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Video: if strike movement terrifies Establishment, new ways to take action will petrify them

‘Change is not a spectator sport’ – CWU head Dave Ward announced last night that ways are coming for everyone to take action against mass exploitation and poverty, not just union members

CWU general secretary Dave Ward speaking last night at Liverpool’s Enough is Enough launch

The people of Liverpool enjoyed a riotous evening of resistance last night as speaker after speaker talked of the need for real change and the need for ordinary people to force it to happen when the Establishment controls both the government and the notional ‘opposition’ – resistance and a push for change that is already terrifying those in power as strike after strike signals ‘Enough is enough’.

And CWU general secretary Dave Ward gave notice of a development that will deepen the Establishment’s fear – that ‘change is not a spectator sport’ and the movement will soon be announcing new measures that will mean every ordinary person in the country will be able to take practical part in the demand for change:

And Ward also had short shrift for Keir Starmer, condemning the lack of Westminster opposition and warning that the new measures will drag Labour, kicking and screaming if necessary, into siding with the workers instead of the elites and billionaires.

If the Tories and those masquerading as an opposition are afraid of what has happened so far as unionised workers in sector after sector say ‘no more’, they will be petrified soon when the whole country has ways to resist.

Change is not a spectator sport. Watch Dave Ward’s speech in full and all the speakers and music from last night’s Liverpool ‘Enough is enough’ launch, including the RMT’s Eddie Dempsey, Liverpool’s Ian Byrne, Zarah Sultana MP and many more, click here – and if you would like to support Skwawkbox as it covers these events and brings news the so-called ‘mainstream’ media ignore, see below.

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    1. Didn’t the Alliance For Workers’ Liberty decide she’s controlled opposition?

      1. Now that is a genuinely hilarious comment. The irony of the AWL throwing that particular brick.


        ““Additionally, Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat answered Hersh’s arguments, in detail, immediately after the article first appeared in the German paper Die Welt……..

        ………The role of Putin and Assad in promoting conspiracy theories has been exposed time and again”

        Jim Denham: ‘A Lazy Day at the Office.’ Alliance for Workers Liberty 2 October 2019.”

        Any organisation which uses Bellingcat as a go to reference is very clearly and consciously working for the Security Services and is most certainly a Security Services run and controlled operation.

        The AWL is about as credible as the existence of Unicorns.

      3. Fair enough, I don’t hold a candle for them (don’t know about Mr Skwawk), but I do just wish Sharon Graham would pull her finger out and disaffiliate Unite from the Labour party!

    2. Mass demo in Praque today against the cost of living crisis and The Czech Republic’s pro NATO war policy. They are planning a general strike.
      Things will become explosive as the people make the connection.

  1. Just went on YouTube to listen to some music. Lots of little pictures appear when I do this but I have no idea why YouTube chooses these. Two were of particular interest .
    1. Zarah Sultana’s speech at the Enough is Enough Rally. It went on YouTube 12 hours ago and has had 37.000 views.
    2. Kier Starmer urging people to Vote Labour in 2022. It has had 62 views.
    Back to the music.

      1. Give up the propoganda steve h….I can see your hearts not in it anymore.The working class are no longer invisible and as predicted are “rising”.
        Draconian measures and draconian laws supported by your Labour leader(so called)will be answered this winter because like mr Mandelson said” they have no choice. “Now we will see him and you lot choke on his own blairite propoganda.

      2. Joseph – Yeah OK 🥱
        The closer Labour get to power, the more you lot panic.

      3. In the meantime on Planet Middle-Class: “The closer Labour get to power, the more you lot panic.”

        Can’t help but wonder why “you lot” should be panicked whatsoever, do you not understand the meaning of One Party State!?
        We were dissapointed on 13 Dec’19, so how will THIS TORY or THAT TORY winning the GR make any difference to us?
        They are BOTH Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberalism, there are no Differences! Suffer, we will suffer.
        The only difference is that The Neo-Labour Party TORIES stuck two rusty nails in our eyes, GE17 & GE19 and The Conservative Party TORIES didn’t.
        That is the only difference between YOUR TORY Party and THEIR TORY Party! Nothing to panic over
        This from back in the day, when Clinton created the beginnings of the Thatcher/Reagan flavoured Globalist Neoliberal One Party State, and how Tony Benn felt after a Labour focus group discussing getting rid of us “UNDESERVING POOR” and focussing on the Middle-Class & UP. Even back then Deborah Mattinson, now the Director Of Strategies for BlueKeef’s Office (working for FREE) after leaving her multi million Polster Firm (YEAH RIGHT, you can believe that individual will put her foot out of bed for less than £1K per hour,) Anyway, this is Benn’s thought the address above is where the rest of the citation can be found, it is a good read for anyone interested in the making of the One Party State!

      4. Whether or not “Labour” are getting “close” to government or not, who knows?
        They are certainly not getting close to power.
        As long as this lot are in charge of the LP, it is the Establishment who will continue to maintain their power through a neoliberal government, whatever the colour on the tin.

    1. 2. Kier Starmer urging people to Vote Labour in 2022. It has had 62 views.

      That’s cos the shadow cabinet were forced to watch it three times each. Keefs’ gonna find the one who only watched it twice and sack them.

  2. Starmer claims shadow ministers shouldn’t show picket line solidarity because he and they aspire to be in govt.

    Reading between the lines, what he’s really saying is : he doesn’t want to be seen endorsing demands because they don’t intend to pressure these companies to fulfil them. Union affiliation makes less and less sense under the current LP leadership.

    1. Labour makes no sense.

      Grassroots is appearing. It is organic, natural. Let the replacement for labour do the same.

      Would you honestly put your faith in the labour party ever again?

      1. I admire the fine and honourable people still working within and hoping to be able to rescue the Labour Party – Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi being a wonderful example – but I really think it is now a lost cause and that your second paragraph is spot on.

        My membership lapsed on the day of the payoff to the so called ‘whistle blowers’ and whilst I felt real sadness and guilt for a long time, no longer only anger as things have gone from bad to very much worse.

    2. Picket Lines, Protests, Union Membership, Talk of Strike, Thinking of Strike, Dreaming of Strike and Farting near a Thatcher or Churchill Statue will all get his beloved 10 years banged up treatment!
      If that Party wins a GE, there will be more people in Prison than on the street!

  3. It’s like a Corbyn moment but led by the diverse working class.
    Just need a Top Ten SimpleThings (or so) we can all try to do.
    Enough Really Is Enough and Hope we can also have some strong working class women and BME working class speaking up too, and in every country!

  4. General strike….thats route one and the only way to take on a parliament who are united against the “Working class” .Vote labour is a vote for collaberation with the class enemy.the establishment.They are prepared to murder the elderly and vulnerable including the children this coming winter.with no longer any indicator of Opposition from the establishment parliament.
    Maggie Thatcher planned for a miners strike with increased coal mountains and energy supplies…lets see what the Tory government have in their armoury against the massed ranks of the people driven into despair and now anger against a government that can spend billions on a war against Russia but has no longer any concern about their own people starving and freezing.

    1. Joseph – You seem to have conveniently forgotten that it was Putin’s imperialist ambitions that started this.

      1. Stop trying to divert the conversation. No matter who started the war, Joseph is right. Our ruling elites are willing to spend vast amounts of money fighting a proxy war against a country we are not at war with in support of a country that we have no treaties with and are not in NATO, rather than helping the very people who elected (or hope will elect) them on promises of making the lives of the counties citizens easier.

        I know you’re a last word merchant and despite the obvious distraction tactic you will still bang on about dictators, call me gullible, convince yourself you are yet again intellctually superior and dismiss me with some snide remark. Go for your life, but try to stick to the topic at hand.

      2. SteveH! Time and time again you show us just how idiotic you really are. Do us all a favour and just fuck off!.

      3. “Joseph – You seem to have conveniently forgotten that it was Putin’s imperialist ambitions that started this.”

        In what way does “Putin” cause our UK Crisis?

        I know you have problems with answering questions so, I simplified it a bit.

      4. This whole Putin’s fault thing of yours smacks so much of your VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn and then blame LP/RWall voters for it while you crow you voted Labour, you voted NeoLibDems, but we know you all voted Tory, because 1. That would’ve been the only possible way to stop Corbyn! 2. NeoLibDems didn’t do anywhere near well enough! 3. There were nowhere near as many RWallers in comparison to you Neo-Labour Sabotaging TORIES who were telling us 24/7 for 4y3m that you are not voting Corbyn!

        *Posted to the wrong thread below*:
        “Joseph – You seem to have conveniently forgotten that it was Putin’s imperialist ambitions that started this.”

        In what way does “Putin” cause our UK Crisis?

        I know you have problems with answering questions so, I simplified it a bit.

      5. nellyskelly – As usual lots of ‘assertions’ and bugger all evidence to substantiate it. Inane rantings aren’t an argument.

      6. Each to their own, you should spend some time reflecting on your diatribe and perhaps engage in some thinking of your own rather than some MSM hack’s Propaganda. Talk about Propaganda, you forgit to answer the question for your little hissey fit. Just in case you have trouble finding it again here it is……..

        “Joseph – You seem to have conveniently forgotten that it was Putin’s imperialist ambitions that started this.”

        In what way does “Putin”/Russia/Russian Government cause our UK Energy Crisis?

        I know you have problems with answering questions so, I simplified it a bit.

      7. nellyskelly – I’ve got better things to do than waste my time explaining to you what you already know and if you don’t already know then you self evidently lack the mental capacity to understand even basic facts so I’d still be wasting my time.

      8. No, I have quite the capacity for understanding that there is only one kind of fact, the evidenced, actual, factual fact.
        Unlike you, I live in the real world, not planet Middle-Class and I use Actual, Real Facts not variants of Manufactured MSM basic to complex “Facts”.
        So how about it, shall we compare “basic” facts and see if you can answer a very basic and simple question.

        How is “Putin”/Russia/Russian Government/”the war” the cause of our, UK, Energy Crisis?

        You love saying Putin’s fault as you do Corbyn’s fault, I just thougt you may be able to enlighten me with your supreme MSM manufactured wisdom.

      9. This is interesting, does your lack of fact based meaningful reply mean that you give in to my naritive that this energy crisis has NOTHING to do with Putin, Russia, Russians, the “War”, but just like Covid, has every thing to do with the Greedmongers & Warmongers of “The West”?

        Okay well here it is again, just in case:
        How is “Putin”/Russia/Russian Government/”the war” the cause of our, UK, Energy Crisis?

      10. nellyskelly – “This is interesting, does your lack of fact based meaningful reply mean that you give in to my naritive that this energy crisis has NOTHING to do with Putin, Russia, Russians, the “War”, but just like Covid, has every thing to do with the Greedmongers & Warmongers of “The West”?”

        No! It means what I said above. I can’t be bothered wasting my time with an idiot.

      11. ‘Yet, here you are’, it’s okay to occassionally realise that your Manufactured MSM Propaganda based facts are so horribly wrong, that you’d prefer to do dodge questions, nevermind we’ll leave it at that, I wouldn’t like to hear that you sustained a self inflicted hissey fit or diatribe injury.

      12. Wow, the Russophobia is spectacular on WordPress, I’ll try again:
        C’est la Vie

      13. That can’t even be classed as Freudian slip, it’s just straight up racist death wish! Nothing drooping or half mast on the Western front, as they are defeating the Nazis as we speak.

      14. PS your Racist hate of Russians still doesn’t explain how Putin, Russia, Russians,”the War” causes The UK energy crisis.

      15. nellyskelly – Where have I said that I hate the Russian people? I blame their corrupt war criminal dictator Putin and his pathetic narcissistic imperialist ambitions.

      16. “I blame their corrupt war criminal dictator Putin” granted Putin is a Conservative Party Leader and no friend of mine BUT, is he any more a corrupt war criminal dictator than Johnson, Biden, Trump, Obama, Nafftali, BLiar, Netanyahu, etc, etc?
        “and his pathetic narcissistic imperialist ambitions”, wiping out Nazism and supporting Donbass to independence and self determination? Whilst still remaining a part of Ukraine as per the Minsk Agreement? I struggle to see any of that as pathetic, narcissistic, imperialist or ambitious.

  5. Tom Blackburn writes in Jacobin:

    With Tories and Labour rightists alike having closed ranks to crush any alternative [to the neoliberalism of the past four decades], the mounting popular anger has no political party outlet. Keir Starmer’s Labour has taken flight from anything that looks like either industrial militancy or political radicalism, shunning energy renationalization — supported by nearly half of Tory voters — to reassure Britain’s oligarchy that he won’t do anything to upset it. No wonder, then, that the initiative to lead the pushback has fallen entirely to trade unions and extra-parliamentary movements.

    1. I am really pleased to see the Trades Unions and other working class groups taking the initiative.
      Without this, the coming winter would provide extremely fertile ground for the far right.

      1. P.S. Just checked YouTube and it’s gone up to 183.

        Keefs’ punishing.the lot of them (for the one who watched a funny cat video instead of watching him for the third time), by making them all watch it ten times each…

        There will then be a test on what he said….if any of them still have the will to live.

      2. It is only through these unionised initiatives that we, will not only see change, but the birth of a Movement and Party entirely FOR The PEOPLE and NOT THEMSELVES & The Establishment/Old World Order.
        However, I am concerned that the UNIONS are not disaffiliating, that really needs to be the next step towards freedom.

      3. nellyskelly – Maybe they got their fingers burnt with the TUSC.

  6. I do not want to criticise ‘Enough is Enough’ but the event on Friday in Liverpool St. Georges Hall was a shambles, with many people leaving early. The acoustics were so poor that people could not discern what was being said; the event began with ‘live’ bands playing through an ultra loud P.A. system, so loud that the many in the audience covered their ears with their hands; no facilities for the disabled & elderly & no seating arrangements. Standing for 4 hours is not a viable option for many people over a certain age & as for access to a video recording…. I am banned from Facebook & do not possess a mobile ‘phone.

  7. “Change is not a spectator sport”. 100,000-PLUS former members of the Labour party agree with CWU head Dave Ward on this. By becoming ‘dearly departed’ we do not stop being stakeholders, promoters and champions of the Change that is needed.

    “Stand ye calm and resolute,
    Like a forest close and mute,
    With folded arms and looks which are
    Weapons of unvanquished war.

    “And if then the tyrants dare,
    Let them ride among you there;
    Slash, and stab, and maim and hew;
    What they like, that let them do.

    “With folded arms and steady eyes,
    And little fear, and less surprise,
    Look upon them as they slay,
    Till their rage has died away:

    “Then they will return with shame,
    To the place from which they came,
    And the blood thus shed will speak
    In hot blushes on their cheek:

    “Rise, like lions after slumber
    In unvanquishable number!
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you:
    Ye are many—they are few!”

    1. It’s very true. Peace was a few hours away.

      The west needs this war. They need Russia’s resources or they go under. Look around, it’s already begun.

      The main stream press has gone well past the point of telling porkies about this.

      Still, the Russians are always willing to talk. And I’d happily bet they’d be nicer than usual to completely fresh British faces to talk diplomacy.

      1. I should think the Russians are positively salivating at the prospect of getting some more gallows laughs out of Truss! (They won’t have forgotten how she betrayed her utter cluelessness about her brief, not knowing which eastern oblasts were in Russia and which were in the Donbass).

        She’s so aggressively stupid she’ll make the UK the laughing stock of the world. She’s already made London nuke target No.1! I give her till Xmas, if we survive till then…

      2. The wonderful Maria, can’t spell her last name, sent a message to western bosses today. Roughly, if you get any calls from people asking for guns and money, ignore them. They are probably from drug addicts. I love the sovs.

    2. Indeed. Nvla’s point is hitting the bullseye. But then again, Putin is a 1990’s WEF Future Global leader, and, some say, this war is “scripted” (i.e. prescribed by the WEF). The key question is why? As with the false health ’emergency’, it might have something to do with the economic system that has been hijacked by the global capitalist neoliberals and its imminent collapse. (“All that is solid melts into air”)

      1. @qwertboi

        What V.V.Putin is, is ex-KGB. For a brief glimpse of the mind of VVP, look into his exploits at the collapse of East Germany/the wall. Then there’s the fact as a senior KGB fella, he’d have access to all western resources including media. He’d have seen the tea leaves long before us.

        Putin did the classic. Keep you friends close, your enemies closer. You’ll note he’s been removed from WEF propaganda.

        The worry is CBDC. Just about everyone is onboard with this, and it’s powers are frightening. See Canadian truckers for the power of controlled money that belongs to you.


        I can genuinely see Lavrov, (who is normally quite chipper and jovial) being depressed and refusing to meet with the idiot again.

        I would. Am just thinking of the poor Russian diplomat that ends up having to care for her.

    3. How does 4% Gas, 9% Oil and 22% Coal imported from Russia to the UK manufacture increases of gas by 91% & electricity by 70%!?
      From: Commons Library
      Imports of energy from Russia
      Published Friday, 12 August, 2022

      Also From: Commons Library
      Domestic energy prices
      Published Sunday, 28 August, 2022
      “Higher wholesale prices, especially after Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, have led some to forecasts that the cap could increase by a further 50% in January 2023.”
      The only REAL crisis The PEOPLE are facing is the Great PEOPLE’S Cull! Thanks to Gates’ death jab, the West’s Ukraine war, etc.
      Yesterday at an “Arms FAIR” a 10yo picked up a rocket launcher, aimed at his 12yo brother and pulled the trigger, guess what? The fucking thing was loaded, live and only went off! Seriously injuring 4 Adults and 4 Children 1 Baby!!! The Municipal Leaders knew nothing about the fair. I wonder, who could possibly be so fucking stupid to have a FAIR with Children and Loaded Heavy Artillery! Guess? Yup Ukraine, Ukrainian who? Ukrainian fucking Nazis, and I will eat my hat if I am wrong about the Nazis!

    4. This is potentially huge. What lends it greater credence (because Fiona Hill’s account in Foreign Affairs needs to be aligned with an account that demonstrates Johnson scuppered a deal not simply that he went to Ukraine in April) is that the news article that references the scuppering is no longer available on the cited news source . You can, however, still access news items prior to and after the date – 5/5/22. If there are other sources that corroborate the scuppering then I’d be very keen to see them – this may well add to the litany of charges against Johnson but in terms of where we are now it would demand that we revisit the presentation of the UK’s support of Ukraine in terms of being their most valued ally and instead accept that we are culpable for the bloodshed that has persisted since April

      1. Tim White –

        Have you tried
        “The Wayback Machine” ?
        ‘Wayback’ is probably the best tool to recover any deleted webpage. It is a part of the Internet Archive, a non-profit organisation that tries to duplicate all content on the Internet.

        Not everything is recoverable – but its worth a try ..

      2. And culpable for antagonising Russia into Military Action, Russia already said it would wipe the UK off the face of the earth, and Truss ‘alrady pressed all their wrong red buttons’, fuck knows what she can do now. All and all it is looking pretty grim for us.
        What people forget is that Ukraine is a Special Opperation, not a war or invasion, but the collapse of the Minsk Agreement, thanks to BoJoke’s scupperings, Western MSM Propaganda and NATO Flexing and Gnarling at the Fence!
        If that was a war, it would have been over in days.
        Let’s hope nobody rolls that dreaded double 1!

  8. And I’d happily bet they’d be nicer than usual to completely fresh British faces to talk diplomacy

    Well that’s not gonna happen. The criminally stupid truss couldn’t even find Russia – on a map of Russia! Couldn’t be trusted to pick her nose without skwering her miniscule brain ffs.

  9. I think events have gone past peace negotiation just now –
    the longer hostilities go on – the harder it is.

    Johnson should have kept his neb out .. it was none of
    his business. However its all about HIM isn’t it – his
    ego ..

    This is like the situation of Nixon and the Vietnam war –
    where he sabotaged a possible peace deal – for his
    own political gain. It all came out a few years later.

    1. PS Remember it was BLAIR and his mates who
      cosied ups to Putin in the early 2000s – together
      with that idiot BUSH who could see a good man by
      looking into his eyes .. yuch..

      Corbyn on the other hand wanted the then PM to
      raise the situation about Chechnya and Human Rights
      to Putin who he persuaded to visit the UK.
      He made two speeches about it – I believe they are
      on the short video he made a few months ago.

    2. Can’t see Johnson having stuck his oar in and stirred vigorousely without having been told to do so by the US.

      1. ‘class consciousness’, goldbach. Everybody except the victims themselves seem to know why the ‘cost-of-living’ crisis is happening. Proxy, choreographed wars are not a sufficienbt reason. At least in the old days we could have massively destructive do-or-die wars to let the Establishment consolidate itself and for the parasite-rich riding on its coat-tails to get richer, now it’s a standard practice business model and we seem to rely on false health emergencies to enable the serious “mopping-up” by mega-rich corporates and oligarchs.

      2. First of all – the struggle with the cost of living
        started long before the war in Ukraine. However
        the increase in the cost of energy did not help.
        Even so – it could have been massively ameliorated
        if Energy producers had been nationalised.

        Johnson putting his oar in regarding Ukraine?

        .. is ENTIRELY to further
        his own career .. and because of his massive ego.
        Zelensky butters him up – there are Streets named
        after him all over the country. This is ironic considering
        his history with Russia and the Oligarchs – and their
        hefty contributions to the Tory Party. This is something
        which Corbyn continually called them out for – but it
        was ignored. Meanwhile their dirty money was slopping
        around in the money markets.

        He has been pulled up about his many visits to Ukraine
        Time and Time again by individuals from across the political

        Any organisation wanting to further their own ambitions
        would NEVER put Johnson on their books – he is far too
        much of a loose cannon. He and his ego comes first –
        and he is too intellectually lazy to put any effort into it.
        The many voters who thought he would get the UK out
        of the EU in an organised and smooth way have learned
        that to their cost, as has the Tory Party.

  10. The movement against the cost of living crisis will become much more potent when we draw the connection with the NATO proxy war.
    This has enourmously exasberated the situation for workers and we should point the finger directly at Johnson and Truss.
    Unions that have a Liz Trussist position like Aslef and the PCS are not helping.

    1. Maybe though Arwyn, we are too timid or too cowardly to do that. And (I’d say) it’s not just the choreographed (‘proxy’) war between Russia and Ukraine that’s playing a part in creating this cost-of-living emergency.

      nellykskelly’s excellent post at 1.01pm tells me that – despite the war – UK inflation is caused (as much of it has been since thatcher’s Loads-a-Money 1980s) by the system itself – for the sole benefit of capital accumulators.

    2. Arwyn Thomas
      Money talks, the only thing that surprises is how cheap people are to buy
      If it was me, at least squillion, gazillion squids and my fat arse is theirs

      1. if you were a nobody like starmer, reeves, lammy or cooper, a ‘fighting chance’ for Downing Street might be enough, but yeah, spot on.

        For me, the problem is not that “money talks”, it’s when the voice of everything else (communities, people, causes, values and science) is silenced by the MSM, the bought political system and by “the market”.

        It’s time to un-learn that Learned Helplessness that the Few need us to practice – which is what Dave Ward’s getting at above. Solidarity Dave.

      2. Moral Hazard
        What are the chances of an individual being prosecuted for corruption
        In each organisation when someone goes rogue and has clearly been bought out, where are the checks and balances to prevent them acting like a dictator
        A good example is PWC who said ‘owt but his prayers’ to get elected, at very least we should be given a Free Vote

      3. I can be bought if offered the right amount. That in itself should tell the corruptors that I am not to be trusted. Shouldn’t it?

  11. The Labour Party has been taken over by Neo-Liberals, or better known as Tories, they are not going to be driven by any sort of campaign that seeks to redress the balance of power, they are there to maintain the status quo. WE have to drive them out of our party the same way they are driving us out, or we form a New Party with Unions of the left and the left of those MPs still in office.

    This is precisely the moment that we can offer a genuine alternative that would establish a real left of centre party once again. The then Labour Party will die away with nothing to offer, or fail to convince because they oppose all genuine policies that work in the interests of people.

    The business friendly party is a Tory party in all but name, business interests are not the same as ordinary people’s interest, in fact they are diametrically opposed, so can only make people poorer. They don’t like paying real wages, they don’t like paying tax, and they don’t like regulation (those things that protect people), and they offshore their profits that affect the value of the currency as well as not returning wealth back into the country to reinvest in people. Business’s tell us that they don’t need governments, that all they need are free markets – so why does a party need to be business friendly in the first place, they can surely take care of themselves, or at least that is what they tell us.

    In short all business friendly parties are actively working against the interests of their voters.

    1. Apart from a lack of support what is stopping you from setting up a new party?

      1. Like how many years do you think that would take from some unknown to set up a party on their own? Nice one Steve as daft as ever.

      2. Common sense. Napoleon said you don’t distract your enemy when he’s soiling his own pants (or words to that effect) – and yes, Starmer’s THE enemy; Truss or who-ever is just an opponent.

      3. Fickle wee stevie… Who voted Corbyn TWICE.

        But now keefs’ shithoused his way to the leadership – and wee stevie ONLY voted for him because he was best of a bad bunch – Now wee stevie thinks the sun shines out of keefs’ arse and that keefs’ infallible.

        Wonder what the wee fellas attitude towards keef will be when he’s finally fucked off and replaced with yet another ersatz toerag? 🤔

        His insurance policy of calling the greasy slimy twunt the best of a bad bunch will soon be dropped, I reckon, and the new Messiah will be heralded.

  12. Oh please. Enough of this ‘ordinary people’ divisiveness that you can park alongside your ‘hard-working families’ bs. There are people, and if mechanisms are in place that prioritise those who inherit or accumulate wealth enabling them to circumvent their ordinariness then they need to be dismantled. As do those who claim to speak for ‘ordinary’ people.

    1. Let’s just use “working class”. I’ve met many working class people who have been quite extraordinary in their knowledge, and commitment to advancing the interests of the working class.

  13. I was intending to give an update on how many views have been registered now.
    Seems that it has been taken down. It’s impossible to know whether by YouTube or the LP.

      1. goldbach – I didn’t have a choice, one has to wonder why you didn’t let us in on your secret by posting a link.

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