Video: Starmer flees shouts of ‘traitor’ and questions about targeting of Assange and journalism

‘Is this a Labour party or a party of the elite?’ Right-wing Labour leader bundled into car to avoid questions about attacks on rights and victimisation of journalist Julian Assange

Keir Starmer has been bundled into a police car to escape angry shouts of ‘traitor’ – with police shoving protesters to the ground to make way for the Establishment-friendly ‘opposition’ leader.

A stony-faced Starmer did not answer questions about his targeting, as Director of Public Prosecutions, of persecuted journalist Julian Assange and his betrayal of working people:

Resistance GB is a right-wing anti-vax and anti-lockdown group that characterises itself as ‘true liberal’, but the themes shouted by protesters of the erosion of human rights and the assault on journalism in the UK will also be of concern to the left.

In 2020, Keir Starmer whipped MPs to abstain on the Tories’ bill to make police officers and agents immune from prosecution for crimes committed in the course of spying and surveillance of the public. As Director of Public Prosecutions, he ‘fast-tracked’ the Establishment’s persecution of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange began – and unnamed Crown Prosecution Service officials told Swedish counterparts ‘Don’t you dare get cold feet‘ about pursuing Assange’s extradition on sexual assault charges that country later dropped. Starmer has been criticised for making no expression of solidarity with Assange nor opposition to the assault on journalism and freedom of information that the persecution represents.

Assange’s supporters have always maintained that the case was a pretext for putting Assange in a country where he could more easily be extradited to the US. The Australian journalist nonetheless faces extradition to the US by UK courts, despite the collapse of the American case against him when the US government’s key witness admitted he had lied when he said Assange had incited him to hack US systems.

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  1. Keith is indeed a vile liar worse than Johnson. Johnson lies for the kick of it. Utter chaos, but Sir Keith does it to cause WILFUL HARM to protect the Establishment. All who feel able should do as Diana +++
    Keith’s gang … SIR Keith gang targeted nasty vexatious attacks on Diana. They made their usual politically motivated allegations of antisemitism against yet another of hundreds of committed / active / devout Jews.

    In my opinion, for political machinations the parasitic gang informed Diana that she was being investigated for the third time in less than three years for tweets she posted about Israel and Zionism.

    WELL DONE to Diana for not being defeatist, with pathetic uncoordinated hysterical whining and wanging on about definitions as if all life is a 6th form chinwag. Instead she did the logical thing – FIGHT in court. In a letter to Keith’s gang, Bindmans, her lawyers, said “the investigation was unjustified and disproportionate, resting on a single tweet by Neslen from 2017, which said “the existence of the state of Israel is a racist endeavour and I am an antiracist Jew”.”

    Bindmans informed the parasites and real antisemites, in other words, that if they persisted with their wicked attack on Diana Neslen, she would sue for discrimination and harassment. Obviously Keith’s gang pretend ignorance that under the Equality Act. anti-Zionism is a protected philosophical belief.

    SIR Keith’s gang failed to respond until Diana and Bindmans DID as all who are able should when attacked. Take legal action, and GO PUBLIC.

    No surprise, the parasites dropped their investigation.

    Last year, victories were won, when those attacked, including Young Labour, took FIRM action against HARASSMENT. Only then, Sir Keith’s gang crawled away with their tails between their legs.

    Diana has proven as others have, that whining, moaning and spreading a can’t do helpless attitude, achieved, achieves and will achieve nothing, except make things worse by assuring the parasites they could get away with anything.

    Congratulations and gratitude for showing what should have been done from the get go!!!

    1. Whoopie so she won a pointless battle and stayed in a solid right wing party with right wing policies taking part in the LIE that this is still Labour a left wing party. There is no socialism allowed Keith’s gang want every scrap scoured from it but the big lie to continue because they still need the suckers votes and it’s people like her who appear to be left wing and say the right things but is prevented by the party from voting left wing. So how does one of the handful of remining left wing MP’s until they are deselected don’t kid yourself she will be just as they kicked out JC she will be marked for the same help?

      Staying this endless pointless fight wasting our time money and energy on doing si is doing what the scum in charge want dancing to their lie. Only if she left took to join PAL or one of the other true socialist parties with NO right wing allowed we won’t make that mistake ever again that offer true left wing ideology and policy to help rather than push down the workers, disabled and elderly people of the UK that Torys hate!

      So I won’t celebrate pointless endeavours any longer I left the day Keith got elected I didn’t fall for his lies. I have watched the destruction of a party I once loved and respected my family have been solid Labour voters for more than 100 years now but no longer! I felt bitter and angary then realise why? It’s better to use my hate for the right wing to rebuild a true socialist party if I am not welcome anywhere else and so these fools that want to waste there time on the pointless.

      So I guess everyone else should consider this staying and fighting in Labour how long do you think you have before every left wing MP is gone? Be honest I recon by nest election maybe 1 or 2 will remain so this is the direction of The zombie party if you want to carry on fine have fun. I mealy suggest you honestly and logically look and see what’s happening every day there is less and less socialism as it’s destroyed by this right wing cancer.

      Just like Cancer eventually the body will die nothing will remain will you stay and achieve what then? Or help and build it’s your choice!

    2. Got the video from YouTube but yes Steven what matters is what is said to Keith re Assange, journalism, & the Labour Party. Well done.

      1. Ahhh thank u dear hilary772013💐💐💐 V kind. Infinite blessings on u & yours
        +++ Hope your recorder has brought u much calm knowing u r being superbly monitored and cared for. 🌻🌻🌻

      1. Quoting the Guardian on the issue of ‘conspiracy theories is about as desperate as one can get given its record Mr Heep.

        How many official CT’s has it tried to sell us over the years?

        Even the Daily Mail can boast that unlike the guardian at least it does what it says on the tin.

        Away and crawl back under your stone.

        This piece neatly dissects and skewers the bullshit narrative on such matters:

        “Conspiracy theories abound in the USA today. But, it should be made clear from the outset of this discussion that there are two different kinds of conspiracy theories – unacceptable ones and acceptable ones. An example of the first kind is the assertion that Trump was cheated of victory by vote-faking in key areas. The assertion is “baseless”, pushed by the “far-right-wing” and the “deluded“; has been “debunked” in detail; its so-called arguments are “bogus, none credible“; there is “no evidence” and so on. The full weight of the corporate media stands against this idea and it flourishes only in the undergrowth…..

        ……Other conspiracy theories are respectable: for example the one that the Russians got Trump elected in the first place. Loudly trumpeted by the corporate media for the entirety of his term, the indictment of a principal source of the famous dossier ought to have killed it. But no: to the believers the revelation that a key foundation of the conspiracy theory was a made-up and paid-for fraud makes no difference – “Even if every single word in the Steele dossier was wrong, that would not change the fact that the Russians sought to manipulate the US election“; “it wasn’t a hoax“; the fact that it was a fake was further proof that it was Kremlin-managed.”

      2. Conspiracy theorists…

        Where to start? How about the fact that the term was coined by that famous three letter agency, the CIA after the assassination of Kennedy?

        The Guardian capitulated to the security services after Snowdon. It’s deputy editor has a nice job on the media/spook committee.

        Conspiracies are all around us, many are well documented. Tobacco is soaked in conspiracy for example.

        I’m glad that Starmer was harassed over Assange. But he deserves more Cressida Dick and Ian Tomlinson.

        To finish;

        What’s the difference between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact?

        About six months.

    1. ps When Jeremy had the leadership of Labour, it was the biggest party in Europe with over 600,000 members. Then LIARS like SIR Starmer thought he should be responsible for every utterance by anyone who could have been spy cops.

      Now Starmer does not want responsibility for his comparatively tiny handful of DPP staff re Jimmy Saville set free. On this regard Johnson was ABSOLUTELY correct!!!

      Sir Starmer should admit responsibility re Saville and many other horrors if injustice.

      Of course Keith won’t, because he is beneath contempt.

      1. Signpost obvious that the House of Horrors has a different interpritation of leadership and responsibility.I don’t remember when the idea of collective responsibility came about but even thats been denied by the politicians when it comes to the “one of us” attitude that will hopefully bring the House of cards down sooner than expected.and the knights fascist Labour party….I don’t offer criticism of the conservative and unionist party because I always presume that they are at it again.

    2. Anti-fascist/true liberal take your pick. The Overton window is currently in the garden pond. Channel 4 news were playing the “protesters were hard right anti-vaxxers” angle, so chattering class liberal halfwits who outsource their critical thinking to the MSM will be happy with that to reinforce their ignorance, along with the absolute certainty that Russia is about to invade Ukraine.

  2. ALSO more great news –
    Neil Coyle, a known vile brutish thuggish bully, know for his repeated unsavoury and disturbing poor conduct, has now been BANNED from the publicly funded drinking den – Parliament’s Strangers Bar. Coyle was screaming F*** you etc to other drinkers and being his usual abusive crass self.
    Keith Starmer … SIR Keith should suspend Coyle for repeated disgraceful behaviour., but Sir Keith, is unlikely to act with decency. Why? because Coyle & Sir Keith are both consistently disgraceful individuals abusing a once great Labour Party.

    1. Well I awoke today with a wonderful picture of a fascist dictator being forced to flee from ordinary people sick and tired of the new world order which this parasite the knight represents.I see the toilet papers set the narrative and propaganda but it wont wash as left wing right wing and centre come together to reject the neo liberal alliance….The truth is coming out and well done the British people for showing that when push comes to shove it is US against them…..Murdochs mob to the fore in claiming fascist dictator attacked by fascists and on here chief establishment lacky SH,Centrist dad,steve H..davidh….shows how these parasites infesting the Labour party operate from his Caribbean bolt hole….scum!..Now lets here from the collaborators on peaceful protest whilst they crucify our socialist comrades..and ferment hatred of our beliefs.

      1. Joseph – Says the guy who admires Xi and chose to live in a country ruled over by an authoritarian dictator. Your rhetoric is an empty joke.

      2. The guy Steve H that has the knack of supporting fascist dictators and whos blind obedience to the USA.and the British establishment is mind blowing.How dare you criticise the beautiful country and people of Cambodia by continual criticism of a country that is still trying to recover from the secret war of Nixon and Lbj Johnson in the chemicawar that dropped hundreds of thousands tons of bombs on rural Cambodia and the khmer people who are still seeing the legacy of that evil today among the thousands born to young mothers today in Cambodia with massive defects born to the babys in rural communities.
        look to your unflinching support of a fascist dictator and the Labour party than reasons I stayed in Cambodia after having our flights cancelled from Phnom Penh Cambodia.due to the virus panicking.
        .My grandson is one of the victims with birth defects and only the expertise of Vietnamese doctors in Hanoi saved him from a lifetime of stigma and pain.Hun sen has kept the peace for over thirty five years now and with continual growth of the economy
        .Nobody says he or the countries perfect but with the help of comrades and neighbours in China,Veitnam and Laos we are moving forward from the genocide of a insane dictator pol pot.and we are not going to be dictated to or underminrd by the attempts to train and infiltrate Cambodia by CIA collaborators and spys whos agenda is more to do with undermining the country and our comrades than the welfare of the people..You should stop the continual deflection politics as it makes you look as insane as the other dictator the knight of the realm.

      3. SH – You really must try harder to cultivate an understanding of geopolitics.
        If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you follow up the suggestions I made to broaden your education and include reading assessments by Lawrence Wilkerson (in case you are unaware, he was Chief of Staff to Colin Powell). Not only does he have an excellent understanding of Europe and Russia but he is a little more knowledgable about the Far East than most.

      4. goldbach – You really must try harder to get over yourself. 😏

      5. Any well informed commentators that you would recommend in that respect?
        I’ll read any you suggest, if you’ve read my suggestions.

      6. Now, that’s a good idea. I shall give it a go tomorrow.
        How about you?

    2. Suspend Coyle ? Are you kidding, Keith welcomes Racists (Phillips), Paedos (Vaz) and Warmongering Killers (Blair) into the Labour Party. He has a fair sprinkling of liars and thugs in there too.

      Labour is a corrupt cesspit and try as they might they cannot disguise the smell.

      1. Exactly baz2001. You see it, some still don’t. Incredibly some STILL feel the Labour label is enough. Until that changes, the rot remains gets worse.

    3. signpost
      For some strange reason I find this news of Coyle being banned from the Strangers Bar rather satisfying. For me, Almost on a par when he vindictively Corbyn to the Parliamentary Stardards Committee. On the pretext of Corbyn not declaring the GoFundMe money raised. He must have been furious when they found there was no case to answer.

      Anyway what’s he to do, it seems until an investigation is complete he’s also temporarily banned from all bars across the Parliamentary estate, including the Lords bars.

      1. BackofBeyond, Coyle’s ban is “rather satisfying” for me too!!!
        People throughout the large constituency know of his repeated APPALLING bullying behaviour. Sir Keith Starmer is OK with Coyle types. Thuggish nasty behaviour is OK with Keith (Sir), he protects them eg the one who boasted she would “knife Jeremy in the front” Jessica Phillips.

  3. Starmer was reportedly ambushed by a group of 20 or so anti vaxxers. Fortune toy a photo journalist was there to film the scene.

    1. ,I am a 20-year-old black, lesbian Dutch man.

      Stop lying about your age 😋

  4. Oh, it’s not just anti vaxxers hate him.

    Keef should receive the same treatment wherever he goes, the muculent reptile.

    One godawful, spineless shitbag, that.

  5. Huge lefty “Willsy” is the man behind the camera, heard demanding ‘what has happened to the Labour Party?’ ‘What about the working class?’ And you describe this movement as right-wing? Sort your shit out, Steve, before your pet project goes off the rails, becomes an MSM mimicking also-ran and an embarrassment to all self-respecting lefties.

  6. Chancellor Rishi Sunak likes him:

    “Keir Starmer, when he was running the DPP, did a good job and he should be respected for it. It is a tough job and he deserved absolute respect for that,” he told Sky News.

    1. Perhaps Mr Sunak should read Oliver Eagleton about Starmer on Novara Media (2/3/21) but then again he would agree from this he is doing a good job for their class.

  7. There is room in Starmers Labour for a foul mouthed drunken yob like Neil Coyle, presently barred from the Westminister pub, room for a loud also foul mouthed vulgarian like Jess Phillips ( who apparently received £15,000 for a guest appearance on TV – they are easily pleased at the BBC), room for yet another foul mouth Chriistopher Wakeford ( as if we hadn’t enough already)who has made his detestation of all thing Labour very clear.(He fits in well to Starmers Labour)
    But there is no room in the party for the countless lifelong Jewish members who have had their reputations trashed before they were unceremoniously kicked out, no room for intellectuals like Ken Loach or for sincere decent of men like Jeremy Corbyn, not expelled yet but denied the whip or the thousands of others whose socialist and/or antiZionist views are unwelcome in Starmers Labour .
    So the people who called Keir Starmer a traitor were not wrong – he is a traitor to traditional labour values I was going to add principles but he would understand a Labour principle if it jumped up and bit him the behind.

  8. Pandering to the right is turning well for Starmer. (Life lesson: never pander to the right, they’ll shit on the carpet, bite you and scare the rest of the decent people away, so you’ll end up on your own, just as Spotify just discovered after losing 20% of their subscribers).

  9. From the excellent, left-wing Resistance GB’s Telegram:

    “The legacy media are once more stealing our footage and using screenshots from our most recent livestream for their articles on Keir Starmer. We’re screenshotting and archiving the web pages so we can keep building our record of the times they have stolen from us and used our material in their propaganda.

    Please let us know if you notice any of our footage on the legacy media sites or in their newspapers. If you can, use the Wayback Machine or similar tool to save the website page in case they edit it:…”

    Seems like a well run, left of centre outfit to me. Let’s hope these foreseeble, avoidable Skwawkbox howlers and inaccuracies are not fuelled by green-eyed truculence.

    1. Is Resistance GB just a Telegram thing? They seem cool to me but I don’t do social media…

      1. No, they post to YouTube and all the social media and video platforms. Willsy organises them very well and appears to get the heads up on where the elites like Starmer are going to be and when.

      1. Beelzebub will be skating to work before Mr Heep ever answers a straight question with a straight answer.

  10. Obviously I have no idea who is involved with this demo but somebody in the middle of it had the cross ofSt George

    1. There was a confederate flag and a swastika flag seen recently at the peaceful rally attended by hundreds of thousands of Canadians right now. Have you never heard of agents provocateur…?

      1. Peaceful my arse. Thugs and arseholes, harrasing local shops and mask wearing shop workers, being egged on by the libertarian right and backed by the most extremist elements of the Canadian Conservative Party, of which the leader recently resigned after losing a confidence vote because he backed a bill banning gay conversion therapies.
        (I’m canadian and I do have first hand unfiltered info)

      2. @Wirral

        The swastika was creased. Factory fresh. Also, Trudeau’s photographer was seen there. Mob was behind the crowd, but a clever shot showed them as part of the crowd.


        It may be far from perfect, but I applaud Canadians solidarity. A lesson for us all. It reminds me of the Berlin wall. A state of emergency has been declared, let’s see who refuses to help the authorities this time.

      3. Left or right doesnt much longer matter as long as a resistence comes from the streets
        .Ben lapointe keep your nerve like we did in Ulster of the sixties when the civil rights movement came together to reject fascism of the state….and we didnt ask whats your politics we were united in a common enemy..We were murdered and we were united in a common enemy of the people of the world fascists of the state…US and them…Now watch for the lash back in a united House of Horrors against the people.

      4. Trudeau is crapping himself right now and using agents provocateurs and outright smearing of the protesters is probably at the mild end of what he’ll do to stay in power. Schwab’s poster boy’s days are numbered.
        Canadian truckers rule! (American and hopefully Australian truckers too will soon join them)

  11. Yes – congrats to Diana Neslen. This was reported in
    the Guardian – and included was the fact that the Labour Party
    had accused a disproportional number of Jewish
    members of the Labour Party of antisemitism.

    I guess this is the first time I’d seen it reported by the
    MSM – so a double win for Diana!!

  12. And the left aligns with the libertarian right and the snake eats its own tail. Disappointing but predictable.

  13. This sort of stuff has been going on for too long. Some years ago, someone even got into the Palace of Westminster and got very close to the previous leader of the LP and screamed that he was “a f***ing antisemite”. Strangely the media seemed very supportive of the hooligan, and the police made no arrests.

    1. The gulf between the media outrage at the “baseless” slur directed at the current leader of the opposition and the total absence of media outrage at the constant stream of baseless slurs directed at the PREVIOUS leader of the opposition for 4 solid years speaks for itself.

    2. brilliantly put goldbach!!! needs repeating as often as u r able. p.s. your anecdote of course sounds like the brutish behaviour of someone with ability used for evil eg hodge. hodge types like ball’s wife… name slips, and harman never had a supportive word for Dianne Abbott over DECADES of vile abuse to date. The gross misjudgement was not publicising the abuse in a sustained way. Though i’d always heard Dianne Abbott on various programs, the first inkling of the VAST extent of racist and other abuse to her, was the Amnesty report.

      That is an example of a BASIC being neglected. Meaningful change will NEVER happen if basics are neglected. We have to make change happen. Ghandi said similar words.

      Meaning-well while refusing to deal with basics, keeps the system as is.

  14. Oh! The horror!!

    Oh! The humaniteeeee

    Keef smarmer accosted, harassed, jostled by far-right, neo-nazi THUGS!!!

    Poor keef, nobody threw anything at him, nobody got within two yards of him, nevermind PUNCHED him in the head – or even egged him.

    Nor did anyone drive a van into the masses, and then claim they wanted to kill him.

    But it’s a fucking outrage when it happens to keef…wankers.

    1. If you so much as raise your voice to these people, that constitutes “bullying” and “harassment”. This is the whinging of sly, spineless cowards and thus a perfect fit for Blair/Starmer-ites

    2. Luckily the Met were on hand. That’s fortunate isn’t it? Poor man might have to speak to some people about this and that.

  15. From what I have seen Starmer seems to have been confronted by a mixed bunch of protestors both left & right rather than a single group & that they were protesting on a range of issues. I doubt whether many of them had gone along in the expectation of running in to Startmer who seems to have just landed up in the middle of them .

    Much of the media however is determined to give the impression that it was an organised demo focused on Starmer & the issue of the DPP/Savile investigation. No doubt a few in the crowd would have shouted comments about it. So then who is to blame for that? Well Johnson of course.

    Not that he doesn’t deserve to be kicked out but this is all just part of the media ‘s campaign to remove Johnson from office than any real concern about Starmer. Its a handy issue because unlike Labour’s treatment of Corbyn it causes personal damage directly to Johnson & not so much to the Tory party itself.

    That’s their problem of course they have to get rid of Johnson without dealing the Tory Party itself a fatal blow so things like revelations about big financial scandals which would seem to be an obvious course of action are likely to be avoided.

  16. Excellent article, pertinent posts.

    He is indeed ‘Establishment-friendly’. This makes him a “bad-fit” as leader of Labour.

    As a WEF-approved leader, Keir Rodney Starmer has No Choice. He needs to denature Labour the way food conglomerates ‘denature’ food.

    We can ‘fight-back’ for the radical soul and progressive values of Labour or accept chronic malnutrition and a subpar dis-ease laden future where even human rights and existence are subject to WEF/billionaire -approval too – just like Keir Rodney Starmer.

  17. Two points:

    Firstly, Jonathan Cook provides a contextual analysis of the Establishment narrative of Starmer:

    “In an astounding intervention in this debate Sir Keir Starmer has managed to repeat the arguments of the US prosecution and give a more resounding endorsement of the Treaty than the Tory Prime Minister.

    Sir Keir told the Huffington Post that the extradition system was ‘very good’ and that judges, in a no jury court, should be left alone to do their job.

    Yet this is a Treaty in which 200 people have been extradited from the UK to America and only 11 people have been extradited from America to the UK,

    Starmer has a long track record of selectively playing fast and loose with due process everywhere he goes. The hounding of LP members – facing immediate sanctions on the basis of allegations (some of them retrospectively) made from the Party hierarchy and bureaucracy in which due process is absent and people are expected to incriminate themselves to justify the sanction – represents merely one example.

    It seems the UK Establishment have concluded they have succeeded in isolating the older authentic left from the body politic in the traditional parties of the left – Labour, Greens (who are more interested in the narcissism of self ID than the environment), SNP, Lib-Dems; whilst at the same time having schooled over time a younger generation into believing that individualism in the form of self ID rather than unity and class struggle is progressive instead of having more in common with Thatcher and Rand.

    The SNP, along with the Greens, have been safely neutralised and brought into line with Establishment interests and values. The Labour Party has been properly purged by the Knight on behalf of the Trilateral Commission and are now safe to continue performing their role as the ‘loyal’ opposition (loyal to what exactly) in preparation for replacing the present Government with a more dangerous to civil society and the rights of the citizenry carbon copy.

    To elect this individual and the Junta of which he oversees as Prime Minister would pose a danger to the rights of citizens across the political spectrum.

    He has no problem shipping anyone he disagrees with to a Gulag across the Atlantic. Voting for the LP under its present Regime would be a monumental act of self immolation on the part of every voter.

    Secondly, to echo a theme picked up by one or two on this site,Starmer is being defended by the Establishment at a time when the narrative across Zone A (the Western World) in relation to civil protest has turned 180 degrees.

    Its a noticeable disorientation for those who lived through the past half century or so to suddenly realise the Establishment narrative has largely changed the focus away from labeling civil protesters and critiques as ‘looney left’ in favour of depicting them as coming from the right.

    Examples abound. From the cartoons of truckers in Canada driving trucks labelled ‘fascist’ whilst the Canadian Establishment scream about right wing Nazi terrorists trying to instigate an insurrection against democracy (aided of course by the ever present Russian bogyman); through to the list of guests on the Joe Rogan podcasts divided up between ‘left’ and right’ which portrays Tulsi Gabbard and Russel Brand as ‘on the right’.

    Similarly, organised protest groups across the world are being labelled as anti-democratic right wing hate groups/covid deniers/insurrectionists who would once have been denounced in the official narratives as ‘far left.’

    A theme which even makes its way onto self-styled ‘left’ alternative media sites.

  18. Dave Hansell, though I’d take issue with some of what you say, it is nonetheless the best contribution I’ve read on this site. The implication is that there is an Establishment sufficiently entrenched as to regard left and right as conveniently interchangeable and familiarity with, say, the ravings in the comments section here and on Guido Fawkes would not disabuse one of that notion. Faux opposition from one side of Parliament against the other is what now passes for politics and non-alignment with what are at times indistinguishable positions supposedly at odds with each other has no option than to find ways to be heard outside of this suffocating duopoly. There is a seduction in believing that the voice of the streets is an authentic expression of the people but it does favour those who shout loudest rather than most persuasively: I’d rather facilitate temperate debate with a plurality of voices and thus commit my energies to ridding this country of the farce that is FPTP in favour of PR.

    1. Tim White
      PR does not fix a broken democracy, this country suffers from medieval problems which have not been addressed
      The kleptocracy have successfully avoided being held to account
      FPTP gets you a working majority on small swings
      I remember the Gang of Four the last time there was a whiff of a Socialist Labour government, what happened to JC here and Bernie Sanders twice in the States was all to predictable
      Get rid of Red Tories then you have taken the first step on a journey of a thousand miles

      1. Doug – The chances of a new socialist party getting even a single MP under FPTP are vanishingly small whereas under a PR system I would expect that first time out you would win around 15 seats in parliament. The choice is yours you can go to your deathbed still dreaming of your new socialists being swept into power by popular acclaim under FPTP or you can get in touch with reality.

      2. SteveH
        When the choice is between two equally shit Tory parties and one genuine alternative then at worst its 33 33 34

      3. I would have thought it was quite obvious.
        You have suggested that, using PR, a socialist party would get around 2% of the vote.
        Doug has suggested that such a party would get around 34% of the vote.
        I think that, unfortunately, Doug’s estimate is a little optimistic and that yours is (at least from your perspective on what would be a desirable outcome) optimistic.
        My guess is that it would be somewhere in between.

  19. From various posts alerting us to reports about
    the CPS (and others) and the failures which let
    Savile go free it is evident that the CPS was
    hopeless with respect to rape conviction and
    justice for its victims.

    Johnson could have legitimately spoken about these
    failures and incompetence and expressed anger at
    it – and Starmers failure in protecting women – but
    he didn’t! So why not? Possibly because of his own
    behaviour towards women .. he instead used a
    sensational serial racist and pedophile

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