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Lawyer invites wrongly expelled members to join ‘class action’ against Labour

Tasnime Akunjee says those interested in taking Starmer-Evans Labour to task – and court – for its abuses should contact him

Lawyer Tasnime Akunjee says that he and his law partners, after watching the first instalment of Al Jazeera’s explosive ‘Labour Files’ documentary last night, believe that the thousands of wrongly expelled members of the Labour party have good grounds for a joint legal action against the party and those who run it:

Those who wish to participate in the legal action should direct message him.

Legal action against the party is already underway for the tens and potentially hundreds of thousands of members and ex-members whose data was lost to criminals after Labour outsourced the management of its Membersnet system – and their lawyers are taking the party to the High Court for refusing to fulfil its legal obligation to disclose information about the breach. The Al Jazeera documentary saw the right-run Labour party accused of functioning as a criminal enterprise.

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  1. Live by the sword…

    Nice one. Lawfare, their favourite game.

    1. A must listen.- Nick Robinson interviews Jeremy Corbyn (duration 54 minutes)

      Released On: 24 Sep 2022
      Nick Robinson talks to former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn about how he became a socialist, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and whether he’ll be allowed to stand again as a Labour candidate

  2. Lawless Organisation
    Surely those of our supporters who are in the Legal Trade could push for PWC to be kicked out, disbarred, ex communicated

  3. No 100% sure they will win against the Labour Party. However, it would cost the Party a lot of money that doesn’t have.
    Plus the more negative publicity, the more members members that they are going to leave. Hence, Labour would be in no financial condition to fight at the next general election.

    1. Good Riddance, the sooner the NEO-Labour TORIES are 100% anihilated and the ashes blown away, on the winds the sooner something new can begin, and without a single one of Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State TORIES in sight! If they do pop up from the Westminster Sewers, we smash them right back to where they came from.

    2. Maria….it will cost the party money it doesn’t have “Well thats neo liberal alliance thinking isnt it.The labour party throw members money around like confetti copying the new government regime who are determined to bankrupt the country.,with massive tax cuts and billions given away to the energy sector already bloated with a bumper early xmass bonus of energy gouging oil and gas supplies.The pounds moved closer to parity with the doller and the Casino economic sector are once again panicking with the breadth of the British government fire sale asset stripping..Never as a country seen such piracy of the ruling class and it can only get worse as winter approaches….and that irritating little comedian in Ukraine screams” We want more “…billions more from a Britain already on its knees.

  4. Good luck to anyone having a go.

    Who knows? The lawyer might end up having to defend himself, given the amount of party moolah he’s already spunked on his mates, within & without the legal profession.

  5. Really, we need this to be taken up by factions in the MSM. That it has not been, as hinted at by Peter Oborne, is demonstrable of both the wider scale of the problem and the impunity with which certain factions may operate within the UK.

    1. Who knows ambulance chasing lawyers and now the labour party is seen as a regular orchard of fruit for the picking.Good luck but most would think that getting booted out of the labour party was a lucky escape unless you of course had the Israeli lobby get their teeth stuck into you which is probably a human rights issue.

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