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Norwegian energy users are being charged only 6% of UK variable rate – on a FIXED 3YR DEAL

The scale of the UK energy rip-off is laid bare – and it’s staggering. The current variable rate is lower still – less than 1% of the UK price

The scale of the UK energy rip-off plunging millions into poverty and despair and and set to cause thousands of needless deaths this winter is laid bare by a look at the energy cost in nearby Norway – and it is truly staggering.

As UK households face unaffordable bills based on a new ‘cap’ of 52 pence per Kilowatt-hour (kWh) on variable tariffs plus exorbitant ‘standing charges’ – and fixed one- or two-year deals are many times more expensive – Helgeland energy in Norway is offering its customers a fixed THREE-year deal at just 3.2 PENCE (37 øre) per kWh, with a monthly standing charge of just £2.51:

The Helgeland Kraft fixed 3-year offer, screengrabbed this morning. 37.2 øre at a current exchange rate of 11.52 Kroner to the pound is just 3.2p

And for customers not looking to lock in their price for the next three years, the rate is even lower – much lower: just half a penny per kWh:

Helgeland’s variable rate customers don’t even pay a standing charge at all and clients in north Norway are VAT-exempt

Customers in the south of Norway, where more energy is imported, pay a little more – but still only six tenths of a penny per kWh. Either less than, or just over, one one-hundredth of the price being gouged from UK people – so this is not merely the effect of Norway’s commitment to renewable energy and even if it was, it would only highlight the spineless and self-serving drivel of the political posturing on both sides of the Commons and the absence of vision and ideas or even concern among political ‘leaders’.

The scale of this rip-off is so great that even the opposition parties’ call for prices to be frozen at the previous inflated rate merely makes legitimises the robbery.

With the Bank of England also increasing interest rates, supposedly to fight inflation that is driven by this crime and not by wages or spending, makes us all victims of robbery twice over. Yet the UK’s supposedly ‘free’ ‘mainstream’ media persistently ignore the con.

We are being ruled by criminals – and the so-called ‘opposition’ is part of the same gang wearing different rosettes to create an illusion of choice while the Establishment laughs all the way to the bank.

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