Starmer and co think picket lines are posture politics – but posing in combat gear’s fine

‘Labour’ ‘leader’ exposed again by his own actions

Keir Starmer has rightly been lambasted across the Labour movement for his spinelessly-executed ban on MPs attending picket lines in support of workers. He and his front bench say this is ‘posture politics’ or ‘performative’.

But apparently, there’s nothing posturing or performative about poncing around on military training grounds, dressed in combat gear for a photo opportunity:

Still, let’s look on the bright side – it makes a bit of a change from cramming as many union flags in behind him for every TV appearance in the out-of-touch belief that appeals to working-class communities.

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  1. This greasy lawyer that has ruined the labour party better get used to picket lines because the working class are back and we will not be treated as a comodity bought or sold and dumped with the trash….Youve been warned knight of the realm.

    1. No Joseph, that greasy lawyer was just a cog in the Neo-Labour Party TORIES who has KILLED the UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19). He’s not ruining his Party, Oh, NO, he is doing perfectly well for his Thatcher/Reagan flavoured Globalist Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORIES. Just swell, ALL Socialists out on their ear, all the UNDESERVING POOR out in the cold, on their ear, replaced by the condescending Middle-Class & UP as bare Minimum Entry Requirement and White European (negotiable if all other criteria are met), Zionist, anti-Socialist, anti-UK Labour Party, anti-Corbynism!
      I wonder, is that an Azof Nazi Uniform, would anyone be surprised? Uhm … no!

  2. “Performative gesture politics.”

    It’s the only type of politics that entryists like Rachel Reeves, David Lammy, Yvette Cooper and Keir Starmer, et al, know. Nothing else. No principles, no theory, no ideology, no values, no ethics, no supreme sense of truth.

    How else could such economically hard-right people ingrain themselves into a mature social democrat and democratic socialist party and appear to take over its heart and soul so easily and so totally?

    How else can they fully fail to understand the purpose and reason for Labour to exist and also the people it exists for?

    Performative gesture politics. It comprises their entire being. Take away the acting and they are seen as ‘nasty, complacent tories’.

    1. Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State at it’s damnedest best.
      No principles required, no theory: theory? Pffff!, One ideology TORYISM, Two values: Hate Socialists, Hate the UNDESRVING POOR, ethics: Make the biggest deals under the Table, supreme sense of truth aka The MSM!
      I want to scream and cry and do all those thing the human body needs to do when it grieves, we grieve the death of The UK Labour Party, the death of HOPE, The death of CHOICE!
      And it just feels like the darkest times are upon us! So frighteningly dark, like the child mincer of The Wall, Pink Floyd, however it’s so outrages, so surreal even, that it feels like Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams wrote this chapter of our lives!

      1. That post NellySkelly, encapsulates the shower Truss, Sunak, the Liberal one and Maxheadroom. Empty as this winters shopping bags. It’s a grotesque carnival of the grasping idea free elites that rule us totally oblivious to the feelings of those in pain, war, poverty, sanctions, embargoes and attacks on free speech. Do we get what we deserve? No we tried and are still fighting for a better, Socialists world. To the bitter end. Cheers.

      2. Absolutely! Wobbly, out of the suffering comes beauty, or as Rumi said, “It is through the wounds, that the light enters you”
        I have gone on Frugal Overdrive, I have been for a long long time, but with this insane unexplainable energy crisis I am determined to beat the system! I started tuning my boiler off apart from my two weekly showers which are cut to a 10th of my usual shower, the other days I have a sink wash. I use a candle in the evening and everything bar the fridge and phone charger is unplugged and switched off! I am making a couple of terracotta pot and candle heaters (be very careful! Propper research here!) For my Winter Heating and a pot of water on top to heat for my sink wash, it may all sound restrictive and drastic, but I tell you, even without using the hot water just those two quick showers my bill this month was astronomical, still well bellow the contract they tried to sell me!! The boiler uses so much gas just to keep the water warm for your convenience, nah! Not paying for that, well I bloody can’t! Anyway the light entering me here is that frugality will now remain my norm, crises or no crices! I will constantly look for way not to give the bastards my pittance. It will in the end affect them much worse than it will us, with frugality comes awareness of the Perverse Nature of Manufactured Consent and Mindless Materialism. With The PEOPLE withdrawing from the greed market, prices of their Unecesary Tat wiill shoot up forcing the Middle-Class to join frugal life….and then another price hike, Wahahahahaa the Capitalist Dream is so fucked its hilarious! Thank goodness for BRICS and The New World Order, the Old one is Broken! Let’s just hope the new one turns out an improvement.

      3. From experience once it is established that someone CANT pay a debt, then the courts will order a nominal £1 month payment or debt write off
        The courts are faced with Government and Market failure, I would hope they will refuse any applications for warrants once it is established the debt is unaffordable
        They can’t cut us all off
        My bet is the fuckers will string this out until next week, after tomorrow’s price cap announcement or 6th September, day after toerag election at the latest
        Alternative is Poll Tax on steroids

      4. Hear! Hear! Doug I am very greatful that I have no debt, I will live with all mains turned off before getting into debt EVER again.
        It is my mission to WANT only what I NEED and NEVER NEED what I WANT! I believe the fastest route to change is to hurt the bastards where they do actually have an emotion/feeling, in their pockets! If we committed to a NEEDoverWANT Revolution, but with a way of life and way of thinking commitment we’ll see change. When s/he who lives in comfort and has least, becomes a new norm and we can live our lives with a backpack’s worth of belonings, we win, we will be free. When we can step out of our mainstream, on the grid homes and walk into an off grid abode with not too much effort/adapting, we win.
        It is quite insane how governments all over the world are cracking down and harrassing off grid communities. They know, it is being developed, improved and normalised and they don’t like it one bit!

      5. nellyskelly
        This is way beyond price rises, its let them eat cake time

      6. Yup, been doing that for some time an all :):):) It is made even more frightening by the realisation that The PEOPLE have no one but themselves to stand up for us. There is no Ofcom, Ofgen, EHRC, ICO, Ofcom, UN, ICC, Justice it ALL belongs to them, they have total control and total impunity!
        Still, the fuckers have so much more in their arsenal that can be rained down on us.
        I wonder how long before The PEOPLE wake up! I guess the first night huddling down and shut eye on a Noisy City Pavement!

      7. Or, as EU Policy Chief Josep Borrell puts it: “Let them take cold showers.”

        The Feudal elite running the West have always been very prone to having everyone else in the populace bar themselves put up with paying for the consequences of their exceptionalist and entitled policies.

        An 80% rise in the energy price cap is not simply unrealistic its nothing short of planned genocide against its own populations for the go-political ambitions of those elites and their handlers..

        The stark facts are that it was a political decision of Western elites in both political and geographical Europe (EU/UK) well over a year ago which choose to forgo reliable and cheap Eurasian energy and to rely on the speculative prone Spot Market which sent gas prices rising from around $600 per thousand cubic metres to over a $1,000 last October and over $2,000 around the new year.

        Right now the specialist trade press is running screaming headlines that the present Spot Market price of Gas across Geographical Europe is the equivalent of oil at $410 a barrel and that aluminum & zinc smelters are closing doors because it takes 14,000 KWh to produce a ton of aluminum & 4,000 KWh to produce a ton of zinc.

        Fertilizer production is shrinking fast, 7 % less fertilizers demand next year meaning a big downfall for grain production.

        These same cretins – cheered on by the usual suspect Uriah Heep’s and similar useless idiots from Johnson/Truss/Sunak to Starmer and so called ‘Green Peaceniks’- have decided to stop all refining of Urals oil across Europe by the end of this year. Oblivious to the physical reality that Europe’s entire refining capabilities are designed and set up to handle that blend alone (via long term contracts typically 30-50 years) with no obvious replacement blends suitable for physical refining capacity which is not and never can be ‘plug and play.’

        Think of this in terms of seriously proposing to run a diesel engine using petrol but at the level of refining oil across the entire (Geographical) European market within the next 127 days with no infrastructure in place to handle alternative fracked LNG energy from the US – that’s deep water ports; the number of berths; storage capacity; transport infrastructure; pipelines etc.

        And that’s before we get to looking at the diesel run tanker capacity to transport the vast amounts needed across the Atlantic (spoiler alert: these are virtual reality ones in the minds of the numpties who run an “Empire” and create – ie make up – their own reality). An exercise akin to trying to change all four tyres on a road vehicle whilst the vehicle is travelling at 100mph.

        A reality everyone else must pay the price of maintaining.

        And what. prey, are we being offered as an “alternative” by “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition” (the most telling of Feudal Titles)? A temporary freeze on energy prices till next spring which will see around £30 billion of taxpayer’s money laundered into the profits of private energy companies and their shareholders which even the Guardian is taking the piss out of:

        “Labour says the plan would cost just shy of £30bn, although that’s on the assumption that it would apply only for the next six months. There is, however, no guarantee that the energy crisis will be over by next spring, and some analysts believe prices may stay high for years.”

        A fraction of which could simply be used to take the energy sector back in to public control and still save the taxpayer a shed load of money.

        And that tells you all you need to know about the priorities of the Knight and those who follow and promote his dead end non-alternative.

        And we have not yet considered the very real likelihood of there being insufficient supplies of energy whatever the price.

        Those, of whatever alleged political colour, advocating everyone else in the population but themselves freeze and starve to death to achieve the rabidly mad policy ends of carving up the world in their globalised One World Government/’End of History’ project need to brought to heel. An action which may or may not require heads on pikes.

      8. Yup, Dave you are right I doubt there is a Political Party in “the west” who is not infiltrated by Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State.
        The way they get away with it is simple propaganda they throw a cunk of meat to the wolves, MSM creates Funfair for x time, just enough to do their evil, or if they ie. beat a bunch of peaceful protesters to a pulp, they quickly chuck a jubilatory chunk of meat for the wolves with the obligatory MSM Funfair. And The PEOPLE are back in their FluffBubbles ordering their latest manufactured desire & must have unnecessity. It is quite easy to spot from outside of the MSM.
        Dear Gord, there is so much that needs to change it would be easier to just wish for a global disaster and mass extinction!
        Wipe the slate clean for the next spined worm like thing to come crawling out of the oceans, with nasty intentions! :):):)

      9. nellykelly,

        On the subject of ‘bread & circuses’ it will be interesting to see how that particular circle is going to be squared given that the requirement to deliver the circus depends entirely on keeping the electricity grid running.

        One can imagine the, lets say, ‘difficulties’ arising this coming November and December of people across Europe and the UK being unable to watch their football team in Qatar (assuming the World Cup actually goes ahead?) on the TV due to power cuts.

        Delivery of the bread half of that equation will, of course, also be problematic given the exponential price rises in fertiliser arising from the moronic Russiaphobic policies of the Western Feudal elites.

      10. However in the meantime Russia reports sales of all so called sanctioned goods all over the place usa, uk, eu I think this is as manufactured and unecesary as Covid was, well still is, but the “exprets” said it’s over even if there is no difference and even increased deaths.
        They really need to get smarter, but now real experts are openly calling them out. Just seen industry after industry on strike, because of this rediculous Russia Witch Hunt, If our gas cost price and supply changed whatsoever, it could be understandable, but electric we produce here how are the “sanctions”/”Ukraine” affecting that supply chain of electricity! This is just a push to see, just far they can go, I reckon they are comming close to the limit. I will give it no more than a few cold snaps in September perhaps October and then, boom, it will go, when it cots £100.00 p/d just to warm the house frugally! Then the Energy firms will announce quadrupled Profits of £xxxxbillion, while we scrap for crumbs!

    2. Spot on. Qwerty! Pious hypocrites to their core.

      Performative gesture politics, indeed! Like “Taking The Knee”? By their logic they should despise such performative gestures but not a chance in hell of that happening, eh!

  3. I recently watched a repeat of the TV
    program about the downfall of Thatcher.
    It featured her bust-up with Heseltine when
    she accused him of being a “Socialist”.

    He vehemently denied this but – ironically –
    Starmer and Co are now to the RIGHT of
    him ..

  4. Looks an even bigger ponce in army garb than he did when he was threatening to punch the bag ..

    As Frankie Boyle described him….

    Starmer looks like the sort of bloke who comes home, has his tea, mounts his wife, and is just about reaching his vinegar strokes before his missus realises he’s home.

    1. Wah hah hah, that photo!
      I think that midgy that flew past just before “he landed” a brush of the bag made it move,… a little!

  5. Isn’t this about when SteveH should appear with the Daily Misdirection?

  6. If this is what Keir wears to show he supports the military…what sort of kit will he choose to show he’s a monarchist?

  7. There is a very welcome absence on this thread tonight. I wonder why. (Only hope I haven’t woken him up) Very refreshing though, so very tedious usually. This is such a bloody pathetic stunt from Starmer. Isn’t it enough we have had to endure Johnson in military gear and Truss in a tank without him joining in.

  8. Looks as though keef is gearing up for the LP 2022 Conference in Liverpool next month.

  9. ‘Cometh the time; cometh the man (or woman)’. Well now is the hour to rise again Jeremy, with no apologies, we’ll get up & stand up! If you don’t do it now………….

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