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Right-wing Lab councillor who smeared left-wingers as antisemites steals from bar

Jack Deakin admitted and apologised for ‘pinching’ light fitting, according to Huffington Post, but Labour is taking no action

A right-wing Labour councillor who smeared four Green councillors has admitted stealing a light fitting from an upscale Birmingham bar, according to the Huffington Post.

The four councillors – including Jo Bird, who is Jewish – were defamed by Jack Deakin as antisemites after leaving Labour in disgust at the unchecked racism of the party’s right-wingers and joining the Greens, They are raising funds to sue him after he failed to delete his tweet and apologise.

Deakin, who at the time was chair of Birmingham council’s Commonwealth Games scrutiny committee, was caught on CCTV as he took the item from the Colmore Tap bar and has since returned it and apologised. The bar is not pursuing a prosecution, but a local Labour source told the paper it was ‘incredible’ that the party had taken no action either.

Deakin is supported by the right-wing ‘Labour to Win’ faction, which has representatives on the party’s national executive. He declined to comment when invited to do so by Skwawkbox.

Readers who wish to contribute toward the crowdfund for the councillors’ legal action can do so here.

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  1. The local source is probably being kind and knows exactly why the starmer-party is taking no action after learning about Deakin’s anti-Semitism or even his random kleptomania from The Colmore Tap.

    It is not ‘incredible’. It is par for the course that Starmer has set. Although it felt wrong at the time, I’m glad I left the Labour party once the Starmer-effect became clear.

    1. Colon Tap, questionable name for a poor rock band. What excuse did he give, sympathetic birthing issues? You just have to look at it. Nothing to do with the article, save your time. I was just being nasty. Is this on twitter? He’ll be on the picket line with RMT. Sorry, he won’t . He’ll be up to his armpits in Poundlands lighting section. Known to Interpol as the Pink Pounder.

  2. So pathologically opposed to the left are the current leadership, that any oddball, weirdo right-winger, or Tory to Labour switcher who happens to be available, is now not only welcome, but deemed suitable CLP leadership material or PPC material over seasoned councillors with proven records of local delivery.
    They’d prefer a right-wing dunce over a British version of Noam Chomsky, such is their hatred of anything remotely socialist or left-wing.

    Since Starmer and co have this obvious pathological aversion to the left – an aversion he kept concealed with lies – what are they even doing in the party? Who are Starmer & co working on behalf of?

    1. Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State. One Old World Order, can be seen in USA, CA, UK, EU, IL, AU, NZ! The PEOPLE’S CHOICE = Red or Blue, because apart from the Colour and The Name/Logo, there are absolutely 0 differences. They may tell their lies in slightly different ways and use Propaganda in different ways, but the end result is the same. Their Masters The Old World Order is the same World Order who gives the same instructions.
      It becomes clear why Corbyn was/is such a threat to them, it becomes clear why the New World Order BRICS is such a theat and why the ever more red South America is such a threat. They fear the risk of losing EVERYTHING to honest, decent Politicians.
      By preferring the corrupt, evil, cooks and robbers, they will come unstuck spectacularly.

      1. Capitalism is about to hit the fan. That must be made to favour us because the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about. We all look backwards to find equivalents to the present. Not a bad thing in itself but we need an entirely new assessment of global political movements. The idea that a black, female, South African, politician can talk to an entitled Yank millionaire as she was talking to an illiterate child is an example of a new pendulum. Mali, using the Wagner Group ( no, really I don’t care what you think ) to turf out the Legionnaires showed that imperialism of the old type can be beaten. Internal imperialism, colonialism is a pattern of new exploitation. Thanks to dear friends in Umkonto for that. I wrote all over that the world had changed forever in February 2022 and I stand by that. Settle down speccy from Wall Street fans. You’ve been smashed in Ukraine. Going backwards is not a counter attack. The cowboys who did visit, found meeting the Sovs a tad unsettling. Next box to tick, Syria. Once again the famed Patriot system was busted. It isn’t as much fun when the shepherd’s fight back. I love Russia me, especially their CP. This will make you howl. During a visit to gorbys open market, all the different nations were asked to sing a national song. The bunch that decided to sing for us, cleared their throats and bellowed out, Rule Brittania. Trots gotta love em.

      2. Couldn’t agree more if I tried Wobbly! Soon the suffering belt of peasants and masters, famine and drought, will the ‘the western strip’ and not because we had no opportunity, but because the people we chose to keep in power kept biting outstretched hands of cooperation!
        That of course will be up to The PEOPLE, pretend all is rosey and sweet, stick our heads in MSM sand and order the latest iPhone, if that is even, a thing in a couple years time!

      3. …Mali, using the Wagner Group ( no, really I don’t care what you think ) to turf out the Legionnaires showed that imperialism of the old type can be beaten…

        At their own game no less! And for the record, I love it. German urine is boiling over this affair in Mali. The mask is slipping with Europe.

        It’s gonna be terrible for us in the future, but it’s going to be great for humanity in general.

        Stay safe

    2. During a program about the beginnings of WW2 it
      was said that Stalin had a pathological hatred
      of Poland and the Polish because that country had
      won a war against the Soviet Union in the 1920s.

      For that reason he was happy to collude with Hitler
      in 1939 which saw the Nazis invading from the West
      and the Soviets from the East and effectively holding
      half each – effectively eliminating Poland –
      they thought.

      Starmer was stopped from taking a second job by
      Corbyn and not only that Corbyn had the popularity that
      Starmer never has had and never will have. I think
      its a (possibly male?) superiority thing?

      It will be interesting to see how Starmer copes with a
      female Prime Minister .. well I think she’s ludicrous
      but still ..

      1. There are mixed oppinion about Stalin in Poland, the Nazis from east would have been the much celebrated Nazi, Bandera of Ukraine. I know the Latvians also have an annual Nazi celebration. That could be the reason for invasion. (Denazification, again! When will it bloody end!)
        The nagging problem for me anyway, is that everything we know about history is the fluffed up candid, selective truths and versions of events writen by mostly British Aristocracy/Elite’s.

      2. Back in the war you’re referring to (Soviet-Polish war), the international press was fiercely anti-Polish, even in USA. Only France, because of its dislike of bolshevikism, supported Poland. Stalin’s dislike of Poland was reportedly caused by the Poles involving Ukraine in this war – oh, and maybe that Joseph Stalin (and Leon Trotsky) were Red Army Commanders in it.

        Anyway, yet another allusion to Stalin to help make Starmer’s psychosis seem acceptable and suggest the possibility that he might – one day – be a great man (instead of an amoral ‘forensic’ lawyer).

      3. It was a central committee decision to invade Poland in 1920, the logic behind it to spread the revolution and clear a route to what was regarded as the most organised and class conscious working class in Europe in Germany. It was a near unanamous decision with the only opposing voice being Leon Trotsky. Trotsky correctly pointed out the Polish people would regard it as a foreign invasion. Radek the Trade Union leader also opposed it for the same reason. I don’t think Radek was on the central committee. Incidently the assasination of Radek in 1930, probably on the orders of Stalin, gave Stalin the excuse to start the purges.

      4. “During a program about the beginnings of WW2 it
        was said that Stalin had a pathological hatred
        of Poland and the Polish because that country had
        won a war against the Soviet Union in the 1920s.”
        I think that you are referring to the aftermath of WW1 when there was a conflict between the SU and Poland over the former imperial possessions of the Russian Empire in eastern Europe. The dispute was settled by the Peace of Riga agreement in 1921 when the territory in question was divided between the SU and Poland (in footballing terms this would be considered a draw rather that a defeat for Russia). What it certainly was was an imperial grab by Poland, taking over swathes of Lithuania, Belarus and all of western Ukraine.
        I have never read any accounts that indicate Stalin had an obsession with these events nor that he had indicated that he had a pathological hatred of Poland. If there is evidence for this I would like to read about it so it would be interesting to know who it was whom the programme quoted as saying that that was the case.

    3. They can keep their concentration convid camp revolutionary to themselves. I bet you my pension that no body knows that he once wrote a book called manufacturing dissent, with another bloke. Sorry, consent. Did you spot that all of you comfortable anarchists.

  3. I wonder if Deakin was a Black/Muslim Councilor,
    1. Would have gotten out the door, with that lamp, would heva even gotten as far as getting the lamp off the wall!?
    2. Would a SWAT team have kicked his door down, tazed him and arrested him, instead of a cosy chat and a sorry!?
    3. Whould he still be Cllr Deakin or would he be queueing for UC!?
    I will post this here again, PLEASE watch it and PLEASE sign the petition, detail on this YT post.

  4. Racists and liars have long been welcome in Starmers Labour and now it seems we can add thieves to his roll of dishonour.

      1. I believe so they dumped Jess Barnard didn’t they, or she left either way it’s a gross injustice the bloody lot of it.

    1. Quite, Smartboy.

      It makes you wonder if there’s any pederasts (left) then, because you’re more-or-less guaranteed keef’d do piss-all about them, too.

      Of course, it’d be someone else’s decision, not the greasy one’s.

      1. He really sickens me Toffee- nothing that man would do would surprise me

      2. To be surprised would mean you wasn’t expecting. And you can’t expect anything from keef but bitter disappointment time after time.

        And expecting the worst makes you a pessimist…But in keefs’.case, a pessimist that’s 100% correct.

        And I’d rather be a pessimist that’s correct 100% than an optimist** that’s 100% wrong but deludes themselves they’re right (wing)

  5. About the invasion of Eastern Poland – well they TOLD
    them they were there to liberate them – now where have
    we heard-that before? As for de-nazification- well that’s
    rich when they promised to help out their Nazi friends
    (who had taken over West Poland) if they were needed.

    They collected together many Polish citizens and carted
    them off to Siberia – now doesn’t that seem familiar?
    This included relatives of mine by marriage. They also
    turfed out a lot of Poles from their houses. The part of
    Poland they had occupied they held onto after the war and
    it became part of what is now Ukraine.

    Meanwhile they collected the Polish Officers into Camps
    – then murdered them – a fact which was denied until
    1991. Stalin was FURIOUS when he needed same
    Polish Officers as Allies after Hitler invaded Russia –
    because they had done away with too many. He
    wasn’t above boasting how he had murdered the
    Kulaks in Ukraine though.

    And you wonder why Ukrainians want to resist
    the occupation by Russia? They are resisting
    them just as we resisted the Germans during the
    war and there was anger here just as there is
    anger in Ukraine. Same anger that caused them
    to elect Zelensky – they wanted rid of Oligarchs
    and corruption – all associated with Russia.

    And you are right there are Human rights abuses
    and far right extremists but so there are in
    Occupied Crimea and the Donbas – and worse.
    Amnesty issued a report on the whole of Ukraine
    including the occupied parts.

    Of course there has to be an accommodation between
    Russian speaking areas and Ukrainian – but that hasn’t
    been helped by the invasion of the country and the
    committing of atrocities – murdering civilians etc. I see
    it like N. Ireland – where there has to be an accommodation
    between the Irish who were oppressed for so long by the Brits
    – and the Protestant Community of NI and they are now
    struggling for this, It certainly wasn’t helped by Bloody Sunday
    and what went before – all committed by Parachute Regiment who
    murdered civilians in separate incidents around the same time.

    1. You think that the units, nato, nazis are going to win. They haven’t won a single battle of note. Even RUSI admits that. Russian hatred runs deep.

    2. HFW – If you read a little history you will see that the Soviet Union’s pact with Germany was not a military alliance. It was a non-aggression pact. Prior to the pact, the Soviet Union was rightly worried about the German government’s intentions in eastern Europe and proposed the creation of a military alliance between the UK, France and the Soviet Union to counter the threat from Germany. This was rejected out of hand by the UK and France went along with this. The Soviet Union’s pact with Germany was Stalin’s hope of not becoming involved in a war with Germany. Stalin can be rightfully accused of many crimes but the pact with Germany only came about because of the reluctance of the British government to ally with the SU.
      “committing of atrocities – murdering civilians etc.” – Could you give a couple of examples?

      1. And specifically, goldbach, Russia was adamant not to facilitate the self-proclaimed ‘nationalists’ in soviet neighbours – especially Soviet Ukraine. The Ukrainian SSR, also known as Soviet Ukraine, was one of the constituent republics of the Soviet Union from 1922 and, during the 1930s, the fascistic right were organising (with Polish and Nazi German support) as anti-Russian ‘nationalists’.

        The 2020s and 1920/30’s are not so different in this regard, except Joe Biden and NATO didn’t weren’t around to facilitate the fascists in the 1930s.

  6. From Birmingham love’s article:

    He said: “Unfortunately on one night, I allowed myself to become far drunker than I should have done and ended up making a stupid and embarrassing mistake

    That’s almost word-for-word the toerag sex offenders use…😙🎶

    But nevermind that…where’s the resident victims champion…?

    …Ah who gives a shit? I’d like to know just WHY the bar isn’t prosecuting the thief, for theft.

    …And he can’t have been that pissed to have removed a light fitting A/ without being noticed (except by CCTV – the fucking divvy) and B/ without damaging either the fitting or himself (more’s the pity)

    Or perhaps it’s C/ The staff are so fucking brain dead to have not noticed it missing and who was sat/stood by it prior to its disappearance?

    Which leaves us with it being possible he’s a good customer– if you get me drift?

    …Or maybe he has a certain position within the council, say on some sort of committee?

    Who knows?

    Who cares? First, expel him from the party. If there’s CCTV evidence as claimed – PROSECUTE…But make sure he’s expelled from the party as a priority.

    Welcoming toerags is bad enough. Harbouring admitted thieves is plummeting lower than the depths keef the whaleshite has reached….and I thought that was nigh- on impossible .

    1. On the subject of light bulbs…….

      ……How many Ukrainian politicians does it take to change a lightbulb?

      A: All of them, a leader to promise a brighter future and the rest to screw it up.

  7. Ere keef…

    When you was DPP…Remember**?

    If you had someone collared bang to rights on CCTV and then admitting their crime (or ‘faux pasas it’s been risibly described) that would’ve secured conviction wouldn’t it?

    So what’s the fucking delay?

    1. Envelopes, aprons, rings, crucifixes. Delays are caused by many things and none. Have I stumbled onto an o level history site? Stalin, Siberia, the cowboys won the war, poor democratic Ukraine, unbeatable NATO and or EU. All this and more from the no platform for Nazis boys and child expellers.

    1. Labour Right don’t necessarily have to obey EVERY law to the letter always cm. Only when people are watching is good enough.

      (I bet hardly any of them – and HM Queen Brenda too – have been vaccinated once (never mind the four/five/six times that many people have) – that’s for the little people, right David Lammy? Too feckin dangerous!

      OK, it isn’t mandatory yet, but likely will be under Starmer ‘show-me-your-parers’ Labour).

      1. qwertboi Most people fell for the covid scam had one or two jabs and walked away from it.Some didnt and some will live or die with the after effects of a untested no liabilities jab.We are about to receive the second phase of the reset and manufactured fuel and food poverty with the working class the target.This time it will not work and lets hope theres enough of us left to finish them off for the good of mankind ….This article from the Skwawkbox and the thieving by politicians is nothing new..but it adds a whole new perspective to ” have you seen the light “and clearly it doesn’t help when you serve office in a labour party that considers larceny and laundering as just part of the job.

  8. More evidence of the depravity in the starmer party. They are a criminal syndicate. There is no way they can ever be a force for good.

  9. The councilor is a template for almost all political characters. Greasy, untrustworthy, unnecessary and unwanted.

    Greens ain’t to be trusted either. They’re pushing for war. They’ve gone olive green. This doesn’t match with Green ideology, as the US military is by far and away the world’s biggest polluters.

    1. re ‘greens ain’t to be trusted’, until or unless ‘green’ politics are tempered with socialist analysis, values and ethics, and becomes red and green, the environmentalists who promote green issues will always be prone to incomplete diagnosis, and will, like the capitalist regime directly responsible for the exploitation and violation of the planet, be capable of PR Wokery and woolly thinking.

      Protecting the Earth as well as the Working Class is the future of socialism. Red without Green is incomplete and ineffective. Green without Red the same. Jeremy Corbyn built Labour’s 2017 Manifesto on this premise.

  10. And those knobheads from the middle classes – especially pensioners – who revere thatcher but are now complaining about extortionate charges for energy ought to remember just who the mad arld hag was that spunked the North sea oil money on destroying the unions and keeping people unemployed deliberately, while Norway amassed a fucking mahoosive sovereign wealth fund with theirs…

    1. The UK and Western elites who have caused this crisis with their decision to sanction anyone who does not roll over and let them steal their resources and impoverish themselves for greedy Feudalists are operating a Robin hood in reverse policy with a vengeance.

      In which the poor are not just robbed to pay the rich we are supposed to freeze and starve to death for the ‘privilege.’

      Here is Zerohedge with the stark figures on what this means:

      “The 80% rise in the U.K.’s cap for consumer electricity and natural gas bills this fall will drive millions of households into energy poverty this winter as the worsening cost-of-living crisis stokes fears of recession.

      All the chatter today among British people is energy regulator Ofgem’s rise in the cap on power bills to a record £3,549 ($4,189) beginning Oct. 1 from £1,971 ($2,330) at present. That cap is expected to rise to £5,439 ($6,427) by January and £7,272 ($8,594) by spring — all due to skyrocketing wholesale NatGas and electricity prices caused by declining Russian energy supplies to Europe, made worse by Western sanctions that have backfired.”

      Spend a bit of time to take that in: by next spring the average UK household will be paying over £600 a month for energy alone – never mind mortgage/rent, food (if available) council Tax, other utilities, insurance, travel to work costs etc etc.. And yet they still sing about ‘Briton’s never, never being slaves.’ This is an impossible demand akin to an official policy of genocide against the populace to pay for the sociopathic ambitions of people who want to impose a single elite globalised one world government across the planet because they think their warped ideas and faux values represent the ‘end of history.’

      A hundred years ago in the aftermath of the industrial level slaughter of the WW1 trenches all the talk was about ‘Lions being led by donkeys.’

      Today we are being led by Muffin the Mule.

      From the perspective of the necessary survival of the majority it really is time to put heads on pikes.

  11. Meanwhile the total fuckwit that is truss wants to increase defence spending to 3%, in order to ‘counter the threat of putin’

    While the MOD tell the BBC:

    But the MoD said the boost was unlikely to increase Russia’s combat power…

    …President Putin’s decree came amid a military recruitment drive.

    There have been reports that recruiters have even been visiting prisons, promising inmates freedom and money….

    …In one of its regular updates on the war, the UK ministry said it was not clear if the planned increase would be achieved by recruiting more volunteers – or by increasing conscription.

    But any increase was unlikely to have an impact in Ukraine given that:

    Russia has lost tens of thousands of troops,
    Very few new contract (i.e. non-conscript) servicemen are being recruited
    Conscripts are not technically obliged to serve outside Russian territory, the MoD said..

    Sound. More dosh for ridding Putin of his criminal/dissident problem…While NO more of a threat.

    …But sod-all for people heating their abodes and staving off hunger…Who'd be the first thrown out before the Russian cannon if it ever came to it.

  12. Trusting sources like the Western Corporate Media and its security service handler’s- WMD’s, babies ripped out of incubators, Gulf of Tonkin, Zinoviev letter, Hillsborough, N. Ireland, Saville, manufactured AS scam, and a thousand and one other lies and more – is like the well known observation of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results:

    In the real world, outside the lies of both commission and ommission, meanwhile:

    “The Russian Federation consists of 85 federal subjects which are federal cities, oblast, republics or autonomous ethnic regions. In June the Kremlin asked the governors of each of these subjects to set up one or more volunteer battalions of former soldiers who are no longer active reservists. The bigger federal subjects, like Moscow and St.Petersburg, will set up multiple units. On August 8 Kommersant reported (in Russian) that some 20 federal subjects had already set up 40 battalions and that more will become available (machine translation):

    ‘In the Perm Territory, a motorized rifle company “Parma” of 90 people and a tank battalion “Molot” (about 160 people) are being formed. Another tank battalion named after Kuzma Minin is being created in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The Amur region, as reported in mid-July by local media, is gathering the Amursky motorized rifle battalion, which is expected to consist of 400-500 people. On the website of the government of the Leningrad Region, an announcement appeared about the recruitment to the artillery battalions “Nevsky” and “Ladoga”. And in the Tyumen region, they announced the formation of three units at once with different specializations: the Tobol sapper battalion, the Taiga sniper company and the Siberia artillery battalion. According to the official version, Tobol was formed on the initiative of veterans of the Tyumen Higher Military Engineering Command School. The first groups of volunteers from these units went to the NWO at the end of July.’

    The people in these units have signed contracts with the Ministry of Defense. They will be equipped with refurbished weapons out of Russia’s endless depot reserves that are left from earlier downsizing. These are now full times soldiers for which the Ministry of Defense had yet to have a budget. All that Putin’s new order does is to arrange the funding for those new volunteer units.

    To form military units, named after local heroes, from men who come from the same region has some advantages. These people will not feel like strangers to each other which gives them some extra cohesion.The Chechen units which are already operating in Ukraine have shown that such an approach can be very successful. The regional approach has also the advantage of involving every part of Russia in the endeavor. It makes the ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine a national project.

    While the men in these units will be older than fresh recruits they will also have valuable life and work experience. These new units will probably not be the most agile but they will certainly be able to do a decent job. Moreover these are trained soldiers who will have the standard tanks and other equipment for combined arms operations. Their units will be way more powerful than the drafted Territorial Defense and Jager Infantry Brigades that now make up the bulk of the Ukrainian forces. Currently the new units are training at various facilities throughout Russia. When they are ready they will start their rotation into Ukraine.

    Likes Biden’s ‘new’ announcement of the $3 billion ‘additional’ aid, Putin’s decree is only a detail of a previously announced policy.”

    Nothing to get excited about. Just Western media doing the usual recycling of Security Services press releases from cretins who don’t know their arse from a hole in the ground and who keep getting it (their arses) regularly handed to them on a plate.

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