Greens crowdfunding legal action vs Labour-right councillor for antisemitism smear

Former Labour councillors, including well-known Jewish left-winger, launch fundraiser to fund legal action against Jess Phillips fan Jack Deakin

Four Green councillors either driven out by the Labour party’s purge of left-wingers and especially left-wing Jews, or who quit the party over the Labour right’s unchecked racism, have launched a crowdfund to take legal action against a right-wing Labour councillor who smeared them as antisemites, after he refused to delete and apologise for his defamatory tweet.

Cllr Jack Deakin, a Jess Phillips fan who was caught out claiming to have voted for Jeremy Corbyn while he was still a member of, ironically, the Greens, tweeted a foul smear claiming that the councillors joining the Greens meant that the Green party is now a home for antisemites.

The crowdfund page explains:

On 12 August, 2022 Birmingham City Labour Councillor Jack Deakin retweeted a positive article about former Labour councillors who moved to the Green Party,  BUT He added his own comment 

The Green Party – proud to host your antisemites for you. Put that on a billboard, bab.

He is clearly referring to the Green councillors named in the link to the article he retweeted. 

We have contacted him and submitted a Code of Conduct complaint to Birmingham City Council. He has refused to apologise. The tweet remains live at the time of writing.

Who are we? – Councillors for the Green Party: Ekua Bayunu, Jo Bird, Kevin Frea and Heather Skibsted

Summary -Please support Green Party councillors in their libel challenge against Labour councillor, Jack Deakin.

Call to action – We are asking for donations towards our legal costs to commence legal action against Mr Deakin. We need your support: please contribute and share this page now!

What are we trying to achieve? – 

We have learned from many people’s bitter experience, that to take no effective challenge to smears increases the risk of further libel and damage – no matter how vexatious or evidence-free the allegations are.

Such allegations undermine all forms of anti-racism and could be damaging for many elected Green Party representatives and members.

We want to nip this in the bud and send a clear message to everyone that Anti-semitism is a serious form of racism and casually throwing around unfounded allegations undermines the real struggles by Jewish people and their allies to fight real cases of antisemitism.  

What is the next step in the case? – 

Having exhausted the direct approach asking for the tweet to be deleted and an apology issued, we have now sought legal advice and have been informed that our claim has reasonable prospects of succeeding.

We now need to commence the legal action, pre-action stage, which we need your assistance with. 

How much we are raising and why? –

Unlike MPs, local councillors are not well paid. We have allowances, not salaries. We are asking for contributions towards our legal costs. Whilst further amounts may be required, at this stage, £3,600 is required to commence the claim and we have put some of our own money on account towards this sum.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and please donate to support our legal action. 

Recent legal actions have seen substantial damages awarded against individuals and newspapers for similar smears. Cllr Deakin was contacted for comment but did not respond.

Those who wish to donate toward the crowdfund, which at the time of writing has already raised almost £800 of its £3,600 initial target since it was launched last night, can do so here.

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  1. Hate to shit in the custard of those who blindly support JC
    He could have nipped this in the bud

    1. Many I guess do blindly support JC, Doug, but I would say most follow him with warts and all as the best thing British politics had to offer since Bevan. Many inc myself certainly never let him off the hook for being misguided, trusting by the very bastards who had their daggers drawn on him and at the cost of good Comrades! Starting with Marc, Jacky, Tony, etc. There is much I will never forgive him for, but I will still Support Him as I do Bevan, because 1. There is no one even remotely better 2. He has learnt a lot since 13 Dec’19. 3. As bad goes, being too kind, too gentle, too trusting, etc is outwayed by the good that he does.
      An ideal version of Corbyn, one who is a bit rough around the edges, takes the gutter trash on in the gutter and never gullible, will not see a comrade fall without a fight to the end, doesn’t exist, until then I will see him as the only beacon of HOPE for The PEOPLE and the Closest The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19) got to Government, since the last UK Labour Party of Bevan/Atlee.

      1. Reply to NellyKSkelly
        I see you are repeating the smear that Jeremy Corbyn failed his comrades accused of antisemitism. As you must be aware he had no control whatsoever of the disciplinary process and was under constant attack himself facing completely unfounded accusations of antisemitism, of being a spy, of being anti British, a threat to national security, a terrorist supporter etc etc and when we his supporters were being referred to by members of the PLP in the MSM as scum bullies dogs antisemites Trots, entryists etc.
        If you have even looked at the Forde Report or the leaked submission to the EHRC you will see just how hostile and vicious the Labour staffers in Southside were to him, how they used the disciplinary process to which you refer to undermine Jeremy and discredit him. Yet still you repeat these disgusting smears
        So what exactly did you expect Jeremy to do for his comrades NellykSkelly? What would you have done?

      2. My dear Smartboy, I am fully aware of all the struggles we all faced daily for 4y3m!
        I am fully aware of how the inner workings of 80% Neo-Labour TORIES stacked up Against us.
        I am fully aware of my 4y3m of screaming at Jeremy to stop being so fucking GULLIBLE and TRUST the wrong People, I am fully aware of the Tweets and emails myself and Many others semt him to stop being so NAIVE about Antisemitism. and on and on and on and Smartboy if only he bloody listened from an early enough stage, which he sort of admitted in his declassified interview and called out the BS of Smeeth and Berger, Austin, Mann, Hodge, et al we may, we just may have had a wonderful PM Jeremy Corbyn and a UK Labour Party, because many people would have thought twice about Spinning Fluff into Antisemitism, if he cracked down on the bullshit, just that really.

      3. Reply to NellyKSkelly
        If you think so much of Jeremy Corbyn why do you try to belittle him, think you knew/know better than him and why do you minimise the disgusting smear campaign he had to endure every day? Why do you refuse to believe that what those who campaigned against him wanted was for him to take court action against him but he was too clever to play their game according to their rules?.

      4. Well, WOW! I reckon there is a deeper cut here than this little scratch. I love Jeremy Corbyn, but I most certainly don’t whorship him, same goes for any other human, god, animal, thing!
        I will tell him when he fucks up, as I will tell anyone else who fucks up, as I do myself, no Smartboy, it is insincere to hold back if People fuck up and pretend all is good when it’s not, that was why he fucked up, because not enough people told him he was fucking up! FFS!

      5. Reply to NellykSkelly
        You LOVE Jeremy Corbyn? Your nasty posts and undermining comments about him prove otherwise.

      6. Reply to NellyKSkelly
        Whatever? This exchange of posts has exposed you for the anti Corbyn fake socialist that you are.

      7. WOW! BlueSteveH accuses me of being a fake socialist Corbyn Obsessed Cultist RedSmartboy accuses me of being an anti-Corbyn fake socialist, and here I am stuck in the middle with a spinning head!
        Look Smartboy, I will not justify myself to you! Who do you think you are!?
        This little hissey fit has very little to do with that post, this is exactly the kind of shit that prevents Socialism from moving forward! Too many people not willing to drop their PERSONAL shit, we’ve never met, but if you don’t like what I say please feel free to comment, and tell me about it.
        I will read and consider it and reply or not, but if you’re going to turn into SteveH every time I comment, I will simoly ignore you. As far as I am concerned this conversation, about this subject, is closed. If you want to carry on, knock yourself out. I WILL continue to citicise Jeremy Corbyn as I would my dearest friends or ANYONE else. If you want to kick off every time I do, knock yourself out, you have as much right to freedom of speech as I do and I have as much right to ignore you, as you do me. I truly hope you can get over this, from my end my arms are wide open, however, I am happy to wait to let you get whatever bites out of your system.

      8. Nelly, so WHERE exactly were you ‘screaming’ at Jeremy? And what precisely were you ‘screaming’ at him to do?

        Oh, and isn’t it odd how Doug – the poster who never tires of telling us how useless JC and socialist MPs and the left are – just happened to post FIRST! So could you explain at what point JC could have nipped the A/S smear campaign in the bud – ie give us a specific event/episode when you think he could and should have done so?

        And take note of how he starts by smearing people as blindly supporting JC! Could you elaborate?

        No? Thought not!!

      9. Oh Alan! The screaming I do is like most people do, at breaking news on the TV/Computer screen. Then I would tell him about it depending how sensitive it is by email or twitter.
        What was I screaming, a lot Alan a lot! Sack Austin – outbursts in Parliament, campaining to vote Con TORY, Mann harrassment and lying to Parliament, Berger – deceive Parliament/Spectator bash at Pro Nazi Takis house, Philips – threats, Spectator bash at Pro Nazi Takis house, Hodge – Outburts, and much more, Watson – £560K Nazi money he refuséd to return much more, further investigation of the CCTV of Smeeth’s dealings with the Telegraph, stopped her from walking out and an immediate discipliniray, there and then. Booting JLM for harrassment of JVL and appointed JVL as AS trainers, got rid of LF’A’I – The Lobby, and Israel’s wrongdoings, using the 80%’s very own imposed rules to get rid of as many of The Neo-Labour Party TORIES who were destroying him, not to be led by the sly backstabbing Jewdas and so called left wing Zionists. On and in and on!

        “Oh, and isn’t it odd how Doug – the poster who never tires of telling us how useless JC and socialist MPs and the left are – just happened to post FIRST!”
        No idea what this has to do with me, I posted a reply to a post as I am doing now, there is no surprise that you posted fitst, is there?

        I don’t think anyone could have nipped AS smears in the but, those would have gone on even if we got rid of all 80% Neo-Labour Party TORIES, even if Jeremy was PM with, 100% Pure Democratic Socialist Party, MPs, Staffers, Unions, etc my issues were as I said: too trusting, too gentle, too kind, too forgiving. As a leader to have those traits as his bad points is no bad thing, BUT then he needed a ruthless badass deputy rather than a useless one. There were many times where Corbyn made a bad call, does that make him a bad leader, no! Does that mean that I can’t/shouldn’t criticise him? Fuck No! He’d be the first to complain, that is what Fascism and Dictatorships are about.
        I said the same to Smartboy, I will not justify myself on this any further than this. This is something minor and being blown out of all perportions, if you wish to carry on about it I may choose to ignore you. Just so you know.

        We can not expect to agree with everyone all of the time or at all, but we don’t need rocket science to see who is fighting on the same side as us. This is something British Socialists can’t seem to grasp. We’ll nwver Unite as one if we keep disowning each other for minor differences of oppinion!

      10. Reply to Allan Howard
        NellyKSkelly, the poster who claims he “loves” Jeremy Corbyn calls me a “Corbyn Obsessed Cultist RedSmartboy” in response to one of my posts on this thread. Those words which were intended to insult me are not the words any socialist would use to describe another no matter how much they disagreed. They make it absolutely clear he is one of the fake socialists posting on this and other left wing sites every day to undermine support for Jeremy and his socialist beliefs.

      11. Ah, I get your gripe, you are much like BlueSteveH in that you read, but you don’t comprehend! The Blue/Red was merely to express from all side, left/right, blue/red. “The Corbyn Obsessed Cultist” is what BlueSteveH calls all of us, the other was what you called me, can’t be bothered to find it.
        Again my guess is that this is a long time festering gtripe, on your part, that has nothing much to do with Corbyn. I don’t particularly care why you have a problem, because at my age I will not make concessions to be nice/liked! What you see is what you get, don’t like it? Say something or move on and I will do exactly the same.
        I hope that clarifies your misinterpretation of my word and rough interpretation of “Stuck in the Middle with You”, unless of course you are deliberately misquoting me in some bizarre Propaganda Stint.

      12. Reply to NellyK Skelly
        When you called me in your 9.21pm post of 26/8/22 a “Corbyn Obsessed Cultist” and referred to me as “RED Smartboy” your mask slipped – you showed yourself up to be the fake socialist and troll that you are. No socialist would ever consider the defence of Jeremy Corbyn as evidence that the poster was a “Corbyn Obsessive Cultist” and only the hard right use the word Red as an insult. So you’ve been well and truly sussed Nelly – your comments might even cost you your job!

      13. I have just explained that to you! Clearly you pick keywords and fuck the context or explanatiion. My explanation to you of YOUR misunderstanding is perfectly clear! TBH I don’t know why I am botherering with you!
        You picked your words and made up your mind, fine by me, I couldn’t give a flying fuck what you think, not after an explanation, I made it clear, more than that I can’t do.
        You are acting like the Trolls of 2015 to 2020, WTF are you talking about my losing my job, I have been unable to work for the past 15 years! That is exactly the kind sick tactics they used.
        Now you know what I said, and what I meant, YOU choose to run with this that is fine, if that is your thing knock yourself out Smartboy!
        I am too old to care what some individual on a Blog Forum thinks and I am perfectly sure that I will offend you again, just don’t lie and don’t blow comments out of all perportions. I will comment as I always have and I will do so with my right to Freedom of Speech! I will most certainly NOT be Censored by YOU!
        If you misunderstand and misconstrue what I say, and carry on like a 2015to2020 Troll, have fun, because I will simply ignore those comments, for the cheap tricks that they are. Your irrational behaviour once again tells me that my commet has very Little to do with your antics here.

      14. Nelly, so who exactly are these ‘most people’ you claim scream at breaking news on their TV/Computer screens? And how would you know that they were screaming at their TV/computer screens?

        And what twitter account did you post on, and what email account? And how many times did you post such comments – ie a few times, or numerous times? And did Jeremy ever respond?

        As for all the things you mention, how do you think his enemies and the MSM – which gives his enemies a voice and is totally hostile to him – would have reacted if he’d sacked Austin and Mann and Smeeth and Berger and Watson et al? And how they would have reacted if he’d booted JLM out of the LP?

        Needless to say, Nelly knows EXACTLY what the ‘response’ would have been! Here’s just ONE example from September, 2016:

        ‘List of MPs who ‘undermined’ Jeremy Corbyn sparks furore in Labour Party leadership race’

        The Labour Party’s leadership race has taken a bitter turn after it emerged that MPs who oppose leader Jeremy Corbyn could be targeted and face deselection.

        A list by Corbyn’s campaign team was issued on Wednesday (15 September) singling out 14 Labour MPs it claims abused the leader and his allies.

        The list, obtained by the Press Association, highlighted Labour MPs such as Jess Phillips for telling Corbyn’s ally Diane Abbott to “f**k off”, John Woodcock for dismissing the party leader as a “f***ing disaster” and Tristram Hunt for describing Labour as “in the s**t”.

      15. Lovely thread, thanks for your time, where do you think I’ve been the past ~7 years!?
        Frankly I’m quite sick of this Charade of Hysterics over something that I have always been very open about. This is unecesary and pathetic, as for my part it ends here now, if you wish to join BlueSteveH and Smartboy to Troll me, knock yourself out I will reply and iqgnore as I deem necessary! This is in-fucking-sane! JFC!

      16. And here’s the Guardian’s coverage:

        Jeremy Corbyn’s team issues list of MPs who it claims undermined leader

        Deputy leader Tom Watson, Jess Phillips and Tristram Hunt among 14 Labour MPs singled out for allegedly abusing Corbyn and his allies

        The list, obtained by Press Association, highlighted the behaviour of a number of Labour MPs, including Jess Phillips for telling Corbyn’s ally Diane Abbott to “fuck off”, John Woodcock for dismissing the party leader as a “fucking disaster” and Tristram Hunt for describing Labour as “in the shit”.

        Watson was highlighted for calling the grassroots Corbyn campaign Momentum a “rabble”.

        It emerged just hours before the final Labour leadership hustings between Smith and Corbyn, who is the overwhelming favourite to win the contest.

        At the Sky News debate, Smith branded it a “deselection list” that would be used by some activists to target MPs considered hostile to Corbyn.

        “You talk about trying to unite the party, but I find that quite hard to reconcile with something your campaign did just this evening, which was to publish a list, a deselection list if you like, of … MPs including the deputy leader of our party, Tom Watson, who your campaign think transgressed against you in criticising you. That isn’t unifying. That is deeply divisive,” he said.

      17. Also came across the following in the list of results (when I did a search to find the articles above):

        ‘Revealed: Jeremy Corbyn’s secret link to the tormentor of pregnant Jewish MP Luciana Berger’

        The anti-Semitism storm engulfing Jeremy Corbyn deepened last night after the Labour leader was linked to the official at the centre of allegations about the racist bullying of a pregnant Jewish MP.

        Luciana Berger – who has been dubbed a ‘dirty little Zionist rat’ by pro-Corbyn activists – is thought to be so disgusted by Labour anti-Semitism she is on the brink of leaving to form a breakaway party.

        Now The Mail on Sunday can reveal previously undisclosed links between Mr Corbyn and Alex Scott-Samuel, who has led the drive to force out Ms Berger.

        A friend of Ms Berger’s said: ‘Luciana could justifiably fear that the entire party apparatus from London to Liverpool is sinisterly acting in concert to prevent her stamping out this cancer. It would be bad enough at any time, let alone when she is about to give birth’.

        Ms Berger issued a statement this weekend which appeared to put Mr Corbyn on a final warning to sort out the anti-Semitism problem – or face a split in his party.

        She said: ‘I have been deeply disturbed by the lack of response from the leadership to the anti-Semitism that stains our Party. I and my colleagues have been calling on the leadership for months to put in place proper measures to tackle this issue.

        ‘The sad, frustrating, deeply disappointing fact is that I do not believe the leadership is properly dealing with anti-Semitism. I believe we have a serious problem. I will not be a bystander to anti-Semitism.

    2. No he couldn’t have Doug. In my opinion those who lied about him and shamelessly smeared Jeremy Corbyn wanted him to take legal action on the slanders and libels he had to contend with every day on the basis that mud sticks.
      Additionally they hoped to bankrupt him because they knew that given that he was up against the concerted efforts of the establishment, Southside, the PLP, the Zionists, the Security Services, the MSM and the state broadcaster the BBC he would probably lose any action.
      Jeremy Corbyn did the best any person could do in the circumstances. He proved he was not the weak individual he was said to be – Len McCluskey got it right, Jeremy is a man of steel who could not be intimidated into silence about the things that matter then or now.
      Those who tried to destroy him still fear him because he is still standing, still speaking out ,still pursuing peace and justice in Palestine and elsewhere and still has the support of millions of us.

      1. PS Doug
        The fact that they still fear Jeremy Corbyn is evidenced by the number of fake socialists who are paid to post comments designed to undermine him on this and other left wing sites every day.

      2. @smartboy

        It’s very very funny how polar opposites Corbyn and Trump are getting the same treatment. Neither have much in common apart from the attacks.

        Guess it shows just how rigged the whole operation is

      3. Reply to Steve
        Chris like everybody else is entitled to have an opinion on matters. That does not make him right or wrong – its just how he sees things

      4. Reply to NVLA
        Yes you are right about the rigged process. Also if they have the resources to do it to one of the richest people in the world what chance would an ordinary person have against them

      5. He could have got a really good p.i. Shit runs deep and dark in the sewers. I take no sides on the J.C Issue. I joined the hovel to vote for him but stopped my dd with result of next election. What has all of this got to do with a bunch of councillors who jumped ship but kept their poorly, boo hoo, paid positions on the council. Did they stand in oppo to Labour and win their Green Party posts? No, then they are like that Labour Party lot who jumped and kept their seats. Cursory glances at the economic situation shows that country, and the rest of Europe Remainers, is approaching a revolutionary situation. Not yet, clearly. Profits are rising but so is inflation. Some, myself included, believe that we are in a recession which will last for longer than the FT, WSJ would have us believe. Articles in Bloomberg reveal the pessimism in important parts of elites. The feeding frenzy we are seeing because of the war will not last forever. Russians are very angry with the west and the Communist Party will turn the screw. The war is lost how badly depends on us and the hill. Really, comrades we must move on. I do hope that those individuals get their dosh and bankrupt the sod. See I am even nice to Greens.

      1. Reply to Steve
        No Steve the false accusations and antisemitism complaints came in thick and fast after Jeremy became leader- one MP alone made 200 complaints -and were deliberately mishandled in order to undermine Jeremy and create the false impression that he and we- the Trots Dogs Scum thugs – who supported him were antisemites. If you regard the process during Jeremy’s leadership an ” Inquisition” what would you call the hounding of anti Zionists particularly left wing Jews by Starmers Labour.

  2. Wow such is the confidence of Deakin he’s quite happy to accuse the four councillors and basically the Green Party of unfounded allegations.

    1. I reported that little bastard several times, I had one acknolegement, that they knew about Deakin and was investigating his case, obviously went through to the 80% Neo-Labour Party TORIES rather than the 20% UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19) staffers!

    2. BoB, good point. Who has he got in his corner. He is no intellectual tactician but to take such steps requires a degree of optimism that originates far from his skull.

  3. “Anti-semitism is a serious form of racism and (Jack Deakin) casually throwing around unfounded allegations undermines the real struggles by Jewish people and their allies to fight real cases of anti-semitism.”

    Over 50% of the £2,500 target is raised within a day. Jack Deakin should be worried. I wonder how Sir Keir and his clique will react to the libel challenge? They’ll probably ignore it, trusting the synchronised-MSM to not report any of it. Push it hard SW!

    1. I think far more than “undermines the real struggles by Jewish people and their allies to fight real cases of anti-semitism.” I think that it IS The Most Vulgar Form of Antisemitism!
      Anyone who can abuse their war dead civillians in such a despicable way is absolutely heartles and careless for those who suffered terribly at the hands of maniacs. Those who abused Antisemitism to label Holocaust Survivors deserves a special measures kind of Justice.
      Everyone of us labeled an Antisemite for our Support of Socialism, Palestine, Jeremy Corbyn and calling out the Zionist Terrorist Junta Israel, with the means/contacts, should launch cases of Antisemitism or at least libel against all those who abused it for 4y3m and then practically stopped!

      1. I see where your coming from nelly. A person would have to be very phobic of Jews deliberately to devalue and diminish the concept of anti-Semitism so much. Then again, Starmer and Lammy needing to issue statements that their video-shoot at the Holocaust Memorial was not ‘tasteless’ and brutalising the shoah?

      2. Yep, how many times was Corbyn told “get our deaf out of your mouth” that to me is as disrespectful to the dead as abusing Atisemitism was. The most dangerous thing about abusing Antisemitism is the consequental effect it will have on the living, but it will be the Jews “who look like Jews” who get hurt, not those standing behind them abusing Antisemitism.
        This by Collier must have been the most Antisemitic things I have seen from, possibly the most prevalent of, the Antisemitism accusers.

    2. Jack Deakin, sounds like a cabin boy from Pirate’s of the Caribbean. First one in the barrel, last out is a sissy. By the way, where is our Pirate of the Caribbean?

      1. I can’t say that I have noticed his absence much the past few days Wobbly, the incoming has been almost equally thick and fast!
        Hey Ho, such is the life of a Paid Troll, Fake Socialist, just wish the bastards would hit/pay into the right bastard account, I do!
        C’est la Vie!

  4. For the record, when JC did eventually stand his ground and call for Crowd Funding the response was overwhelming, a small fortune was raised in record time and the court case went away before a penny was spent
    Hate to shit in your custard once again with known facts

    1. The facts are Doug that Jeremy didn’t initiate the libel action against John Ware- John Ware took the action against him and the crowd funding ( to which I subscribed ) was for Jeremy’s defence costs.

      1. As far as I am aware it is still there and monitored by the person who started it. I am not sure, but remember something about it being made available for other cases against Jeremy and good bloody thing we did that, I reckon if we didn’t he’d be next to Julian Assange!

      2. Smartboy
        I was trying to big him up

        This comes from a Coward who did nothing while his mate took a kicking, it didn’t stop, they just kept battering him, then I jumped out of the tree where I was hiding, between us we got the better of the fuckers and they ran away
        My mate only ever said one thing to me afterwards
        ‘What took you so long’
        He never mentioned it again, never told anyone, but I still feel the shame to this day

      3. Doug
        Jeremy was not a coward when he refused to take legal action against those who smeared him – there were so many of them that if he had, he’d still be in court.
        Jeremy was smart enough to see what they were up to and as I said in one of my replies to NellyKSkelly far too clever to play their game.

      4. Smartboy
        No one is calling JC a Coward, he is an honourable man of Peace, Anti War
        I have no doubt he would have stood in Cable Street and taken a beating from the Police
        Was Muhammad Ali a Coward
        Methinks not

    2. Doug, that was interesting. It does ask questions though. Why was the court case dropped? What happened to the war chest? With so many ridiculous AS attacks on individuals why was none of the money used to defend more humble victims? The numbers girl and her fraud anti establishment chums should have taken down the Bailey at the V least. Her background stands on sand or so I have been told your ladyship. Heard it in a pub, long ago, I was having a fag indoors.

      1. I have a feeling the Ward Crew will attempt another unexpected attack. The realisation came to them that they were the ones with no case, and Jeremy was not going yo be left short in fighting them, even if framing up 1 individual is not that hard for the pros.
        For Jeremy to take that crew on would be an utter nightmare, there are so many orgs, Gov officials etc involved, once you unpack each individual, but I am not going to put it past them to come for a round two!

      2. The fund has to have constraining terms of reference for its use. It is maintained by trustees against the same threat which has not be removed and recently acquired confidence about its options to continue.

  5. Of interest?
    “There are at least four reasons why Geoffrey Bindman should have a larger audience on the turmoil that is continuing to roil the Labour Party over claims of antisemitism.

    “He is one of Britain’s most distinguished lawyers in the field of human rights; he is himself Jewish and has experienced antisemitism personally; he has been a lifelong member of the Labour Party, and he is friends with the two main protagonists in this battle, the former leader Jeremy Corbyn, and his successor Keir Starmer, who has done so much to define himself against his former boss….”

  6. Certainly of interest – many pertinent points too.

    I will just deal with a few. The definition of antisemitism
    which was adopted by the Labour Party was accompanied
    by so-called examples to illustrate. But these were NOT
    examples because they were not covered by the definition.
    They were attempts to EXTEND the simple definition to
    one capable of being used as protection for the State of
    Israel to act in an unlawful manner.

    The second comment refers to the persecution of JVL
    Committee members and other left wing Jews. For
    gentiles to behave as though there is a “Community”
    of Jews with a single point of view is an antisemite trope.

    AS for Jeremy Corbyn – to have spent any more time
    defending himself would have deflected too much from
    his position as Labour Leader. Others should have
    taken over the task instead – though and not blaming
    them either for the task was huge. I AM blaming those who
    were responsible for the attacks , leaving us with the
    worst Govt weve had in years and an even bigger
    mess with NO government now with the whole country
    in a mess.

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