Starmer’s ‘flag-shagging’ can’t even fool his own front bench, let alone working class communities

Move looks desperate and as false and stupid as it is – and will probably end Labour in Wales and Scotland

Keir Starmer’s next public appearance? The applause is the most unlikely part of this ‘artist’s impression’

Leaked emails have revealed that Keir Starmer’s latest ploy – following his ‘shock’ realisation that ‘not being Corbyn’ doesn’t make him attractive to voters – is to wrap himself in the union jack in the hope of appealing to more Tory-inclined voters. Or, as one pithy Labour source put it, to become a ‘flag-shagger’.

The Guardian on Starmer’s ‘flag-shagging’ plan

And it’s not just working-class communities that Starmer can’t fool. Front-benchers have also expressed concerns that the new tactic is going to blow up in their faces, although they were not brave enough to put their name to their view.

Starmer’s desperation to distance himself from his anti-Brexit position has even led to him being caught out in a lie – or ‘Dory’-like lack of memory if you want to be charitable – during today’s PMQs, as has pointed out:

He’s masquerading as something he isn’t – and just isn’t able to carry it off.

And apart from looking hopelessly inauthentic to communities who will not forget that he was at the forefront of the push to make Labour betray its commitment to honouring their vote to leave the EU, the sham exposes an abysmal shallowness of thinking on the part of Starmer and those advising him. Many voters in Wales and Scotland will be appalled to see him constantly pictured with the UK flag – and independence sentiment is only going to rise in the coming months and years.

And most working-class people in England will simply see straight through the scam – and be deeply insulted that ‘New-New Labour’ thinks humping the Union Flag and becoming more xenophobic will bring back their votes. Especially when Starmer has simultaneously sacked all Labour’s community organisers, showing he has no interest in trying to win back communities by actually engaging with them and trying to improve their lives.

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  1. Having voted Labour my entire adult life I won’t be voting Labour anymore in Torfaen, Wales. And, if Keith Stalin thinks flag shagging impresses me, or, for that matter, others from around my Welsh area of birth he’s in for quite a shock come May this year and the next GE.

    1. Just heard – “If Starmer can’t do well against Johnson during this pandemic, he can’t hope to do well when we get through it”. That was from a Jeremy hater!!!

      A passionate and clear Socialist then said “Starmer doesn’t connect with me… etc etc etc”. “Starmer is a wet fish‼️‼️‼️ His comment was met with instant recognition and agreement that he’s like a wet blanket.

      Another person not impressed with Jeremy but supports Keith saying “getting more and more disenchanted with Keith ( whom she calls Starmer )… Keith’s “flag waving” makes her toes curl … “like Trump”.

      A neutral ish person re Jeremy – Keith “has to start acting”. He is so slow that people find him “irrelevant”.

      I feel Keith is irrelevant re achieving positive change ie he is an obstacle. Not a burden, but a hindrance a hurdle, a problem, a disease is Keith. Since he has zero imagination re social improvements… zero vision, he is the exact type of tool the establishment grooms to perform the nasty acts we have seem from him throughout his “career” to date. It seems like an eternity ago when it was stated right here on Starmer is bad, bad bad news. Sad to say, he will get MUCH worse before he’s gone⚠️⚠️⚠️

      1. What a turn-up for the books!!! Johnson a known pathological liar, accused SIR Keith Starmer of effectively deadly poor judgement. Keith throws a hissy fit effectively calling liar Johnson a liar. Then comes a gimmicky bust up in the Members’ Lobby … fitting place. I believe it was staged… just my strong belief. ANYWAY people, here this, SIR Keith Starmer has now issued a grovelling WRITTEN apology for misleading the house. Keith has admitted that Johnson was telling the truth about him‼️‼️‼️ Keith’s excuse is irretrievably limp, claiming to have “misheard” Johnson.

        Anyone feeling 2021 will be peace, security and a return to “normality” whatever that is, is seriously mistaken. When a well known liar… liar just for fun – Johnson gets a written apology stating he was telling the truth, then expect the unexpected. When that apology is from little known, but VERY deceitful repugnant life draining dullard – Starmer, then you can understand why he wants to hide inside bespoke and other accessories totalling three or four thousand GBP and STILL hide under a flag.

        When people have little to offer society they always grasp for trinkets which serve no useful productive purpose. While the usual bandits rape the country and the world, fetid members like Starmer distract the people – Don’t look there! Don’t stop the banditry! Sleep under a flag and when you wake stick it in your front lawn! That will be Starmer’s campaign offering “A Flag for Every home”. That will put food on the table. Who needs a living wage or a DECENT wage when you have a flag at the front and Keith is hiding under one at the back with his jell???

    2. Chris, I am sorry you feel unable to vote Labour at the next election, but I hope that you aren’t considering voting Conservative or Brexit Party.

      1. People don’t get the chance to as you say “vote Labour” anymore because this shower are not labour.We are not all bloody mindless robots.and Chris sees it like it is.

    3. I’m 67 and have only ever voted Labour, have delivered leaflets, canvassed and always argued for its values. I come from a mining community in Barnsley but can’t see me voting Labour again whilst ever this superficial idiot and his cabal are in charge. The crass turn towards flag waving patriotism is as offensive as it is shallow.

  2. Starmer is a classic Europe loving bureaucrat, he loves these agencies especially if like the medicines agency based in London. Plenty of like minded freeloading bureaucrats for pleasant little dinner parties and wine bar excursions, to talk about how big their pension schemes are and how ‘the little people’ must learn to do as they are told.

    1. I have no use for Keir, but if he was “a Europe-loving bureaucrat”, why would he have just sold out the Remainers, right after he used the Remainers to stab his predecessor in the back in ’19?

  3. Joe’s got the greased one bang to rights, as has de piffle. Fancy having de piffle get one over on you?! I would become some sort of circus act if that hapened because my criging would turn into supernatural contortionism.

    And the absolute state of ‘Mr Muculent’, not only trying to brush it off, but actually lying through his teeth about it, too?!

    And this gobshite thinks he’s worthy of your vote. No – he really does!

  4. Word is that Keith staged a gimmick bust up č johnson just now. ie getting his sycophants to “drag him away from johnson.” How low can Keith go??? Lower everyday in every way. Totally unfit for any office. Cheap trashy vulgar fraud. That is Keith. Tool of the establishment. That is the story of Keith a pathetic shameless wicked fraud and toady boy of the status quo🛑🛑🛑

    1. ps think the crass gimmick “hold me back” is response to poor public impression of him, ie that he is a dull irrelevance fence sitter. Keith is unconnected to real people because he scorns them. Like Bliar, the only things Keith directing Keith are his masters and mistresses – the insatiable one percent

  5. Starmer has spent 10 months trying to culture his competence and honesty pitched against the lying and incompetence of Johnson, and has now lost all credence even on that (we’ll not mention principles or policies just now).

    He’s embarrased himself.

  6. Out-kippering Farage isn’t going to work any better than than out-fucktarding BloJob worked.

    1. DM
      And there you have the next GE in a nutshell, he will get his arse kicked up Hill and down Dale
      Trust me I’m a liar and a 2nd referendum charlatan

  7. OMG, where do you start with this BS? He has to have someone tell him authentic values while having none! Wrap yourself in a flag and get a haircut WTF?

    Not get some policies and stick to them, not do your job. Not stop being Sub Tory and dumping socialism in a supposedly socialist party. Nope nothing of substance here folks…

    There is so much wrong it could go on for days but this report shows why Labour won’t and can’t be trusted in this cult of new Labour 2.0 guise because you stand for nothing. You have annoyed your base in the search for voters and despite it failing you carry on…

    You convinced yourself people whould come running just because your not JC well where are then then? Cold it be people actually liked him because he was honest, stood for something and had plans but because of stupid games being played by your cult that is what doomed Labour. Nope oh sorry not ready for that much truth.

    Wake me up when he realises…

  8. ‘Ere wee steven and jackanory….Remember when stammer told you he was gonna stop brexit and told you you had to back his shithousery for a second referendum…

    Oh, he never said that, neither, did he?…At least, not in so few words.

    Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? Still convinced it was the right thing to do in backing the greasy rat, while labelling those who forewarned of stammer’s ultimate agenda as ‘faragist knuckledragging neo-nazis’ and other such puerile slurs?

    Well here’s the truth of the matter. You cheated the nation out of a socialist labour government, so tough shit. I

    You deserve to be despised every bit as much as you despise stammer for shafting you, and yourselves for your pig-ignorant gullibility.

    We’re all suffering the governemnt YOU deserve as a result of it.

    1. Toffee, little Englanders come in all colours, there’s Starmer who is doing it to climb the establishment ladder and there are Lexstremists such as you, a fringe which split the Labour Party and allowed Bozo the win the GE and Starmer to become LP Leader.

  9. Labour Party Update:

    Keir sleeps nude in a Union flag, which he believes gives him patriotic powers.

  10. Keir sleeps nude in a union flag…….with his pot of Brylcreem so he doesn’t have to dry hump it and stay authentic 😮

  11. Are you proud to be British
    No, its the flag shaggers that treat me and mine as cannon fodder and scum of the earth
    When was this country ever fit for heroes, once when they elected a Labour government after the war and created the NHS

    1. Doug, don’t be an idiot like Toffee if you think a Zionist such as Starmer has ever been my leader you need to get your thinking head on.

      1. Not your leader eh jackanory?

        Not NOW, of course…But back then hisveurophila trumped Corbyns socialism. Stammer was your oracle, and anyone warning you of his agenda was a faragist knuckle-dragging xenophobe in your view, as just about everyone on here from that period would testify to.

        You’re even worse than wee stevie boy as you allowed Keith to shaft you on Brexit AND antisemitism.

        And now youve had a new one torn for you by his double treachery you’re blaming everyone barring yourself.

        Trying to re-write history won’t mend your well stretched ringpiece, lad.

        Stammers been caught lying through his teeth, you’re lying outta you’re arse and it’s no less risible.

      2. Toffee troll, no matter how many times you try to make out I’ve ever supported a Zionist such as Starmer, it won’t stick. For your benefit and others such as Doug, take note that Zionists hide themselves in blogs such as this and they will snipe at antiZionsts by trying to undermine them just as they did to Jeremy Corbyn. You can often spot them because they come out with things such as “you accuse every one who disagrees with you of being a Zionist” or “stop mentioning Zionists” does that fit you Toffee troll? Zionism destroyed Corbyn and it is for that reason and the fact he is not a Socialist I would never support Starmer or anyone like him.

      3. And again…after stammer sold your arse over Brexit, I went from xenophobic faragist ukipper to Zionist…

        And stammer even dry-bummed you over that by handing the zionists more clout than they’ve ever had, didn’t he?

        You wouldn’t listen when you were told stammer was the european prong of the anti Corbyn brigade and you derided those who warned you.

        And now you’ve got fuck all after he promised you the moon.

        That’s not trolling little jackanory. That’s the long and the short of it. All this poncery that’s gone on since 13/12/2019 is on YOUR toes.

        Deal with it.

      4. Oh…and you were the loudest shouting for fatberg out; but that counts for nothing because of your overt support for stammers shithousery despite constant and repeated warnings.

      5. Toffee troll, your Lexstremism has addled your already foul mind. Do you think Ken Loach, Craig Murray and many others who also voted to Remain are Starmer supporters? You cannot get over the fact that your Lexstremism helped to split the Labour Party and therefore you try and tie Remainers to Starmer. I am however quite pleased that it causes you such anguish :-).

      6. Well stretched ring piece
        Goes straight into the Skwawky profanasaurus

      7. The fucking state of you, equivocating yerself with Loach and Murray….

        Oh, and Murray warned about stammer prior to the election and you STILL shrieked xenophobe at anyone on here who told you what stammers game was…Now you contemptibly assume to be on a par with Murray, you godawful pathetic creature.

        I could just as easily equivocate meself with Corbyn then, seeing as he didn’t break his promise to respect a democratically arrived at decision.

        But unlike you, I’m not so self-absorbed; and am firmly rooted in reality.


  12. From our point of view, the real problem and issue with Starmer is that he is a reflection of the current majority in the PLP.
    The profiles of the average members of the Parliamentary Labour Party are boringly similar, with lineages that start with a degree in law, politics, or economics or the dreaded Oxford PPE – Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, and then time served as an MP’s assistant or spad.
    Their commitment is to self and career, with no principles or regard for the social progress that we want to see.
    The challenge for the left us how do we deal with this issue? Everything else depends on it.

    1. The French once had a problem with titled clowns and the installation of the madam guillotine after checking the hands for calluses can achieve amazing results..Can anyone hear the “fat lady singing” ?

    2. 49% of Lab MPs between 1979 and 2019 were previously Councillors Party staffers or paid TU officials. !2% paid charity administrators, 18% lawyers or lecturers. They are from a very narrow band of professions that provides them with contacts flexibility of employment and opportunity to become MPs. The PLP is so closely related to the party administrators and aloof from the actual membership because they are largely drawn former party staffers. Their control over the selection process simply ensures that this pattern of former employment background is repeated over and over again. Like gravitates towards like and what one ends up with is a massive and very unhealthy over representation of specific professional groups running the party that has resulted in the tail wagging the dog.

      For more detailed figures see; House of Commons Briefing Paper Number CBP 7483, 27 March 2020 – Social Background of MPs 1979 -2019 which is available free on line,

    3. There have been some excellent and amusing comments Ludus but yours brings us back to the grim reality. A “Leader” not fit for purpose, a PLP largely the same, and a bureaucracy that reflects them. A reminder for those comrades still hoping to change the the LP from within just what they are up against. I wish them well in their efforts.

  13. I’m a patriot because I believe that patriotism consists of standing up for my class, resisting the bourgeois shits who want to sell my country to the lowest bidder, resisting those who are happy to stick my country’s nose up Uncle Sam’s arse, standing shoulder to shoulder with those who struggle for peace and justice across the globe and most of all, arguing against those who can stomach living in a country where children go hungry or have no home and where the average boss of an FT100 company had earned the entire annual wage of the average worker by 10 am on January 6th.

    I think Clive Lewis, MP and former soldier (with whom I have significant political differences) summed it up quite well when he said: “The Tory party has absorbed Ukip and now Labour appears to be absorbing the language and symbols of the Tory party. It’s not patriotism; it’s Fatherland-ism. There’s a better way to build social cohesion than moving down the track of the nativist right.”

    This is a powerful speech given by Graham Bash, the vice chair of Thanet CLP:-

    I agree with him that those of us who have the stomach should stay the course and remain in Labour, if we are still standing (I was expelled almost 4 years ago now).

    In the light of the past couple of week’s developments (the re-admittance of Oldknow, the flag-shagging etc.) I can no longer recommend that comrades and friends automatically vote for the Labour Party. My advice will be 1) If you live in Scotland, consider voting for SNP candidates only where they have proven left credentials, otherwise abstain. A vote for Labour will encourage Murray and Anwar and it would be better that they are humiliated. 2) If you live in Wales, consider voting for Labour or PC candidates but only where they have proven left credentials, otherwise abstain. 3) If you live in England vote for Labour candidates only where they have proven left credentials, otherwise abstain. 4) If you live in Northern Ireland vote for People Before Profit. 5) If you are lucky enough to have a TUSC or Communist candidate and no decent Labour candidate, vote for them, otherwise abstain. 6) Under no circumstances vote for the Green Party 7) Most importantly of all, get involved in grass-roots campaigns where you live, People’s Assembly, CND, food banks etc. (Starmer is trying to use the pandemic to stop people talking to each other: keep talking!)

    Left/socialist credentials? I should have thought asking your candidate whether they have signed up to Jeremy Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project should be sufficient.


    1. labrebisgalloise,

      A bit at a loss when you suggest actual Leftwing Labour voters abstain from voting in elections, unless they live in Scotland or the person wearing Labour colours is a genuine Leftist.

      To be honest, all persons eligible to Vote should do so given the amount of blood that was spilt in order for the average Joe to actually have a say in who represents them in Parliament, so i do not approve of abstaining. I do approve of spoilling your ballot paper, or actually voting for genuine Leftists regardless of Party colour.

      As I’m Welsh we have more Parties to vote for than the English, and, given I don’t support flag shaggers, Zionists or liars like Starmer I’m hardly going to vote Labour unless my local candidate is of the stature of Nye Bevan, which my MP in Torfaen certainly ain’t, as such, I’ll be voting for the most Left-leaning persons on offer, or, just add Corbyn to the ballot paper and spoil it.

      1. Fair enough Chris if write-ins were taken seriously rather than being treated as spoilt papers, which I believe they are in Britain. In France where I live now, abstentions and spoilt ballots really mean something because they are treated as positive opinions, counted and announced. I know numerous people who faced with two candidates they can’t support in a run-off turn out so say “a plague on both your houses.”

        During the Blair years, I lived in Llandovery and voted for PC’s Adam Price: he was an excellent constituency MP and a leader of the anti-war movement.

        Right now I think Scotland is an exception because the left is unable to regroup and re-organise until the national question is settled, Wales is not yet at that point. That’s my take – and I wish you a better MP in the future: my father was from a mining family in Tonypandy and his kind would be turning in the graves at being represented today by your barrister chappie, Chris Bryant, Owen Smith and the like.

    2. IN occupied Ireland vote Sinn Fein,the only left party to stand up to imperialism and the Conservatives and unionist parties and win..The writings on the wall literally in Ireland and change is coming soon.The Labour party sensibly have always recognised that British politics does not belong in Ireland.

  14. It’s the way he tells ‘em that lets the cat out of the bag; it reeks with contempt for the Churls who, he says get aroused by bright colours in a recognisable pattern. He sees this as ‘politics’.

  15. I read a wonderful JVL article by Graham Bash yesterday (If not now, when? Democracy and the Labour Party

    It convinced me that an incompetent and dishonest leader is a big problem for Labour and Britiain, and flag-shagging like a tory scoundrel is only indicative of his political ineptness, and not his most dangerous attribute.


    From Graham Bash’s speech/article:

    “On the latest count there are 80 CLPs who have defied the instruction to be silent, and 160 secretaries and chairs of 235 CLPs who have written a letter of protest to the General Secretary elect.

    “We have repeated – and I do so today – the words that got Jeremy suspended in the first place – yes, the scale of the problem of antisemitism in the Labour Party was “dramatically overstated for political reasons.”……

    “So we in the party have to fight – but how?

    “Those 80 CLPs and party secretaries and chairs are heroes who didn’t ask for – or wait for – permission. That is our inspiration – the basis and the beginnings of our resistance. These and our Labour left groups we have built in the last six years. We must connect and unite from the bottom, link up with the left of the NEC, the trade unions and beyond – build alliances and resist. Yes, there are a number of separate campaigns – the suspended officers’ group, Labour in Exile, Save Our Socialists, the call from Labour Black Socialists for a selective boycott of campaigns for those Labour candidates who refuse to recognise the issue of racism – well good, we should support them all as the indispensable beginning of our resistance. Our task is to connect them and ensure that the trade unions, the NEC lefts, and left MPs are centrally involved.

    “But there is a problem. Comrades are leaving the party in disgust. And now under the hammer blows of suspensions, we are having to work out what to do next.

    “Some good comrades advise us: keep your heads down, don’t get suspended or expelled, wait for Labour Party conference. Keep the Labour left intact.

    “At other times this may have made some sense – but now? Wait for a conference that may not even happen? That may not even allow us the right to dissent?

    “And another call – wait for the council elections so we can get our left wing councillors elected. Well, not if you are in Bristol where a South West Region officer has just sacked left, suspended candidates.

    “This is the face of Starmer’s Labour Party.

    “If we do not act now what will be left of the Labour left come conference?

    “And work out what it means.

    “With the wave of suspensions any of us could well be CLP secretaries or chairs. I am now our CLP’s vice-chair. If our chair gets suspended, I’m next in line. Am I prepared to rule out of order resolutions because the General Secretary elect doesn’t like what it says?

    “I am not for unnecessary confrontation – and I am not saying that we campaign only on the witch-hunt, and certainly not that we must always raise it at every meeting. Of course in formulating our response and the wording of our resolutions, the particular circumstances of our local party, the balance of forces, how best to keep the local left together – all these factors must be seriously and responsibly considered.

    “But I think the minimum position is for left officers to inform party members of the diktat, instruction, advice, whatever the term, from the Gen Sec elect or from region – and let the meeting decide. But if we take it upon ourselves to rule out motions, if we police and stifle our movement’s resistance – we become part of the problem – and as a force for socialist transformation, we will be finished.

    “It won’t be easy – but there is no alternative.”

    1. If I’m correct, Graham is Jackie Walker’s partner. Both of them would make excellent Socialist MPs.

    2. Yes, it is very good, and well worth reading. There are a lot of good people out there, all they need is a common programme to be effective. I was rather hoping Corbyn’s new initiative would be a first step, but we will have to see.

  16. See how he wrecks the Labour party, see how he expels Labour members, see how he talks crap all the time, is it a bird? Is it plane? [Starmer draped in Union flag] NO, it is bicycle repair man aka K Starmer, Our Hero!
    Yes! Whenever bicycles are broken, or menaced by international socialism, bicycle Repair Man [Starmer] is ready! Ready to smash the socialists, wipe them out and shove them off the face of the earth, smash the dirty red scum, kick em in the teeth where it hurts, kill, kill, kill the filthy socialists, I hate em, I hate em.
    Mrs Starmer …Teas ready…
    Bicycle repair man.. coming dear.
    Monty Pythons, Bicycle repair man.

  17. Members of Labour party must be well dressed i.e. like Starmer [who looks like a gift wrapped turd. Emilie Oldknow OBE – who described another staff member as “pube head” and called a colleague “smelly cow” and was tipped as an option to replace Jennie Formby under new party leader Keir Starmer has just been readmitted to the party. You could not make this up.

    1. Gift wrapped turd
      Is our 2nd entry into Skwawky profanosaurus tonight, keep up the good work

  18. Off topic, but thought this was interesting, – Trade unionists attempting to overturn convictions in a 47-year-long campaign have told the Court of Appeal they were victims of an establishment plot.

    The 14-strong group, including actor Ricky Tomlinson, say police destroyed evidence, and shadowy security chiefs prejudiced their trial.

    The men were convicted over allegedly illegal protests during a 1972 strike.

    Six of the 14 have since died, including Dennis Warren, who was jailed for three years.

    1. And the BBC broadcast a highly prejudicial documentary film during the trial which was ‘largely’ written by the Security Services. What a coincidence!

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