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Watch: today’s Forde report discussion with Corbyn, Rothery, Fitzpatrick, Nunns, McCluskey and more

A clearly-moved Jeremy Corbyn and others appeared in Liverpool to discuss the Forde Report and the campaign of smears and lies conducted by the Labour right and the UK ‘mainstream’ media

Jeremy Corbyn: moved as he spoke of the solidarity and support he had received (image copyright S Walker)

Jeremy Corbyn and a panel of others, all affected by the lies of the media and the Labour right in an unparalleled smear campaign that took place over a period of years, appeared today in Liverpool to discuss the Forde Report – the investigation commissioned by a cornered Keir Starmer that confirmed the weaponisation of antisemitism and the right-wing Labour machine’s war against Corbyn. Skwawkbox streamed the event live to Facebook.

The panel included former Liverpool Lord Mayor Anna Rothery, defamed former parliamentary candidate Pamela Fitzpatrick, Corbyn’s speechwriter Alex Nunns and his advisers Steve Howell and James Schneider and former Unite general secretary Len McCluskey, who laid bare what really happened during those turbulent days.

Watch below and share widely. Corbyn appears from around 1hr 53m:

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  1. Whooosh…..

    Sherbourne (Coventry) council by-election result:

    CON: 53.3% (+14.3)
    LAB: 29.7% (-10.2)
    GRN: 5.3% (-4.0)
    TUSC: 4.7% (+0.4)
    LDEM: 3.6% (-1.3)
    CCP: 3.5% (+0.7)

    Votes cast: 2,644

    Conservative GAIN from Labour.

    1. Even the local Conservative party admit that their win was down to a local planning issue.

      1. Poor performance will always be ‘down to a local xx issue’ or two, steveh. Divided parties never win elections (never mind parties that are taken-over by the denigrators with 10 pledges they oppose fiercely, who massively reduce party membership figures and who, when corned, set up (say) a Forde Inquiry, but then fail to even acknowledge its findings, etc., etc..)

        Divided parties never win elections

      1. same here Brian P. It loaded and ran yesterday when I first saw it. I skipped through 12 mins to get the arrival of ( a slightly podgy?) JC. Watched the outline of the session from the Chair and then left. When I tried to reload and watch I got “No video with supported format and MIME type found” My end or server?

      2. Yep… it looks like there’s a problem with this video’s embed code because it’s not loading at all. Check that the embed code is correct and it will/should load on this page no problem.

    2. A win’s, a win – no matter the reason.

      A defeat’s, a defeat – no matter the reason.

      No point in trying to put lipstick on a pig – unless you’re David Cameron, of course.

      Now, about The Forde Inquiry Report…

  2. I’d forgotten all about this! (which I just happened to come acoss whilst doing some research):

    EXCLUSIVE: Jewish News editor slams his paper’s front page attack on Corbyn: ‘It’s repulsive. This is a lifelong anti-racist we’re trashing’

    Today, The Canary publishes our exclusive Q&A with Stephen Oryszczuk, foreign editor of Jewish News. His publication was one of three Jewish weekly newspapers that jointly accused Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of being an “existential threat” to British Jews.

    As a senior journalist at the paper, and a person committed to fighting antisemitism, he says of the action:

    It’s repulsive. This is a dedicated anti-racist we’re trashing. I just don’t buy into it at all.

      1. Just came across this excellent opinion piece in the Independent (you have to register to read it):

        As the Forde report shows, Labour’s right wing is the source of its problems

        The fact that people within his own party were terrified of Corbyn begs the question: which part of supporting the working class did they disagree with?

        If you’re right wing in the UK, why even join Labour in the first place? There’s a whole world of mainstream right-wing political parties out there to cater to every nuance and idiosyncrasy of your specific belief system, from frothing-at-the-mouth fascism to whatever comes after the Conservatives.

        Joining one of the country’s only nominally left-wing parties as a right winger is like going to your town’s only vegan restaurant and trying to order a Big Mac. Although I suppose in this analogy, the line cook goes out and buys a bunch of beef behind his manager’s back, and then permanently contaminates the grill with no regard for the restaurant’s usual customers.

        After the release of the Forde report last week, you can probably see why other parties don’t tend to make a lot of room for people who are directly opposed to their stated goals. According to the report, Labour officials worked against the interests of their own party in order to undermine its then-leader Jeremy Corbyn and the party’s left wing as a whole, going so far as to divert campaign resources away from winnable seats and towards candidates who were anti-Corbyn.

        This conspiracy was documented in a series of WhatsApp messages, in which those involved discussed “protecting the party from Jeremy Corbyn rather than helping him to advance his agenda”.

        The report also confirms that claims of antisemitism against Corbyn were weaponised by his internal enemies in order to create an air of moral panic around the prospect of his leadership; a fact that few will find surprising considering that the right immediately stopped pretending to care about Jewish people five minutes after Corbyn was out the door.

        The report points to a deep sickness not just in the Labour Party but in British politics as a whole. Corbyn had a huge swell of support behind him from the kinds of party members that Labour is, in theory, meant to represent……

      2. Regards registering to read Independent articles. Whenever that message pops up I just refresh the page from the address bar and it clears. Unless of course it’s a premium blue article.

    1. Reply to Allan Howard
      I take it Stephen isn’t a member of Starmers Labour Allan otherwise his 2018 comment would have been resurrected as evidence of “antisemitism” and he’d have been hounded out of the party with his reputation in tatters.

    1. Thank you for that George Peel! Ive just listened and its
      very interesting ….

      I think Corbyn could have made one or two points which
      made his position clearer.

      Eg Jewish Community having many opinions ..

      Labour Party throwing out Jewish people ..

      1. Nick Robinson like those behind the AS Scam is a Snide, a bottom feeder
        Not letting JC off the hook, he did it again, failed to blow the fucker out of the water

        My political opponents were making Vexatious claims of anti semitism to damage me, aided and abetted by MSM, toilet papers and Israel
        There is more than enough evidence to support that and you predictably don’t mention any of it
        Give me the name of the ex minister who had their bag packed, just write it down and I will tell you if they were part of the Scam
        You answer the question on behalf of the media, how did someone like me, a lifelong anti racist become an antisemite the day I was elected leader of the Labour party
        It’s not Rocket Science

  3. I wonder why the MSM are keeping completely schtum about The Labour Files? (irony alert!). Anyway, just came across the following:

    British democracy undermined by ‘lawless’ Labour weaponising anti-Semitism

    Shocking details, revealed in the first hour-long episode of the series called The Labour Files, show how quickly the campaign to block Corbyn’s path to Number 10 moved into gear. Led by the British establishment, the campaign against the long-standing supporter of the Palestinian cause and a vocal critic of Israel, was aided by the right-wing press, as well as self-styled left-wing publications like the Guardian and, most shocking of all, the Labour party itself which, it would later be revealed, sabotaged Corbyn’s chance of becoming Prime Minister.

  4. TBF
    Alan Howard, when you concentrate on the day job it’s a pleasure to read your contributions
    Is like a Free Press and Free Markets the sort of thing that a functioning democracy have as their foundation stones
    But in reality rely on honesty, transparency and an unwritten constitution, it never lasts as unscrupulous individuals and interest groups corrupt the process very quickly
    It simply doesn’t work and collapses very quickly leaving the most extreme minor parties dictating to the majority
    See Israel
    A written constitution, cleaning up our politics with severe sanctions for those who abuse it, will need the sort of majority you only get with FPTP
    Until then PR stands for Pissing (in the ) Rain

  5. And on another article about Graham and her accommodation of the knight of the realm and the fascist endeavour.the right wing
    Look to the expulsions and the fit ups and ask jeremy Corbyn if accommodating the labour right is a brilliant move.?

  6. Regarding Independent Article – if you keep scrolling
    down you eventually get an

    “Ill try later” button

    which gets you to Article – no probs!

    Ive found it always works ..

    Enjoy … ..

    (as they used to say on t’Internet )

  7. If you google

    Act on Forde YouTube

    you get Diana Neslens contribution.

    which alone is well worth accessing ..!

    This is pre-recorded because as she pointed out –
    the Conference clashes with the Jewish New Year
    and as she is an Orthodox Jew she feels she has
    to spend it in her Synagogue ..

    Now just imagine what would have happened if
    the LP under Corbyn had staged their Conference
    during Jewish New Year ..

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