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UK media ignore as US case against Assange falls apart after accuser admits lying about hacking

So-called ‘mainstream’ media’s blanket silence

Julian Assange with his accuser Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson

The US case against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has fallen apart after his accuser told an Icelandic newspaper that he lied repeatedly in his testimony. Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson told Stundin that he made up key parts of his accusations and that Assange had never instructed him to perform any hacking – a complete contradiction of his earlier claims that Assange had asked him to hack government systems for recordings of the private phone conversations of officials.

The paper wrote that Thordarson now claims that he:

had in fact received some files from a third party, who claimed to have recorded MPs and had offered to share them with Assange without having any idea what they actually contained… He claims he never checked the contents of the files or even if they contained audio recordings as his third-party source suggested.

The explosive admission must surely be considered to shatter the case against Assange, who is being held in Belmarsh prison in deteriorating physical and mental health – with MPs Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Richard Burgon only today attempting to gain access to Assange via video call:

Former US National Security Agency member Edward Snowden tweeted his view that there are now no grounds for any continued action against the Australian journalist:

This is the end of the case against Julian Assange.

The admission is hardly a shock. Thordarson is a convicted fraudster – for stealing around $50,000 from Wikileaks and impersonating Assange online – and a convicted sex offender. The FBI agents milking him for testimony were even expelled from Iceland by that nation’s government, which considered their activities illegitimate – or, as Assange’s legal team bluntly put it:

kicked out of Iceland for trying to use Thordarson to frame Assange.

However, there has been no sign of any change of heart by the US government, nor of any UK government intent to release him – and the UK media appears to be abetting in that intransigence by simply refusing to acknowledge the development. Searches for the news reveals only mentions by foreign outlets – and silence from the BBC and others:

Investigative historian Gareth Porter was clear about the significance of the developments, however:

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    1. let sir rodney keith starmar get his forensics around that confession.
      starmar jailed julian assange on a pack of wicked lies.

      1. Did anyone READ this article of Skwawkbox?

        At the end of it was an embedded tweet with a link to the very article Brian was linking to!

  1. Any competent Labour Party leader would have been behind Julian Assange on Day One of the Ecuadorian Embassy siege. Any competent Labour Party leader would have run his election campaigns with the protection of free speech and the fight for a free press as central planks of his campaign. Any competent Labour Party Leader would have been elected Prime Minister and carried shoulder high after rousing the people to his call and exposing the Zionist fakers and liars.

    Instead we lost one leader and ended up with a NEW one, who once as Director of Public Prosecutions tried to have Assange imprisoned on bogus rape charges.

    Why did it take Jeremy Corbyn SOOOOOOOOOOOOO long to come to the aid of Julian………??????

    1. He didn’t try, he did.
      I am not certain a lot of turbulent water under the bridge, but I am sure that Jeremy did try to speak out about Julian and many other things, but but he got rained under a tonne of AS Shite. We could really do re-examining and cleaning the shite off of 2015 to 2020 to see what is buried under all that, Geezas! Never a mess like it!

    2. The following is from an RT article:

      A group of British members of parliament have come to the walls of Belmarsh maximum-security prison in south-east London on Tuesday to protest the lack of transparency in Assange’s case.

      The MPs said their requests to meet with the founder of the WikiLeaks whistleblower website….. have been denied repeatedly.

      They also handed a letter that had the signatures of 20 deputies from four parties under it and detailed their demands to the prison authorities.

      Corbyn insisted that he didn’t see any valid reasoning for their requests to talk with Assange to be rejected. “The governor is trying to claim there’s discretion on it. We don’t think there’s discretion,” he explained.

      The politician, who led the Labour Party between 2015 and 2020, said that over the years he had visited inmates in many prisons, including Belmarsh, as a member of parliament. “It’s perfectly normal that MPs are granted with due process a facility of a visit,” he said.

      And this is a clip from an article in The Canary:

      The letter claims that the decision to let MPs visit Assange is at the prison governor’s discretion. It also says that MPs first asked to have a virtual visit with Assange in December 2020. However, the letter says that the request:

      continues to be met with… intransigence.

      And Jeremy – along with others – has repeatedly called for Julian Assange to be released from prison, including in Parliament.

  2. I wonder if Apartheid Keith will soon have to do some serious answering for his part banging an innocent Julian Assange!
    I hope, for his fan-club’s sake that “Don’t you Dare get Cold Feet!!!” has considered loopholing himself out of Belmarsh as he did Assange in!

  3. The usa IS a criminal enterprise, built upon decades of racism, sexism and theft.

    The uk IS a criminal enterprise, built upon decades of racism, sexism and theft.

    It is about time that they were consigned to the dustbin of history by ANY means, including violent revolution if other options are unsuccessful!

  4. Assange must die as far as the establishment is concerned. The message to others must be driven home.

    Just remember that Kier Starmer did his bit by threatening the Swedes not to get cold feet.

    Sad thing is, most of the UK couldn’t give a rodents rectum about Assanges plight, yet it sets a precedent for any other poor sap to go through the same…

    1. I have a very strong feeling that he won’t leave Belmarsh, I hope I am so very wrong, but looking at recent “Suicide” cases Epstein and McAffee it’s not hopeful! I also worry for Jeremy getting into the spotlight a bit too much lately, sadly minus the crowds and support of 2015 to 2020!

  5. Security services love paedos. You’d have thought ‘teenager’s’ testimony would have been invalid and journalists would have joined the dots. That they appear not to and are not interested shows how deep the corruption is. Eh Starmer?

  6. So Thordarson has said that he lied. What he really needs to say is why. Was it simply out of malevolence, was he asked to by someone or was he paid to by someone? And, if so, by whom.

      1. Probably. According to the article, teenager is still scamming people though I imagine he can expect a knock on the door soon.

      2. From Julian Assange’s fist to help him taste his teeth! I don’t usually condone Violence but I can’t help not seeing this as violence, I think I would even offer to go and knock on Thordarson’s door for being an Arsehole Icelander, Icelanders are nice people not conniving T***S, and for Julian!

  7. “You can either be informed and be your own rulers, or you can be ignorant and have someone else, who is not ignorant, rule over you.” – Julian Assange

    And we are surprised that the billionaire-owned MSM is not informing us that the US legal case against Assange is floundering and disintegrating?

    BTW – they’re not telling us that covid19 currently has an infection/fatality rate of 0.12% (ZERO POINT TWELVE) either.

    Your Ignorance is bliss for the Ruling Elite

    1. qwertboi..I dont normally quote the toilet paper,but the Gaurdian front page on depravation and the twenty five per rise in deaths in greater Manchester is down to depravation.And the figures balance out in life expectancy dropping across the country with deprivation being the leathel killer.Surely as socialists we must have been motivated to do “somthing” about the poverty around us,I know I certainly was including the inequalities that were so obviously life destroyers.Well its just got worse and the virus as been used to imprison us and take us backwards.I say this as a early casualty of the virus along with my family.Dengue fever was worse and typhoid,malaria and TB are still the biggest killers along with poverty here in Cambodia….When will people realise that poverty not a flu virus along with the neoliberal alliance are the establishment killers of the people.

    2. Qwertboi – “BTW – they’re not telling us that covid19 currently has an infection/fatality rate of 0.12% (ZERO POINT TWELVE) either.”

      The correct way to say 0.12% is “ZERO POINT ONE TWO PERCENT”

  8. Thank You for this, from one who campaigns for Assange, It’s his 50th birthday this weekend their are activities planned for outside the prison.You can send cards and letters to –
    Mr. Julian Assange
    DOB: 3/07/1971
    Prisoner # A9379AY
    HMP Belmarsh
    Western Way
    London SE28 0EB
    I am informed that you need to put a ‘from’ address on the envelope for it to be allowed to get to him.

  9. Carlene, does the DoB need to be on the address and the prisoner no. too?

    Your post makes me realise that receiving thousands of b’day fcards rom people he doesn’t know will do a lot to bolster his self-esteem and mental health. Thanks.

  10. Never was there a more important time for 3 Labour mps to show such humanity in trying to get justice for a innocent man whos only crime was to be a “journalist” .Where are is comrades in the press?…How dare that maggot knight of the realm keep Jeremy Corbyn from representing the true socialist Labour party.

  11. At the end of the day no matter how powerful you think you are, you will never beat the people at your gate with the pitch forks

  12. Plague Island is an open prison run by The Chumocracy for the benefit of The Chumocracy.

    Despite my interviewing the CCTV officers during the marches at the weekend, during the march to Murdoch’s office block, the officers both on foot an in the green van, were quick to tell me, unbidden, that they do not operate a facial recognition programme. Nearing the office block, because I continued to film the Handycam team, a sergeant and two of his jackboots cornered me as I was changing batteries, “You certainly get around Mr Reid, care to make a statement.” ” No thank you, you have just done so regarding facial recognition…now fuck off and leave me alone.”

    The thing about liars is, they are very quick to deny their lying without the need to be questioned first. They will project their deceit upon you as if you are the problem…and so it is with our (Scotland too) Israeli trained jackboots.

  13. He should be freed immediately. Years ago when he was holed up in the Ecudor Embassy I argued he could have been interviewed by the Swedish by video link which was met by Govt silence. Now hopefully the wife of the US diplomat involved in a fatal road accident (and refuses to come back to the UK) may be interviewed by video link. So it shows it could have been done and perhaps the USA et al had another agenda? One of the first things the USSR did (before it all went wrong) when formed was to leak documents which showed how Western Govts really acted, Wikileaks did the same public service and this is what the rich & powerful really hate, they don’t want citizens to see them as they really are!

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