‘Act on Forde: Sabotage and Abuse’ will stream live from TWT on Skwawkbox from 3pm Sat 24/9

By arrangement with ‘The World Transformed’, tomorrow’s TWT session ‘Act on Forde: Sabotage and Abuse’ will stream live on the Skwawkbox Facebook page:

The panel, which features a number of those targeted by the Labour right as revealed in the ‘Labour leaks’ report and in the new Al Jazeera documentary ‘The Labour Files’, will include:

  • former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
  • former Unite general secretary Len McCluskey
  • Liverpool Community Independent councillor and former Labour mayoral shortlistee Anna Rothery
  • former Labour parliamentary candidate Pamela Fitzpatrick
  • Peace and Justice Project director Chloe Schlosberg
  • Momentum co-founder James Schneider
  • author and speechwriter Alex Nunns
  • author and former Labour strategy director Steve Howell
  • NEC member Mish Rahman

The event starts from 3pm. As per the TWT website:

The Forde Report confirmed that senior Labour officials obstructed and undermined the elected leadership during the Corbyn years, even secretly diverting funds in the 2017 election. Forde highlighted a hierarchy of racism under Keir Starmer and criticised the factional abuse of the disciplinary system. The response of the current administration? Silence. So what action should Labour members and affiliates demand after Forde? How can those responsible for these abuses be held to account? Join key figures in what’s sure to be an agenda-setting discussion.

Watch at

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  1. Replying to the ministerial statement on Ukraine today Labour Shadow spokesman Luke Pollard expressed how glad Labour were that the Tories had kept their defence minister and defence team that were doing such a fine job.

      1. Hows the dollers going steve h as your moneys frittered away on a Comedian in Ukraine?..Even your pirates running Britain into the buffers are now pannicking at the asset stripping of the neo liberal nightmare.!British parliament…

      2. Joseph – It must be frustrating for you that the GBP has taken such a hammering against the USD since Brexit?
        I’ve told you before that we moved most of our assets out of GBP many moons ago when the £ was still worth something. Currently my UK state pension is just accumulating in a UK bank account each month so the GBP/USD has next to no practical impact on us

      3. “…and are therefore persisting in giving unconditional support to the dangerous brinkmanship of the United States government desperately trying to isolate Russia and China in order to maintain its imperial hegemony. For which the Trilateral Commission is profoundly grateful, particularly as it out the British people in the direct line of fire should US provocations succeed in producing the nuclear war for which they appear tp be so eager. …On behalf of the Labour Party I wish to make it quite clear that the interests of the United States government, like those of Israel are absolute priorities for the Labour Party.
        ” In conclusion, Mr Speaker, allow me to say that we welcome this opportunity to make it clear that we define patriotism as complete submission to the orders of the US State Department and are happy to assure the House that there is complete unanimity in this matter, now that all socialists and opponents of warmongering have been expelled or silenced in our party. “

      4. And you think the al Jazeera documentary is a hatchet job.


      5. bevin – did a real Labour MP say the words in your 12.49am post? Details? (when, on what subject/bill, etc.) It kinda feels very Tony Benn-ish…

      6. Steve, Ukraine are gonna win this aren’t they. Bet you wish you could be out there. Hunkering down in a rain filled trench, waiting for weapons from the west. Your boys have got the Hated Ruskies terrified. Couple of rightist in the company, but really they are just like brexiteers with Nordic tattoos. Runes, just like crabs are a field of study with pursuing. They can’t be Ns because Sniffer is Jewish. True enough but is his beard? Betcha a quid that these bold, democratic, freedom lovers don’t even make it to the podium. Pip Pip.

      7. wobbly – It’s not my fault that you are a gullible idiot.

    1. Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State at it’s finest!
      When supporting Ukrainian Nazism (Then again Pollard also wet his pants for Nancy Astor, so we can’t be too surprised about that!) and the Arms Trade, is more important to the so called “opposition”, than the lives of people, you can rest assured Thatcher/Reaganism has it’s black dripping grip of greed around the heart of Parliament.

    2. Steve H I changed my assets from property sales in the USA and Britain into dollers and the Vietnamese be used by my family.I can easily manage on my own state pension and my wifes as money goes a long way here.We think we have been devalued by about Two hundred and fifty doller a month price of a 1 bed rentel here including services.
      since the free fall started early this year and over 3 years from I.38 to 1.08 virtually.We didn’t plan to finish our short time left in Cambodia specifically it just happened and we go with the flow and thank God that we can live near the coast and finish our lives in relative freedom.and live on the islands that I least once a month.
      Things are as good as it gets if you want a simple life and that steve h is all most working class people want….Luck of the Irish when the departure gates shut and we missed all of the draconian measures and euthanasia in the care homes,..the Vaccine scam and a possible nucluer war in europe,…although I still think it’s a bit dodgy where you are stevie boy.?….Fallout?
      .good morning and good luck with the sheep.?

  2. Bevin well said…and even a old man like me can recognise a catastrophic failure of the British economic black hole.Trickle down experiment on the people of Britain.
    I realise as the sweat from the humidity and heat in the monsoon season make it difficult to see the peak of the mountain here my mind as never been clearer that the lunatics are truly in charge of the asylum..How so many flakey people took control of the country is beyond reason and democracy..

    1. Joseph – “How so many flakey people took control of the country is beyond reason and democracy.”
      People like Toffee didn’t help when they contributed to Jeremy’s defeat by sitting on their arses at the last GE

      1. As opposed to a barrage of 24/7 hate, undermining, lying, smearing, sabotage, spinporn, and of course, lest we forget, your ONLY MEANS of defeating “Corbyn” in the end, Project VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn, cleverly disguised under the veil of blaming the likes of Toffee and the LP/RWall Brexiteers a miniscule number of people vs the multitude of Neo-Labour Party TORIES who vowed they will NEVER vote for Corbyn!
        Let’s hope every Staffer/MP who were affected by your Nasty Parasite Party sues it and bleeds it into the debtor’s office gone before the next GE!

      2. nellyskelly – Did you vote for Labour in the 19GE or did you just sit on your arse like Toffee?

      3. It doesn’t matter what I say I did or did not do, there is no means of proof, your insistence that you voted labour and not Project VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn is very suspicious. I have never seen a good word from you about The UK Labour Party, not your then 80% Neo-Labour Party TORIES, but The UK Labour Party. Then you turn around and say you voted for The UK Labour Party or as you like saying Jeremy Corbyn. It simply doesn’t add up, just like your bullshit that the handful of Labour/Red Wall Brexiteers who said they were voting “Brexit” caused a mass 80 seat win for the by far least popular Party! You know full well there was only one way to stop Corbyn/The UK Labour Party from winning GE19, you learnt that from GE17’s close call, and that would be for the 1000s & 1000s of people who kept telling us that they would never vote for Corbyn to VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn.
        Here is the thing Labour/Red Wall Brexiteers are poorer than the 1000s & 1000s of Middle-Class FBPE types like yourself, so they may have said things in anger (gaslighted anger) but, they would think very hard about suffering another TORY term, even if “they didn’t like Corbyn”. Whereas you FBPE Middle-Classers knew you would comfortably survive another TORY term, in fact it best suit you, only a One Party State (BLiar, Brown, Starmer) “Labour” would serve you rather than the workers, and make you pay your tax, like a big bad Socialist UK Labour Party!
        It’s not Toffee, it’s not me, its not the Labour/Red Wall Brexiteers who said they’d vote Brexit look closer to home at those who can afford another TORY term, then followed by the disappearance of the party who used hold The PEOPLE at it’s heart, now replaced by the other half of The Thatcher/Reagan flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State, The Neo-Labour Party TORIES, sniff around there for blame of GE19!
        Basically speaking, you did it! You did it to yourselves and you did it to all of us!
        So… when you become faux-socialist at your next soirée and crack open another bottle of VQ or DP, to clink your flutes to the memory of that dear old lady who died of the cold/hunger/loneliness, please do us a favour, clink another one to the memory of The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 December 2019) murdered by your Party with Project VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn!

        *”you” all of you.*

        PS. I think that my voting intentions 12 September 2015 to 12 December 2019 were pretty self-explanatory, if not, then I’m afraid you may be as dim as my two Witch Hunter Generals on their Bandwagon!

      4. People like Toffee didn’t help when they contributed to Jeremy’s defeat by sitting on their arses at the last GE

        And ballbags like YOU helped enormously in alienating people like me from voting labour with your second referendum (amongst other smarmerite) shithousery.

        And what exactly has keef done to rectify it?

        Regained a single seat, turning another one blue?

        Retained two other seats with vastly reduced majorities while losing deposits from a clear second place in two others?

        Haemorrhaged membership, and funding?

        All against THE worst, most corrupt government in history.

        So before you try to pick the blame elsewhere, what have you to say about the worse than piss poor show keefs’ made of it?

        Oh…. You can’t be bothered, can you, you sad shithouse.

      5. Toffee – You can make all the excuses you want but the simple fact remains that you and other like minded dreamers all made your contribution to Corbyn’s defeat. You are the ones who chose to sacrifice a Corbyn victory on the alter of your political dogma.

        I voted for Labour, you didn’t.

      6. wobbly – I suggest you reread my comment. You’ve obviously misunderstood what I said

    2. We are in a revolutionary moment in Britain. No Profiles is going to introduce her very own “Trickle Up” economic experiment. It has already recieved a warm response from the Shadow lot and Unite.

      1. wobbly – Could you translate that into something that makes sense?

  3. Steve H…..I believe that at one time you truly believed in a democracy for all the people including the invisable working class whom you seek to ridicule constantly.on behalf of the labour party.
    You must have had a moral compass at one time so you can be saved.You and I both know that the labour party are a shambles and proping up fascist endeavours is not the answer to Britains deep seated problems and of these the standards of parliament are one of the worst examples
    Greed, corruption and moral decay are the flagship of this archaic and failing institution..Radical change is needed and in my opinion its got to happen and soon if the country is to be saved from collapse.and the most vunerable will suffer like never before.
    See the light Steve H because this is the endgame for the old Britain.

    1. Good post Joseph, you held back a bit. Were people to hear what the future these people had in mind for the working classes , you’d be called mad. The truth hurts and when some are told they lash out at the messenger. We have got to get our message across. Cheers Skwaky and all skwawkites.

      1. Wobbly – Instead of hiding behind vague generalities why don’t you tell us all about your version of ‘the truth’. Lets see some detail.

  4. Off topic from Dorset Eye:

    Want to know why Keir Starmer has been so quiet on the NHS privatisation bill?

    Hedge fund manager, Martin Taylor, was Starmer’s largest funder for his leadership campaign. He has a £10m stake in United Health – a US private healthcare company currently seeking £1b worth of contracts from the NHS.

    Taylor donated £95,000 to Starmer’s leadership campaign – something Starmer hid while the rest of the candidates revealed where their funding came from.

    Taylor gave Labour £600,000 when Miliband was party leader. Following Jeremey Corbyn’s election to the leadership in September 2015, Taylor began funding anti-Corbyn groups like Labour Together, Saving Labour and Labour Tomorrow.

    1. PRICELESS PW, priceless!

      Seems that Starmer has to eat cauldrons of lining children in real-time on TV before some people can admit the Nature of the man! Thanks..

      1. Isn’t it, just!

        The link in the article to the piece on his, Kissinger,s and Epstein’s links to the Trilateral Commission are worth a read, if you haven’t already, of course..

        As is another piece by Paul Knaggs on Labour Heartlands, The Crisis of Democracy: Sir Keir Starmer and the Trilateral Commission..

        It’s very long, with the first half exploring historical perspectives of political history. Starmer, and Labour’s, involvement with the Commission begins after the sub-heading: The modern Oligarchy and its agents., about half-way down just past the photo of Martin Luther King and Lyndon Johnson.

    2. PW, thanks for that.

      I have been saying this for two years with regards to Starmer’s backers. It’s just that he never disclosed them until he had to. Streeting is another one who takes Private Health Investor money too, and guess what the Shadow Health minister has started saying? Yep, Labour will use Private Health Care to ease the backlog in the NHS.

      They think we’re all Sun readers.

  5. Sorry to be a nevil-nuisance, but (does anyone /SW know) will the stream be available elsewhere maybe at a later time (facebook’s a thing for me, I NEVER access it)?

    1. quertboi you are not the only one who runs away from Facebook,and the grandchildren are banned from it as well.Might as well register with the CIA if you use facbook.

      1. 😀 Yeah, starmer-Labour’s an agent of the CIA and uses its rulebook, as thegurandog reported:
        “Assaf Kaplan was hired by Labour as a social listening and organising manager, a new post described as “a crucial new role at the heart of Labour’s new approach to digital campaigning”.

        “The complaint from Bindmans solicitors alleges that Kaplan worked for Unit 8200, the cyber branch of the Israeli Defence Force, from 2009 to 2013. It adds that the unit has been mired in controversy over its surveillance practices against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and Gaza.

        “In 2014, 43 veterans of Unit 8200 signed a public letter refusing to serve in operations involving the occupied Palestinian territories because of the widespread surveillance of residents, which could be used for blackmail. Hundreds of reservists then signed a counter-protest letter.

        “It is not clear what Kaplan did within the unit or whether he had any knowledge of the monitoring of citizens.”

        Of course he did, it’s the key contribution he makes to Sir K of davos.

      2. On the subject of the CIA, or at least it’s early origin, while specifically about British propaganda aimed at drawing the US into WW2 prior to Pearl Harbour, Henry Hemming gives a fascinating account in his book Our Man In New York:The British Plot to Bring America into the Second World War (PB ISBN 978-1-78747-484-0 or Ebook ISBN 978-1-78747-485-7).

    2. They drive me nuts every year, nobody should be using Facebook/WhatsApp/etc, Facebook-ManBoy sells your data and communications to the CIA, MI5/MI6, Mossad, etc, etc! FFS!
      I can’t remember if there was a work around, perhaps look on the other evil YouTube?

    3. I imagine it’ll be on YouTube, qwerti.

      Tbh yer probly best watching it there on catch-up – they put an extra 20mins or so for the first programme!

      As it is, if I can stay awake (fairly busy night last night) I’ll be watching the love version – but I’ll be going onto YouTube to get the bonus footage tomorrow anyway 👍

  6. As we inhabit a world which is structured around the needs/wants of the very rich, it is always well to pay heed to their institutions. These institutions give us a clearer view of the way their world is going than do the prattling of politicians and their stenographers in the media.
    Overnight, between 22nd Sept. 2022 and 23rd Sept. the dollar fell against the ruble by 12.5%. At the same time the pound fell by 4-5% against the dollar. Gives an indication of which way the wind is blowing.
    I can’t ever recall a time when politicians in the US, UK and Europe were so ill-equipped to govern. You’d have thought that the current crop in the UK (all parties) must be the worst, but it seems to me that Germany has an even more inept lot than we do.

    1. Great point goldbach. FWIW it’s the data that global banks, patent offices and fund managers/ et al (the ‘facilitators of capitalism’) create and use that make a different one of the Powers-that-Be’s scam (the covid84 one) obvious.

      Seems the institutions of capitalism are more reliable in uncovering truth than the PtB’s synchronised-MSM. Makes it obvious that there are remarkably few proper journalists around.

    2. Yep! Politicians are like the MSM, nothing but sockpuppets waiting for their inboxes to ping, from those in their crumbling towers.
      And we? We are nothing but disposable commodities, to fling at their wars. They make us poor and desperate, so that we will sign up for their War Games!
      To them a roll of a dice!
      To us a Son/Daughter, Mother/Father, etc!
      Yet, Humanity remains a baby making machine, fodder for their hungry battle grounds! Nothing is ever going to change until we take serious personal decissions and steps to underpopulate humanity, ie not to have children or if you really have to, have one, why we want to live in overpopulated cities and countries and aim to live to 120++, and allow people like Gates to concoct death jabs in their attempts to depopulate earth by unnatural death, is beyond me! Just stop it humanity! Just stop it!
      If we go too far and become extinct, good riddance, this planet will fare far better without our species of ape destroying it!

    3. Just spotted that, at the same time as the exchange rate changes that I mentioned, the Euro fell by 3% against the dollar. That means that, for the first time ever, the Euro is worth less than the dollar. Add to that the fact that chunks of German industry is “experiencing difficulties” and that Poland and Hungary have set up a group of, I think, 12 members of the EU aimed at combatting the influence of the Germany/France axis (pardon the word), and it makes me wonder whether, even if they were to come to their senses, they could avoid a crash of their economies.

  7. .correct Golbach………………..The plan came together nicely over the years even though there are many clowns and phycopaths in politics it takes real planning and implementation to organise so many lunatics in the western world asylums.and put them in position.for the reset.I must say that it takes some real dosh to get Biden in the white house and a imbecile in Downing street and another little Napoleon in paris.Meanwhile the German shepherd is out of the cage.and is casting its eyes around and slobbering at
    the thought of fresh meat in the Balkans.

  8. Just watched the first of the Al Jazeera reports.
    Just goes to show that people in the RW of the LP can be even more depraved than we, or at least I, had imagined.
    Seems like it might be a good idea for this report to be shown at all CLP meetings.

  9. Nice thread for identifying what the Luke Akehurst tribute band really stands for…

    And for the record, Graham can go fuck herself

  10. A must listen.- Nick Robinson interviews Jeremy Corbyn

    Released On: 24 Sep 2022
    Nick Robinson talks to former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn about how he became a socialist, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and whether he’ll be allowed to stand again as a Labour candidate

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