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Cooper, Lammy attend junket sponsored by Grenfell cladding firm

Labour front-benchers enjoy hospitality from firm’s owner

Two of Keir Starmer’s most senior front-benchers have been caught enjoying the hospitality of the firm responsible for the cladding that caused the Grenfell Tower disaster, according to the latest Private Eye magazine.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper and Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy, along with Tory and LibDem MPs, attended an ‘elite’ bash thrown by the firm that owns Celotex, the manufacturer of the cladding that cost so many lives.

This is not the Starmer regime’s first show of contempt for Grenfell victims, survivors and families. In late 2020, the party threatened members in the area with expulsion if they went ahead with an invitation to black journalist Kerry-Anne Mendoza to talk to them about anti-black racism and Islamophobia – two factors undoubtedly deeply enmeshed with the needless deaths at Grenfell and with its aftermath – because of her public solidarity with Palestinian people.

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  1. Vote Tory/Right Wing Labour//Lib Dem Neo-Liberalism – get Grenfell.
    Tory Zombie Government plus three Right Wing Labour Ghouls.
    Disgusting human beings to a man and woman?

    1. Bazza,I thought that I would try and post something vicious, something, anything. I have nothing to say but this: reading Steve’s words and looking a the photo makes me feel like vomiting.

  2. Yet more “performative gesture politics” for Klaus Schwab and Future Global Leaders of transcendent global capitalism’s World Economic Forum.

    Party members and the dearly departed will see it as that too.

    1. quertboi you and others maybe interested in the article in the morning star “The working class are back” its main purpose seems to show the futility of No Opposition party “and the fact that democracy cannot survive under the labour party agenda,even some torys are complaining.about the lack of any credible opposition.If the working class are back and a General Strike is on the cards with the unions coming together….then theres still a place for socialists in Britain today.We all know that the trolls would like to demoralised and take the piss of the working class but I do genuinely see a glimmer of hope and light for the inevitable fight against neo liberal control and fear politics.Maybe we may see some backbone in the parliamentary socialists group before the knight boots them out of parliament…….” Giz a job “will soon be the byword for the unemployed and that includes all of the left wing in parliament.

  3. Does he really think that people who had NO sympathy for the Grenfell victims would vote for, or even donate to “his” Labour Party? If such people actually would, could there possibly be ANY reason for anyone else to vote for “his” party- the party no one but Thatcherites would possibly still call “Labour”?

    1. I am not going to get applause from anyone on this comment but it must be said….celotex provide insulation board and the people that designed and built the firetrap plus those who approved the dezign of the cladding like architects,surveyors and Privatized Building control officers.are the main culprits in the corperate manslaughter.Now we all know in the construction industry and building services engineering that many of the insulation products are toxic and a skin irritant plus burn 🔥🔥 very quickly.
      I have always thought that some of the designs in cladding are a firetrap and the idea of a air gap between the structure and the cladding could in a multistorie building cause a chimney effect in a fire.I also have a doubt on some of the products for insulting cavity walls…rising damp and toxic effects. in the domestic market..but I am not a scientist or a fire inspector \surveyor or architect.What I do know is that many of the problems with building control and dezign are still there and are ignored by those who profit from poor dezign .The politicians will always look for a “free ride.”but they make the laws and measures to protect the public .and I believe more than anything that the cause and effect are at the door of politicians.
      manufacturing has always used corperate entertainment has a means to exploit the market.and I don’t blame them for that
      .What I do blame is the politicians in government and councils who are active in looking for freebies and what I believe to be bribes
      .Starmer and his parasites in parliament and councils are the problem not the answer to the many problems facing
      The buck stops with them not the contractors or manufacturers but the so called “professionals” including politicians that have turned building regulations and control over to the private sector.How can it be possible that sprinkler systems were ignored in a multi occupancy building or that residents were advised to stay indoors when a fire broke out in the high rise flats and not evacuate..Complicated yes but parasites like starmer messing in politics make life even more difficult.

      1. On the contrary Joseph, you should get lots of likes for your incisive and well-reasoned post. The supplier of the inappropriate, dangerous and “shoddy” cladding s not the only or the main culprit here. The building’s maintenance people and the regulation regime (and everyone who supposedly applied it) are the main criminals and felons here.

        Sure penny-pinching and obsessive/compulsive capital accumulation are parts of the dysfunction, but as Karl Marx might have said “the devil is in the relations”, the monster is the result, not the parts.

    1. Bill wells reply You are correct bill but its not helping the ordinary joe whos trying to survive.with the TUC calling for a minimum pay of 15pounds an hour by……wait for it….2030?unfortunately many of the working class will be dead by then dying from cold and starvation in their own homes.We need a General Strike not bloody appeasement from the likes of the labour party and the TUC then maybe we can see a revolution to bring the whole rotton greedy structure down.

      1. 2030, grief we won’t be able to walk the streets for superglue activists. Woe, woe. Its just as well that we will not be able to pay for inedible food stuffs. News from Antartica, my nephew wrote to inform me that it is still parky and to keep sending the Guernsey jumpers. What do they know, Greenies? How dare he take my life away using facts. Tip for next Olympic games: walruses sweep high junp and long jump medal tables. Thanks breather, here’s some kids as a sign of good faith. That’s great ape speak for a sub.

  4. I also see the politicians especially the labour party calling for insulation in the domestic marke homes….bravo but theres no cure for the weather in Britain that can kill especially in cold weather were the living spaces are not heated
    .dont forget cold can be trapped in a insulated house as well as heat. and fresh air is also a requiment to stop damp in the air…..unfortunately money is the answer and proper heating in a house or flats and thats somthing in short supply unless you are a politician or one of the fatcats who dont contribute towards society only the pockets of politicians like the knight of the realm…
    .cold kills in a climate like Britain and insulation cant be a replacement for money spent on the.heating…enter the fat cats and politicians who do not have any interest in the invisible working class….now in their hit list.especially the elderly and disabled….its going to be a long winter and I hope that one day soon the labour party will implode and a new party rise from the ashes.

    1. We are supposed to believe that the elites are splashing the cash. For decades, we have had a dearth of heating engineers. Time to dust of the artisans and start to train our kids. That goes across the board of course. My once best mate was apprenticed in that field. After succeeding in his exams he worked for one, one, year in London. Tempted to Saudi and now lives in Dubai. We used to plan the revolution in The Hope and Anchor, Acre Lane, Brixton/Clapham border. What is it with these exiles?

    1. You only need peruse the musings of a certain weirdo on here to gauge just how much of a fubar clique of total wrong un’s they are, and attract…

    2. I let my membership lapse on the very day of the pay off to the so called ‘whistle blowers’. I really felt bad at first faced with the ‘you should stay and fight’ argument, but everything that has happened since has confirmed to me that I made the right decision. Good luck to those who stay but Starmer and his appalling regime are not getting one more penny of my hard earned pension.

  5. Sadly, it requires the MSM, such as the BBC (impartiality overseen by Robbie Gibb) to raise their heads above the parapet and report on such activities and events. It seems that the Starmer Project is currently operating under something of a free pass.

    Related, I listened to one of the few Ukrainian refugees to have made it through Patel’s flotilla. When asked how the family were coping in the UK, after expressing much gratitude, the interviewee expressed surprise at how very poorly homes in the UK are insulated.

    1. (impartiality overseen by Robbie Gibb)

      And failed toerag council candidate tim davie…Plus former chairman of Oxbridge toerag student’s association nick robinson…

      …And so on.

      And of those that are supposedly of the left….Well, they’re all bliarites. The notion that a socialist could EVER hold a middling – nevermind a senior – position with the government state broadcaster is anathema to the establishment.

  6. Freeloading, morally-defunct parasites.

    I hope the twattersphere, or whatever it’s called, remembers this the next time any of them pipe up about grenfell. Because the likes of kuenssberg, peston and Brillo won’t.

    Also in eye, the amount of freebies for sporting and music events…All of them trying to outdo each other to get the most valuable freebie.

    Is there NOTHING they have to pay full whack for? I wouldn’t give any of them the steam off my shite.

  7. On another matter
    I’m all for helping push the Labour party over the cliff into bankruptcy, as long as it takes Red Tories down as well
    Question is what do we need to save from the wreckage
    One for our Forensic Accountant
    The name would be about it for me, the structure and staff have been utterly corrupted so better start with a Clean Slate and make sure it never happens again
    Anyone playing politics in a progressive Socialist Labour party should be sacked on the spot 😁

  8. Emily Maitlis
    Grenade goes off under MSM and toilet papers
    Instead of Akela, replace with BBC

      1. Toffee
        The Maitlis Matrix
        When shit hit fan during 2019 GE, picture of little boy sleeping on floor in a hospital
        She calculated Boris Johnson visited more hospitals than JC during campaign, which proved the Tories cared more for the NHS than Labour
        The lecture in Edinburgh seems to be blaming Tory editors and Board members, the old just following orders defence
        No matter
        We are free to say to BBC at every opportunity, your all Tory puppets

      2. Jim’l Fixit was – they thought – the the bbc going ‘down market’. ‘That’s Life’ too.

        Jimmy Savile, Ester Rantzen. MI 5 or 6 (the domestic one) used to have to validate everyone who worked for them. The BBC is not ‘Our’s’ in any organic healthy sense. Our mis-informer and our repressor maybe.

  9. This bunch are about as appealing as going for a swim on a UK beach where untreated sewage has recently been discharged.

    Wish Corbyn would get on with fronting that new party that’s been hinted at. It’d be a perfectly viable project and could amass 200,000 members in short order if membership is reasonably priced. Being the fastest growing political party in Europe will gain union attention + help, then it could snowball. A by-election win and anything becomes possible(not unrealistic given the huge apathy for Labour).

    An election is due in the next few years and the media and establishment forces won’t have 5 years to degrade and destroy any new party with smears and lies. It should operate entirely transparently. In recent polls, ‘neither’ out-polled Truss/Sunak vs Starmer in the who do you want as PM? stakes. The establishment parties are uniquely vulnerable at this time – unpopular weak leaders. There will never be a better time to argue the merits for renationalisations either, nor a time when the public are more receptive than the next few years.

    At a minimum, even if it fails under FPTP, it’ll force the PLP to have to respond by recommitting to a public NHS, maybe tone down their hawkishness. You can barely get a cig paper between Con, Lab and LD leaderships. Now is the time.

  10. Andy, I like your thinking, though I’d suggest Ian Byrne would be a better figure to lead the party, with Corbyn ideally offering support and perhaps standing in a seat. It should be about ideas rather than reduced to a celebrity death match between Corbyn and Starmer. Byrne has not been ground down by years of attack, has youth on his side and is outside of a North London coterie. He would also not be characterised as pursuing some vendetta against the party that expelled him. Not being a fan of union or business funding, I’d rather Byrne was supported by membership subscriptions (though I do think the unions should withdraw their support for Labour). Two or three byelection wins (arising from the few remaining Labour MPs with a conscience joining the new party and necessarily asking for a reaffirmation of their mandate) would be sufficient to expose the redundancy of Labour and the hope would be that the new party and Labour would acknowledge that PR is the only way to ensure democracy. It would be a poor return if the establishment of a new party just resulted in them or a chastised Labour then winning under FPTP – no one party should have five years to act unchecked, regardless of their hue.

    1. Yeah, plus the media pile-on against Corbyn would be horrific, with all the bogus antisemitism stuff resurfacing. Corbyn as honorary President then perhaps?

      It’d be good if Laura Pidcock could be involved too. She may still have future Labour party ambitions, but the Change UK (formerly TIG) group people and those that joined the Lib Dems have been invited back by Starmer, so it needn’t hamper her path back to a post-Starmer Labour if it doesn’t work out.

      As for publicity, the media will try to hide its very existence. Some have doubts about the likes of Owen Jones and Novara media, but their support and promotion assistance will be vital to establishing the party and getting its policies across to voters. People shouldn’t get too hung up on who is backing with stupid purity tests for those on the outside. The important thing is those inside – the core policies will be developed with Corbyn’s input and be distinctly socialist.

    2. Tim White
      The Labour party has been gutted,, Capatalism is fucked, the only solutions are those put forward in 2017 plus Free Broadband through the BBC
      We have the future in our hands, all those who can make it happen step up
      We agree on JC as the spiritual leader, which just leaves the BAME Female to wipe the floor with 40 years of FAILURE

  11. You couldn’t make it up
    The Tory Government are providing the finance for the Isle of Man government to implement Keir Starmer’s Energy Price Cap policy in a tax haven.

    “Electricity bills will be FROZEN all winter – but only in one small part of the British Isles.
    The Isle of Man, the self-governing Crown Dependency of 84,000 people in the Irish Sea, will fund the landmark move with a scheme like one being proposed for the UK.
    Electricity bills will be capped at the current 22p per unit until 31 March 2023, avoiding a predicted rise to 37.4p from October 1.
    Funded by a government loan to be repaid over 20 years, it will cost £16-26million.
    The island will also trial a £2 cap on all bus fares for three months, and cost-of-living payments for 6,000 families in October and December.

    1. SteveH

      They are going to do the same for the rUK : a £2,000 cap funded by a £100bn govt fund which these energy companies can borrow from – effectively subsidising for foregone profits. Then the govt will allow them claw it back over 10-15 years. Energy Sec. Kwasi Kwarteng is in advanced talks on these arrangements.

      The problem is, this amounts to a £100bn bung to the private companies. Companies that would go bust if left to market forces, because people wouldn’t have been able to pay. They should be allowed to go bust and then renationalised for nothing by the govt.

      1. Correction
        Having looked into this further it looks like I have misread the Mirror article and it is in fact the Isle of Man government that is funding this through a loan to its utility company. In my defence I would say that the Mirror article wasn’t particularly clear.

        Isle of Man to freeze electricity prices until 2023
        The Isle of Man government is to freeze electricity prices until March 2023 through a £26m loan to the island’s supplier,

  12. They should be allowed to go bust and then renationalised for nothing by the govt

    Yes indeedy. They want market forces to determine the economy, so they should let the beast die, and if the rest are unwilling to take their place then let the state-owned replacement compete against them.

    If I put a tenner on a horse and it gets shot, that’s my tough shit.

    If (already brewstered) capitalists make a gamble on the markets, and they plummet, they’re bailed to the hilt. Socialism for the rich….austerity for the poor.

    Someone once said (a Vanderbilt?)

    If I have one hundred dollars and want to make it $110 – that’s work

    However, if I have a hundred million dollars and want to make it $110,000,000…



    …That’s inevitable

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