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New Al-Jazeera programme Thursday to expose reality of Labour’s anti-democratic purges

Station that exposed the Labour right’s antisemitism scam long before Forde will examine how the right-wing regime uses purges to ‘crush democracy’ in the party and gag members

In 2017, the Al Jazeera TV station broadcast a series of undercover exclusives titled ‘The Lobby’, about the work of operatives of the Israeli government and their UK allies to promote smears of the Labour party and its then leader, as well as targeting other politicians who inconvenienced them. At the time – an event almost airbrushed out of history as far as the UK media and the Labour right are concerned – the Israeli government was forced to admit:

  • to working to ‘take down’ MPs they considered troublesome or unfriendly to their interests
  • that Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour party conflicted with their wishes and interests
  • to setting up groups within the Labour party to further their interests
  • to ‘helping’ those groups achieve their ends

The revelations resulted in the expulsion of an Israeli diplomat exposed through the fearless undercover journalism of Al Jazeera’s man on the inside – and exposed the political ‘weaponisation’ of antisemitism allegations against the left long before the Starmer-commissioned Forde report reached the same conclusion.

Now, on Thursday evening at 9pm, Al Jazeera Investigations will broadcast a new exposé of the Labour right – this time the use of purges by the Labour right to ‘crush democracy’ and ‘silence the membership’ – a fact long known and discussed on Skwawkbox and other left sites, but again almost entirely ignored by the so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

If your TV device does not include the channel, it should be possible to watch the programme live online here and later on the Al Jazeera YouTube channel.

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  1. Looking forwards to seeing this.The usual suspects will be involved mann./woodcock/austin /mandleson/blair all owned by the B.o.D and israelis

    1. Apparently it will be a 3-part series.

      Tomorrow night’s opener will be repeated on al Jazeera at 1pm Friday 23 September.

  2. It will no doubt be completely blanked by the MSM, but probably condemned as antisemitic by the BoD and JLM and CAA et al and the Jewish newspapers.

    1. Get your neighbours, friends, fellow unionists, your enemies to watch this. It must not go the way of The Lobby or the Forde Report. Could be a golden moment. Rome fell in the blink of an eye as did “Brit empire”. The greased one is no caeser.

  3. Most people should be able to watch this on TV – Al Jazeera is on Freeview Channel 235.
    There are also 2 repeat showings – Fri 23/09 13:00 & Sat 24/09 02:00.

    1. “If your TV device does not include the channel…”, you have plenty of time to reboot/retune your Freeview box. (You obviously haven’t done so for years!)

  4. New Al-Jazeera programme Thursday to expose reality of Labour’s anti-democratic purges

    Oh good, once it’s on the telly, it will be a fact! (as if it wasn’t before!!)

    Random thought: the BBC is already planning its billionaires’ Narrative-script for the day (to deny the possibility that the Corbyn Project was anything but Pure, Unadulterated, Communistic Evil), is it time to stop paying for a TV Licence? Just a thought….

    1. Ah, I’ve agonised about this, over the years, qwertboi.

      The fact is, without the BBC, I wouldn’t have been able to watch the Ulster v Connacht rugby union game, live, on Saturday evening, without them.

      I favour moving to a BBC package of ‘pick and choose’.

      BBC News and Current Affairs(BBCN&CA) would definitely – not – be one of my ‘picks’ or ‘choices’, but I suspect, because of its propaganda value – to so many, church and state – they would make that the starting point. The ‘base’. The ‘foundation’. The ‘freebie’, thrown in.

      If they made BBCN&CA pay-per-view, it would be interesting to see how many people, actually, chose to watch it.

      Anyway – getting ‘the powers that be’ to change the TV Licence format is a non-starter. They have us where they want us, and it’d be the devil’s own job to get them to change it.

      I think you’re, probably, right. The only way to change it, is to opt out. Force them to change it. Sad, but true.

      n.b. Ulster beat Connacht – 36-10. 🙂

    2. That’s all very relevant stuff from George, Joseph ‘n’ Tim, it’s a difficult choice, babies n bathwater stuff. It goes way-beyond politics though. BBC Science and Nature programmes are disgustingly partisan (in a not-so-obvious way). That “Professor”(they always get that in, every time they mention his name) Brian Fox de-excites and flattens the richness of science. He’s a bit of a socially conservative “celebrity” who pretty much scripted his radio show (‘psychotic monkey show’? for two years by systematically ridiculing every idea John McDonnell or Jeremy C put forward during the Corbyn Interregnum. He’s a celebrity Rodney Starmer – if it wasn’t for exceptional production qualities and soap-opera style writing, his shows – sorry documentaries – would be seen for what they are; the British establishment reducing everything it cannot control – and is therefore scared of (EnoughisEnough), to papier-mache for it to present and make a buck out of (BBC Science shows might be poor, but they’re mega expensive). Aaagh, I’m venting…..

      I’d favour that idea George P: make BBC News and Current Affairs a pay-to-view proposition. Maybe then C4 and ITN wouldn’t try constantly to outdo it and it would make Bacon (GB) News look relevant and ‘balanced’. (Someone told me that the BBC’s news channel is being severely cut-back (reduced/cancelled?). Let\s hope that when social historians look at the mass TV phenomenon in the future (and how it systematically facilitated neoliberal globalism and oligarchy), they ask valuable questions like “how could a state-funded news operation announce the collapse of WT Tower 7 (on 9/11) 17 minutes before it even happened? It’s a Mouthpiece/facilitator for the Powers-that-Be/ the American Empire and all the wretched globalist organisations that serve it (aaaahem, covid, ukraine, war on terror, banking crisis = all managed to benefit TPtB and the American Empire)

  5. IT would seem only foreign Tv and reporting are allowed to report the truth on just about everything that people in Britain aceppt as truth.Weve just been through weeks of propaganda before a elderly lady is allowed to be buried so what can anyone who believes in democracy and freedom of the media expect….I think weve all been given a hard lesson in just how little freedom the working class of Britain are allowed.Thanks to AlJazzera the truth will be on record now as qwertboi says….not that the treachery of the labour party conspiring against the majority of the members of labour and on the orders of Israeli government will ever be answered for….thankyou Squawkbox..

  6. Those who consider keef best of a bad bunch (while NEVER failing to excuse each & every instance of his ever-increasing shithousery as they persist in castigating Corbyn) should prepare to get their eyes wiped.

    …Or at least you’d hope so.

    …In fact, don’t even hope so. Expect the nonsensism apologists to attempt to spin their way(s) out of this one as well.

    NEVER forget.
    NEVER forgive
    NEVER entertain the idea of countenancing them in ANY fashion.

  7. Selective funding of the BBC would not be good – the game mentioned above would be unlikely to make the cut and we’d end up with back-to-back Dr Who and Strictly (and ultimately a mash-up of the two). Don’t like, don’t buy a licence.

  8. The BBC is a political organisation with its own political agenda; financed by a publicly funded license fee reinforced with threats & menaces for non compliance. The 4th Estate can no longer claim that it works to protect a free & open democracy. Richard Sharp is chairman of BBC & donated £4K to the Tory Party just prior to his appointment. QED.

    1. ………..correction, Richard Sharp donated over £400K! I also understand that the Labour Party Conference will start with singiing the National Anthemn ‘God Save the King’.

  9. The BBC is a huge part of the solution to combat mainstream media and toilet papers, if they did nothing else but blow the far right propaganda out of the water 24/7
    At the moment it’s 100% Tory, the BBC as a trusted fact checker would be good for democracy
    There’s also the essentials like free broadband for all which could be delivered through BBC and included in the fee
    Free Press, my arse

    1. Great point Doug. I bet IF Starmer and his bad-breathers (the Labour right) had not immobilised Jeremy’s wonderful (except for The brexit bit) GE19 Manifesto to keep him out of Downing Street (cos the already planned covid ’emergency’ scam couldn’t happen/ wouldn’t have been so badly managed with a fair-minded democratic socialist in Downing Street), that’s exactly how John would have implemented free broadband, – through a newly set up function as part of the BBC….

  10. “the BBC as a trusted fact checker would be good for democracy..” Yes indeed: but the BBC as it currently is, is a fact suppressor (e.g ‘Yellow Card’ data), a fact distorter, a fact deflator/conflator and a fact denier.
    Just as with a once-relevant Labour party, maybe it’s time to remove the bad bits (BBC News and Current Affairs), strengthen the good bits (much of the rest), and start again. “Aunty-BBC”…. yes, but it’s spelt ‘anti’ (them, not us).

      1. They’ve never admitted the relationship of these “unexpected” deaths with vaccine use, but yes – PLUS, if you consider the MHRA’s own disclaimer that only 1 to 10% of NHS GPs record adverse reactions to drugs/”Yellow Cards”, then vaccine-accompanied ‘unexpected’ deaths are far in excess of the true number of covid deaths in the UK already. I hope Doug you have persuaded everyone you care for or love to not take a covid vaccine ever again.

      2. quertboi
        Very fortunate my bairns worked it out for themselves
        Why take a drug you don’t need

    1. qwertboi
      The newspapers could be trashed nightly before they hit the stands
      The challenge is how you guarantee Independence, a public service broadcaster free from politicians, spivs and thieves

  11. On another point
    Ukraine proves No Army in the world has the numbers anymore to invade and occupy a hostile country
    Which is good news when Ukraine also proves Nuclear Weapons can never be used
    what’s left

    1. Doug – Or maybe it just shows up how badly trained and equipped the Russian army has become under Putin’s corrupt regime.

      1. Hehe, hehe, Ukraine is going to win. Ho ho. The Russian military is corrupt. Wanna buy a Javelin? Give me strength.

  12. Ive just finished watching a couple of Al-Jazeera programs –
    I made an error and recorded this mornings 9.00am
    broadcast instead of Evening ones (and have now reset).

    Was impressed by these programs – I will include
    Al-Jazeera in my regular viewing from now on.

    Now the BBC have decided to finish the excellent
    “Dateline London” program it will be even more
    necessary to see a wider perspective on Foreign

    As for BBC programs – their in-depth series on news
    background and recent history are extremely good -eg
    WW2 “behind closed doors” repeated series and lead-up
    to 1989 happenings and break -up of Soviets.

    The “fibs of history” programs related by Lucy Worsley
    have been good too – although we could do without her
    being dressed up.I particularly liked the one on the
    Russian Revolution in 1917 where the fact that it was
    WOMEN who started it has been air-brushed out ..
    together with a lot else of course .

  13. Ive just seen the program – some if it was known to me
    already and some was unknown. I didn’t know
    about the secret letter about Anna Rothery .. A point
    they might have made was that she had been previously
    elected to a prestigious position – Lord Mayor – who met
    up with Royalty FGS – so how does that sit with the notion
    that she was “like a Banshee”? This entirely belies the
    notion that she was “unfit” to be Mayor – a political post.

    The secret behind the scenes chicaneruwas sadly –
    what I expected ..

    There were however some parts which were disjointed
    and didn’t make sense. Eg The chap (Dermot McCarthy?)
    who was a lawyer and accused of being a rabid antisemite
    – but these accusations were never spelled out and refuted
    as they were with others. Instead we heard that a dossier
    was sent to his parents – a vile document filled with
    abuse and threats – . I guess they were implying this had
    been sent because the sender had believed the antisemitism
    accusations – or used them as an excuse?

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