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See speeches and images from yesterday’s huge #EnoughIsEnough Liverpool rally

‘Fight like our familes’ lives depend on it – because they do’ – a string of brilliant, fiery speeches from leading left figures, including RMT’s Eddie Dempsey, Hillsborough Campaign’s Sheila Coleman and the Liverpool Community Independents

All images/footage © S Walker/Skwawkbox

Liverpool saw a huge turnout for yesterday’s ‘Enough is Enough’ march and rally against the corporate-greed crisis, including fiery and inspiring speeches from an array of the left movement’s leaders – including the RMT’s Eddie Dempsey, the Hillsborough campaign’s Sheila Coleman and the Liverpool Community Independents who quit Labour rather than vote for Tory cuts in the city – who took apart the Tory government, Keir Starmer’s non-opposition and the disastrous centrist city council leadership that has meekly allowed the Tories to take over the running of the council.

Below are all the speeches (in three sections because of signal issues to the Facebook live stream) and a selection of images that give a taste of a brilliant day – and the next one promises to be even larger, as hundreds of people have commented that they hadn’t heard about the event in time to get there.

Watch and share:

(Eddie Dempsey’s speech starts around 30 minutes into the video above.)

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  1. But, but, but….The left….credible alternative…Lost deposits…keef’s green paper…etc etc etc 😴

  2. Disappointed to see the pcs flag on the fire engine at st George’s hall.

    No time for them. Especially the JCP/DWP sector. The only people they show solidarity with is themselves.

    I’d bet a pound to a pinch o’ pigshit if they were offered a deal for them that meant they’d have to shit even more on claimants, they’d take it in a flash.

  3. I read a article on jeremy Corbyn by Ryan coogan front page on the “. Independent ” common sense of jeremy Corbyn” and how society genuinely needed such a person then and now…!read it and understand that what you are about to receive could have been avoided but for the treacherous dogs inside the labour party and most especially the PLP…The country now faces meltdown and its people who pay the ultimate price of extinction by stealth.The people above realise just how awful the future is and are fighting for a better Britain and a better world….and avoiding the genocide planned by the new world order….I hope and pray….And just for that thing Steve H the faries in the sky” that you ridicule because you can ,..The freedom to do such things will disappear with your politics and the religious fanatic you support..

  4. Two Cheeks
    REAL people taking to the streets to fight for something they believe in, something that will become a matter of life and death in a few months
    Your man, one of the Tory parties Bastard Offspring

  5. Just seen a video of London. Just like Dickens, just like Capital. And yet people despise those masterpieces. They have been forewarned for too long. Will retribution be calm or fierce? I dunno, but Liverpool seems lively?

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