons why I have no intention of presenting that and other evidence for your convenience;

      Firstly, because having submitted that to the inquiry it would be contemptuous on my part to place it in the public domain before Forde has published and released his report. This may seem alien to authoritarian regime supporters such as yourself steveH but its known as respect for due process, which is the basis of civilised discourse (another concept which is clearly alien to you).

      Secondly because, as previously stated in another debate, you have already demonstrated that any evidence which does not fit your subjective opinion is simply dismissed. No doubt due to its inconvenience to you in not being able to refute it.

      Repeating such an exercise, having already drawn the easily predictable response on your part, would be an exercise in futility and a waste of my time. No doubt you will belly ache about that like the the mardy arsed five year old you are. Unfortunately, you have no one else to blame but yourself and your infantile intransigence along with your inability and lack of maturity to accept anything which does not fit the made up reality in your head.

      Just as a matter of interest. Are you, by any chance, the complete dolls head who kept us all awake for three nights solid during the four day induction at Sutton Coldfield in early September 1972 trying to impress us all by constantly reciting all the capitals of every country in the world?

      1. I’ve already read it thanks and I agree that much of their behaviour was reprehensible and betrayed a remarkable lack of maturity. I’ve also read some of the evidence that has been presented to the Forde enquiry. When they finally get around to publishing it I’m also looking forward to reading the findings of the Forde Report.
        I was nowhere near Sutton Coldfield in Sept72 and I doubt I could list all the countries in the world, never mind their capitol cities, how about you?

  4. I wonder if julian Assange has a “covid passport with all the required boosters to enter the USA?…or will that be ignored by the mainstream parties to this kangaroo court like everything else….

    1. As of 12:01AM ET on June 12, 2022, CDC will no longer require air passengers traveling from a foreign country to the United States to show a negative COVID-19 viral test or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before they board their flight. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is still required for entry. For more information, see Rescission: Requirement for Negative Pre-Departure COVID-19 Test Result or Documentation of Recovery from COVID-19 for all Airline or Other Aircraft Passengers Arriving into the United States from Any Foreign Country.

      1. Thanks Steve H on the update on the scam.Does you realise that we now have another fascist knight of the realm leading Britain into war,or at least it looks like it when the new knight of the realm wants Britain to take on Russia in the battlefield.
        Sir Patrick Saunders is not Sir Starmer or Sir EDWARD Davey lib dem knights in “waiting” but supposedly leader of the armed forces numbering sixty eight thousand men and women to take on the Russian forces of a million.IT would seem that we have entered into a fantasy land of a new Royal ascendancy that is more Elizabeth the first than the second.I really don’t see her eternal highness waiving the flag at dover against the armada its more a case of Royal marines like my dad in the second world war at the beginning guarding dover with one rifle between two men and a pick axe handle….so much for the cream of the Royal marines?..IN my younger days a man like Sir Patrick idiot saunders would have been sacked for the warmongering comments,instead hes now another knight of the realm to lead Britain down the drain…..God save the working class comrades..

      2. Stevie H Hall .I see you don’t deny that the countrys going down the drain run by public schooboys and knights of the realm.So you won’t be rushing back from your bolt hole soon to be led by the new Knight of the realm Sir Patrick Saunders?…sorry I forgot you were in the Naffi and and far too old to play war games against the Russian bear.

      3. Joseph – Which part of “You don’t half come out with some rubbish.” didn’t you understand?
        I served in the armed forces during the 70s so yes I did my share of playing soldiers in W.Germany. I am also quite familiar with what the battle plans were at the time. Are you?
        As for the rest of your nonsense well that’s the reason we are members of NATO a collective defence alliance.

  5. If you trust MSM; if you trust the executive or the judiciary or any institution then you need to ask whose interests they serve. Neo-Liberal Capitalist Culture is not organised for the benefit of its people, but an elite 1% who continue to ‘make money’ throughout any economic crisis. Blair told us that the class war is over, but if you believe that…………….Julian Assange challenged MSM to stand up & expose corruption by providing the means to do it……… can join up the dots yourself!
    Many people have died at the hands of Johnson; the only growth industries are food banks & charity shops; employment conditions are under attack as inflation reaches 11% & rising. NATO has started a proxy war with Russia to destroy its economy, claiming the need to defend democracy, but at what expense? The NHS is being ruthlessly privatised as people die waiting for ambulances & we sit on our hands & hope Starmer will lead us to a brave new world.

    1. Steve Richards – Which makes one wonder what on earth the exLabour voters hoped to gain from voting for Boris rather than Corbyn.
      It was very disappointing that Corbyn failed to speak out on Julian’s behalf in the House of Commons when he had a national platform as the Leader of the Opposition.
      Can you put a price on freedom.
      Yes the NHS is being progressively privatised but whether you like it or not the only party that can save and protect it is the Labour Party. Another Tory win will be the final nails in the coffin. Is that the legacy that ‘the left’ are fighting for.

      1. ‘It was very disappointing that Corbyn failed to speak out on Julian’s behalf’ says SteveH, who doesn’t give a flying fuck about Julian Assange AND just uses Julian’s plight to try and discredit Jeremy. And he knows damn well that it wouldn’t have made the slightest difference had Jeremy spoken out on Julian’s behalf in the HoC. *AND* he knows what happened when, for example, Diane Abbott defended Julian:

        ‘INEXCUSABLE’ Diane Abbott sparks fury defending WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange and saying: ‘We all know it’s not about the rape charges’

        Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott sparked outrage after backing the bearded WikiLeaks founder who spent seven years holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy avoiding sexual assault allegations

        DIANNE Abbott has today sparked fury after defending Julian Assange, arguing: “We all know it’s not about the rape charges.”

        The Shadow Home Secretary was quickly accused of “dismissing” sexual assault allegations the Wikileaks co-founder faced in Sweden.

        But Ms Abbott and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have defended him, saying the government should oppose his extradition.

        He said last night: “The extradition of Julian Assange to the US for exposing evidence of atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan should be opposed by the British government.”

        Their defence of Assange sparked a furious row among his own MPs.

        Birmingham Yardley MP Jess Phillips blasted the party for their backing and said he should face justice.

        She tweeted: “The fact that Assange has evaded charges of sexual violence and skipped bail should be opposed by the Labour Party. I’m sure it is, I’d like to hear it.”

        And her colleague Diana Johnson added: “You don’t appear to mention the rape charges against him and the fact he has evaded justice for 7 years? #ViolenceAgainstWomen.”

        Bridget Phillipson MP added: “Assange is not the victim in all this. Those who run from justice should face the consequences. This is about the rule of law, not the politics of the accused.”

        Needless to say, anyone who defended Julian just got condemned for doing so. And I’m sure most people who follow skwawkbox know that Jeremy has called for Julian to be released on a number of occasions, INCLUDING our resident fascist shill!

      2. Allan – You are not painting a very flattering portrait of your deity.
        The point I am making is that he didn’t say a dicky-bird until nobody was listening. Was he saving up his concern for when expressing it would be unlikely to harm him. It has all came a bit too late.

      3. ‘CIA plotted to ‘poison or kidnap’ Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, his lawyer tells his High Court extradition hearing – as Jeremy Corbyn demands ‘brave’ WikiLeaks founder is not sent to US to face spying charges’

        But if only Jeremy had spoken out in the HoC Julian would now be a free man! Fuck off SteveH, you lying little smearing piece of shite!!

      4. Allan – As Corbyn didn’t speak up for Assange when he was in a position to have some influence we’ll never know. My point is that he never once mentioned Julian Assange whilst he had a national platform as Leader of the Opposition.

      5. ‘Julian Assange Extradition to U.S. an ‘Outrageous Betrayal,’ Lawmakers Say’

        Jeremy Corbyn, a British MP and former leader of the country’s Labour Party tweeted: “The Home Secretary’s decision to allow Julian Assange’s extradition to the US is utterly wrong and marks a very dark day for press freedom and the justice system.”

        “We will continue the fight to free Julian Assange,” he said.

        Yep, so SteveH uses the plight of Julian to take a swipe at Jeremy so as to try and discredit him, a man who he knows damn well has ALWAYS spoken out against injustice. You can’t really get much lower and malevolent than THAT! You really ARE a totally despicable creep!

      6. So how do know that no one was listening? Do you have proof? And why was it too late? As for speaking out when he had influence, I take it you mean when he was leader of the LP. Well he DID speak out when he was leader calling for Julian not to be extradited, so THAT is just a falsehood – ie that he didn’t.

        As for your assertion that we’ll never know, you are of course talking out of your arsehole! And BEING an arsehole, as per usual!

        Jeremy Corbyn Calls For Government To Oppose Julian Assange’s Extradition To The US

      7. Allan – So the best you could manage to come up with was a tweet after Julian had been abducted and hauled off to Belmarsh. I can’t find any record of JC ever raising Julian Assange’s plight in the House of Commons during the 5yrs he was leader, can you?

      8. Allan – There were lots of reports about that tweet, how clever of you to find so many of them.

      9. As if it would have made any difference! Yes, I’m sure the Tory leadership would have refused to extradite Julian if JC had called for such in the HoC.along with the judiciary,


        But you just keep spoutin’ yer B/S if that’s what amuses you.

      10. Allan – Thanks for all your hard work, it confirms what I said above.
        The point is we’ll never know will we because he studiously avoided challenging the government about Assange in the House of Commons. Give his decades as an activist don’t you find that a little strange, I wonder why he failed to do so?

  6. Steve gammon surely doesnt remember the email starmer sent to sweden. DONT GET COLD FEET ON ME NOW.

    1. Jill – I’m struggling to see how repeating known lies is going to help Julian’s cause. Keir Starmer never sent any such email and there is no evidence that he ever did.
      You are more than welcome to try and prove me wrong.

      1. “Known lies” – but a FoI disclosure showed us that one of Starmer’s senior officials at the DPP used those very words to his Swedish counterpart.

        Are you suggesting that official records are falsified by consprators in official government roles? Mmmm…

      2. qwertboi – Not at all, I didn’t make any such suggestion.
        Which bit of – “Keir Starmer never sent any such email and there is no evidence that he ever did.” – did you find difficult to understand?

      3. The bit where a FoI Request raised by an Italian Journalist (La Repubblica) disclosed that he did. See here.

        Long after his pretend-leadership of Labour and his pro-Establishment ignoring of paedophile celebrities is forgotton, historians will still be citing Keir Rodney Starmer’s vicious role in the Assange role as DPP as a side-story in the WEF’s Grand Reset to a New World Order.

      4. qwertboi – You can post as many opinions as you like but I’m still waiting for your evidence that Keir did what you claim he did. Why are you continuing to argue a lost cause. We both know that there is no evidence to support your assertions.

      5. steveH once again being disingenuous here. Playing at semantics to obscure any critique of the authoritarian fascists he cheerleads for.

        The Americans gave us a well known truism “The Buck Stops Here” – ie at the top.

        It is inconceivable that some functionary, on their own initiative, sent the communication in question. That is not how a chain of command works, functions or operates.

        Someone who claims they, like myself, served in the BAOR in the 70’s, should know this.

        There can be little doubt that this communication was sanctioned after considerable consideration by the head of the organisation – ie Keir Starmer. Because that is how the real world works steveH. The exact oppsite of your fantasy delusions.

        Whilst it may, in semantic terms, be the case that the communication was sent by a functionary within the chain of command, the decision to do so is always taken at the top.

        Starmer is responsible for this communication. Period. End of. Grow up and live with it steveH

      6. Dave – What semantics. Unlike you I prefer to stick to the facts instead of made up stories

      7. Dave – Don’t make me laugh – “There can be little doubt” You’re the one that is self evidently making up stories, not me. Are you seriously trying to claim that Keir approved all outgoing emails sent by his 8,000 staff.

        I’m puzzled by your strange comparison with the military, nothing would ever get done if individual commanders weren’t given the freedom to get on with their task. As for your assertions about where the buck stops in the military they have as much credibility as your increasingly strident but sadly evidence free assertions. My experience is that as in civilian life the shit stops as far down the hill as those at the top can get away with throwing it.

      8. Again, you are squirming steveH.

        This was not just some mundane task. It was a high profile case with public and PR ramifications. Your notion that Starmer would not be involved in such a major decision has zero credibility.

        You would not get some buckshee Lance Colonel making decisions above their pay grade which are more properly dealt with, in decision making terms, at a higher level.

        The fact that you clearly do not understand chain of command decision making levels throws doubt on your claims of having served in any kind of capacity for any appreciable length of time. Did you bail out after three weeks of basic training like some people of my acquaintance?

        Once a sprog, always a sprog.

      9. Dave – You are of course entitled to your opinion, regardless of how you dress it up that is all it is.
        As it happens I served in the armed forces from my teens to my mid twenties when I was medically discharged (P7L7) after getting injured on duty.

  7. Well its looking like the left are back in France after years in the political wilderness.The right have made headway and the greens but the obvious conclusion is that France is tired of the little Napoleon of the New world order and the games up in France for the neo liberal alliances.Lets hope it spreads to Britain as we already know in Ireland that the people are sickened with the Two party neo liberal alliance.Coming soon the real socialist revival across the water of La manch and the Irish sea…..Maybe we might see jeremy Corbyn finish the job he started with the largest democratic socialist party in europe…Modern thinking with a time for!

    1. According to French Interior Ministry figures early this morning, Ensemble won 246 seats, Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s New Popular, Ecological and Social Union (NUPES) 142, Marine Le Pen’s neo-fascist National Rally (NR) 89, and the right-wing The Republicans (LR) 64. Abstention hit a record high of 54 percent.

      He might not become PM, but congratulations to Jean-Luc Mélenchon and his green socialist NUPES. This is the first time since 1988 that the sitting President has not had outright control of the Assembly.

      Mélenchon, whose NUPES coalition is now the principal parliamentary opposition party, said that the “debacle of the presidential party” was “total.”


      1. There’s a lesson in the French legislative elections for a future new red/green socialist party or a realigned left under enemy occupation in the Labour Party.

        Abstentions of 54% of voters (‘the Macron-effect’). If only 12% of them had voted NUPE, Jean-Luc Mélenchon would now be the Prime Minister of France and Macron’s anti-worker programme of raising the retirement age by three years to 65, forcing welfare recipients to work for their benefits, and hiking university tuition (a-la Sir Anthony war-lord Blair) would be dissolved. Assange would be a French citizen and not incarcerated in the US, the WEF/USA “New World Order” would be set back. By autumn, a Red/Green Labour (new) Party would be energised. and flourishing

        Abstention – whether the 7 to 10 million engineered by New Labour, or the 54% engineered by Macron – is essential for the centrist neoliberals to achieve their nefarious objectives. Let’s make sure it can’t and doesn’t happen here.

  8. An interesting point of view by Branco Marcetic from the US:

    We Would Never Tolerate Julian Assange’s Persecution If Any Other Country Carried It Out.

    If Russia were persecuting a whistleblower like Julian Assange, the US would rightly condemn it as authoritarian abuse. But because that persecution is backed by the US, the mainstream media and American politicians are fine with it.

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